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General information

 Summary:Hysterium Tode, Fungi Mecklenburgenses Selecti 2: 3 (1791) [MB#2463] 
 MycoBank #:2463 
 Authors (abbreviated):Tode 
 Page #:3 
 Year of effective publication:1791 
 Date public:2008-06-13 18:34:49 
 Name status:Unavailable 
 Comment on name status:unpriorable because of sanctioned name, see Art. 15.2 
 Remarks:In 1784 the type and only species was H. quadrilabiatum Tode. In 1791 Tode excluded the original type species and this concept was accepted by Fries (1823). 

Classification and associated taxa

345 Associated records (click to hide):
Hysterium abbreviatum, Hysterium abietinum, Hysterium actinothyrium, Hysterium aculearum, Hysterium acuminatum, Hysterium acutum, Hysterium adianthi, Hysterium adianti, Hysterium aequatum, Hysterium aggregatum, Hysterium ajoense, Hysterium album, Hysterium alstoniae, Hysterium ambiguum, Hysterium amplum, Hysterium anaxaeum, Hysterium anceps, Hysterium andicola, Hysterium andinense, Hysterium andromedae, Hysterium angustatum, Hysterium antheraeforme, Hysterium apiculatum, Hysterium apiculatum, Hysterium aquilinum, Hysterium arachnoideum, Hysterium artemisiae, Hysterium arundinaceum, Hysterium asymmetricum, Hysterium atlantis, Hysterium atramentarium, Hysterium aucupariae, Hysterium aurantii, Hysterium australe, Hysterium azaleae, Hysterium batucense, Hysterium berberidis, Hysterium berengerii, Hysterium berkeleyanum, Hysterium betulignum, Hysterium betulinum, Hysterium biforme, Hysterium bilabiatum, Hysterium breve, Hysterium byssisedum, Hysterium calabash, Hysterium candidum, Hysterium capparidis, Hysterium capparis, Hysterium caricinum, Hysterium carmichaelianum, Hysterium castaneae, Hysterium catenulatum, Hysterium ceanothi, Hysterium cedrinum, Hysterium celastrinum, Hysterium chilense, Hysterium chlorinum, Hysterium ciliatum, Hysterium cinerascens, Hysterium cinereum, Hysterium circumdatum, Hysterium citri, Hysterium citricola, Hysterium cladophilum, Hysterium clavisporum, Hysterium clusiae, Hysterium cocciferum, Hysterium commune, Hysterium complanatum, Hysterium compressum, Hysterium confluens, Hysterium confluens, Hysterium confluens, Hysterium conigenum, Hysterium conigenum, Hysterium conigenum, Hysterium conigenum, Hysterium contortum, Hysterium cookeanum, Hysterium corni, Hysterium corrugatum, Hysterium corticola, Hysterium corylea, Hysterium cotini, Hysterium crispum, Hysterium crucianellae, Hysterium cubense, Hysterium culmifragum, Hysterium culmigenum, Hysterium curtisii, Hysterium curtum, Hysterium curvatum, Hysterium curvatum, Hysterium curvum, Hysterium cyperi, Hysterium cyrillae, Hysterium decipiens, Hysterium decipiens, Hysterium degenerans, Hysterium deperditum, Hysterium depressum, Hysterium dimorphum, Hysterium discolor, Hysterium dissimile, Hysterium dives, Hysterium drynariae, Hysterium dubyi, Hysterium elatinum, Hysterium elevatum, Hysterium ellipticum, Hysterium elongatum, Hysterium elongatum, Hysterium elongatum, Hysterium emergens, Hysterium enteroleucum, Hysterium epimedii, Hysterium episphaerium, Hysterium erianthicola, Hysterium eucalypti, Hysterium eumorphum, Hysterium euphorbiae, Hysterium exaridum, Hysterium expallens, Hysterium fagineum, Hysterium fagineum, Hysterium fibrisedum, Hysterium fibritectum, Hysterium flexuosum, Hysterium foliicola, Hysterium formosum, Hysterium fourcroyae, Hysterium fraxini, Hysterium funereum, Hysterium fusiger, Hysterium gahianum, Hysterium gerardii, Hysterium globosum, Hysterium gloniopsis, Hysterium gracile, Hysterium gramineum, Hysterium grammodes, Hysterium graphicum, Hysterium graphideum, Hysterium griseum, Hysterium hariotii, Hysterium hederae, Hysterium herbarum, Hysterium heveanum, Hysterium hians, Hysterium hiascens, Hysterium hoyae, Hysterium hyalinum, Hysterium hysteriiforme, Hysterium ilicinum, Hysterium indicum, Hysterium inducum, Hysterium insidens, Hysterium