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General information

 Summary:Periconia Tode, Fungi Mecklenburgenses Selecti 2: 2 (1791) [MB#9263] 
 Synonymy:=Sporodum Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 1: 18 (1837) [MB#10036]
=Trichocephalum Costantin, Revue agric. Sucr. Ile Maurice: 106 (1888) [MB#10276]
=Harpocephalum G.F. Atk., Bulletin of the Cornell University (Science) 3 (1): 41 (1897) [MB#8452]
=Pachytrichum Syd., Annales Mycologici 23 (3-6): 420 (1925) [MB#9193]
 MycoBank #:9263 
 Authors (abbreviated):Tode 
 Page #:2 
 Year of effective publication:1791 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:XLVII 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Periconia abietina, Periconia abyssa, Periconia alba, Periconia albiceps, Periconia algeriana, Periconia algerina, Periconia alternata, Periconia amphispora, Periconia antarctica, Periconia aquatica, Periconia argyrea, Periconia aterrima, Periconia atra, Periconia atropurpurea, Periconia avellanae, Periconia azaleae, Periconia bambusina, Periconia batistae, Periconia botrytiformis, Periconia brassicaecola, Periconia brassicicola, Periconia britannica, Periconia bulbipes, Periconia bulbosa, Periconia byssina, Periconia byssoides, Periconia byssoides, Periconia caespitosa, Periconia calicioides, Periconia calycioides, Periconia cambrensis, Periconia camptopoda, Periconia capitulata, Periconia cecropiae, Periconia chandoliensis, Periconia chlorocephala, Periconia circinans, Periconia circinata, Periconia citharexyli, Periconia clintoniae, Periconia clitoriae, Periconia coffeae, Periconia commonsii, Periconia cookei, Periconia cortaderiae, Periconia corticalis, Periconia curta, Periconia curta, Periconia cyperacearum, Periconia delonicis, Periconia desmazieri, Periconia diffusa, Periconia digitata, Periconia discolor, Periconia doidgeae, Periconia echinochloae, Periconia elaeidis, Periconia elasticae, Periconia elegans, Periconia ellipsospora, Periconia ellisii, Periconia epilithographicola, Periconia epiphylla, Periconia fasciculata, Periconia felina, Periconia flabelliformis, Periconia flavovirens, Periconia funerea, Periconia fusca, Periconia fusiformis, Periconia genistae, Periconia geophila, Periconia glaucocephala, Periconia glaucophaena, Periconia glyceriicola, Periconia gracilis, Periconia gracilis, Periconia grisea, Periconia guangdongensis, Periconia guazumae, Periconia helianthi, Periconia heveae, Periconia hispidula, Periconia homothallica, Periconia hyalina, Periconia hyderabadensis, Periconia igniaria, Periconia indica, Periconia intermedia, Periconia ipomoeae, Periconia jabalpurensis, Periconia javanica, Periconia kambakkamensis, Periconia kashiensis, Periconia keratitidis, Periconia laminella, Periconia lanata, Periconia langloisii, Periconia lateralis, Periconia laxa, Periconia levispora, Periconia levispora, Periconia lichenoides, Periconia macrospinosa, Periconia maculans, Periconia macularis, Periconia madreeya, Periconia manihoticola, Periconia masonii, Periconia melioliphila, Periconia minima, Periconia minutissima, Periconia monilifera, Periconia nana, Periconia narsapurensis, Periconia neobrittanica, Periconia nigrella, Periconia nigriceps, Periconia nilagirica, Periconia notabilis, Periconia obliqua, Periconia obscurata, Periconia opaca, Periconia palmeri, Periconia palmivora, Periconia paludosa, Periconia papyrogena, Periconia parasitica, Periconia parasitica, Periconia persicae, Periconia phaseoli, Periconia philippinensis, Periconia phillipsii, Periconia phycomyces, Periconia piriformis, Periconia podospora, Periconia prolifica, Periconia pseudobyssoides, Periconia pseudodigitata, Periconia pseudohispidula, Periconia pseudolateralis, Periconia psilonioides, Periconia pulla, Periconia pusaethae, Periconia pusilla, Periconia pycnospora, Periconia pyriformis, Periconia ramosa, Periconia ramostipitata, Periconia repens, Periconia rigida, Periconia robiniae, Periconia sacchari, Periconia sahariana, Periconia saraswatipurensis, Periconia scrobiculata, Periconia scyphophora, Periconia setosa, Periconia shyamala, Periconia sidae, Periconia simplex, Periconia smilacina, Periconia spegazzinii, Periconia sphaerophila, Periconia stemonites, Periconia stemonitis, Periconia stilbacearum, Periconia submersa, Periconia subramanianii, Periconia subulata, Periconia sundara, Periconia tenella, Periconia tenuissima, Periconia thailandica, Periconia thebaica, Periconia tirupatiensis, Periconia toroi, Periconia toruloides, Periconia torulosa, Periconia trachycarpicola, Periconia truncata, Periconia typhicola, Periconia variicolor, Periconia velutina, Periconia venezuelana, Periconia viridis, Periconia warticulata, Periconia xanthiicola, Periconia yadagirensis
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