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General information

 Summary:Collybia (Fr.) Staude, Die Schwämme Mitteldeutschlands, in besondere des Herzogthums: 119 (1857) [MB#17339] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Collybia Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 9, 129 (1821) [MB#700032]
≡Collybia sect. Collybia (Fr.) Staude: xxviii, 119 (1857) [MB#548809]
≡Collybia subgen. Collybia (Fr.) Staude: xxviii, 119 (1857) [MB#548810]
≡Collybia subsect. Collybia (Fr.) Staude: xxviii, 119 (1857) [MB#548811]
 MycoBank #:17339 
 Authors:(Fries) Staude 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Staude 
 Page #:119 
 Year of effective publication:1857 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

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Collybia abundans, Collybia abutyracea, Collybia accommodans, Collybia acervata, Collybia acervata, Collybia acicola, Collybia acicularis, Collybia acuminata, Collybia adianticeps, Collybia admissa, Collybia adusta, Collybia aerina, Collybia aggregata, Collybia agricola, Collybia alba, Collybia albello-avellanea, Collybia albelloavellanea, Collybia albida, Collybia albidula, Collybia albiflavida, Collybia albimollis, Collybia albipilata, Collybia albipileata, Collybia albistricta, Collybia alboflavida, Collybia albofurfuracea, Collybia albogrisea, Collybia albomarginata, Collybia albuminosa, Collybia alcalinolens, Collybia alcalivirens, Collybia alkalivirens, Collybia allegreti, Collybia alliacea, Collybia alphitophylla, Collybia alpicola, Collybia alpina, Collybia altissima, Collybia alumna, Collybia alutacea, Collybia alutacea, Collybia alveolata, Collybia amabilipes, Collybia amanitae, Collybia amara, Collybia amazonensis, Collybia ambusta, Collybia ambusta, Collybia amethystina, Collybia anombe, Collybia anthracophila, Collybia anthracophila, Collybia antitypa, Collybia apalosarca, Collybia apiahyna, Collybia aquosa, Collybia aquosipes, Collybia arborescens, Collybia argentina, Collybia asema, Collybia asterospora, Collybia atramentosa, Collybia atrata, Collybia atratoides, Collybia atriceps, Collybia atrigilva, Collybia atroviolacea, Collybia atroviridis, Collybia attenuata, Collybia aurantiaca, Collybia aurantiella, Collybia aurea, Collybia aurorea, Collybia avellaneidisca, Collybia avellaneigrisea, Collybia badia, Collybia badia, Collybia badia, Collybia badiialba, Collybia baeosperma, Collybia bakerensis, Collybia bakeri, Collybia batistae, Collybia benoistii, Collybia bezdeki, Collybia bianastomosans, Collybia bibulosa, Collybia bibulosum, Collybia biformis, Collybia bingensis, Collybia bispora, Collybia bisulcata, Collybia blandula, Collybia bohemica, Collybia borealis, Collybia boryana, Collybia boudieri, Collybia brasiliensis, Collybia brassicolens, Collybia bresadolae, Collybia bresadolae, Collybia broomeana, Collybia broomeiana, Collybia brunneola, Collybia brunneosetosa, Collybia brunneoumbonata, Collybia brunnescens, Collybia bubalina, Collybia bulbipes, Collybia butyracea, Collybia butyracea var. ushuvaiensis, Collybia caffrorum, Collybia calabarensis, Collybia caldarii, Collybia campanella, Collybia camptopoda, Collybia candicans, Collybia capillaris, Collybia carbonaria, Collybia carecomoeis, Collybia carneicolor, Collybia caryophila, Collybia castaneidisca, Collybia catalonica, Collybia caulicinalis, Collybia cauvetii, Collybia cauvetii, Collybia cavipes, Collybia cayennensis, Collybia cervinicolor, Collybia cessans, Collybia chordipes, Collybia chortophila, Collybia chrysopepla, Collybia chrysoropha, Collybia cinchonensis, Collybia cinnamomea, Collybia cinnamomifolia, Collybia cirrata, Collybia cirrhata, Collybia clara, Collybia