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General information

 Summary:Xylaria Hill ex Schrank, Baierische Flora 1: 200 (1789) [MB#5832] 
 Synonymy:=Lichenagaricus P. Micheli, Nova Plantarum Genera: 103, tab. 54-55 (1729) [MB#2847]
=Xylosphaera Dumort., Commentationes botanicae: 91 (1822) [MB#5851]
=Acrosphaeria Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 5: 32 (1842) [MB#55]
=Penzigia Sacc., Atti dell´Istituto Veneto Scienze 6: 406 (1888) [MB#3808]
=Xylariodiscus Henn., Hedwigia Beiblätter 38: 68 (1899) [MB#5834]
=Moelleroclavus Henn., Hedwigia 41: 15 (1902) [MB#3232]
=Spirogramma Ferd. & Winge, Vidensk. Meddel. Dansk Naturhist. Foren. Kjöbenhavn: 142 (1909) [MB#5150]
=Carnostroma Lloyd, Synopsis of some genera of the large Pyrenomycetes (7): 27 (1919) [MB#825]
=Sclerodermatopsis Torrend, Mycological Writings 7 (70): 1231 (1923) [MB#27429]
=Coelorhopalon Overeem, Icon. Fungorum Malayensium: 3 (1925) [MB#1163]
=Porodiscella Viégas, Bragantia 4: 106 (1944) [MB#4343]
=Pseudoxylaria Boedijn, Persoonia 1 (1): 18 (1959) [MB#4504]
=Xylocoremium J.D. Rogers, Mycologia 76: 913 (1984) [MB#11224]
 MycoBank #:5832 
 Authors:Hill ex Schrank 
 Authors (abbreviated):Hill ex Schrank 
 Page #:200 
 Year of effective publication:1789 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:also 'validated' by Greville 1823, Scott. crypt. fl. 2: 2 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Xylaria abnormis, Xylaria aburiensis, Xylaria acerata, Xylaria acicula, Xylaria acicularis, Xylaria acuminatilongissima, Xylaria acuta, Xylaria adnata, Xylaria adscendens, Xylaria aemulans, Xylaria aenea, Xylaria aerea, Xylaria aethiopica, Xylaria agariciformis, Xylaria agariciformis, Xylaria alata, Xylaria albicans, Xylaria albisquamula, Xylaria alboareolata, Xylaria albocincta, Xylaria albocinctoides, Xylaria albomaculata, Xylaria albopunctulata, Xylaria allantoidea, Xylaria alpina, Xylaria alutacea, Xylaria amazonica, Xylaria amphithele, Xylaria angulosa, Xylaria anisopleura, Xylaria annulata, Xylaria annulipes, Xylaria antarctica, Xylaria antiqua, Xylaria apeibae, Xylaria aphrodisiaca, Xylaria apiculata, Xylaria apoda, Xylaria appendiculata, Xylaria apum, Xylaria arbuscula, Xylaria arenicola, Xylaria areolata, Xylaria areolata, Xylaria argentinensis, Xylaria argentiniensis, Xylaria aristata, Xylaria aspera, Xylaria asperata, Xylaria assamensis, Xylaria atrodivaricata, Xylaria atroglobosa, Xylaria atrosphaerica, Xylaria aurantiaca, Xylaria australis, Xylaria avellana, Xylaria axifera, Xylaria axillaris, Xylaria ayresii, Xylaria azadirachtae, Xylaria bacillaris, Xylaria badia, Xylaria bambooensis, Xylaria bambusicola, Xylaria bannaensis, Xylaria barbata, Xylaria bataanensis, Xylaria beccariana, Xylaria beccarii, Xylaria benjaminii, Xylaria berkeleyi, Xylaria berkeleyi, Xylaria berteri, Xylaria berteroi, Xylaria berteroi, Xylaria bertioides, Xylaria betulicola, Xylaria bicampaniformis, Xylaria