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General information

 Summary:Ascobolus Pers., Observationes mycologicae 1: 35 (1796) [MB#346] 
 Synonymy:=Phaeopezia subgen. Crouaniella Sacc., Botanisches Centralblatt 18: 218 (1884) [MB#700383]
=Ascobolus subgen. Dasyobolus Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 8: 523 (1889) [MB#700079]
=Dasybolus Clem. & Shear, The genera of Fungi: 141, 330 (1931) [MB#1413]
=Anserina Velen., Monographia Discomycetum Bohemiae: 372 (1934) [MB#212]
=Seliniella Arx & E. Müll., Acta Botanica Neerlandica 4 (1): 118 (1955) [MB#4998]
 MycoBank #:346 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers.
 Page #:35
 Year of effective publication:1796
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioning ref.:SM2:38 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
248 Associated records (click to hide):
Ascobolus aegyptiacus, Ascobolus aerugineus, Ascobolus aglaosporus, Ascobolus alarchalii, Ascobolus albicans, Ascobolus albidus, Ascobolus albinus, Ascobolus albofuscus, Ascobolus americanus, Ascobolus amethysteus, Ascobolus amethystinus, Ascobolus amoenus, Ascobolus angulisporus, Ascobolus applanatus, Ascobolus archeri, Ascobolus argenteus, Ascobolus asininus, Ascobolus atrofuscus, Ascobolus australis, Ascobolus bahiensis, Ascobolus baileyi, Ascobolus barbatus, Ascobolus behnitziensis, Ascobolus biguttulatus, Ascobolus bistisii, Ascobolus bohemicus, Ascobolus bonaerensis, Ascobolus boudieri, Ascobolus boudieri, Ascobolus brantophilus, Ascobolus brassicae, Ascobolus brunneus, Ascobolus cainii, Ascobolus calesco, Ascobolus campanensis, Ascobolus candidus, Ascobolus caninus, Ascobolus caninus, Ascobolus carbonarius, Ascobolus carbonicola, Ascobolus carletonii, Ascobolus carneus, Ascobolus carneus, Ascobolus castaneus, Ascobolus castorensis, Ascobolus cenangioides, Ascobolus cervinus, Ascobolus cesatii, Ascobolus ciliatus, Ascobolus ciliatus, Ascobolus cinereus, Ascobolus citrinus, Ascobolus citrinus, Ascobolus coccineus, Ascobolus coemansii, Ascobolus conglomeratus, Ascobolus consociatus, Ascobolus constantinii, Ascobolus cookei, Ascobolus coronatus, Ascobolus costantini, Ascobolus costantinii, Ascobolus crechqueraultii, Ascobolus crenulatus, Ascobolus crosslandii, Ascobolus crouani, Ascobolus crouanii, Ascobolus crouanii, Ascobolus crouanii, Ascobolus crustaceus, Ascobolus cubensis, Ascobolus cunicularius, Ascobolus cuniculorum, Ascobolus dadei, Ascobolus daldinianus, Ascobolus degluptus, Ascobolus demangei, Ascobolus densereticulatus, Ascobolus denudatus, Ascobolus depauperatus, Ascobolus difformis, Ascobolus dilutellus, Ascobolus diversisporus, Ascobolus doliiformis, Ascobolus egyptiacus, Ascobolus elegans, Ascobolus epimyces, Ascobolus epimycis, Ascobolus equinus, Ascobolus fallax, Ascobolus ferrugineus, Ascobolus fimiputris, Ascobolus foliicola, Ascobolus fuckelii, Ascobolus fuckelii, Ascobolus furfuraceus, Ascobolus furfuraceus var. coronatus, Ascobolus fushanus, Ascobolus gamundiae, Ascobolus gamundii, Ascobolus geophilus, Ascobolus gigasporus, Ascobolus glaber, Ascobolus globularis, Ascobolus gollani, Ascobolus gollanii, Ascobolus gomayaprya, Ascobolus grandis, Ascobolus