clavus, Collybia clavus var. clavus, Collybia clusilis, Collybia clypeolata, Collybia coagulata, Collybia cockaynei, Collybia collina, Collybia collybiiformis, Collybia collybioides, Collybia colorea, Collybia compressa, Collybia compressipes, Collybia compressipes, Collybia concolor, Collybia condimentodora, Collybia confluens, Collybia confusa, Collybia coniceps, Collybia conigena, Collybia conigenoides, Collybia conocephala, Collybia contorta, Collybia contorta, Collybia contraria, Collybia cookei, Collybia coracicolor, Collybia coracina, Collybia costesii, Collybia costesii, Collybia crassifolia, Collybia crassifolia, Collybia crassipes, Collybia cremeimellea, Collybia cremoracea, Collybia cryptocaricola, Collybia cryptocaryicola, Collybia crystallifera, Collybia cubensis, Collybia cubistes, Collybia cuprea, Collybia cupreovirens, Collybia cyanocephala, Collybia cyanocephla, Collybia cycadicola, Collybia cylindrospora, Collybia cystidifera, Collybia cystidiosa, Collybia daemonica, Collybia dealbata, Collybia deceptiva, Collybia declinis, Collybia dehiscens, Collybia delicata, Collybia delicatella, Collybia demangei, Collybia densifolia, Collybia densifolia, Collybia dentata, Collybia denticulata, Collybia detersibilis, Collybia deusta, Collybia dichrous, Collybia diminuta, Collybia disciformis, Collybia discipes, Collybia disjungenda, Collybia dispar, Collybia distorta, Collybia distortiformis, Collybia domestica, Collybia dorotheae, Collybia drucei, Collybia dryophila, Collybia dubia, Collybia dulcis, Collybia dysodes, Collybia earleae, Collybia earleae, Collybia eatonae, Collybia efflorescens, Collybia effusa, Collybia egregia, Collybia egregis, Collybia elaeodes, Collybia elastica, Collybia elata, Collybia elegans, Collybia elevata, Collybia ellipsoidea, Collybia ellipsoidia, Collybia ellisii, Collybia embrapaensis, Collybia endochorda, Collybia endota, Collybia ephippium, Collybia eradicata, Collybia erinensis, Collybia eriocephala, Collybia erosa, Collybia erythropus, Collybia esculenta, Collybia esculentoides, Collybia estensis, Collybia eucalypti, Collybia eucalyptorum, Collybia eugeniae, Collybia euphylla, Collybia eurhiza, Collybia eurrhiza, Collybia eustygia, Collybia excentrica, Collybia expallens, Collybia exsculpta, Collybia extuberans, Collybia fagi, Collybia fagiphila, Collybia familia, Collybia farinacea, Collybia fasciata, Collybia fascicularis, Collybia favrei, Collybia felipponei, Collybia ferruginella, Collybia ferruginescens, Collybia fibrosipes, Collybia filamentosa, Collybia fimetaria, Collybia fimicola, Collybia fissipes, Collybia flaccida, Collybia flagellipes, Collybia flavescens, Collybia flavomycelina, Collybia floccipes, Collybia floridana, Collybia floridula, Collybia fodiens, Collybia foetidissima, Collybia fragilis, Collybia fragilis, Collybia fragrantissima, Collybia friesii, Collybia fuegiana, Collybia fuliginata, Collybia fuliginella, Collybia fuliginella, Collybia fulvidisca, Collybia fulvipes, Collybia funicularis, Collybia funifera, Collybia fusca, Collybia fuscolilacina, Collybia fuscopurpurea, Collybia fusipes, Collybia fusispora, Collybia gaudialis, Collybia gibberosa, Collybia gilva, Collybia gilya, Collybia giselae, Collybia glacialis, Collybia glatfelteri, Collybia glebarum, Collybia globularis, Collybia graminea, Collybia grammocephala, Collybia graveolens, Collybia gregaria, Collybia gregaria, Collybia grinbergsii, Collybia griseifolia, Collybia griseofusca, Collybia griseolobrunneola, Collybia griseospora, Collybia gussonei, Collybia hapalosarca, Collybia hariolorum, Collybia harrisii, Collybia hebelomoides, Collybia hedrychii, Collybia heimii, Collybia henriettae, Collybia hepatica, Collybia