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General information

 Summary:Pestalotia De Not., Memorie della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino Ser. 2, 3: 80 (1841) [MB#9271] 
 Synonymy:≡Pestalozzia De Not. (1841) [MB#9273] 
 MycoBank #:9271 
 Authors:De Notaris 
 Authors (abbreviated):De Not. 
 Page #:80 
 Journal or book:De Notaris 1841, Mem. Reale Accad. Sci. Torino 3: 80 
 Year of effective publication:1841 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Pestalotia abietina, Pestalotia acaciae, Pestalotia acaciicola, Pestalotia aceris, Pestalotia adusta, Pestalotia aeruginea, Pestalotia aesculi, Pestalotia affinis, Pestalotia affinis, Pestalotia albomaculans, Pestalotia aletridis, Pestalotia algeriensis, Pestalotia alnea, Pestalotia aloës, Pestalotia americana, Pestalotia americana, Pestalotia ampelogena, Pestalotia ananas, Pestalotia andropogonis, Pestalotia angustata, Pestalotia annulata, Pestalotia anomala, Pestalotia antennaeformis, Pestalotia antenniformis, Pestalotia anthurii, Pestalotia aomoriensis, Pestalotia apiculata, Pestalotia aquatica, Pestalotia ardisiae, Pestalotia arengae, Pestalotia artemisiae, Pestalotia asphodeli, Pestalotia aucoumeae, Pestalotia aucubae, Pestalotia aucubae, Pestalotia austrocaledonica, Pestalotia avenae, Pestalotia baarnensis, Pestalotia banksiae, Pestalotia banksiana, Pestalotia batatae, Pestalotia batatas, Pestalotia berberidis, Pestalotia besseyi, Pestalotia betazamiae, Pestalotia betulae, Pestalotia bicilia, Pestalotia bicolor, Pestalotia bicornis, Pestalotia bignoniae, Pestalotia bischofiae, Pestalotia bladhiae, Pestalotia brachypoda, Pestalotia brachypoda, Pestalotia brassicae, Pestalotia brassicicola, Pestalotia breviaristata, Pestalotia brevipes, Pestalotia brevipes, Pestalotia breviseta, Pestalotia briardii, Pestalotia brideliae, Pestalotia briosiana, Pestalotia bromeliicola, Pestalotia burchelliae, Pestalotia buteae, Pestalotia bykovii, Pestalotia byrsonimae, Pestalotia caffra, Pestalotia calabae, Pestalotia calami, Pestalotia callophylli, Pestalotia callunae, Pestalotia calophylli, Pestalotia camelliae, Pestalotia camphorae, Pestalotia camphori, Pestalotia camptosperma, Pestalotia canangae, Pestalotia canangae, Pestalotia canariensis, Pestalotia capiomonti, Pestalotia capitata, Pestalotia carbonacea, Pestalotia carissae, Pestalotia caroliniana, Pestalotia carveri, Pestalotia cassines, Pestalotia cassinis, Pestalotia castagnei, Pestalotia casuarinae, Pestalotia caudata, Pestalotia caulicola, Pestalotia cavendishiae, Pestalotia celastri, Pestalotia cephalotaxi, Pestalotia ceratoniae, Pestalotia ceratospora, Pestalotia cesatii, Pestalotia chamaecyparidis, Pestalotia chamaeropis, Pestalotia chartarum, Pestalotia choenostroma, Pestalotia chrysanthemi, Pestalotia cibotii, Pestalotia cinchonae, Pestalotia cinnamomi, Pestalotia cinnamomi, Pestalotia cinnamomi, Pestalotia citri, Pestalotia citrina, Pestalotia clavata, Pestalotia clavispora, Pestalotia cliftoniae, Pestalotia clusiae, Pestalotia coccolobae, Pestalotia cocculi, Pestalotia coffeae, Pestalotia coffeicola, Pestalotia coffeicola, Pestalotia compacta, Pestalotia compta, Pestalotia comptospermae, Pestalotia concentrica, Pestalotia conceptionis, Pestalotia congensis, Pestalotia congesta, Pestalotia