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General information

 Summary:Fungus Tourn. ex Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 12 (1763) [MB#17622] 
 Synonymy:≡Fungus Tourn. (1719) [MB#17621]
≡Agaricus L., Species Plantarum: 1171 (1753) [MB#17030]
≡Pratella Pers. ex Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 626 (1821) [MB#18359]
≡Agaricus tr. Psalliota Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 280 (1821) [MB#700053]
≡Psalliota (Fr.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 23, 72 (1871) [MB#18373]
≡Psaliota (Fr.) P. Kumm. (1871) [MB#18372]
≡Psalliota sect. Psalliota (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 72 (1871) [MB#549207]
≡Acetabularia Massee, British Fungus-Flora 2: 232 (1893) [MB#17006]
≡Entoloma subgen. Rhodopolia Kokkonen, Mycological Progress 14 (12/116): 7 (2015) [MB#814662]
 MycoBank #:17622 
 Authors:Tournefort ex Adanson
 Authors (abbreviated):Tourn. ex Adans.
 Page #:12
 Year of effective publication:1763
 Type specimen or ex type:

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Fungus accessitans, Fungus achimenis, Fungus actinorachis, Fungus africanus, Fungus albineus, Fungus albocyaneus, Fungus albonitens, Fungus amboensis, Fungus amethystinus, Fungus ammophilus, Fungus amplissimus, Fungus anatolicus, Fungus angelicus, Fungus annulatus, Fungus arborum-tuberosum, Fungus argineus, Fungus aromaticus, Fungus arvensis, Fungus astroites, Fungus atrospinosus, Fungus aueri, Fungus augustus, Fungus aureofulvus, Fungus aureus, Fungus bambusigenus, Fungus battarae, Fungus battarrae, Fungus bernardii, Fungus bertolonii, Fungus bilamellatus, Fungus bitorquis, Fungus bolorhizus, Fungus bolorrhizus, Fungus bresadolae, Fungus bulbopilis, Fungus byssinus, Fungus caesareus, Fungus caesifolius, Fungus calceatus, Fungus caldarius, Fungus californicus, Fungus callipeplus, Fungus campestris, Fungus campigenus, Fungus capillaceus, Fungus caput-medusae, Fungus caryophyllaceus, Fungus cavernosus, Fungus celidotus, Fungus cepaeodes, Fungus cepaeoides, Fungus chirotheca, Fungus chloroconius, Fungus chrysocyclus, Fungus ciliciopodius, Fungus clypeatus, Fungus coccineus, Fungus columellus, Fungus comtulus, Fungus consentiens, Fungus coprinodes, Fungus coprinoides, Fungus cornucopiae, Fungus coronillus, Fungus cothurnatus, Fungus crenatus, Fungus cretaceus, Fungus cristatus, Fungus croceoauratus, Fungus crocopeplus, Fungus depilatus, Fungus didactylus, Fungus diffusus, Fungus digitatus, Fungus diminutivus, Fungus djamor, Fungus dulcidulus, Fungus dyspines, Fungus elatior, Fungus elvensis, Fungus endoxanthus, Fungus epipastus, Fungus erinaceus, Fungus erosus, Fungus erythrospilus, Fungus euonymoides, Fungus evonymoides, Fungus exaltatus, Fungus exsertus, Fungus fabaceus, Fungus faxeus, Fungus feildenii, Fungus flavescens, Fungus foederatus, Fungus fraxineus, Fungus fulviceps, Fungus fulvipes, Fungus fusodeus, Fungus fusoideus, Fungus geniculatus, Fungus glandulosus, Fungus glutinosus, Fungus haematospermus, Fungus haemorhodarius, Fungus haemorrhoidarius, Fungus hemilasius, Fungus hepatiformis, Fungus howeanus, Fungus hypsipodus, Fungus hypsipus, Fungus igneus, Fungus illotus, Fungus imbricatus, Fungus indictivus, Fungus indusiatus, Fungus insinuatus, Fungus inunctus, Fungus jejunus, Fungus jerdonii, Fungus johnsonianus, Fungus kiboga, Fungus lalage, Fungus lasiophrys, Fungus latipes, Fungus lecensis, Fungus lecensis, Fungus leconsis, Fungus lepiotiformis, Fungus lepiotodes, Fungus lepiotoides, Fungus lituratus, Fungus lobatorepandus, Fungus luteonitens, Fungus mamillatus, Fungus medusa, Fungus mephistopheles, Fungus merderius, Fungus mesenteriformis, Fungus microcosmus, Fungus minimus, Fungus molochinus, Fungus myriostictus, Fungus non-vescus, Fungus nothus, Fungus nymphidius, Fungus obturatus, Fungus ochropodius, Fungus ocreatus, Fungus olivaceoflavus, Fungus palustris, Fungus pampeanus, Fungus paradoxus, Fungus percevali, Fungus percevalii, Fungus peronatus, Fungus phalloides, Fungus phalloides, Fungus pilipes, Fungus piriformis, Fungus placomyces, Fungus plandulosus, Fungus plumarius, Fungus porcinus, Fungus porphyrophyllus, Fungus praenitens, Fungus pratensis, Fungus primipilus, Fungus pseudopsathyra, Fungus pyriformis, Fungus ramosissimus, Fungus rhinocerotis, Fungus rhodochrous, Fungus rhytopilus, Fungus rodmanii, Fungus romaleus, Fungus rubellus, Fungus rufoalbus, Fungus rusiophyllus, Fungus sagatus, Fungus sallei, Fungus sanguinarius, Fungus sanguineus, Fungus sapatella, Fungus scobinaceus, Fungus segregatus, Fungus semiglobatus, Fungus semotus, Fungus setiger, Fungus siccipes, Fungus siculus, Fungus silvaticus, Fungus silvicola, Fungus simulans, Fungus sinensium, Fungus sinuatoundatus, Fungus sordidenaevosus, Fungus spilocephalus, Fungus spintriger, Fungus squamatin-incumbens, Fungus squamosus, Fungus squarrosus, Fungus stalactites, Fungus stercorarius, Fungus stuhlmannii, Fungus subaeruginosus, Fungus subcitrinus, Fungus subgibbosus, Fungus submerdarius, Fungus subrufescens, Fungus subsquamosus, Fungus sylvaticus, Fungus sylvicola, Fungus tabescens, Fungus taraxaci, Fungus thraustus, Fungus tornocephalus, Fungus trachodes, Fungus trisulfuratus, Fungus truncatulus, Fungus tuber, Fungus tuberaster, Fungus tuberosus, Fungus umbonatescens, Fungus undulatus, Fungus vagans, Fungus ventricosus, Fungus versicolor, Fungus versipes, Fungus villaticus, Fungus virginianus, Fungus viridulus, Fungus weinmannii, Fungus worthingtonii, Fungus xanthoderma, Fungus xanthodermus, Fungus xylogenus, Fungus zonarius
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