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General information

 Summary:Phlebia Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 426 (1821) [MB#18250] 
 Synonymy:=Ricnophora Pers., Mycologia Europaea 2: 7 (1825) [MB#18476] 
 MycoBank #:18250 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:426 
 Year of effective publication:1821 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:6,426 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
222 Associated records (click to hide):
Phlebia acanthocystis, Phlebia acerina, Phlebia aerugineolivida, Phlebia ailaoshanensis, Phlebia albida, Phlebia albofibrillosa, Phlebia albomellea, Phlebia alni, Phlebia amylostratosa, Phlebia anomala, Phlebia arachnoidea, Phlebia ardesiaca, Phlebia argentea, Phlebia argentina, Phlebia argentinensis, Phlebia atkinsoniana, Phlebia aurantiaca, Phlebia aurea, Phlebia badia, Phlebia bispora, Phlebia blumenaviensis, Phlebia bresadolae, Phlebia brevibasidia, Phlebia brevispora, Phlebia brunneofusca, Phlebia brunnescens, Phlebia butyracea, Phlebia cacao, Phlebia canadensis, Phlebia capitata, Phlebia carnea, Phlebia carneoplumbea, Phlebia caspica, Phlebia castanea, Phlebia celtidis, Phlebia centrifuga, Phlebia cervina, Phlebia chiricahuaensis, Phlebia chrysocrea, Phlebia chrysocreas, Phlebia cinnabarina, Phlebia cinnamomea, Phlebia citrea, Phlebia coccineofulva, Phlebia columellifera, Phlebia concentrica, Phlebia contorta, Phlebia coriacea, Phlebia cornea, Phlebia crassisubiculata, Phlebia cremeoalutacea, Phlebia cremeoochracea, Phlebia cremeoochracea, Phlebia cremeoochracea, Phlebia cretacea, Phlebia cristata, Phlebia crustulina, Phlebia cunninghamiana, Phlebia cunninghamiana, Phlebia cystidiata, Phlebia danica, Phlebia deflectens, Phlebia deglubens, Phlebia diaphana, Phlebia dictyophoroides, Phlebia diffissa, Phlebia donkii, Phlebia epithelioides, Phlebia erecta, Phlebia expallens, Phlebia fascicularis, Phlebia faviformis, Phlebia femsioeensis, Phlebia femsjoeensis, Phlebia fibuligera, Phlebia firma, Phlebia flavidoalba, Phlebia flavocrocea, Phlebia flavoferruginea, Phlebia floridensis, Phlebia formosana, Phlebia fragilis, Phlebia fulgens, Phlebia fuscoatra, Phlebia georgica, Phlebia gigantea, Phlebia gilbertsonii, Phlebia griseoflavescens, Phlebia griseolivens, Phlebia guttulifera, Phlebia heterocystidia, Phlebia heterocystidiata, Phlebia himalaica, Phlebia hinnulea, Phlebia hispidula, Phlebia hydnoidea, Phlebia hydnoides, Phlebia hyspidula, Phlebia icterina, Phlebia incarnata, Phlebia interjacenoides, Phlebia introversa, Phlebia jurassica, Phlebia kamengii, Phlebia kriegeriana, Phlebia lacteola, Phlebia leptospermi, Phlebia lichenoides, Phlebia lilacea, Phlebia lilascens, Phlebia lindtneri, Phlebia lirellosa, Phlebia livida, Phlebia lividina, Phlebia longicystidia, Phlebia longicystidiata, Phlebia ludoviciana, Phlebia lutea, Phlebia macra, Phlebia margaritae, Phlebia martiana, Phlebia mellea, Phlebia merismoides, Phlebia merulioidea, Phlebia merulioides, Phlebia meruloides, Phlebia mesenterica, Phlebia microspora, Phlebia moelleriana, Phlebia murrillii, Phlebia nantahaliensis, Phlebia nitidula, Phlebia nothofagi, Phlebia ochraceofulva, Phlebia odontioidea, Phlebia odontioidea, Phlebia onata, Phlebia orbicularis, Phlebia pallida, Phlebia pallida, Phlebia pallidocremea, Phlebia pallidoincarnata, Phlebia pallidolivens, Phlebia patriciae, Phlebia pellucida, Phlebia phlebioides, Phlebia pileata, Phlebia pithelioides, Phlebia plumbea, Phlebia pubera, Phlebia pulcherrima, Phlebia pyrenaica, Phlebia pyrenaica, Phlebia queletii, Phlebia radiata, Phlebia radiata ε livida, Phlebia reflexa, Phlebia rhodana, Phlebia romellii, Phlebia rosea, Phlebia roumeguerei, Phlebia roumeguerii, Phlebia rubiginosa, Phlebia rufa, Phlebia rugosissima, Phlebia ryvardenii, Phlebia sect. Flavophlebia, Phlebia sect. Hyalophlebia, Phlebia sect. Leptocystidiophlebia, Phlebia sect. Lilaceophlebia, Phlebia sect. Pallidophlebia, Phlebia sect. Phlebia, Phlebia sect. Purpureophlebia, Phlebia sedimenticola, Phlebia segregata, Phlebia separata, Phlebia serialis, Phlebia setulosa, Phlebia singularisa, Phlebia sodiroi, Phlebia sordida, Phlebia spilomea, Phlebia strigosozonata, Phlebia subalbida, Phlebia subcalcea, Phlebia subceracea, Phlebia subconspersa, Phlebia subcretacea, Phlebia subfascicularis, Phlebia subgen. Lilaceophlebia, Phlebia subgen. Phanerophlebia, Phlebia subgen. Phlebia, Phlebia subgen. Phlebia, Phlebia sublilascens, Phlebia sublivida, Phlebia subochracea, Phlebia subsect. Pallidae, Phlebia subsect. Phlebia, Phlebia subserialis, Phlebia subulata, Phlebia sulfureoisabellina, Phlebia thindii, Phlebia totara, Phlebia tremelloidea, Phlebia tremelloides, Phlebia tremellosa, Phlebia tremellosus, Phlebia tristis, Phlebia tuberculata, Phlebia tuberculata, Phlebia uda, Phlebia umbrata, Phlebia unica, Phlebia vaga, Phlebia vassilkovii, Phlebia verruculosa, Phlebia vinosa, Phlebia viridesalebrosa, Phlebia viridesalebrosum, Phlebia weldeniana, Phlebia wuliangshanensis, Phlebia zonata
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