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General information

 Summary:Rosellinia De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 1: 334 (1844) [MB#4785] 
 Synonymy:=Byssitheca Bonord., Abhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Halle 8: 82, 156 (1864) [MB#698]
=Amphisphaerella Henn., Hedwigia 41: 13 (1902) [MB#91145]
=Amphisphaerella (Sacc.) Kirschst., Transactions of the British Mycological Society 18 (4): 306 (1934) [MB#171]
=Vrikshopama D. Rao & P.Rag. Rao, Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata 23 (4): 289 (1964) [MB#10425]
 MycoBank #:4785 
 Authors:De Notaris 
 Authors (abbreviated):De Not. 
 Page #:334 
 Year of effective publication:1844 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Rosellinia abietina, Rosellinia abscondita, Rosellinia abscondita, Rosellinia acaciae, Rosellinia aciculispora, Rosellinia acutispora, Rosellinia affinis, Rosellinia africana, Rosellinia akulovii, Rosellinia albocincta, Rosellinia albolanata, Rosellinia alchemillae, Rosellinia alhagi, Rosellinia alpestris, Rosellinia amazoniae, Rosellinia ambigens, Rosellinia ambigua, Rosellinia amblystoma, Rosellinia americana, Rosellinia amphisphaerioides, Rosellinia amphisphaeroides, Rosellinia andina, Rosellinia andurnensis, Rosellinia angusta, Rosellinia anthostomoides, Rosellinia aperta, Rosellinia apiahyna, Rosellinia apiculata, Rosellinia appendiculata, Rosellinia aquila, Rosellinia aquiloidea, Rosellinia araneosa, Rosellinia arausiaca, Rosellinia arctica, Rosellinia arctispora, Rosellinia arcuata, Rosellinia areolata, Rosellinia aspera, Rosellinia asperata, Rosellinia asperula, Rosellinia atrofusca, Rosellinia attenuata, Rosellinia aucklandica, Rosellinia aurea, Rosellinia australiensis, Rosellinia australis, Rosellinia australis, Rosellinia baccharidis, Rosellinia bakeri, Rosellinia bakeriana, Rosellinia bambusae, Rosellinia barbatula, Rosellinia beccariana, Rosellinia belgica, Rosellinia bicolor, Rosellinia bigeloviae, Rosellinia biguttulata, Rosellinia boedijnii, Rosellinia bogoriensis, Rosellinia bonaerensis, Rosellinia bothrina, Rosellinia boukokoae, Rosellinia brassicicola, Rosellinia breensis, Rosellinia bresadolae, Rosellinia brevifissurata, Rosellinia brevispora, Rosellinia britannica, Rosellinia brunnea, Rosellinia brunneola, Rosellinia bunodes, Rosellinia buxi, Rosellinia caespitosa, Rosellinia caespitosa, Rosellinia cainii, Rosellinia calami, Rosellinia calligoni, Rosellinia callimorpha, Rosellinia callimorphoides, Rosellinia callosa, Rosellinia calospora, Rosellinia calva, Rosellinia camphorae, Rosellinia campsopila, Rosellinia canicollis, Rosellinia canzacotoana, Rosellinia capetribulensis, Rosellinia carrollii, Rosellinia caryae, Rosellinia cassiae, Rosellinia castaneae, Rosellinia catacrypta, Rosellinia catervaria, Rosellinia caudata, Rosellinia cellarum, Rosellinia chaetomioides, Rosellinia chiangmaiensis, Rosellinia chordicola, Rosellinia chusqueae, Rosellinia chusqueae, Rosellinia cibodasae, Rosellinia cinereoviolascens, Rosellinia citriformis, Rosellinia citrinopulverulenta, Rosellinia cladoniae, Rosellinia clavariae, Rosellinia clavariarum, Rosellinia cocoës, Rosellinia coffeae, Rosellinia coffeicola, Rosellinia colensoi, Rosellinia communis, Rosellinia compacta, Rosellinia compressa, Rosellinia conferta, Rosellinia confertissima, Rosellinia congesta, Rosellinia conglobata, Rosellinia congolensis, Rosellinia congregata, Rosellinia convexa, Rosellinia cornicola, Rosellinia corticalis, Rosellinia corticium, Rosellinia costesi, Rosellinia costesii, Rosellinia crassispora, Rosellinia crustacea, Rosellinia culmicola, Rosellinia culmorum, Rosellinia cuprea, Rosellinia cuticularis, Rosellinia decidua, Rosellinia decipiens, Rosellinia deerata, Rosellinia deerrata, Rosellinia delacourei, Rosellinia desmazieri, Rosellinia desmodii, Rosellinia despreauxii, Rosellinia detonsa, Rosellinia diathrausta, Rosellinia diderma, Rosellinia didolotii, Rosellinia dimidiata, Rosellinia dingleyae, Rosellinia discreta, Rosellinia dispersella, Rosellinia