conglomerata, Pestalotia conigena, Pestalotia conorum-piceae, Pestalotia consocia, Pestalotia conspicua, Pestalotia coperniciae, Pestalotia coptospermae, Pestalotia corni, Pestalotia cornifolia, Pestalotia cornu-cervae, Pestalotia coryli, Pestalotia coryneoidea, Pestalotia corynoidea, Pestalotia coumarounae, Pestalotia crassiuscula, Pestalotia crataegi, Pestalotia cruenta, Pestalotia cryptomeriae, Pestalotia cryptomeriicola, Pestalotia cuboniana, Pestalotia cupressina, Pestalotia curta, Pestalotia cycadis, Pestalotia decolorata, Pestalotia depazaeformis, Pestalotia depazeiformis, Pestalotia depazeoides, Pestalotia depazeoides, Pestalotia dianellae, Pestalotia dianellicola, Pestalotia dianthi, Pestalotia dichaeta, Pestalotia diospyri, Pestalotia discosioides, Pestalotia disseminata, Pestalotia distincta, Pestalotia dodonaeae, Pestalotia duporti, Pestalotia ecdysantherae, Pestalotia effusa, Pestalotia elaeagni, Pestalotia elasticae, Pestalotia elasticola, Pestalotia elegans, Pestalotia elephants, Pestalotia ellisii, Pestalotia embeliae, Pestalotia encephalartos, Pestalotia epigaea, Pestalotia epilobii, Pestalotia eriobotrifolia, Pestalotia eriobotryae, Pestalotia eriobotryae-japonicae, Pestalotia eriobotryicola, Pestalotia espaillatii, Pestalotia eucalypti, Pestalotia eugeniae, Pestalotia euonymi, Pestalotia eupyrena, Pestalotia europaea, Pestalotia eusora, Pestalotia evansii, Pestalotia everhartii, Pestalotia excelsa, Pestalotia exilis, Pestalotia f. abietis, Pestalotia f. versicolor, Pestalotia fautreyi, Pestalotia feijoae, Pestalotia fibricola, Pestalotia fibriseda, Pestalotia fici, Pestalotia ficicola, Pestalotia filisetula, Pestalotia flacourtiae, Pestalotia flagellata, Pestalotia flagellifera, Pestalotia flagisetula, Pestalotia flavidula, Pestalotia foedans, Pestalotia fuchsiae, Pestalotia funerea, Pestalotia fuscescens, Pestalotia galactis, Pestalotia gallica, Pestalotia gastrolobi, Pestalotia gastrolobii, Pestalotia gaultheriae, Pestalotia gaurae, Pestalotia genistae, Pestalotia gibberosa, Pestalotia gibbosa, Pestalotia glandicola, Pestalotia gongrogena, Pestalotia goramghatensis, Pestalotia gossypii, Pestalotia gracilis, Pestalotia granati, Pestalotia grandis, Pestalotia gravesii, Pestalotia guaranitica, Pestalotia gubaiana, Pestalotia guepinii, Pestalotia guepinii, Pestalotia guepinii-vaccinii, Pestalotia harongae, Pestalotia hartigii, Pestalotia helichrysi, Pestalotia helichrysii, Pestalotia hendersonioides, Pestalotia herbicola, Pestalotia herteri, Pestalotia heteroconis, Pestalotia heterocornis, Pestalotia heteromorpha, Pestalotia heterospora, Pestalotia heucherae, Pestalotia homalomenae, Pestalotia hordei-destruens, Pestalotia hughesii, Pestalotia hypericina, Pestalotia hypodermia, Pestalotia hysteriiformis, Pestalotia ilicina, Pestalotia ilicis, Pestalotia inquinans, Pestalotia inquinans, Pestalotia insidens, Pestalotia insueta, Pestalotia intermedia, Pestalotia ixorae, Pestalotia jacksoniae, Pestalotia jaczewskii, Pestalotia japonica, Pestalotia javanica, Pestalotia jefferisii, Pestalotia jeolikotensis, Pestalotia jodhpurensis, Pestalotia juniperi, Pestalotia juniperi, Pestalotia kalmicola, Pestalotia kansensis, Pestalotia karstenii, Pestalotia kasagiensis, Pestalotia kawakamii, Pestalotia