hepaticus, Collybia herinkii, Collybia himalaica, Collybia hirtella, Collybia hirticeps, Collybia homotricha, Collybia horakii, Collybia huijsmanii, Collybia humillima, Collybia hybrida, Collybia hydrochroa, Collybia hygrophoroides, Collybia hymenocephala, Collybia hymenocephala, Collybia ignobilis, Collybia illicina, Collybia impexa, Collybia impudica, Collybia inarmillata, Collybia incarnata, Collybia incomis, Collybia inconspicua, Collybia incrustata, Collybia infumata, Collybia ingrata, Collybia ingratoides, Collybia inodora, Collybia inolens, Collybia inorata, Collybia inusitata, Collybia iocephala, Collybia iridescens, Collybia iris, Collybia irrorata, Collybia ixodes, Collybia ixotrama, Collybia jamaicense, Collybia jamaicensis, Collybia johnstonii, Collybia jurana, Collybia kauffmanii, Collybia kidsonii, Collybia kirchneri, Collybia konradiana, Collybia kuehneriana, Collybia kurara, Collybia laccata, Collybia laccata, Collybia laccatina, Collybia lacerata, Collybia lachnocephala, Collybia lachnophylla, Collybia lacrimosa, Collybia lactea, Collybia lancipes, Collybia langei, Collybia lanipes, Collybia laqueata, Collybia laricina, Collybia latifolia, Collybia laxipes, Collybia leaiana, Collybia lenta, Collybia lentiniformis, Collybia lentinoides, Collybia lepidopoda, Collybia lepiotioides, Collybia leucocephaloides, Collybia leucomyosotis, Collybia leucophaea, Collybia leucophaeata, Collybia ligniaria, Collybia lignicola, Collybia lilacea, Collybia lilacina, Collybia liliacea, Collybia lindquistii, Collybia lodgeae, Collybia loiseleurietorum, Collybia longicystis, Collybia longipes, Collybia loripes, Collybia ludia, Collybia ludmilae, Collybia ludoviciana, Collybia lupuletorum, Collybia lutea, Collybia luteifolia, Collybia luteo-olivacea, Collybia luteoolivacea, Collybia luteorubescens, Collybia lutescens, Collybia luxurians, Collybia macida, Collybia macilenta, Collybia macra, Collybia macrosperma, Collybia macrotatorhiza, Collybia maculata, Collybia maculatoides, Collybia magisterium, Collybia mammillata, Collybia marasmiformis, Collybia marasmiiformis, Collybia marasmioides, Collybia margarita, Collybia matris, Collybia maulensis, Collybia maxima, Collybia melinosarca, Collybia mendax, Collybia mendica, Collybia mephitica, Collybia meridana, Collybia micheliana, Collybia microcarpa, Collybia microspora, Collybia milliaris, Collybia mimica, Collybia misera, Collybia miseranda, Collybia moldavica, Collybia mollis, Collybia montevideensis, Collybia monticola, Collybia moola, Collybia morula, Collybia moseri, Collybia mucida, Collybia mucida var. mucida, Collybia muciflua, Collybia mucubajiensis, Collybia multicolor, Collybia multijuga, Collybia murina, Collybia murrilliana, Collybia muscigena, Collybia muscipula, Collybia musicola, Collybia mycenoides, Collybia myosura, Collybia myriadophylla, Collybia nahuelbutensis, Collybia nameko, Collybia nana, Collybia napipes, Collybia naranjana, Collybia naucoriaeformis, Collybia naucoriiformis, Collybia neofusipes, Collybia neotropica, Collybia neovelutipes, Collybia nephelodes, Collybia nigrescens, Collybia nigrita, Collybia nigritiformis, Collybia nigrodisca, Collybia nijerria, Collybia nitellina, Collybia nivalis, Collybia nivea, Collybia niveolutescens, Collybia nivosula, Collybia njalaensis, Collybia nobilior, Collybia novae-zelandiae, Collybia nummularia, Collybia obscura, Collybia obstans, Collybia ocellata, Collybia ochraceitenax, Collybia ochroleuca, Collybia ocior, Collybia octobrina, Collybia oculata, Collybia oedematopoda, Collybia olivacea, Collybia olivacea, Collybia olivacea, Collybia olivaceoalba, Collybia olivaceobrunnea, Collybia olympiana, Collybia omotricha, Collybia omphalina, Collybia