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 Summary:Volutella Fr., Systema Mycologicum 3: 458, 466 (1832) [MB#10415] 
 Synonymy:=Psilonia Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 187 (1825) [MB#9625]
=Chaetodochium Höhn., Mitt. bot. Inst. tech. Hochsch. Wien: 44 (1932) [MB#7573]
=Volutellonectria J. Luo & W.Y. Zhuang, Phytotaxa 44: 3 (2012) [MB#561605]
 MycoBank #:10415 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:458, 466 
 Year of effective publication:1832 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
 Remarks:although Fries cited Tode, his concept is different, as both Tode's taxa were excluded. 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM3:466 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Volutella acalyphae, Volutella aciculosa, Volutella acutipilis, Volutella aeria, Volutella alba, Volutella albidopila, Volutella allii, Volutella arundinis, Volutella asiana, Volutella bartholomaei, Volutella bombycina, Volutella boydiana, Volutella buxi, Volutella buxi, Volutella caricicola, Volutella carnea, Volutella carnea, Volutella caryogena, Volutella cassiicola, Volutella chalybea, Volutella ciliata, Volutella cinerescens, Volutella circinans, Volutella citrina, Volutella citrina, Volutella citrina, Volutella citrinella, Volutella citrulli, Volutella colletotrichoides, Volutella comata, Volutella conorum, Volutella consors, Volutella coronata, Volutella corticioides, Volutella crinita, Volutella cucurbitina, Volutella cylindrospora, Volutella cyperacearum, Volutella dahliae, Volutella diaphana, Volutella discoidea, Volutella elasticae, Volutella ellisii, Volutella epicoccum, Volutella festucae, Volutella flexuosa, Volutella florida, Volutella foliicola, Volutella fructi, Volutella fructus, Volutella fulva, Volutella fusariispora, Volutella fusarioides, Volutella georginae, Volutella gilva, Volutella gossypina, Volutella hyacinthorum, Volutella indica, Volutella intricata, Volutella isabellina, Volutella jaapii, Volutella javanica, Volutella kamatii, Volutella keratinolytica, Volutella krabiense, Volutella krabiensis, Volutella lanuginosa, Volutella leucotricha, Volutella lini, Volutella lohwagii, Volutella longipila, Volutella longipila, Volutella luteoalba, Volutella macrotricha, Volutella melaloma, Volutella mellea, Volutella minima, Volutella morearum, Volutella nectrioides, Volutella nicotianae, Volutella nivea, Volutella nuda, Volutella obtusipila, Volutella occidentalis, Volutella ochracea, Volutella oxyspora, Volutella pachysandrae, Volutella pachysandricola, Volutella pallens, Volutella paraguayensis, Volutella pedicellata, Volutella penicillata, Volutella penicillioides, Volutella petrii, Volutella phlogina, Volutella pini, Volutella pini-caribaeae, Volutella piracicabana, Volutella piriformis, Volutella pulchella, Volutella pulchra, Volutella punctata, Volutella putaminum, Volutella queenslandica, Volutella quercina, Volutella ramkumarii, Volutella rosea, Volutella roseola, Volutella rusci, Volutella salmonis, Volutella scopula, Volutella setosa, Volutella sphaeriaeformis, Volutella sphaeriiformis, Volutella stellata, Volutella stipitata, Volutella sulphurosa, Volutella tectaecola, Volutella tecticola, Volutella thailandensis, Volutella therryana, Volutella toxica, Volutella tristis, Volutella uredinophila, Volutella villosa, Volutella vincae, Volutella vinosa, Volutella violae, Volutella vitis, Volutella volvata, Volutella weiriana, Volutella zamiae
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