grandisporus, Ascobolus granulatus, Ascobolus granuliformis, Ascobolus groenlandicus, Ascobolus guernisaci, Ascobolus guernisacii, Ascobolus hansenii, Ascobolus hawaiiensis, Ascobolus hirtellus, Ascobolus holmskjoldii, Ascobolus hyperboreus, Ascobolus immarginatus, Ascobolus immersus, Ascobolus incanus, Ascobolus incolor, Ascobolus indicus, Ascobolus infestans, Ascobolus inquinans, Ascobolus insignis, Ascobolus jungermanniae, Ascobolus kervernii, Ascobolus kervernii, Ascobolus lacteus, Ascobolus lapponicus, Ascobolus latus, Ascobolus leiocarpus, Ascobolus leporinus, Ascobolus leporum, Ascobolus leveillei, Ascobolus leveillei, Ascobolus leveillei, Ascobolus levisporus, Ascobolus lignatilis, Ascobolus lineolatus, Ascobolus macrosporus, Ascobolus magnificus, Ascobolus major, Ascobolus mancus, Ascobolus marchalii, Ascobolus marchicus, Ascobolus marginatus, Ascobolus marginatus, Ascobolus marginatus, Ascobolus masseei, Ascobolus megalospermus, Ascobolus michaudii, Ascobolus microscopicus, Ascobolus microscopicus, Ascobolus microspermus, Ascobolus microsporus, Ascobolus microsporus, Ascobolus miniatus, Ascobolus miniatus, Ascobolus minor, Ascobolus minutus, Ascobolus mirabilis, Ascobolus moellerianus, Ascobolus nairobiensis, Ascobolus nigricans, Ascobolus nitidus, Ascobolus nitidus, Ascobolus niveus, Ascobolus niveus, Ascobolus nodulosporus, Ascobolus notatus, Ascobolus obscurus, Ascobolus ochraceus, Ascobolus orientalis, Ascobolus pani, Ascobolus papillatus, Ascobolus parasiticus, Ascobolus parvisporus, Ascobolus pelletieri, Ascobolus perdicinus, Ascobolus perforatus, Ascobolus perplexans, Ascobolus persoonii, Ascobolus pezizoides, Ascobolus phasaneus, Ascobolus phillipsii, Ascobolus piceus, Ascobolus pilosus, Ascobolus polysporus, Ascobolus porphyrosporus, Ascobolus pseudocainii, Ascobolus psittacinus, Ascobolus pulcherrima, Ascobolus punctiformis, Ascobolus purpurascens, Ascobolus pusillus, Ascobolus quezelii, Ascobolus raripilus, Ascobolus reticulatus, Ascobolus rhytidosporus, Ascobolus roseopurpurascens, Ascobolus ruber, Ascobolus rufopallidus, Ascobolus sacchariferus, Ascobolus saccharinus, Ascobolus saccoboloides, Ascobolus sarawacensis, Ascobolus scatigenus, Ascobolus schweersii, Ascobolus sect. Ascobolus, Ascobolus sect. Ascozonus, Ascobolus semivestitus, Ascobolus serbicus, Ascobolus sexdecimsporus, Ascobolus siamensis, Ascobolus singeri, Ascobolus solms-laubachii, Ascobolus sphaericus, Ascobolus stercorarius, Ascobolus stictoideus, Ascobolus striatopunctatus, Ascobolus striisporus, Ascobolus subalpinus, Ascobolus subgen. Ascobolus, Ascobolus subgen. Dasyobolus, Ascobolus subglobosus, Ascobolus subhirtus, Ascobolus terrestris, Ascobolus testaceus, Ascobolus testaceus, Ascobolus tetraspora, Ascobolus tetricum, Ascobolus thwaitesii, Ascobolus trifolii, Ascobolus tsavoensis, Ascobolus ursinus, Ascobolus versicolor, Ascobolus vinosus, Ascobolus violascens, Ascobolus viridis, Ascobolus viridis, Ascobolus viridis var. viridis, Ascobolus viridulus, Ascobolus winteri, Ascobolus woolhopensis, Ascobolus xylophilus
 Type name:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 



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