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General information

 Summary:Clitopilus (Fr. ex Rabenh.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 23, 96 (1871) [MB#17332] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus subgen. Clitopilus Fr. ex Rabenh., Deutschlands Kryptogamenflora 1: 507 (1844) [MB#700018]
≡Clitopilus sect. Clitopilus (1871) [MB#548798]
≡Clitopilus subgen. Clitopilus (1871) [MB#548799]
=Hexajuga Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 7, 9: 389 (1889) [MB#17757]
=Orcella Kuntze ex Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 430 (1909) [MB#18160]
=Paxillopsis J.E. Lange, Flora Agaricina Danica 5: Vl (1940) [MB#18194]
 MycoBank #:17332 
 Authors:(Fries ex Rabenhorst) P. Kummer 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr. ex Rabenh.) P. Kumm. 
 Page #:23, 96 
 Year of effective publication:1871 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
299 Associated records (click to hide):
Clitopilus abortivus, Clitopilus acerbus, Clitopilus adnatifolius, Clitopilus albidus, Clitopilus albogriseus, Clitopilus albovelutinus, Clitopilus alutaceus, Clitopilus amarellus, Clitopilus amarus, Clitopilus ammophilus, Clitopilus amygdaliformis, Clitopilus angustisporus, Clitopilus angustus, Clitopilus angustus, Clitopilus apalus, Clitopilus ardosiacus, Clitopilus argentinus, Clitopilus arvidssonii, Clitopilus arwidssonii, Clitopilus atrotuberculosus, Clitopilus aureicystidiatus, Clitopilus australiana, Clitopilus australis, Clitopilus austroprunulus, Clitopilus avellaneus, Clitopilus azalearum, Clitopilus balearicus, Clitopilus baronii, Clitopilus bigelowii, Clitopilus blancii, Clitopilus bogariensis, Clitopilus bogoriensis, Clitopilus brunnescens, Clitopilus brunneus, Clitopilus byssisedoides, Clitopilus caelatoideus, Clitopilus caelatus, Clitopilus caelatus, Clitopilus caespitosus, Clitopilus cancrinus, Clitopilus carlottae, Clitopilus carneoalbus, Clitopilus carneolus, Clitopilus carnosa-tenax, Clitopilus catalonicus, Clitopilus cedretorum, Clitopilus chalybescens, Clitopilus chrischonensis, Clitopilus cicatrisatus, Clitopilus cinereicolor, Clitopilus cinereifolius, Clitopilus claudopus, Clitopilus collybioides, Clitopilus concentricus, Clitopilus conchatus, Clitopilus congolensis, Clitopilus conicus, Clitopilus conissans, Clitopilus crepidotoides, Clitopilus cretaceus, Clitopilus cretatus, Clitopilus crispus, Clitopilus crystallinus, Clitopilus cupressicola, Clitopilus cupreus, Clitopilus curtipes, Clitopilus cyathiformis, Clitopilus cyathoideus, Clitopilus cystidiatus, Clitopilus daamsii, Clitopilus davisii, Clitopilus densifolius, Clitopilus depressus, Clitopilus dingleyae, Clitopilus djellouliae, Clitopilus earlei, Clitopilus eccentricus, Clitopilus entoloma, Clitopilus erythrosporus, Clitopilus fallax, Clitopilus fallax, Clitopilus fasciculatus, Clitopilus fibulata, Clitopilus fibulatus, Clitopilus filifer, Clitopilus finnmarchiae, Clitopilus flavidus, Clitopilus floridanus, Clitopilus formosus, Clitopilus fragilis, Clitopilus fuligineus, Clitopilus fuscofarinaceus, Clitopilus fuscogelatinosus, Clitopilus fusiformis, Clitopilus galerinoides, Clitopilus gallaecicus, Clitopilus geminus, Clitopilus gibbosus, Clitopilus gigantosporus, Clitopilus giovanellae, Clitopilus giovanellae, Clitopilus glabellus, Clitopilus griseobrunneus, Clitopilus griseolus, Clitopilus griseonigrellus, Clitopilus griseosporus, Clitopilus griseus, Clitopilus hausknechtii, Clitopilus hawaiiensis, Clitopilus heterosporus, Clitopilus himantiigenus, Clitopilus hirneolus, Clitopilus hispanicus, Clitopilus hobsonii, Clitopilus hondensis, Clitopilus horakii, Clitopilus hrbanovii, Clitopilus hydroionides, Clitopilus hygrophoroides, Clitopilus ignitus, Clitopilus ilicicola, Clitopilus incarnatus, Clitopilus incrustatus, Clitopilus infundibuliformis, Clitopilus intermedius, Clitopilus invenustus, Clitopilus ionipterus, Clitopilus irregularis, Clitopilus iti, Clitopilus jaczewskii, Clitopilus kamaka, Clitopilus lactariiformis, Clitopilus laetus, Clitopilus