omphalodes, Collybia orbicularis, Collybia orbispora, Collybia oreades, Collybia oreadoides, Collybia oregonensis, Collybia orientalis, Collybia orizabensis, Collybia oronga, Collybia ozeensis, Collybia ozes, Collybia pallida, Collybia palmarum, Collybia palmicola, Collybia palustris, Collybia pampicola, Collybia panacea, Collybia papaveracea, Collybia papilliformis, Collybia paranaguae, Collybia parvispora, Collybia parvispora, Collybia patouillardii, Collybia paupertina, Collybia paurospora, Collybia peladae, Collybia penetrans, Collybia percava, Collybia peronata, Collybia perstrictifolia, Collybia petrakii, Collybia phaeopodia, Collybia phalliodora, Collybia phoebophila, Collybia phylladophila, Collybia phylladophiloides, Collybia physcopodia, Collybia picetorum, Collybia pillodi, Collybia pillodii, Collybia pilosa, Collybia pilularia, Collybia pinacea, Collybia pinastris, Collybia pinetorum, Collybia pinetorum, Collybia pinicola, Collybia pinicolens, Collybia pinicolens, Collybia piperata, Collybia pithya, Collybia planca, Collybia planipes, Collybia platensis, Collybia platyphylla, Collybia platypus, Collybia plectophylla, Collybia pleurotoides, Collybia plexipes, Collybia plexipes var. plexipes, Collybia plumipes, Collybia pluteoides, Collybia podagrosa, Collybia podperae, Collybia poigena, Collybia polygramma, Collybia polyphylla, Collybia pomacea, Collybia popayanica, Collybia porrea, Collybia potassiovirescens, Collybia praeacuta, Collybia praeceps, Collybia praemultifolia, Collybia proletaria, Collybia prolixa, Collybia protracta, Collybia pruni, Collybia psathyroides, Collybia pseudoboryana, Collybia pseudocalopus, Collybia pseudocinnomea, Collybia pseudoclusilis, Collybia pseudodotiophora, Collybia pseudolacerata, Collybia pseudomphalodes, Collybia pseudoplatyphylla, Collybia pseudoprolixa, Collybia pseudopura, Collybia pseudoradicata, Collybia pubipes, Collybia pudens, Collybia pulchella, Collybia pulla, Collybia pullida, Collybia purpurea, Collybia purpureogrisea, Collybia pusilla, Collybia putida, Collybia putidella, Collybia putilla, Collybia pygmaea, Collybia pyrenaeica, Collybia pythia, Collybia racemosa, Collybia racemosus, Collybia radicans, Collybia radicata, Collybia radicata, Collybia radicata var. brachypus, Collybia radicata var. pusilla, Collybia radiculosa, Collybia ramosa, Collybia rancida, Collybia raphanipes, Collybia raphanipes var. glaucophylla, Collybia raphanipes var. glaucophyllus, Collybia ratticauda, Collybia readiae, Collybia readii, Collybia reicherti, Collybia reineckeana, Collybia reisneri, Collybia repens, Collybia retiaria, Collybia retiaria, Collybia reticulata, Collybia retigera, Collybia rheicolor, Collybia rhizinifera, Collybia rhizogena, Collybia rhizophora, Collybia rhodella, Collybia rhodella, Collybia rigidipes, Collybia rimutaka, Collybia rionegrensis, Collybia robiniae, Collybia roblinensis, Collybia romagnesii, Collybia roseilivida, Collybia rosella, Collybia rubescentifolia, Collybia rubicola, Collybia rubra, Collybia rufata, Collybia rufescens, Collybia ruficeps, Collybia rufipicta, Collybia rufocuprea, Collybia rufovinosa, Collybia rugosiceps, Collybia rugosoceps, Collybia rugulosa, Collybia rugulosiceps, Collybia rupicola, Collybia sabali, Collybia sacchari, Collybia sclerotipes, Collybia scorzonerea, Collybia scotodes, Collybia scrobiculata, Collybia sect. Butyraceae, Collybia sect. Collybia, Collybia sect. Iocephalae, Collybia sedula, Collybia semihaerens, Collybia semihirtipes, Collybia semitalis, Collybia semiusta, Collybia sericea, Collybia sericipes, Collybia serpentina, Collybia serpentina, Collybia setulosa, Collybia setulosipes, Collybia shiitake, Collybia sierraleonis, Collybia