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General information

 Summary:Phoma Sacc., Michelia 2 (6): 4 (1880) [MB#9358] 
 Synonymy:=Macroplodiella Speg., Anales del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural Buenos Aires 17: 134 (1908) [MB#8819]
=Chlamydosporium Peyronel, I germi astmosferici dei fungi con micelio: 18 (1913) [MB#7622]
=Leptophoma Höhn., Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften Math.-naturw. Klasse Abt. I 124: 73 (1915) [MB#8751]
=Rhizosphaerella Höhn., Hedwigia 59: 254 (1917) [MB#9729]
=Sclerophomina Höhn., Hedwigia 59: 240 (1917) [MB#9827]
=Phomopsina Petr., Annales Mycologici 20: 145 (1922) [MB#9363]
=Pseudosclerophoma Petr., Annales Mycologici 21 (3-4): 283 (1923) [MB#9613]
=Vialina Curzi, Bolletino della Stazione di Patologia Vegetale di Roma 15: 252 (1935) [MB#10405]
=Paraphoma Morgan-Jones & J.F. White, Mycotaxon 18 (1): 58 (1983) [MB#25835]
=Atradidymella M.L. Davey & Currah, American Journal of Botany 96: 1283 (2009) [MB#511986]
 MycoBank #:9358 
 Authors (abbreviated):Sacc. 
 Page #:4 
 Year of effective publication:1880 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
 Remarks:as Fr. emend. 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Phoma, Phoma, Phoma, Phoma abdita, Phoma abietella-sibirica, Phoma abietina, Phoma abietinae, Phoma abietis, Phoma abietis-albae, Phoma abnormis, Phoma abrotani, Phoma abscondita, Phoma acaciae, Phoma acaciae, Phoma acacigena, Phoma acacigena, Phoma acaciicola, Phoma acaciicola, Phoma acaciigena, Phoma acaenae, Phoma acalyphae, Phoma acanthi, Phoma acanthina, Phoma acantholimonis, Phoma accedens, Phoma aceris-negundinis, Phoma acervalis, Phoma acetosellae, Phoma achilleae, Phoma acicola, Phoma acinicola, Phoma acmella, Phoma aconiticola, Phoma aconiticola, Phoma acori, Phoma acridii, Phoma actaeae, Phoma actinidiae, Phoma acuaria, Phoma aculeorum, Phoma acuta, Phoma acuum, Phoma adenocauli, Phoma adianticola, Phoma adonidicola, Phoma adonidis, Phoma adonidis-apenninae, Phoma aegles, Phoma aequivoca, Phoma aequivoca, Phoma aequivocum, Phoma aesculana, Phoma affinis, Phoma africana, Phoma agapanthi, Phoma agaricicola, Phoma agaves, Phoma agaves, Phoma aggregata, Phoma agminalis, Phoma agnita, Phoma agropyri, Phoma ailanthi, Phoma ailanthina, Phoma ajacis, Phoma akebiae, Phoma alba, Phoma albae, Phoma albanica, Phoma albicans, Phoma albifructa, Phoma albifructua, Phoma albistrata, Phoma albiziae, Phoma albomaculata, Phoma albovestita, Phoma alcearum, Phoma alchemillae, Phoma alchemillae, Phoma alectoriae, Phoma alectorolophi, Phoma alicola, Phoma aliena, Phoma alismatis, Phoma alkannae, Phoma allahabadensis, Phoma allantella, Phoma alleizetteana, Phoma allescheri, Phoma allescheriana, Phoma alliariae, Phoma alliicola, Phoma allioniae, Phoma allostoma, Phoma almeidae, Phoma alnea, Phoma aloes, Phoma aloicola, Phoma aloidis, Phoma aloysiae, Phoma alpina, Phoma alsatica, Phoma alternantherae, Phoma alternariacea, Phoma alternariacearum, Phoma alternariaceum, Phoma alterosae, Phoma