insulare, Hysterium janusiae, Hysterium juglandis, Hysterium juniperi, Hysterium juniperinum, Hysterium kalmiae, Hysterium laeve, Hysterium lantanae, Hysterium lapponicum, Hysterium lauri, Hysterium lavandulae, Hysterium ledi, Hysterium lenticulare, Hysterium lentisci, Hysterium lesquereuxii, Hysterium librincola, Hysterium librincolum, Hysterium limitatum, Hysterium lineare, Hysterium lineare, Hysterium lineariforme, Hysterium lineolatum, Hysterium longum, Hysterium lonicerae, Hysterium macrosporum, Hysterium macrosporum, Hysterium maculare, Hysterium magnisporum, Hysterium magnosporum, Hysterium mali, Hysterium medium, Hysterium megalographa, Hysterium melaleucae, Hysterium melaleucum, Hysterium memecyli, Hysterium micrographum, Hysterium microthecium, Hysterium minimum, Hysterium minutum, Hysterium moliniae, Hysterium mori, Hysterium muelleri, Hysterium myrtillum, Hysterium mytilinum, Hysterium naviculare, Hysterium neesii, Hysterium negerianum, Hysterium nigrum, Hysterium notarisianum, Hysterium nova-caesariense, Hysterium novae-caesariense, Hysterium nucicola, Hysterium opegraphoides, Hysterium orbiculare, Hysterium orygmaeum, Hysterium osmundae, Hysterium ostraceum, Hysterium ovatum, Hysterium oxycoccos, Hysterium parallelum, Hysterium parschlugianum, Hysterium parvulum, Hysterium pedicellatum, Hysterium perexiguum, Hysterium petersii, Hysterium petiolare, Hysterium phormigenum, Hysterium pinastri, Hysterium pini, Hysterium pinicola, Hysterium pinicola, Hysterium plantaginis, Hysterium plantarum, Hysterium platyplacum, Hysterium polygonati, Hysterium polygoni, Hysterium populi, Hysterium praelongum, Hysterium praelongum, Hysterium prominens, Hysterium prostii, Hysterium proteiforme, Hysterium protogaeum, Hysterium pteridis, Hysterium pulchellum, Hysterium pulchellum, Hysterium pulcherrimum, Hysterium pulicare, Hysterium pulicare, Hysterium pullum, Hysterium punctiforme, Hysterium putaminum, Hysterium quadrilabiatum, Hysterium quercinum, Hysterium quercinum, Hysterium rameale, Hysterium repandum, Hysterium rhododendri, Hysterium rhois, Hysterium rimincolum, Hysterium robergei, Hysterium rocheanum, Hysterium rosmarini, Hysterium rotundum, Hysterium rousselii, Hysterium rubi, Hysterium rufescens, Hysterium rufilabrum, Hysterium rufulum, Hysterium rugosum, Hysterium rugulosum, Hysterium samarae, Hysterium sambuci, Hysterium samoënse, Hysterium scirpinum, Hysterium seriatum, Hysterium seriatum, Hysterium serpens, Hysterium sinense, Hysterium sinuosum, Hysterium smilacis, Hysterium sorbi, Hysterium speciosum, Hysterium sphaeriaceum, Hysterium sphaerioides, Hysterium sphaerioides, Hysterium sphaeroides, Hysterium standleyanum, Hysterium steigeri, Hysterium stenogramma, Hysterium stenogramma, Hysterium sticticum, Hysterium stictoideum, Hysterium striatulum, Hysterium striatum, Hysterium strigosum, Hysterium striola, Hysterium strobilaceum, Hysterium strobilarium, Hysterium stygium, Hysterium subrugosum, Hysterium sulcatum, Hysterium surinamense, Hysterium syconophilum, Hysterium syringae, Hysterium tamarindi, Hysterium tardum, Hysterium taxi, Hysterium teres, Hysterium thujae, Hysterium thujarum, Hysterium thujopsidis, Hysterium tortile, Hysterium totarae, Hysterium truncatum, Hysterium trunculatum, Hysterium tryblidiastrum, Hysterium tuberculosum, Hysterium tumidum, Hysterium typhae, Hysterium typhinum, Hysterium uraniae, Hysterium vaccinii, Hysterium vaccinii, Hysterium valvatum, Hysterium variabile, Hysterium variegatum, Hysterium varium, Hysterium varium, Hysterium varium, Hysterium velloziae, Hysterium verbasci, Hysterium verbasci, Hysterium verbasci, Hysterium vermiforme, Hysterium versicolor, Hysterium versisporum, Hysterium virgultorum, Hysterium viride, Hysterium viride, Hysterium viticola, Hysterium vixvisibile, Hysterium vulgare, Hysterium vulvatum, Hysterium wallrothii, Hysterium xylomoides, Hysterium zosterae
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