dolichospora, Rosellinia echinata, Rosellinia echinocarpa, Rosellinia elaeicola, Rosellinia elaeidicola, Rosellinia elaeospora, Rosellinia emergens, Rosellinia epileuca, Rosellinia epixantha, Rosellinia erianthi, Rosellinia etrusca, Rosellinia eucalypticola, Rosellinia euterpes, Rosellinia evansii, Rosellinia extremorum, Rosellinia fasciculata, Rosellinia flexipila, Rosellinia floridana, Rosellinia formosa, Rosellinia formosana, Rosellinia foveolata, Rosellinia franciscae, Rosellinia francisiae, Rosellinia freycinetiae, Rosellinia friesii, Rosellinia fuscomaculans, Rosellinia fusispora, Rosellinia gagliardi, Rosellinia gaudefroyi, Rosellinia geasterioides, Rosellinia geasteroides, Rosellinia geophila, Rosellinia gigantea, Rosellinia gigaspora, Rosellinia gisbornia, Rosellinia glabra, Rosellinia glandiformis, Rosellinia glomerata, Rosellinia gomzeenis, Rosellinia gomzeensis, Rosellinia gothrinum, Rosellinia grantii, Rosellinia granulosa, Rosellinia gravesii, Rosellinia griseocincta, Rosellinia groedensis, Rosellinia guianae, Rosellinia hainanensis, Rosellinia haloxyli, Rosellinia helicofissurata, Rosellinia heliconiae, Rosellinia helvetica, Rosellinia hemisphaerica, Rosellinia heraclei, Rosellinia hericium, Rosellinia herpotrichioides, Rosellinia herpotrichoides, Rosellinia himalayensis, Rosellinia hippophaës, Rosellinia hirtissima, Rosellinia hispida, Rosellinia horrida, Rosellinia horrida, Rosellinia horridula, Rosellinia hranicensis, Rosellinia hsiehiae, Rosellinia hughesii, Rosellinia hyalospora, Rosellinia hypoxylina, Rosellinia hypoxyloides, Rosellinia hystricula, Rosellinia ignobilis, Rosellinia immersa, Rosellinia immunda, Rosellinia imposita, Rosellinia inaequabilis, Rosellinia indica, Rosellinia inspersa, Rosellinia insularis, Rosellinia javaensis, Rosellinia jiangxiensis, Rosellinia johnstonii, Rosellinia julii, Rosellinia kellermanii, Rosellinia kellermanni, Rosellinia lakshadweepensis, Rosellinia laminariana, Rosellinia lamprostoma, Rosellinia langloisii, Rosellinia lechatii, Rosellinia leopoldensis, Rosellinia lepidolophae, Rosellinia leprantha, Rosellinia leprantha, Rosellinia librincola, Rosellinia ligniaria, Rosellinia lignicola, Rosellinia limoniispora, Rosellinia limonispora, Rosellinia linderae, Rosellinia lobayensis, Rosellinia longispora, Rosellinia macdonaldi, Rosellinia macdonaldii, Rosellinia macouniana, Rosellinia macra, Rosellinia macrosperma, Rosellinia macrospora, Rosellinia madeirensis, Rosellinia magellanica, Rosellinia malacotricha, Rosellinia mamma, Rosellinia mammiformis, Rosellinia mammiformis, Rosellinia mammoidea, Rosellinia mangiferae, Rosellinia maquilingiana, Rosellinia marcescens, Rosellinia marcucciana, Rosellinia marginatoclypeata, Rosellinia markhamiae, Rosellinia massinkii, Rosellinia mastoidea, Rosellinia mastoidiformis, Rosellinia mearnsii, Rosellinia medullaris, Rosellinia megalocarpa, Rosellinia megaloecia, Rosellinia megalosperma, Rosellinia megalospoerma, Rosellinia megalospora, Rosellinia melaleuca, Rosellinia melioloides, Rosellinia menglana, Rosellinia merrillii, Rosellinia metachroa, Rosellinia metallica, Rosellinia miconiae, Rosellinia microscopica, Rosellinia microspora, Rosellinia millegrana, Rosellinia mimosae, Rosellinia minima, Rosellinia minor, Rosellinia minuta, Rosellinia mirabilis, Rosellinia moelleriana, Rosellinia moelleriana, Rosellinia molleriana, Rosellinia moroides, Rosellinia morthieri, Rosellinia mouchaccae, Rosellinia muriculata, Rosellinia muroiana, Rosellinia musispora, Rosellinia mutans, Rosellinia mycophila, Rosellinia myricariae, Rosellinia myriocarpa, Rosellinia neblinae, Rosellinia necatrix, Rosellinia nectrioides, Rosellinia nephromatis, Rosellinia niesslii, Rosellinia nigerrima, Rosellinia nigropileata, Rosellinia nitens, Rosellinia nothofagi, Rosellinia novae-zelandiae, Rosellinia oblectans, Rosellinia obliquata, Rosellinia obregonii, Rosellinia obtusa, Rosellinia obtusiostiolata, Rosellinia obtusispora, Rosellinia obtusissima, Rosellinia occultata, Rosellinia opaca, Rosellinia