althaeae, Phoma althaeina, Phoma altipes, Phoma alyssi-alpestris, Phoma amaranthi, Phoma amaranthi, Phoma amaranthicola, Phoma amaryllidis, Phoma ambiens, Phoma ambigua, Phoma ambigua, Phoma ambiguella, Phoma ambrosioidis, Phoma amelanchieris, Phoma amenti, Phoma americana, Phoma ammiphila, Phoma ammodendri, Phoma ammophilae, Phoma amomi, Phoma amorphae, Phoma ampelina, Phoma ampelinum, Phoma ampelocarpa, Phoma ampelogena, Phoma ampelopsidis, Phoma amplior, Phoma amygdali, Phoma amygdali-communis, Phoma amygdalina, Phoma anacycli, Phoma anamirtae, Phoma anaphalidis, Phoma anarrhini, Phoma anaxaea, Phoma anceps, Phoma andigena, Phoma andina, Phoma andina, Phoma andrachnes, Phoma andrachnes, Phoma andrachnes, Phoma andrachnidis, Phoma andromedae, Phoma andromedina, Phoma andropogonivora, Phoma andryalina, Phoma anemones, Phoma anemopaegmae, Phoma anethi, Phoma anethicola, Phoma anfractuosa, Phoma angophorae, Phoma anguina, Phoma anigozanthi, Phoma annonicola, Phoma annulata, Phoma annullata, Phoma anonicola, Phoma anserina, Phoma antarctica, Phoma antennariae, Phoma anthemidis, Phoma anthracina, Phoma anthrisci, Phoma anthurii, Phoma anthyllidicola, Phoma anthyllidis, Phoma antirrhini, Phoma apiicola, Phoma apocrypta, Phoma apocyni, Phoma aposphaerioides, Phoma applanata, Phoma aquifolii, Phoma aquifolii, Phoma aquilegiae, Phoma aquilegiicola, Phoma aquilina, Phoma arabidis-alpinae, Phoma arachidicola, Phoma arachidis-hypogaeae, Phoma arachnoidea, Phoma arachnoides, Phoma araliae, Phoma araucana, Phoma araucariae, Phoma araucariicola, Phoma arbuscula, Phoma arbuti, Phoma arcangeliana, Phoma arctica, Phoma arctica, Phoma arctii, Phoma arctostaphyli, Phoma arcuata, Phoma ardisiae, Phoma arenaria, Phoma arenariae, Phoma areolata, Phoma argillacea, Phoma ariae, Phoma arisari, Phoma armeniacae, Phoma armeriae, Phoma armeriae, Phoma armeriae-sibericae, Phoma armoraciae, Phoma aromatica, Phoma artemisaecola, Phoma artemisiae, Phoma artemisiae, Phoma artemisiae, Phoma artemisiae, Phoma artemisiicola, Phoma artemisiicola, Phoma arunci, Phoma aruncina, Phoma arundinacea, Phoma arundinacea, Phoma arundinaceum, Phoma arundinella, Phoma arundinicola, Phoma arvernica, Phoma asclepiadea, Phoma ascochytoidea, Phoma aselepiadis, Phoma asiatica, Phoma asparagi, Phoma asparagina, Phoma asparaginae, Phoma aspera, Phoma asperulae, Phoma asphodeli, Phoma asphodeli, Phoma asphodelina, Phoma aspidiicola, Phoma aspidioticola, Phoma asplenii, Phoma astericola, Phoma asteriscus, Phoma asteromella, Phoma asteromelloides, Phoma astragali, Phoma astragali, Phoma astragali-alpini, Phoma astragalicola, Phoma astragalina, Phoma astrocarpi, Phoma aterrima, Phoma athaeina, Phoma atomica, Phoma atomispora, Phoma atomoides, Phoma atomospora, Phoma atomus, Phoma atraphaxis, Phoma atrificans, Phoma atriplicina, Phoma atriplicis, Phoma atrocincta, Phoma atropae, Phoma aubrietiae, Phoma aucubae, Phoma aucubicola, Phoma aucupariae, Phoma aurantiiperda, Phoma aurantiorum, Phoma aurea, Phoma australis, Phoma