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General information

 Summary:Sclerotinia Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 330 (1870) [MB#4942] 
 MycoBank #:4942 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fuckel 
 Page #:330 
 Year of effective publication:1870 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
242 Associated records (click to hide):
Sclerotinia aconitincola, Sclerotinia acutispora, Sclerotinia acutispora, Sclerotinia adusta, Sclerotinia aestivalis, Sclerotinia allii, Sclerotinia alni, Sclerotinia alni, Sclerotinia amelanchieris, Sclerotinia americana, Sclerotinia americana, Sclerotinia angustior, Sclerotinia antarctica, Sclerotinia arachidis, Sclerotinia arachidis, Sclerotinia arctica, Sclerotinia ariae, Sclerotinia asari, Sclerotinia aschersoniana, Sclerotinia atrostipitata, Sclerotinia aucupariae, Sclerotinia aucupariae, Sclerotinia azaleae, Sclerotinia baccarum, Sclerotinia baccata, Sclerotinia batschiana, Sclerotinia betulae, Sclerotinia betulae, Sclerotinia bifrons, Sclerotinia bifrons, Sclerotinia borealis, Sclerotinia bresadolae, Sclerotinia brevipes, Sclerotinia brunneocarpa, Sclerotinia bryophila, Sclerotinia bulborum, Sclerotinia camelliae, Sclerotinia camelliae, Sclerotinia candolleana, Sclerotinia capillipes, Sclerotinia caricina, Sclerotinia caricis-ampullaceae, Sclerotinia carlinae, Sclerotinia carnea, Sclerotinia carpini, Sclerotinia carunculoides, Sclerotinia cassiopes, Sclerotinia caudata, Sclerotinia cepa, Sclerotinia cerasi, Sclerotinia chaenomelis, Sclerotinia ciborioides, Sclerotinia cinerea, Sclerotinia cinerea, Sclerotinia cinerea f. americana, Sclerotinia cirsii-spinosissimi, Sclerotinia coloradensis, Sclerotinia confundens, Sclerotinia convoluta, Sclerotinia corni, Sclerotinia corni, Sclerotinia coryli, Sclerotinia crataegi, Sclerotinia curreyana, Sclerotinia cydoniae, Sclerotinia cylindrica, Sclerotinia demissa, Sclerotinia dennisii, Sclerotinia draytonii, Sclerotinia dubia, Sclerotinia duriaeana, Sclerotinia echinophila, Sclerotinia eleocharidis, Sclerotinia empetri, Sclerotinia erythronii, Sclerotinia fagopyri, Sclerotinia fallax, Sclerotinia festucae, Sclerotinia ficariae, Sclerotinia filipes, Sclerotinia foliicola, Sclerotinia fredericae, Sclerotinia friesii, Sclerotinia fructicola, Sclerotinia fructigena, Sclerotinia fructigena, Sclerotinia fructigena, Sclerotinia fuckeliana, Sclerotinia galanthi, Sclerotinia galeopsidis, Sclerotinia geranii, Sclerotinia ginseng, Sclerotinia glacialis, Sclerotinia gladioli, Sclerotinia glandicola, Sclerotinia globispora, Sclerotinia globosa, Sclerotinia globosa, Sclerotinia gracilipes, Sclerotinia gracilis, Sclerotinia graminearum, Sclerotinia granigena, Sclerotinia gregaria, Sclerotinia gregoriana, Sclerotinia hartii, Sclerotinia helotioides, Sclerotinia helvelloidea, Sclerotinia henningsiana, Sclerotinia herbiseda, Sclerotinia heterocarpa, Sclerotinia heteroica, Sclerotinia hiemalis, Sclerotinia himalayensis, Sclerotinia hirtella, Sclerotinia homeocarpa, Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, Sclerotinia hordei, Sclerotinia incondita, Sclerotinia infundibuliformis, Sclerotinia intermedia, Sclerotinia johansonii, Sclerotinia johanssonii, Sclerotinia johnsonii, Sclerotinia juglandis, Sclerotinia juncifida, Sclerotinia juncigena, Sclerotinia kauffmanniana, Sclerotinia kerneri, Sclerotinia kirschsteineriana, Sclerotinia kirschsteiniana, Sclerotinia kitajimana, Sclerotinia kusanoi, Sclerotinia laxa, Sclerotinia laxa, Sclerotinia laxa f.sp. mali, Sclerotinia ledi, Sclerotinia lentiformis, Sclerotinia libertiana, Sclerotinia lindaviana, Sclerotinia linhartiana, Sclerotinia longisclerotialis, Sclerotinia luzulae, Sclerotinia mali, Sclerotinia matthiolae, Sclerotinia megalospora, Sclerotinia menieri, Sclerotinia mespili, Sclerotinia mespili, Sclerotinia microspora, Sclerotinia minor, Sclerotinia miyabeana, Sclerotinia moelleriana, Sclerotinia monieri, Sclerotinia moricola, Sclerotinia mume, Sclerotinia muscorum, Sclerotinia mycetophila, Sclerotinia myrtaceae, Sclerotinia narcissicola, Sclerotinia nervisequa, Sclerotinia nicotiana, Sclerotinia nicotianae, Sclerotinia nigromarginata, Sclerotinia nivalis, Sclerotinia nyssaegena, Sclerotinia nyssogena, Sclerotinia ocymi, Sclerotinia opuntiarum, Sclerotinia oreophila, Sclerotinia oxycocci, Sclerotinia padi, Sclerotinia pallida, Sclerotinia paludosa, Sclerotinia panacis, Sclerotinia paridis, Sclerotinia pelargonii, Sclerotinia perplexa, Sclerotinia phaeospora, Sclerotinia phormii, Sclerotinia pirolae, Sclerotinia ploettneriana, Sclerotinia pocula, Sclerotinia polyblastis, Sclerotinia polycodii, Sclerotinia polycodontis, Sclerotinia polygoni, Sclerotinia porri, Sclerotinia pruni-spinosae, Sclerotinia pseudoplatani, Sclerotinia pseudotuberosa, Sclerotinia pyrolae, Sclerotinia rapula, Sclerotinia rathenowiana, Sclerotinia rehmiana, Sclerotinia rhododendri, Sclerotinia rhododendri, Sclerotinia richteriana, Sclerotinia ricini, Sclerotinia riograndensis, Sclerotinia salicina, Sclerotinia sativa, Sclerotinia schoenicola, Sclerotinia scirpicola, Sclerotinia sclerotiacea, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Sclerotinia seaveri, Sclerotinia secalincola, Sclerotinia seminis, Sclerotinia serica, Sclerotinia shiraiana, Sclerotinia smilacinae, Sclerotinia solani, Sclerotinia spermophila, Sclerotinia sphaerosperma, Sclerotinia squamosa, Sclerotinia subarctica, Sclerotinia subgen. Belania, Sclerotinia subularis, Sclerotinia sulcata, Sclerotinia temulenta, Sclerotinia tenella, Sclerotinia tenuispora, Sclerotinia tetraspora, Sclerotinia tiliae, Sclerotinia trifoliorum, Sclerotinia trillii, Sclerotinia tuba, Sclerotinia tuberosa, Sclerotinia tulipae, Sclerotinia ulmariae, Sclerotinia urnula, Sclerotinia utriculorum, Sclerotinia vaccinii, Sclerotinia vaccinii-corymbosi, Sclerotinia vahliana, Sclerotinia veratri, Sclerotinia verrucispora, Sclerotinia veselyi, Sclerotinia vesicaria, Sclerotinia whetzelii, Sclerotinia wisconsinensis, Sclerotinia xanthorrhoeae
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