sierralonis, Collybia silvatica, Collybia similis, Collybia sinuata, Collybia siticulosa, Collybia sleumeri, Collybia sobolewskii, Collybia solidipes, Collybia solitaria, Collybia sparsibarbis, Collybia spinulifera, Collybia spongiosa, Collybia spraguei, Collybia spuria, Collybia squamigera, Collybia steinmannii, Collybia stenosperma, Collybia stephanocystis, Collybia stereocephala, Collybia stevensoniae, Collybia stevensonii, Collybia stevensonii, Collybia stillaticia, Collybia stipitaria, Collybia stolonifera, Collybia striaepilea, Collybia striatipes, Collybia striatulata, Collybia strictipes, Collybia stridula, Collybia striipilea, Collybia strobilina, Collybia strumosa, Collybia strumosus, Collybia stupparia, Collybia subabundans, Collybia subagricola, Collybia suballiodora, Collybia subasema, Collybia subatrata, Collybia subavellanea, Collybia subbutyracea, Collybia subclavata, Collybia subclusilis, Collybia subconfluens, Collybia subconica, Collybia subconiceps, Collybia subcoracina, Collybia subcyathiformis, Collybia subdecumbens, Collybia subdryophila, Collybia subdryophila, Collybia subdryophila, Collybia subelavata, Collybia subelevata, Collybia subflavescens, Collybia subflavifolia, Collybia subfumosa, Collybia subfunicularis, Collybia subgen. Collybia, Collybia subgen. Dryophilopsis, Collybia subgen. Gymnopus, Collybia subgeniospora, Collybia subgoniospora, Collybia subhaerens, Collybia subhyalina, Collybia subhybrida, Collybia sublaccata, Collybia sublatericia, Collybia subluxurians, Collybia subnivulosa, Collybia subnuda, Collybia subpruinosa, Collybia subrigua, Collybia subrugosa, Collybia subsect. Butyraceae, Collybia subsect. Collybia, Collybia subsect. Maculatae, Collybia subsimulans, Collybia subsulcatipes, Collybia subsulphurea, Collybia subtergina, Collybia subterginum, Collybia subtortipes, Collybia succinea, Collybia succosa, Collybia sulcata, Collybia sulcatipes, Collybia sulcatissima, Collybia sulphurea, Collybia sumatrensis, Collybia syringea, Collybia tabescens, Collybia talpina, Collybia tamatavae, Collybia teleoianthina, Collybia tenacella, Collybia tenerrima, Collybia tenuifolia, Collybia tenuipes, Collybia tergina, Collybia terginoides, Collybia terpentina, Collybia terrestris, Collybia tesquorum, Collybia tetrachroa, Collybia texensis, Collybia thelephora, Collybia thymicola, Collybia tortilis, Collybia tortipes, Collybia tortipes, Collybia trabea, Collybia transmutans, Collybia tricholoma, Collybia trigonospora, Collybia trinitatis, Collybia triplicata, Collybia trochila, Collybia troyana, Collybia trullisata, Collybia truncata, Collybia truncorum, Collybia tuberifera, Collybia tuberosa, Collybia tucumanensis, Collybia turpis, Collybia tylicolor, Collybia umbilicata, Collybia umbonata, Collybia umbonatella, Collybia umbraticoides, Collybia umbrina, Collybia umbrinescens, Collybia unakensis, Collybia undabunda, Collybia underwoodii, Collybia uniformis, Collybia urbica, Collybia urens, Collybia urubambae, Collybia ushuvaiensis, Collybia ushuwaiensis, Collybia ustipes, Collybia variabilis, Collybia veluticeps, Collybia veluticeps, Collybia velutina, Collybia velutina, Collybia velutinopunctata, Collybia velutipes, Collybia ventricosa, Collybia verna, Collybia verticolor, Collybia vertirugis, Collybia vestipes, Collybia vinacea, Collybia vindobonensis, Collybia violacea, Collybia violacella, Collybia virginiana, Collybia viridis, Collybia volkertii, Collybia vulgaris, Collybia westii, Collybia xanthophylla, Collybia xanthopila, Collybia xanthopoda, Collybia xanthopus, Collybia xuchilensis, Collybia xylophila, Collybia yerilla, Collybia zenkeri, Collybia zonata
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