biceps, Xylaria bidentata, Xylaria bifigurata, Xylaria biformis, Xylaria bipindensis, Xylaria bissei, Xylaria boergesenii, Xylaria bogoriensis, Xylaria bonii, Xylaria botrys, Xylaria botuliformibus, Xylaria botuliformis, Xylaria brachiata, Xylaria brasiliensis, Xylaria brevicephala, Xylaria brevipes, Xylaria brevipes, Xylaria bruneriana, Xylaria brunneovinosa, Xylaria bulbosa, Xylaria caespitulosa, Xylaria californica, Xylaria calocephala, Xylaria camerunensis, Xylaria candelabrum, Xylaria cantareirensis, Xylaria capensis, Xylaria capillacea, Xylaria carabayensis, Xylaria carpophila, Xylaria carteri, Xylaria castarea, Xylaria castilloi, Xylaria castorea, Xylaria cavernosa, Xylaria cerebriformis, Xylaria cerebrina, Xylaria chamissonis, Xylaria chardoniana, Xylaria chordalis, Xylaria choui, Xylaria ciliata, Xylaria cinerea, Xylaria cinnabarina, Xylaria cirrata, Xylaria citrina, Xylaria citrispora, Xylaria clavata, Xylaria claviceps, Xylaria clavicularis, Xylaria claviformis, Xylaria clavulata, Xylaria clavulus, Xylaria clusiae, Xylaria coccinea, Xylaria coccinea, Xylaria coccophora, Xylaria coenopus, Xylaria collabens, Xylaria columnifera, Xylaria comosa, Xylaria comosoides, Xylaria complanata, Xylaria composita, Xylaria compressa, Xylaria compuncta, Xylaria concursa, Xylaria confusa, Xylaria coniformis, Xylaria conocephala, Xylaria conopeicola, Xylaria consociata, Xylaria contracta, Xylaria copelandii, Xylaria coprinicola, Xylaria coprophila, Xylaria cordovensiformis, Xylaria cordovensis, Xylaria coremiifera, Xylaria corniculata, Xylaria corniformis, Xylaria cornu-damae, Xylaria cornu-dorcas, Xylaria coronata, Xylaria correcta, Xylaria corrugata, Xylaria cranioides, Xylaria crinalis, Xylaria cristata, Xylaria cristulata, Xylaria crozonensis, Xylaria cubensis, Xylaria cudonia, Xylaria culicicephala, Xylaria culleniae, Xylaria cuneata, Xylaria cupressiformis, Xylaria cupressiformis, Xylaria cupressiformis, Xylaria cupressoides, Xylaria curta, Xylaria cuspidata, Xylaria cylindrica, Xylaria cylindrica, Xylaria cynoglossa, Xylaria dealbata, Xylaria deceptiva, Xylaria delicatissima, Xylaria delicatula, Xylaria delitschii, Xylaria dendroidea, Xylaria dennisii, Xylaria deserticola, Xylaria diceras, Xylaria dichotoma, Xylaria digitata, Xylaria diminuta, Xylaria discolor, Xylaria divaricata, Xylaria divisa, Xylaria djurensis, Xylaria domingensis, Xylaria doumetii, Xylaria duchassaingii, Xylaria duranii, Xylaria echinata, Xylaria ectogramma, Xylaria elastica, Xylaria elegans, Xylaria ellipsospora, Xylaria ellisii, Xylaria emerici, Xylaria enterogena, Xylaria enteroleuca, Xylaria entomelaina, Xylaria entomorhiza, Xylaria entosulphurea, Xylaria epidendricola, Xylaria escharoidea, Xylaria eucalypti, Xylaria eucephala, Xylaria eudonia, Xylaria eugeniae, Xylaria euglossa, Xylaria euphorbiicola, Xylaria eupiliaca, Xylaria exacuta, Xylaria exalbata, Xylaria exalbida, Xylaria excelsa, Xylaria fasciculata, Xylaria