opuntiicola, Rosellinia ostiolata, Rosellinia ovalis, Rosellinia pachydermatica, Rosellinia pallida, Rosellinia palmae, Rosellinia palustris, Rosellinia pandanicola, Rosellinia papaverea, Rosellinia paraguayensis, Rosellinia parasitica, Rosellinia pardalios, Rosellinia parva, Rosellinia paschkovskii, Rosellinia patilii, Rosellinia pepo, Rosellinia perusensis, Rosellinia pervariabilis, Rosellinia petrakii, Rosellinia petriniae, Rosellinia picacea, Rosellinia picta, Rosellinia pinicola, Rosellinia pistaciae, Rosellinia plana, Rosellinia platani, Rosellinia platysporella, Rosellinia plicatula, Rosellinia poliosa, Rosellinia prinicola, Rosellinia procera, Rosellinia prorumpens, Rosellinia protuberans, Rosellinia pruinata, Rosellinia pseudhypoxylon, Rosellinia pseudobombarda, Rosellinia pseudohypoxylon, Rosellinia puiggarii, Rosellinia pulchella, Rosellinia pulcherrima, Rosellinia pulveracea, Rosellinia pulverulenta, Rosellinia pulvis-pyrius, Rosellinia pumila, Rosellinia punicae, Rosellinia purpureo-fusca, Rosellinia purpureofusca, Rosellinia pyramidalis, Rosellinia pyxidella, Rosellinia queenslandiae, Rosellinia quercina, Rosellinia rachidis, Rosellinia rachidis, Rosellinia radiciperda, Rosellinia raimundi, Rosellinia rattus, Rosellinia rehmiana, Rosellinia reticulispora, Rosellinia reticulospora, Rosellinia rhachidis, Rosellinia rhachidis, Rosellinia rhacodioides, Rosellinia rhanicensis, Rosellinia rhodomela, Rosellinia rhodomela, Rosellinia rhodomelaena, Rosellinia rhodomelaena, Rosellinia rhodomelas, Rosellinia rhombispora, Rosellinia rhopalostilicola, Rosellinia rhopalostylidicola, Rosellinia rhynchospora, Rosellinia rhyncospora, Rosellinia rhypara, Rosellinia rickii, Rosellinia rimincola, Rosellinia rogersii, Rosellinia romana, Rosellinia rosarum, Rosellinia rossmaniae, Rosellinia rotula, Rosellinia rugulosa, Rosellinia saccardii, Rosellinia saccardoi, Rosellinia saccasii, Rosellinia salicum, Rosellinia samoensis, Rosellinia samuelsii, Rosellinia sancta-cruciana, Rosellinia sanctae-cruciana, Rosellinia sanguinolenta, Rosellinia sarothamni, Rosellinia schumacheri, Rosellinia sect. Emersa, Rosellinia sect. Rosellinia, Rosellinia sepulta, Rosellinia sepulta, Rosellinia seriata, Rosellinia siggersii, Rosellinia sigmoidea, Rosellinia sigmoideofissurata, Rosellinia silvana, Rosellinia similis, Rosellinia smilacina, Rosellinia socia, Rosellinia somala, Rosellinia sordaria, Rosellinia spadicea, Rosellinia spinosa, Rosellinia spiraeanthi, Rosellinia spiraliterfissurata, Rosellinia starbaeckii, Rosellinia steineriana, Rosellinia stenasca, Rosellinia strobilina, Rosellinia subacutum, Rosellinia subaenea, Rosellinia subcompressa, Rosellinia subcorticalis, Rosellinia subgen. Amphisphaerella, Rosellinia subgen. Coniochaeta, Rosellinia subgen. Coniomela, Rosellinia subgen. Corrugata, Rosellinia subgen. Rosellinia, Rosellinia subiculata, Rosellinia sublimbata, Rosellinia subsimilis, Rosellinia subsimilis, Rosellinia subterranea, Rosellinia subverruculosa, Rosellinia sylvana, Rosellinia syringae, Rosellinia tainanii, Rosellinia taiwanensis, Rosellinia tassiana, Rosellinia tenuistromicola, Rosellinia tetradeniae, Rosellinia tetraspora, Rosellinia tetrastigmae, Rosellinia theissenii, Rosellinia thelena, Rosellinia thelena, Rosellinia thindii, Rosellinia tienpinensis, Rosellinia trachypila, Rosellinia tremellicola, Rosellinia tricharga, Rosellinia trichota, Rosellinia tricolor, Rosellinia truncata, Rosellinia truncatispora, Rosellinia tulasnei, Rosellinia tunicata, Rosellinia ucrainica, Rosellinia ulmaticolor, Rosellinia umbilicata, Rosellinia umbrinella, Rosellinia valdiviensis, Rosellinia var. congesta, Rosellinia var. minor, Rosellinia var. typica, Rosellinia variospora, Rosellinia velutina, Rosellinia venezuelensis, Rosellinia verrucaria, Rosellinia victoriae, Rosellinia weiriana, Rosellinia winckleriana, Rosellinia winteriana, Rosellinia xylariispora, Rosellinia xylarispora, Rosellinia yumingjuii, Rosellinia yunnanensis, Rosellinia zingiberis
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