lampangensis, Clitopilus lateralipes, Clitopilus lateritius, Clitopilus lentulus, Clitopilus leptonia, Clitopilus levisporus, Clitopilus lignicola, Clitopilus lignyotus, Clitopilus luteocinnamomeus, Clitopilus lutetianus, Clitopilus magnisporus, Clitopilus mairei, Clitopilus maleolens, Clitopilus manimohanii, Clitopilus marasmioides, Clitopilus marinaensis, Clitopilus melilotus, Clitopilus melleopallens, Clitopilus melleus, Clitopilus micropus, Clitopilus minimus, Clitopilus minutisporus, Clitopilus minutus, Clitopilus mirificus, Clitopilus mordax, Clitopilus multilamellatus, Clitopilus mundulus, Clitopilus murinus, Clitopilus muritai, Clitopilus mustellinus, Clitopilus mycenoides, Clitopilus myriadocystis, Clitopilus naucoria, Clitopilus neglectus, Clitopilus neglectus, Clitopilus nevillei, Clitopilus nidus-avis, Clitopilus nitellinoides, Clitopilus nitellinus, Clitopilus noveboracensis, Clitopilus nuciolens, Clitopilus nyssicola, Clitopilus obnubilatus, Clitopilus obscurus, Clitopilus obtusatulus, Clitopilus ochraceopallidus, Clitopilus octaristus, Clitopilus omphaliformis, Clitopilus omphaliiformis, Clitopilus orcellarius, Clitopilus orcelloides, Clitopilus orcellus, Clitopilus orientalis, Clitopilus oss-emerae, Clitopilus oss-emeri, Clitopilus pallens, Clitopilus pallidogriseus, Clitopilus pallidus, Clitopilus parilis, Clitopilus pascuensis, Clitopilus passeckerianus, Clitopilus paucicoloratus, Clitopilus paurii, Clitopilus paxilloides, Clitopilus peculiaris, Clitopilus pegleri, Clitopilus pelletieri, Clitopilus peri, Clitopilus perplexus, Clitopilus perpusillus, Clitopilus perstriatus, Clitopilus pertenuis, Clitopilus pinsitus, Clitopilus piperatus, Clitopilus piperitus, Clitopilus pleurogenus, Clitopilus pleurotelloides, Clitopilus popinalis, Clitopilus porcelanicus, Clitopilus praesidentialis, Clitopilus priscuus, Clitopilus prostratus, Clitopilus prunulus, Clitopilus pseudo-orcella, Clitopilus pseudonitellinus, Clitopilus pseudoorcella, Clitopilus pseudopiperitus, Clitopilus pulchrispermus, Clitopilus pusillimus, Clitopilus pusillimus, Clitopilus quisquiliaris, Clitopilus radicatus, Clitopilus ravus, Clitopilus recollectus, Clitopilus reticulatus, Clitopilus reticulosporus, Clitopilus retroflexus, Clitopilus rhizogenus, Clitopilus rhodophyllus, Clitopilus rhodosporus, Clitopilus rhodotrama, Clitopilus riparius, Clitopilus roseiavellaneus, Clitopilus rubroparvulus, Clitopilus russularia, Clitopilus sarnicus, Clitopilus scyphoides, Clitopilus sect. Claudopodes, Clitopilus sect. Clitopilopsis, Clitopilus sect. Clitopilus, Clitopilus sect. Crepidotoides, Clitopilus sect. Decurrentes, Clitopilus sect. Omphaloidei, Clitopilus sect. Rhodocybe, Clitopilus sect. Rufobrunnei, Clitopilus sect. Tomentosi, Clitopilus semiarboricola, Clitopilus septicoides, Clitopilus seymourianus, Clitopilus smithii, Clitopilus socialis, Clitopilus sphaerosporus, Clitopilus squamulosus, Clitopilus stanglianus, Clitopilus stilbocephalus, Clitopilus stipitatus, Clitopilus straminipes, Clitopilus subcaespitosus, Clitopilus subcinereus, Clitopilus subfascicularis, Clitopilus subfrumentaceus, Clitopilus subgen. Clitopilus, Clitopilus subgen. Decurrentes, Clitopilus subgen. Rhodocybe, Clitopilus subgen. Rhodophana, Clitopilus subgilvus, Clitopilus subignotus, Clitopilus submicropus, Clitopilus subplanus, Clitopilus subscyphoides, Clitopilus subvilis, Clitopilus subvilis, Clitopilus tardus, Clitopilus tasmanicus, Clitopilus tephreus, Clitopilus tergipes, Clitopilus testaceus, Clitopilus tillii, Clitopilus togoensis, Clitopilus togoënsis, Clitopilus truncatus, Clitopilus umbrosus, Clitopilus undatus, Clitopilus underwoodii, Clitopilus unitinctus, Clitopilus variisporus, Clitopilus venososulcatus, Clitopilus vernalis, Clitopilus verrucosus, Clitopilus viarum, Clitopilus vilis, Clitopilus villosus, Clitopilus viscidus, Clitopilus wagramensis, Clitopilus washingtoniensis, Clitopilus woodianus
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 



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