avellanae, Phoma averrhoae, Phoma averrhoiae, Phoma azaleae, Phoma azurea, Phoma baccae, Phoma baccharidis, Phoma baccicola, Phoma bacillaris, Phoma bacilliformis, Phoma bacilligera, Phoma bacillospora, Phoma bacterioides, Phoma bacteriophila, Phoma bacteriosperma, Phoma baculum, Phoma bakeriana, Phoma balanitis, Phoma baldratii, Phoma balliensis, Phoma balsameae, Phoma banisteriae, Phoma banksiae-integrifoliae, Phoma baptisiae, Phoma baptisiae, Phoma baptisiae, Phoma baptisiicola, Phoma baptisiicola, Phoma barbari, Phoma barringtoniae, Phoma batatae, Phoma batatas, Phoma battarreae, Phoma bauhiniae, Phoma beckhausii, Phoma begoniae, Phoma belangeri, Phoma belgica, Phoma bellidis, Phoma bellynckii, Phoma bentianae, Phoma berberidella, Phoma berberidicola, Phoma berberidicola, Phoma berberidis, Phoma berberina, Phoma bergii, Phoma berkeleyi, Phoma berolinensis, Phoma berteroae, Phoma betae, Phoma betonicae, Phoma bicuspidata, Phoma bidentis, Phoma biflori, Phoma biformis, Phoma biformis, Phoma bignoniae, Phoma bignoniae, Phoma billsii, Phoma biocellata, Phoma bismarckii, Phoma blennorioides, Phoma bloxamii, Phoma boehmeriae, Phoma boemeriae, Phoma boeremae, Phoma boerhaviae, Phoma bohemica, Phoma boldoae, Phoma boldoicola, Phoma bolivarii, Phoma bolleana, Phoma boltoniae, Phoma boltshauseri, Phoma bonanseana, Phoma boni-henrici, Phoma borassi, Phoma borealis, Phoma bossiaeae, Phoma botrychii, Phoma botryoidea, Phoma bovistae, Phoma brachypodii, Phoma brachysematis, Phoma brasiliensis, Phoma brassicae, Phoma bresadolae, Phoma brevipes, Phoma brevipes, Phoma briardiana, Phoma briardii, Phoma bromeliae, Phoma bromeliae, Phoma broussonetiae, Phoma brunaudiana, Phoma brunaudii, Phoma brunaudii, Phoma brunaudii, Phoma brunellae, Phoma brunneola, Phoma brunneotincta, Phoma bryoniae, Phoma bryophila, Phoma buddleiae, Phoma buddleiae, Phoma buddleiana, Phoma buddlejae, Phoma buddlejae, Phoma buddlejana, Phoma buffoniae, Phoma bufonii, Phoma bulbicola, Phoma bulbicola, Phoma bulgarica, Phoma bumeliae, Phoma bumeliae, Phoma bupleuricola, Phoma buteae, Phoma caballeroi, Phoma cacheutensis, Phoma cacti, Phoma cadabae, Phoma caesalpiniae, Phoma cajani, Phoma cajani, Phoma cajanicola, Phoma calidophila, Phoma californica, Phoma calligoni, Phoma callospora, Phoma callunae, Phoma calophacae, Phoma caloplacae, Phoma calorpreferens, Phoma calotropidis, Phoma calotropidis, Phoma calvatiae, Phoma calycanthi, Phoma calycotomes, Phoma calystegiae, Phoma camelinae, Phoma camelliae, Phoma camelliae, Phoma camelliaecola, Phoma camilleae, Phoma campanulae, Phoma camphorae, Phoma camphorosmatis, Phoma campsidis, Phoma canadensis, Phoma canadensis, Phoma candelariellae, Phoma candidula, Phoma candollei, Phoma canescens, Phoma canina, Phoma cannabis, Phoma cannae-indicae, Phoma capanemae, Phoma caperatae, Phoma capitulum, Phoma capparidina, Phoma capparidis, Phoma capparina, Phoma capparis, Phoma capreae, Phoma capsellae, Phoma capsici, Phoma capsicum, Phoma capsularum, Phoma capsularum, Phoma caraganae, Phoma