kriegeriana, Pestalotia lagerstroemiae, Pestalotia lagerstromiae, Pestalotia lambertiae, Pestalotia langloisii, Pestalotia lapageriae, Pestalotia lapageriicola, Pestalotia laricicola, Pestalotia lateripes, Pestalotia laughtonae, Pestalotia laurina, Pestalotia laurocerasi, Pestalotia laurophylli, Pestalotia lawsoniae, Pestalotia lepidospermatis, Pestalotia lepironiae, Pestalotia leprogena, Pestalotia lespedezae, Pestalotia leucodisca, Pestalotia leucothoes, Pestalotia leucothoës, Pestalotia leurodisca, Pestalotia libertiana, Pestalotia lignicola, Pestalotia lignorum, Pestalotia liliorum, Pestalotia linearis, Pestalotia litchii, Pestalotia littoralis, Pestalotia longiaristata, Pestalotia longiseta, Pestalotia longisetula, Pestalotia lucae, Pestalotia lucumae, Pestalotia lupini, Pestalotia lusitanica, Pestalotia lycopadina, Pestalotia lycopodina, Pestalotia macrochaeta, Pestalotia macrospora, Pestalotia macrotricha, Pestalotia macrozamiae, Pestalotia maculans, Pestalotia maculicola, Pestalotia maculiformans, Pestalotia magocsyi, Pestalotia mali, Pestalotia malicola, Pestalotia malorum, Pestalotia mangalorica, Pestalotia mangiferae, Pestalotia mangifolia, Pestalotia mariae, Pestalotia matildae, Pestalotia maura, Pestalotia mayumbensis, Pestalotia medinillae, Pestalotia melaleucae, Pestalotia melicoccae, Pestalotia menezesiana, Pestalotia menthicola, Pestalotia metasequoiae, Pestalotia micheliae, Pestalotia micheneri, Pestalotia microsora, Pestalotia microspora, Pestalotia microspora, Pestalotia milletiae, Pestalotia millettiae, Pestalotia moelleriana, Pestalotia molleriana, Pestalotia monochaeta, Pestalotia monochaetioides, Pestalotia monochaetoidea, Pestalotia monochaetoides, Pestalotia monochroa, Pestalotia monorhincha, Pestalotia monorhyncha, Pestalotia montellica, Pestalotia moorei, Pestalotia mori, Pestalotia multiseta, Pestalotia mycophaga, Pestalotia myricae, Pestalotia myrticola, Pestalotia nandina, Pestalotia nandinae, Pestalotia natalensis, Pestalotia nattrassii, Pestalotia neglecta, Pestalotia nervalis, Pestalotia nicolai, Pestalotia novae-caledoniae, Pestalotia nucicola, Pestalotia nuciseda, Pestalotia nummulariae, Pestalotia nymphaeae, Pestalotia ocoteae, Pestalotia oenotherae, Pestalotia oleandri, Pestalotia olivacea, Pestalotia opuntiicola, Pestalotia ornithogali, Pestalotia oryzae, Pestalotia osyrella, Pestalotia osyridella, Pestalotia osyridis, Pestalotia oxyanthi, Pestalotia paeoniae, Pestalotia paeoniae, Pestalotia paeoniicola, Pestalotia pallida, Pestalotia pallida, Pestalotia pallidicolor, Pestalotia palmarum, Pestalotia palmarum, Pestalotia palmicola, Pestalotia pampeana, Pestalotia pandani, Pestalotia pandani, Pestalotia paraguariensis, Pestalotia paraguariensis, Pestalotia paraguayensis, Pestalotia parrotiae, Pestalotia pauciseta, Pestalotia peckii, Pestalotia pelargonii, Pestalotia penzigii, Pestalotia peregrina, Pestalotia pergrina, Pestalotia perseae-drymifoliae, Pestalotia pestalozzia, Pestalotia pestalozzioides, Pestalotia peyronelii, Pestalotia pezizoides, Pestalotia phacidioides, Pestalotia phoenicicola, Pestalotia phoenicis, Pestalotia photiniae, Pestalotia phyllostictea, Pestalotia pipericola, Pestalotia piperis, Pestalotia pitospora, Pestalotia plagiochaeta, Pestalotia planimi, Pestalotia platani, Pestalotia