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General information

 Summary:Taphrina Fr., Observationes mycologicae 1: 217 (1815) [MB#5354] 
 MycoBank #:5354 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:217 
 Year of effective publication:1815 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM3:520 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Taphrina acericola, Taphrina acericola ß pseudoplatani, Taphrina acerina, Taphrina aceris, Taphrina aesculi, Taphrina alni, Taphrina alni-incanae, Taphrina alni-japonicae, Taphrina alnitorqua, Taphrina alnitorqua, Taphrina alpina, Taphrina alutacea, Taphrina amelanchieris, Taphrina amentorum, Taphrina americana, Taphrina amplians, Taphrina amygdali, Taphrina andina, Taphrina antarctica, Taphrina armeniacae, Taphrina arrabidae, Taphrina arrabidae, Taphrina athyrii, Taphrina atkinsonii, Taphrina aurea, Taphrina bacteriosperma, Taphrina bartholomaei, Taphrina bergeniae, Taphrina betulae, Taphrina betulicola, Taphrina betulina, Taphrina blechni, Taphrina borealis, Taphrina boycei, Taphrina bullata, Taphrina bussei, Taphrina caerulescens, Taphrina californica, Taphrina candicans, Taphrina carnea, Taphrina carpini, Taphrina carveri, Taphrina castanopsidis, Taphrina cecidomophila, Taphrina celtidis, Taphrina cerasi, Taphrina cerasi-microcarpae, Taphrina cerina, Taphrina cissi, Taphrina coerulescens, Taphrina communis, Taphrina confusa, Taphrina confusa, Taphrina cornu-cervae, Taphrina cornu-cervi, Taphrina coryli, Taphrina crataegi, Taphrina cystopteridis, Taphrina darkeri, Taphrina dearnessii, Taphrina decipiens, Taphrina deformans, Taphrina ecuadorensis, Taphrina entomospora, Taphrina epiphylla, Taphrina extensa, Taphrina fagicola, Taphrina farlowii, Taphrina faulliana, Taphrina filicina, Taphrina flava, Taphrina flavoaurea, Taphrina flavorubra, Taphrina flectens, Taphrina fuegiana, Taphrina fulgens, Taphrina fusca, Taphrina gei-montani, Taphrina gilgii, Taphrina githaginis, Taphrina gracilis, Taphrina higginsii, Taphrina hiratsukae, Taphrina hiratsukai, Taphrina inositophila, Taphrina inositophila, Taphrina insititiae, Taphrina jaczewskii, Taphrina janus, Taphrina japonica, Taphrina jenkinsoniana, Taphrina johansonii, Taphrina klebahni, Taphrina klebahnii, Taphrina kruchii, Taphrina kurtzmanii, Taphrina kurtzmanii, Taphrina kusanoi, Taphrina lagerheimii, Taphrina lapponica, Taphrina lata, Taphrina laurencia, Taphrina lethifera, Taphrina letifera, Taphrina linearis, Taphrina longipes, Taphrina lutescens, Taphrina macrophylla, Taphrina maculans, Taphrina marginata, Taphrina media, Taphrina mexicana, Taphrina minor, Taphrina mirabilis, Taphrina moriformis, Taphrina mume, Taphrina nana, Taphrina nepalensis, Taphrina nikkoensis, Taphrina occidentalis, Taphrina oreoselini, Taphrina orientalis, Taphrina osmundae, Taphrina ostryae, Taphrina padi, Taphrina piri, Taphrina pisi, Taphrina polyspora, Taphrina polystichi, Taphrina populi-salicis, Taphrina populina, Taphrina potentillae, Taphrina pruni, Taphrina pruni-acidae, Taphrina pruni-subcordatae, Taphrina pseudocerasi, Taphrina pseudoplatani, Taphrina pteridis, Taphrina purpurascens, Taphrina pyri, Taphrina quercina, Taphrina quercus, Taphrina randiae, Taphrina reichei, Taphrina rhaetica, Taphrina rhizipes, Taphrina rhizophora, Taphrina rhomboidalis, Taphrina robinsoniana, Taphrina rostrupiana, Taphrina rubrobrunnea, Taphrina rugosa, Taphrina sacchari, Taphrina sadebeckii, Taphrina sebastianae, Taphrina sebastianiae, Taphrina siemaszkoi, Taphrina sorbi, Taphrina splendens, Taphrina struthiopteridis, Taphrina struthiopteridis, Taphrina thaxteri, Taphrina thomasii, Taphrina tonduziana, Taphrina tormentillae, Taphrina tosquinetii, Taphrina tosquinetii, Taphrina truncicola, Taphrina turgida, Taphrina ulmi, Taphrina umbelliferarum, Taphrina unilateralis, Taphrina varia, Taphrina varius, Taphrina veronaerambellii, Taphrina veronaerambellii, Taphrina vestergrenii, Taphrina virginica, Taphrina viridis, Taphrina wettsteiniana, Taphrina whetzelii, Taphrina wiesneri, Taphrina willeana
 Type name:
 Type of organism:Yeast or yeast-like 

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