caraganigena, Phoma cardamines, Phoma caricae, Phoma caricae-papayae, Phoma caricicola, Phoma caricina, Phoma caricina, Phoma caricis, Phoma carlieri, Phoma carlinae, Phoma caroli, Phoma carotae, Phoma carpinea, Phoma carpogena, Phoma carpophila, Phoma carteri, Phoma carthami, Phoma caryophylli, Phoma cassiae, Phoma cassiocarpa, Phoma cassubica, Phoma cassythae, Phoma castagnei, Phoma castanea, Phoma castaneae, Phoma casuarinae, Phoma catalpae, Phoma catalpicola, Phoma catananchicae, Phoma catenulata, Phoma catesbeyi, Phoma catonii, Phoma caudata, Phoma caulincola, Phoma caulographa, Phoma caulophylli, Phoma causcorae, Phoma cava, Phoma cavalliniana, Phoma ceanothi, Phoma cecidophila, Phoma cedrelae, Phoma celastri, Phoma celastrinae, Phoma celottii, Phoma celtidicola, Phoma celtidis, Phoma centaureae, Phoma centranthi, Phoma centrophylli, Phoma cephalanthae, Phoma cephalanthi, Phoma cerasina, Phoma cerastii-maximi, Phoma ceratoniae, Phoma ceratoniae, Phoma cercidicola, Phoma cercidicola, Phoma cereicola, Phoma cereorum, Phoma cesatiana, Phoma cestri, Phoma chaenomeles, Phoma chaerophylli, Phoma chamaenerii, Phoma chamaenerionis, Phoma chamaeropis, Phoma chamerionis, Phoma changana, Phoma changena, Phoma chartae, Phoma chartarum, Phoma charticola, Phoma chelidonii, Phoma chengii, Phoma chenopodii, Phoma chenopodii, Phoma chenopodiicola, Phoma chiliotrichi, Phoma chionanthi, Phoma chondrillae, Phoma chondrillaecola, Phoma chorisiae, Phoma chorizemae, Phoma chorizemae, Phoma chrysanthemi, Phoma chrysanthemicola, Phoma cicatriculae, Phoma cicatricum, Phoma ciceris, Phoma cichoriacearum, Phoma cichorii, Phoma cicinnoides, Phoma cicuticola, Phoma cinchonae, Phoma cincta, Phoma cinerascens, Phoma cinerea, Phoma cinerescens, Phoma cinnamomi, Phoma circumscripta, Phoma circumvallata, Phoma cirratula, Phoma cirsii, Phoma cirsiicola, Phoma cissi, Phoma cisti, Phoma cistina, Phoma citri, Phoma citri-rubiginis, Phoma citricarpa, Phoma citrulli, Phoma citrulli, Phoma citrullicola, Phoma cladodii, Phoma cladoniae, Phoma cladoniae, Phoma cladoniicola, Phoma cladophila, Phoma cladrastidis, Phoma clandestina, Phoma clausa, Phoma clavuligera, Phoma clematidina, Phoma clematidis, Phoma clematidis-rectae, Phoma clematidis-terniflorae, Phoma clerodendricola, Phoma clianthi, Phoma cliffortiae, Phoma clinopodii, Phoma clintonii, Phoma clitoricarpa, Phoma clypeata, Phoma cneori, Phoma coccum, Phoma cocoes, Phoma cocoicola, Phoma cocoina, Phoma cocophila, Phoma cocoës, Phoma coenanthicola, Phoma coffaeicida, Phoma coffeae, Phoma coffeae-arabicae, Phoma coffeicola, Phoma coffeiphila, Phoma colchicae, Phoma colensoi, Phoma collabens, Phoma collabens, Phoma collabens, Phoma colletiae, Phoma coloradensis, Phoma colorata, Phoma colpomatis, Phoma columbiae, Phoma coluteae, Phoma coluteicola, Phoma comari, Phoma commelinicola, Phoma communis, Phoma commutata, Phoma comosi, Phoma complanata, Phoma complanatula, Phoma compressa, Phoma concentrica, Phoma concentrica, Phoma concors, Phoma coneglanensis, Phoma conferta, Phoma