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General information

 Summary:Pterula Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 90 (1825) [MB#18422] 
 Synonymy:≡Pteridium Clem., Univ. Stud. Nebraska: 73 (1902) [MB#39267] 
 MycoBank #:18422 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:90 
 Year of effective publication:1825 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM3:285 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
154 Associated records (click to hide):
Pterula abietis, Pterula aciculaeformis, Pterula aciculiformis, Pterula actinaeformis, Pterula acuminata, Pterula adustipes, Pterula amboinensis, Pterula angustata, Pterula anomala, Pterula arborea, Pterula arbuscula, Pterula aurantiaca, Pterula bambusae, Pterula bresadolana, Pterula bresadoleana, Pterula bromeliphila, Pterula brunneola, Pterula brunneosetosa, Pterula campoi, Pterula capillaris, Pterula caricis-pendulae, Pterula carpophila, Pterula commersonii, Pterula complanata, Pterula compressa, Pterula crassispora, Pterula crispa, Pterula culmicola, Pterula cystidiata, Pterula debilis, Pterula decaryi, Pterula decumbens, Pterula dendroidea, Pterula dendroides, Pterula dendroides, Pterula densissima, Pterula dichotoma, Pterula dilatata, Pterula divaricata, Pterula divaricata, Pterula echo, Pterula epiphylla, Pterula epiphylloides, Pterula exserta, Pterula falcatula, Pterula fascicularis, Pterula fastigiata, Pterula filaris, Pterula fluminensis, Pterula fructicola, Pterula frutica, Pterula fulvescens, Pterula fusispora, Pterula gordius, Pterula gracilis, Pterula graminicola, Pterula grandis, Pterula guadalupensis, Pterula guadelupensis, Pterula himalayensis, Pterula hirsuta, Pterula humilis, Pterula hyphoides, Pterula importata, Pterula incarnata, Pterula incisa, Pterula indica, Pterula intermedia, Pterula janseniana, Pterula juruensis, Pterula landolphiae, Pterula laxa, Pterula lecomtei, Pterula longispora, Pterula loretensis, Pterula lutea, Pterula luzonensis, Pterula macrospora, Pterula mannii, Pterula merismatoides, Pterula millei, Pterula moniliformis, Pterula multifida, Pterula nana, Pterula navicula, Pterula nivea, Pterula nudihorta, Pterula nudihortorum, Pterula nudihortus, Pterula oryzae, Pterula pallescens, Pterula palmicola, Pterula parvispora, Pterula penicellata, Pterula penicillata, Pterula pennata, Pterula penniseti, Pterula phyllodicola, Pterula phyllophila, Pterula plumosa, Pterula plumosoides, Pterula pteridicola, Pterula pterulicioides, Pterula pungens, Pterula pungensis, Pterula pusilla, Pterula pusio, Pterula ramosa, Pterula rigida, Pterula robusta, Pterula ruber, Pterula sclerodontium, Pterula sclerotiicola, Pterula secundiramea, Pterula setacea, Pterula setosa, Pterula simplex, Pterula sprucei, Pterula squarrosa, Pterula stipata, Pterula subaquatica, Pterula subgen. Phaeopterula, Pterula subgen. Pterula, Pterula subplumosa, Pterula subsimplex, Pterula subtyphuloides, Pterula subulaeformis, Pterula subulata, Pterula subuliformis, Pterula tahitiensis, Pterula tahitiensis, Pterula tasmanica, Pterula taxa, Pterula taxiformis, Pterula tenax, Pterula tenerrima, Pterula tenuissima, Pterula thindii, Pterula timorensis, Pterula togoensis, Pterula trachodes, Pterula tropica, Pterula typhuloides, Pterula uleana, Pterula vanderystii, Pterula velohorta, Pterula velohortorum, Pterula velohortus, Pterula velutipes, Pterula verticillata, Pterula vinacea, Pterula vitellina, Pterula winkleriana, Pterula xylogena
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:

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