podocarpi, Pestalotia podocarpi, Pestalotia podocarpi, Pestalotia polychaeta, Pestalotia polygoni, Pestalotia polygoni, Pestalotia poonensis, Pestalotia populi-nigrae, Pestalotia potentillae, Pestalotia primaria, Pestalotia psidii, Pestalotia pteridis, Pestalotia pterocelastri, Pestalotia punctiformis, Pestalotia puttemans, Pestalotia puttemansii, Pestalotia puyae, Pestalotia pycnidiformis, Pestalotia pycnidiiformis, Pestalotia pycnoides, Pestalotia quadriciliata, Pestalotia querci-dentatae, Pestalotia quercicola, Pestalotia quercina, Pestalotia quercus-dentatae, Pestalotia ramealis, Pestalotia ramosa, Pestalotia ramulosa, Pestalotia rapanea, Pestalotia rapaneae, Pestalotia rapaneae, Pestalotia raphiolepidis-liukiuensis, Pestalotia rhamni, Pestalotia rhipsalidis, Pestalotia rhododendri, Pestalotia rollandii, Pestalotia rosae, Pestalotia rostrata, Pestalotia royenae, Pestalotia sabinae, Pestalotia saccardensis, Pestalotia saccardiana, Pestalotia saccardoana, Pestalotia salicis, Pestalotia salicis, Pestalotia salicis-purpureae, Pestalotia sapotae, Pestalotia sarcomphali, Pestalotia sarmenti, Pestalotia sarothamni, Pestalotia scirpina, Pestalotia scirrofaciens, Pestalotia seiridioides, Pestalotia senegalensis, Pestalotia sessilis, Pestalotia shiraiana, Pestalotia siliquastri, Pestalotia sinensis, Pestalotia smilacis, Pestalotia sonsensis, Pestalotia soraueriana, Pestalotia sorbi, Pestalotia spectabilis, Pestalotia sphaerelloides, Pestalotia statices, Pestalotia staticis, Pestalotia stellata, Pestalotia stevensonii, Pestalotia stictica, Pestalotia strobilicola, Pestalotia subcuticularis, Pestalotia subgen. Monochaetia, Pestalotia subgen. Pestalotia, Pestalotia subgen. Pestalozzina, Pestalotia subsessilis, Pestalotia subsp. decolorata, Pestalotia subsp. macrospora, Pestalotia subsp. monochaeta, Pestalotia suffocata, Pestalotia swieteniae, Pestalotia sydowiana, Pestalotia syringae, Pestalotia taphrinicola, Pestalotia taslimiana, Pestalotia tecomae, Pestalotia terebinthi, Pestalotia teucrii, Pestalotia theae, Pestalotia theobromae, Pestalotia thuemenii, Pestalotia thujae, Pestalotia thujae, Pestalotia thujicola, Pestalotia thujopsidis, Pestalotia tiliae, Pestalotia torrendia, Pestalotia torrendii, Pestalotia torulosa, Pestalotia toxica, Pestalotia trevoae, Pestalotia trichocladi, Pestalotia triseta, Pestalotia truncata, Pestalotia truncatula, Pestalotia tubericola, Pestalotia tumefaciens, Pestalotia turgida, Pestalotia uljanischevii, Pestalotia uncinata, Pestalotia unicolor, Pestalotia unicornis, Pestalotia uniseta, Pestalotia uvicola, Pestalotia vaccinicola, Pestalotia vaccinii, Pestalotia vacciniicola, Pestalotia valdiviana, Pestalotia vangueriae, Pestalotia vanillae, Pestalotia var. conigena, Pestalotia var. libertiana, Pestalotia veneta, Pestalotia ventricosa, Pestalotia vermiformis, Pestalotia veronicae, Pestalotia versicolor, Pestalotia virgatula, Pestalotia virginiana, Pestalotia viridis, Pestalotia vismiae, Pestalotia vismifolia, Pestalotia vitalbae, Pestalotia viticola, Pestalotia watsoniae, Pestalotia weinmanniae, Pestalotia westerdijkii, Pestalotia westerdijkii, Pestalotia westerdykiae, Pestalotia westerdykiae, Pestalotia zahlbruckneriana, Pestalotia zonata
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