fastigiata, Xylaria fastigiata, Xylaria faveolis, Xylaria favosa, Xylaria feejeensis, Xylaria feejensis, Xylaria fibula, Xylaria ficicola, Xylaria filiformioidea, Xylaria filiformis, Xylaria filiformoidea, Xylaria fimbriata, Xylaria fioriana, Xylaria fissilis, Xylaria fistuca, Xylaria fistulosa, Xylaria flabelliformis, Xylaria flagelliformis, Xylaria flexa, Xylaria flexuosa, Xylaria fockei, Xylaria fockii, Xylaria formosana, Xylaria fragariaeformis, Xylaria fragariiformis, Xylaria fragilis, Xylaria fraseri, Xylaria friesii, Xylaria froggattii, Xylaria fructigena, Xylaria frustrulata, Xylaria frustulosa, Xylaria fuciformis, Xylaria fuckelii, Xylaria fuegiana, Xylaria fulvella, Xylaria fulvolanata, Xylaria fulvovelutina, Xylaria furcata, Xylaria furcata, Xylaria furcellata, Xylaria fuscopurpurea, Xylaria galandii, Xylaria gardneri, Xylaria geoglossum, Xylaria gigantea, Xylaria gigantochloae, Xylaria glaucescens, Xylaria glebulosa, Xylaria globosa, Xylaria gomphus, Xylaria gracilenta, Xylaria gracilis, Xylaria gracilis, Xylaria gracillima, Xylaria graminicola, Xylaria grammica, Xylaria grammicum, Xylaria grandis, Xylaria griseo-olivacea, Xylaria griseosepiacea, Xylaria guaranitica, Xylaria guareae, Xylaria guazumae, Xylaria guepini, Xylaria guepinii, Xylaria guianensis, Xylaria guyanensis, Xylaria haemorrhoidalis, Xylaria heliscus, Xylaria heloidea, Xylaria hemiglossa, Xylaria herculea, Xylaria hercules, Xylaria himalayensis, Xylaria hippoglossa, Xylaria hippotrichoides, Xylaria hirtella, Xylaria hispidissima, Xylaria hispidula, Xylaria holmbergi, Xylaria holobapha, Xylaria hongkongensis, Xylaria huberiana, Xylaria humilis, Xylaria humosa, Xylaria hungarica, Xylaria hyperythra, Xylaria hypoerythra, Xylaria hypoglossa, Xylaria hypoxyloides, Xylaria hypoxylon, Xylaria hypsipoda, Xylaria hystrix, Xylaria ianthino-velutina, Xylaria ianthinovelutina, Xylaria inaequalis, Xylaria intermedia, Xylaria intracolorata, Xylaria intraflava, Xylaria involuta, Xylaria ippoglossa, Xylaria jaliscoensis, Xylaria janthinovelutina, Xylaria jiangsuensis, Xylaria johorensis, Xylaria jolyana, Xylaria juniperus, Xylaria juruensis, Xylaria kamatii, Xylaria karsticola, Xylaria karyophthora, Xylaria kaumanae, Xylaria kedahae, Xylaria kegeliana, Xylaria kretzschmarioidea, Xylaria kurziana, Xylaria laevis, Xylaria lancea, Xylaria laurentii, Xylaria lechatii, Xylaria lepidota, Xylaria leprosa, Xylaria leptopus, Xylaria leptosperma, Xylaria leucosticta, Xylaria lhermii, Xylaria lichenicola, Xylaria lignosa, Xylaria lima, Xylaria lingua, Xylaria liquidambar, Xylaria liquidambaris, Xylaria lobata, Xylaria longiana, Xylaria longipes, Xylaria longissima, Xylaria louisii, Xylaria lutea, Xylaria luteostromata, Xylaria luxurians, Xylaria luzonensis, Xylaria macropoda, Xylaria macrospora, Xylaria magniannulata, Xylaria magnoliae, Xylaria maitlandii, Xylaria mali, Xylaria maraca, Xylaria marasmoides, Xylaria mascarensis, Xylaria massula, Xylaria