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General information

 Summary:Asteroma DC., Flore française 6: 162 (1815) [MB#7260] 
 Synonymy:=Depazea Fr., Observationes mycologicae 2: 364 (1818) [MB#7957]
=Actinonemella Höhn., Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften Math.-naturw. Klasse Abt. I 125: 53 (1916) [MB#7056]
=Gloeosporina Höhn., Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften Math.-naturw. Klasse Abt. I 125: 94 (1916) [MB#8356]
=Titaeosporina Luijk, Annales Mycologici 17 (2-6): 112 (1920) [MB#10241]
=Ribaldia Cif., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (2): 243 (1954) [MB#9752]
 MycoBank #:7260 
 Authors (abbreviated):DC. 
 Page #:162 
 Year of effective publication:1815 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM2:602 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Asteroma aceris, Asteroma achenarum, Asteroma agyrothamniae, Asteroma alchemillae, Asteroma alliariae, Asteroma alneum, Asteroma alni, Asteroma alniellum, Asteroma alnigena, Asteroma alpinum, Asteroma angelicae, Asteroma angraeci, Asteroma angulatum, Asteroma antholyzae, Asteroma arctii, Asteroma argentea, Asteroma argyrothamniae, Asteroma atramentarium, Asteroma atramentarium, Asteroma atratum, Asteroma ballotae, Asteroma bartsiae, Asteroma betulae, Asteroma brassica, Asteroma brassicae, Asteroma brunellae, Asteroma brunellae, Asteroma bupleuri, Asteroma bupleuri, Asteroma cacaliae, Asteroma callitricheis, Asteroma calvadosii, Asteroma canadense, Asteroma capreae, Asteroma carpini, Asteroma caryae, Asteroma castaneae, Asteroma ceramioides, Asteroma cerasi, Asteroma cerasi, Asteroma cerasicola, Asteroma circinans, Asteroma cliviae, Asteroma codiaei, Asteroma comptum, Asteroma concinnum, Asteroma confervoides, Asteroma confusum, Asteroma corallinum, Asteroma corni, Asteroma coryli, Asteroma crataegi, Asteroma crataegi, Asteroma daturae, Asteroma deflectens, Asteroma delicatulum, Asteroma dendriticum, Asteroma dentariae, Asteroma dianthi, Asteroma dilatatum, Asteroma diospyri, Asteroma donacis, Asteroma dubium, Asteroma elegans, Asteroma epilobii, Asteroma equiseti, Asteroma eryngii, Asteroma eupatorii, Asteroma eupatoriicola, Asteroma euphorbiacearum, Asteroma euphorbiaceum, Asteroma euphorbiae, Asteroma fraserae, Asteroma fraxini, Asteroma frigidum, Asteroma frondicola, Asteroma fuckelii, Asteroma fugax, Asteroma gallicola, Asteroma gallicola, Asteroma garrettianum, Asteroma gei, Asteroma genistae, Asteroma gentianae, Asteroma geographica, Asteroma geographicum, Asteroma graminis, Asteroma graphoides, Asteroma grognoti, Asteroma guepinii, Asteroma haussknechtiae, Asteroma hederae, Asteroma hedysari, Asteroma himantia, Asteroma hyperici, Asteroma ilicis, Asteroma immaculatum, Asteroma impressum, Asteroma incomptum, Asteroma inconspicuum, Asteroma inflatum, Asteroma infuscans, Asteroma ivaecola, Asteroma juncaginearum, Asteroma labecula, Asteroma labes, Asteroma lactucae, Asteroma latebrarum, Asteroma laureolae, Asteroma leptothyrioides, Asteroma libanotidis, Asteroma lilii-martagonis, Asteroma liriodendri, Asteroma lloydiae, Asteroma loefgrenii, Asteroma lonicerae, Asteroma lonicerae, Asteroma maculare, Asteroma maculare, Asteroma macularis, Asteroma mali, Asteroma martianoffianum, Asteroma medusula, Asteroma melaena, Asteroma melaenum, Asteroma menispermi, Asteroma mespili, Asteroma microspermum, Asteroma muscari, Asteroma nervisequum, Asteroma nitidum, Asteroma obscurum, Asteroma oertelii, Asteroma oharanum, Asteroma orobi, Asteroma ostryae, Asteroma padi, Asteroma padi, Asteroma paeoniae, Asteroma parkinsoniae, Asteroma parmelioides, Asteroma pedicularis, Asteroma petasitidis, Asteroma phaseoli, Asteroma phomatoides, Asteroma phyteumae, Asteroma piperis, Asteroma piri, Asteroma polygonati, Asteroma pomarii, Asteroma pomi, Asteroma pomigena, Asteroma populi, Asteroma pringlei, Asteroma prunellae, Asteroma pseudacori, Asteroma pseudoplatani, Asteroma psidii, Asteroma pulchellum, Asteroma pullum, Asteroma punctiforme, Asteroma punicae, Asteroma pyracanthae, Asteroma pyri, Asteroma radiatum, Asteroma radiosum, Asteroma reticulata, Asteroma reticulatum, Asteroma rhoinum, Asteroma ribicola, Asteroma robergei, Asteroma robergii, Asteroma rosae, Asteroma roumeguerei, Asteroma rubiacearum, Asteroma salicis, Asteroma sambuci, Asteroma saxifragae, Asteroma schrenkiae, Asteroma scrofulariae, Asteroma scrophulariae, Asteroma senecionis, Asteroma silenes, Asteroma smilacinum, Asteroma solidaginis, Asteroma spiraeae, Asteroma spireae, Asteroma subradians, Asteroma subsp. vagans, Asteroma tecomae, Asteroma tenerrimum, Asteroma thalictri, Asteroma thuemeni, Asteroma thuemenii, Asteroma tiliae, Asteroma tinctorium, Asteroma trifolii, Asteroma trillii, Asteroma ulmeum, Asteroma ulmi, Asteroma umbonatum, Asteroma urinicola, Asteroma uvariae, Asteroma vaccinii, Asteroma vagans, Asteroma var. arundinariae, Asteroma var. robergei, Asteroma venulosum, Asteroma vermicosum, Asteroma vernicosum, Asteroma veronicae, Asteroma veronicae, Asteroma violae, Asteroma virgiliae, Asteroma vleugelianum, Asteroma zeae
 Type name:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 



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