confluens, Phoma confluens, Phoma confluens, Phoma confluentula, Phoma congesta, Phoma congregata, Phoma conicola, Phoma conidiogena, Phoma conigena, Phoma conigena, Phoma conimbricensis, Phoma conophila, Phoma conorum, Phoma consocia, Phoma consocians, Phoma consors, Phoma consors, Phoma consorta, Phoma controversa, Phoma convallariae, Phoma convolvuli, Phoma conyzaphthora, Phoma cookei, Phoma coonsii, Phoma cooperta, Phoma coprosmae, Phoma corallorhizae, Phoma corchori, Phoma corchorina, Phoma corchororum, Phoma cordifolia, Phoma cordobensis, Phoma cordylines, Phoma coriacea, Phoma coriariae, Phoma coriariae, Phoma corispermi, Phoma corni, Phoma corni-albae, Phoma corni-suecicae, Phoma cornicola, Phoma cornicola, Phoma cornigena, Phoma cornina, Phoma corona, Phoma coronillae, Phoma coronillae, Phoma coronillae-variae, Phoma corrientina, Phoma corticicola, Phoma corticis, Phoma corvina, Phoma coryli-putaminis, Phoma corylina, Phoma coryphae, Phoma coryphea, Phoma cosmi, Phoma costaricensis, Phoma costarricensis, Phoma crassicollis, Phoma crassipes, Phoma crastophila, Phoma crataegi, Phoma crataegicola, Phoma crateriformis, Phoma crepinii, Phoma crepinii, Phoma crinicola, Phoma crocophila, Phoma crotalariae, Phoma crucianellae, Phoma cruenta, Phoma cruris-hominis, Phoma crustosa, Phoma cryptica, Phoma cryptostegiae, Phoma crystallifer, Phoma crystallifera, Phoma crystalliniformis, Phoma cucubali-bacciferi, Phoma cucurbitacearum, Phoma cucurbitalis, Phoma cuginiana, Phoma culmicola, Phoma cunninghamiae, Phoma cupressina, Phoma cupulae, Phoma cupulicola, Phoma curtisii, Phoma curvispora, Phoma cuscutae, Phoma cussoniae, Phoma cyanea, Phoma cycadella, Phoma cycadis, Phoma cycadis, Phoma cyclospora, Phoma cydoniae, Phoma cylindrica, Phoma cylindrispora, Phoma cylindrospora, Phoma cymbispora, Phoma cynanchi, Phoma cynoglossi, Phoma cynoglossi, Phoma cyparissiae, Phoma cyperi, Phoma cytisella, Phoma cytisi, Phoma cytisi, Phoma cytisporea, Phoma cytisporoides, Phoma cytospora, Phoma cytosporea, Phoma cytosporella, Phoma cytosporioides, Phoma cytosporioides, Phoma cytosporoides, Phoma cytosporoides subsp. cytosporoides, Phoma dacrydii, Phoma dactylidis, Phoma dahliae, Phoma dahliae, Phoma dalmatica, Phoma dalmatina, Phoma daniloi, Phoma daphnea, Phoma dasylirii, Phoma datiscae, Phoma datiscicola, Phoma daturae, Phoma daucina, Phoma daviesiae, Phoma dealbata, Phoma debeauxiana, Phoma debeauxii, Phoma decipiens, Phoma decolorans, Phoma decorticans, Phoma decosteae, Phoma deflectens, Phoma deflectens, Phoma delitescens, Phoma delphinii, Phoma delphinii, Phoma delphiniicola, Phoma demetriana, Phoma demissa, Phoma dendritica, Phoma denigrata, Phoma denigricans, Phoma dennisii, Phoma densipes, Phoma densiuscula, Phoma dentariae, Phoma depressa, Phoma depressa, Phoma depressitheca, Phoma depressula, Phoma depressula, Phoma desciscens, Phoma deserticola, Phoma desmazieri, Phoma desmonci, Phoma desolationis, Phoma destructiva, Phoma detegens, Phoma detrusa, Phoma deusta, Phoma deutziae, Phoma