maumeei, Xylaria mauritiensis, Xylaria melanaxis, Xylaria meliacearum, Xylaria mellisii, Xylaria mellissii, Xylaria memecyli, Xylaria memecylonii, Xylaria mesenterica, Xylaria metaeformis, Xylaria mexicana, Xylaria michoacana, Xylaria microcephala, Xylaria microceras, Xylaria microsperma, Xylaria micrura, Xylaria militaris, Xylaria minuta, Xylaria moelleroclavus, Xylaria moliwensis, Xylaria monilifera, Xylaria monstrosa, Xylaria montagnei, Xylaria monticulosa, Xylaria morchelliformis, Xylaria morganii, Xylaria mornandii, Xylaria mucronata, Xylaria multifida, Xylaria multifida, Xylaria multipartita, Xylaria multiplex, Xylaria muscula, Xylaria musooriensis, Xylaria mutabilis, Xylaria mycelioides, Xylaria myosurus, Xylaria myrosimila, Xylaria nelumboniformis, Xylaria neoberkleyi, Xylaria nigrescens, Xylaria nigripes, Xylaria nigromedullosa, Xylaria nodulosa, Xylaria novoguineensis, Xylaria nutans, Xylaria obesa, Xylaria obovata, Xylaria obtusispora, Xylaria obtusissima, Xylaria ochraceostroma, Xylaria oligotoma, Xylaria olobapha, Xylaria oocephala, Xylaria ophiopoda, Xylaria opulenta, Xylaria ovispora, Xylaria oxyacanthae, Xylaria oxyacanthae, Xylaria pachystroma, Xylaria pallida, Xylaria pallida-ostiolata, Xylaria pallide-ostiolata, Xylaria pallido-ostiolata, Xylaria palmicola, Xylaria papillata, Xylaria papillatoides, Xylaria papulis, Xylaria papyrifera, Xylaria paraensis, Xylaria partita, Xylaria parvula, Xylaria patagonica, Xylaria patersonii, Xylaria patrisiae, Xylaria pattersonii, Xylaria paulistana, Xylaria pedunculata, Xylaria peltiformis, Xylaria penicilla, Xylaria penicilliopsis, Xylaria peperomioides, Xylaria perezsilvae, Xylaria persicaria, Xylaria petchii, Xylaria phoenix, Xylaria phosphorea, Xylaria phyllocharis, Xylaria phyllophila, Xylaria pilaeformis, Xylaria piliceps, Xylaria piperiformis, Xylaria piriformis, Xylaria pisoniae, Xylaria pistillariaeformis, Xylaria pistillariiformis, Xylaria placenta, Xylaria platypoda, Xylaria plebeja, Xylaria plumbea, Xylaria poitaeana, Xylaria poiteani, Xylaria poitei, Xylaria polonica, Xylaria polyclada, Xylaria polymorpha, Xylaria polyramosa, Xylaria polysticha, Xylaria polytricha, Xylaria ponapeana, Xylaria portentosa, Xylaria portoricensis, Xylaria potentillae, Xylaria praefecta, Xylaria primorskensis, Xylaria procera, Xylaria protea, Xylaria psamathos, Xylaria pseudoapiculata, Xylaria psidii, Xylaria pterula, Xylaria puiggarii, Xylaria pumila, Xylaria punctata, Xylaria punjabensis, Xylaria pyramidata, Xylaria queenslandica, Xylaria quercinophila, Xylaria radicans, Xylaria radicata, Xylaria radicata, Xylaria ramosa, Xylaria ramulata, Xylaria ramuligera, Xylaria ramulosa, Xylaria ramus, Xylaria readeri, Xylaria reducta, Xylaria regalis, Xylaria rehmii, Xylaria reinkingii, Xylaria reniformis, Xylaria reperta, Xylaria reticulata, Xylaria retipes, Xylaria rhizocola, Xylaria rhizoides, Xylaria rhizomorpha, Xylaria rhizophila, Xylaria