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General information

 Summary:Graphium Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 1: 18 (1837) [MB#8398] 
 Synonymy:=Ceratopodium Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 1: 19 (1837) [MB#7535] 
 MycoBank #:8398 
 Authors (abbreviated):Corda 
 Page #:18 
 Year of effective publication:1837 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
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 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
179 Associated records (click to hide):
Graphium adansoniae, Graphium adustum, Graphium aeruginosum, Graphium ailanthi, Graphium albiziae, Graphium albonigrescens, Graphium album, Graphium altissimum, Graphium ambrosiigerum, Graphium angamosense, Graphium anomalum, Graphium anomalum, Graphium aphthosae, Graphium aspergilloides, Graphium aterrimum, Graphium atrovirens, Graphium atrovirens, Graphium atrum, Graphium aureum, Graphium bambusae, Graphium basitruncatum, Graphium berkeleyi, Graphium bicolor, Graphium bolivarii, Graphium bulbicola, Graphium caliciiforme, Graphium calicioides, Graphium carbonarium, Graphium cartwrightii, Graphium cavipes, Graphium ceratostomoides, Graphium chlorocephalum, Graphium cicadicola, Graphium cinerellum, Graphium clavaeforme, Graphium claviforme, Graphium clavisporum, Graphium clavula, Graphium clavulatum, Graphium coffeae, Graphium comatrichoides, Graphium coralloides, Graphium coryneoides, Graphium cuneiferum, Graphium curtisii, Graphium curvulum, Graphium cylindricum, Graphium desmazieri, Graphium dubautiae, Graphium dulcamarae, Graphium dulcamarae, Graphium erubescens, Graphium eumorphum, Graphium euwallaceae, Graphium explicatum, Graphium fabiforme, Graphium fasciculatum, Graphium fifilense, Graphium fifilensis, Graphium filfilense, Graphium filfilensis, Graphium fimbriasporum, Graphium fimbriisporum, Graphium fissum, Graphium flavovirens, Graphium flexuosum, Graphium fragrans, Graphium fructicola, Graphium fuegianum, Graphium geranii, Graphium giganteum, Graphium giganteum, Graphium glaucocephalum, Graphium glaucum, Graphium gordoniae, Graphium gracile, Graphium graminum, Graphium griseum, Graphium grovei, Graphium guttuliferum, Graphium hamamelidis, Graphium hendersonulae, Graphium hippotrichoides, Graphium indicum, Graphium irradians, Graphium jumulu, Graphium klebahni, Graphium klebahnii, Graphium kubanicum, Graphium kuroshium, Graphium laricis, Graphium laxum, Graphium leguminum, Graphium lesnei, Graphium lesnei, Graphium leucocephalum, Graphium leucophaeum, Graphium ligulariae, Graphium linderae, Graphium macrocarpum, Graphium macrocarpum, Graphium madagascariense, Graphium magnum, Graphium malorum, Graphium melanotes, Graphium minutellum, Graphium nanum, Graphium nigrum, Graphium nodulosum, Graphium obsoletum, Graphium pallescens, Graphium paradoxum, Graphium paspali, Graphium passerinii, Graphium pelitnopsis, Graphium pelitnopus, Graphium penicillioides, Graphium perpusillum, Graphium phycomyces, Graphium phyllogenum, Graphium piliforme, Graphium pirinum, Graphium pistillare, Graphium pistillarioides, Graphium pruinosipes, Graphium pseudormiticum, Graphium pubescens, Graphium pusillum, Graphium putredinis, Graphium pycnocephalum, Graphium pyrinum, Graphium ramosum, Graphium rhizomorpharum, Graphium rhizophilum, Graphium rhodophaeum, Graphium rigidum, Graphium rivulorum, Graphium roboris, Graphium rubrum, Graphium saccardoi, Graphium sacchari, Graphium samogiticum, Graphium scolytodesis, Graphium scolytodis, Graphium sect. Coelographium, Graphium sect. Graphium, Graphium sessile, Graphium silanum, Graphium simplex, Graphium smaragdinum, Graphium socium, Graphium socium, Graphium sorbi, Graphium sorbi, Graphium sordidiceps, Graphium squarrosum, Graphium stercorarium, Graphium stevensonii, Graphium stilboideum, Graphium strictum, Graphium subinconspicuum, Graphium subtile, Graphium subulatum, Graphium subulatum, Graphium tectonae, Graphium tenuissimum, Graphium terricola, Graphium tjibodense, Graphium trifolii, Graphium typhinum, Graphium ulmi, Graphium umbellatarum, Graphium ungeri, Graphium variabile, Graphium verticillatum, Graphium verticillioides, Graphium volkartianum, Graphium wuweiense, Graphium xanthocephalum
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 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 



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