devastatrix, Phoma dianthi, Phoma dianthi, Phoma dianthi, Phoma dianthi, Phoma diaporthella, Phoma diatrypea, Phoma dictamni, Phoma dictamni, Phoma dictamnicola, Phoma diedickei, Phoma diedickei, Phoma difformis, Phoma digitalis, Phoma dilleniana, Phoma dimorpha, Phoma dimorphospora, Phoma dioscoreae, Phoma dioscoreae, Phoma diospyri, Phoma diplodiella, Phoma diplodioides, Phoma diploglottidis, Phoma dipsacea, Phoma dipsaci, Phoma dipsacina, Phoma discosiaeformis, Phoma discosiiformis, Phoma discosioides, Phoma dispersa, Phoma divergens, Phoma diversispora, Phoma djacovensis, Phoma dodartiae, Phoma dolichi, Phoma dolichopus, Phoma doliolum, Phoma domestica, Phoma domestica, Phoma dominici, Phoma donacella, Phoma donacina, Phoma donacis, Phoma dorenboschii, Phoma doryophorae, Phoma dothideicola, Phoma douglasii, Phoma drabae, Phoma dracaenae, Phoma draconis, Phoma drimydis, Phoma drobnjacensis, Phoma dryadis, Phoma drygalskii, Phoma dryina, Phoma drymidis, Phoma dubia, Phoma dubia, Phoma dulcamarae, Phoma dulcamarae, Phoma dulcamarina, Phoma dunorum, Phoma duplex, Phoma dura, Phoma durandiana, Phoma durandoi, Phoma durionis, Phoma duvauicola, Phoma dysoxyli, Phoma eatoniae, Phoma ebuli, Phoma ebulicola, Phoma ebulina, Phoma echinopis, Phoma echinopsidis, Phoma echioidis, Phoma edgworthiae, Phoma effusa, Phoma effusum, Phoma eguttulata, Phoma ehretiae, Phoma eiphylla, Phoma ejiciens, Phoma elaeagnella, Phoma elaeagni, Phoma elegans, Phoma eleocharidis, Phoma elevata, Phoma elevatum, Phoma ellipsoidea, Phoma elliptica, Phoma elongata, Phoma elsholtziae, Phoma elymi, Phoma emblicae, Phoma empetri, Phoma empetrifolia, Phoma emschericum, Phoma enargeae, Phoma encephalarti, Phoma endogena, Phoma endoleuca, Phoma endoleuca var. endoleuca, Phoma endomelaena, Phoma endophlaea, Phoma endorrhodia, Phoma endorrhodioides, Phoma engleri, Phoma enteroleuca, Phoma entomogenea, Phoma ephedrae, Phoma ephedricola, Phoma epicecidium, Phoma epicoccina, Phoma epidermidis, Phoma epiglandula, Phoma epileuca, Phoma epilobii, Phoma epilobii-parviflori, Phoma epimelaena, Phoma epiparmelia, Phoma epiphylla, Phoma epiphyscia, Phoma epitricha, Phoma equiseti, Phoma equiseticola, Phoma eremuri, Phoma eres, Phoma ericae, Phoma erigerontis, Phoma eriobotryae, Phoma eriogoni, Phoma eriophora, Phoma eriophorum, Phoma errabunda, Phoma erumpens, Phoma eryngiana, Phoma eryngicola, Phoma eryngii, Phoma eryngiicola, Phoma erysimi, Phoma erysiphoides, Phoma erythraeae, Phoma erythrella, Phoma erythrinae, Phoma erythrinae, Phoma escalloniae, Phoma estrelti, Phoma etheridgei, Phoma eucalypti, Phoma eucalyptica, Phoma eucalyptidea, Phoma eugeniae, Phoma euonymella, Phoma euonymi, Phoma euonymi, Phoma euonymicola, Phoma eupatorii, Phoma euphorbiae, Phoma euphorbiae-spinosae, Phoma euphorbicola, Phoma euphorbiicola, Phoma euphorbiphila, Phoma euphorbiphila, Phoma eupyrena, Phoma eustaga, Phoma everniae, Phoma evonymella, Phoma exasperans, Phoma excelsa, Phoma excelsa, Phoma exigua, Phoma exigua, Phoma exocarpina, Phoma