rhopalodes, Xylaria rhopaloides, Xylaria rhytidophloea, Xylaria rhytidosperma, Xylaria rickii, Xylaria ridleyi, Xylaria rimulata, Xylaria riograndensis, Xylaria ripicola, Xylaria rosea, Xylaria rossmanae, Xylaria rossmaniae, Xylaria rostrata, Xylaria ruginosa, Xylaria rugosa, Xylaria salmonicolor, Xylaria salonensis, Xylaria sanchezii, Xylaria scabriclavula, Xylaria schreuderiana, Xylaria schwackei, Xylaria schweinitzii, Xylaria scopaeformis, Xylaria scoparia, Xylaria scopiforme, Xylaria scopiformis, Xylaria scopiformis, Xylaria scopiformis, Xylaria scotica, Xylaria scruposa, Xylaria scruposae, Xylaria semiglobosa, Xylaria sessilis, Xylaria setocephala, Xylaria sibirica, Xylaria sicula, Xylaria similis, Xylaria siphonia, Xylaria smilacicola, Xylaria sordida, Xylaria spathulata, Xylaria sphaerica, Xylaria spinulosa, Xylaria splendens, Xylaria squamosa, Xylaria squamulosa, Xylaria stilbohypoxyloides, Xylaria stilboidea, Xylaria striata, Xylaria strobiliformis, Xylaria stromafera, Xylaria stromatica, Xylaria stuppea, Xylaria subcoccophora, Xylaria subgracillima, Xylaria subinvoluta, Xylaria subterranea, Xylaria subtorulosa, Xylaria subtrachelina, Xylaria subularis, Xylaria symploci, Xylaria symplocosii, Xylaria symplocotis, Xylaria tabacina, Xylaria tanganyikaensis, Xylaria tectonae, Xylaria telfairii, Xylaria tentaculata, Xylaria tentaculata, Xylaria tenuis, Xylaria tenuispora, Xylaria tenuissima, Xylaria teres, Xylaria terminaliae-bellericae, Xylaria terminaliae-crenulatae, Xylaria termiticola, Xylaria termitum, Xylaria thailandica, Xylaria theissenii, Xylaria thindii, Xylaria thwaitesii, Xylaria thyrsus, Xylaria tigrina, Xylaria timorensis, Xylaria tischeri, Xylaria titan, Xylaria tolosa, Xylaria torquescens, Xylaria torrubioides, Xylaria tortuosa, Xylaria tortuosa, Xylaria torulosa, Xylaria trabuti, Xylaria trabutii, Xylaria trachelina, Xylaria transiens, Xylaria trianae, Xylaria trichopoda, Xylaria tricolor, Xylaria tridactyla, Xylaria trivialis, Xylaria tuberiformis, Xylaria tuberoides, Xylaria tuberosa, Xylaria tucumanensis, Xylaria tulasnei, Xylaria tumulosa, Xylaria turgida, Xylaria umbonata, Xylaria uniapiculata, Xylaria ustorum, Xylaria vagans, Xylaria vanderystii, Xylaria vaporaria, Xylaria var. camerunensis, Xylaria variabilis, Xylaria varians, Xylaria varians, Xylaria variegata, Xylaria vasconica, Xylaria venosula, Xylaria ventricosa, Xylaria venustula, Xylaria vermiculus, Xylaria vernicosa, Xylaria verruculosa, Xylaria violaceopannosa, Xylaria violaceorosea, Xylaria vivantii, Xylaria warburgii, Xylaria weinlandii, Xylaria wellingtonensis, Xylaria wettsteinii, Xylaria willsii, Xylaria wrightii, Xylaria wulaiensis, Xylaria xanthiceps, Xylaria xanthinovelutina, Xylaria xanthophaea, Xylaria xanthorhiza, Xylaria xanthorrhiza, Xylaria xylarioides, Xylaria zealandica, Xylaria zealandica, Xylaria zelandica, Xylaria zelandica, Xylaria zeylanica
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