exserta, Phoma exul, Phoma fabae, Phoma fabianae, Phoma fallaciosa, Phoma fallax, Phoma fallens, Phoma familiaris, Phoma farlowiana, Phoma farnesianae, Phoma feijoae, Phoma ferrarisii, Phoma ferruginea, Phoma festucina, Phoma fibricola, Phoma fibriseda, Phoma fici-caricae, Phoma fici-populifoliae, Phoma ficophila, Phoma ficophilum, Phoma fictilis, Phoma ficus, Phoma ficuzzae, Phoma filaginis, Phoma filaginis-arvensis, Phoma filamentifera, Phoma filamentosa, Phoma filarszkyana, Phoma filum, Phoma filum f. filum, Phoma filum f. umbellatarum, Phoma filum f. umbellatarum, Phoma fimbriata, Phoma fimeti, Phoma fimicola, Phoma fistulata, Phoma flaccida, Phoma flaccida, Phoma flahaultii, Phoma flavescens, Phoma flavigena, Phoma florida, Phoma foedata, Phoma foeniculina, Phoma foetida, Phoma foliaceiphila, Phoma folliculorum, Phoma fontii, Phoma forsythiae, Phoma forsythiicola, Phoma fourcroyae, Phoma foveata, Phoma foveolaris, Phoma foveolaris, Phoma fragilis, Phoma frangulae, Phoma frankeniae, Phoma fraxinea, Phoma fraxinellae, Phoma fraxinifolii, Phoma friesii, Phoma frigida, Phoma fructicola, Phoma fructigena, Phoma fructus-pandani, Phoma fuchsiae, Phoma fuchsii, Phoma fuchsina, Phoma fuckelii, Phoma fuegiana, Phoma fuliginea, Phoma fuliginosa, Phoma fumaginoides, Phoma fumosa, Phoma funariae, Phoma fungicola, Phoma funkiae, Phoma funkiae-albomarginatae, Phoma fusca, Phoma fusca, Phoma fuscata, Phoma fuscidula, Phoma fuscomaculans, Phoma fusigera, Phoma fusispora, Phoma fusispora, Phoma fusispora, Phoma gadiriensis, Phoma gaillardiae, Phoma galacis, Phoma galacticola, Phoma galactis, Phoma galbulorum, Phoma galegae, Phoma galegae, Phoma galeopsidis, Phoma galii-maritimi, Phoma galini, Phoma galinsogae, Phoma galiorum, Phoma gallae, Phoma gallarum, Phoma gallicola, Phoma garciniae, Phoma gardeniae, Phoma garflorida, Phoma garryae, Phoma geasteris, Phoma geasteropsidis, Phoma gei, Phoma gelmiana, Phoma gelsicola, Phoma geniculata, Phoma genistae, Phoma genistae-tinctoriae, Phoma genistaecola, Phoma gentianae, Phoma gentianae-asclepiadeae, Phoma gentianae-punctatae, Phoma gentianae-sino-ornatae, Phoma geranii, Phoma gibberoidea, Phoma glacialis, Phoma gladioli, Phoma glandicola, Phoma glandicola, Phoma glandulosa, Phoma glandulosae, Phoma glaucellae, Phoma glaucii, Phoma glaucii, Phoma glaucispora, Phoma gleditschiae, Phoma gleditschiaecola, Phoma gleditschiicola, Phoma gleditsiae-triacanthi, Phoma globigera, Phoma globispora, Phoma gloeosporioides, Phoma gloeosporioides, Phoma gloeosporioides, Phoma glomerata, Phoma glomerosa, Phoma gloriosa, Phoma glumarum, Phoma glumicola, Phoma glyceriae, Phoma glycines, Phoma glycines, Phoma glycinicola, Phoma glyptica, Phoma gnaphalii, Phoma gnaphalii, Phoma gnidii, Phoma gomphrenae, Phoma goodeniarum, Phoma gorakhpurensis, Phoma gossypii, Phoma gossypiicola, Phoma grabowskiae, Phoma graeca, Phoma graecae, Phoma graminella, Phoma graminicola, Phoma graminis, Phoma graminis, Phoma gramma, Phoma 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