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General information

 Summary:Corticium Pers., Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 110 (1794) [MB#17387] 
 Synonymy:≡Laeticorticium Donk, Fungus 26: 16 (1956) [MB#17898]
=Lyomyces P. Karst., Bidrag till Kännedom av Finlands Natur och Folk 37: 153 (1882) [MB#18001]
 MycoBank #:17387 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers. 
 Page #:110 
 Year of effective publication:1794 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Corticium abeuns, Corticium abietis, Corticium abnorme, Corticium acerinum, Corticium acerinum, Corticium acerinum, Corticium adhaesum, Corticium adiposum, Corticium adnatum, Corticium aegeritoides, Corticium aemulans, Corticium aerugineolividum, Corticium afibulatum, Corticium agglutinans, Corticium albidocarneum, Corticium albidocremeum, Corticium albidum, Corticium albidum, Corticium albo-ochraceum, Corticium albocremeum, Corticium alboflavescens, Corticium alboglaucum, Corticium alboochraceum, Corticium alboochraceum, Corticium alboochraceum subsp. amianthinum, Corticium alboochraceum subsp. amianthinum, Corticium albostramineum, Corticium albostramineum, Corticium albovirescens, Corticium albulum, Corticium album, Corticium album, Corticium allescheri, Corticium alliaceum, Corticium alneum, Corticium alopecinum, Corticium aluta, Corticium alutaceum, Corticium alutaceum, Corticium alutarium, Corticium ambiens, Corticium amianthinum, Corticium amorphum, Corticium ampullosporum, Corticium amylaceum, Corticium amyloideum, Corticium analogum, Corticium anceps, Corticium angulatum, Corticium antarcticum, Corticium anthochroum, Corticium anthracophilum, Corticium apalum, Corticium apiculatum, Corticium appalachiense, Corticium appalachiensis, Corticium apricans, Corticium arachnoideum, Corticium araneosum, Corticium archeri, Corticium ardosiacum, Corticium areolatum, Corticium areolatum, Corticium argentatum, Corticium argenteum, Corticium argillaceum, Corticium aridum, Corticium armeniacum, Corticium armeniacum, Corticium aschistum, Corticium aschistum, Corticium asseriphilum, Corticium atkinsonii, Corticium atratum, Corticium atrocinereum, Corticium atrocinereum, Corticium atrovirens, Corticium auberianum, Corticium auberianum, Corticium aurantiacum, Corticium aurantioroseum, Corticium aurantium, Corticium auratum, Corticium aureolum, Corticium aureum, Corticium auriculariae, Corticium auriforme, Corticium aurora, Corticium avellaneum, Corticium ayresii, Corticium baculiferum, Corticium bagliettoanum, Corticium bambusae, Corticium bambusicola, Corticium basale, Corticium baudysii, Corticium berkeleyanum, Corticium berkeleyi, Corticium beyrichii, Corticium bicolor, Corticium bisporum, Corticium boltonii, Corticium bombycinum, Corticium boninense, Corticium borbonicum, Corticium boreoroseum, Corticium botryohypochnoideum, Corticium botryoideum, Corticium botryosum, Corticium botrytes, Corticium bourdotii, Corticium bresadolae, Corticium bresadolae, Corticium bresadolanum, Corticium bresadolianum, Corticium brinkmannii, Corticium brunneolum, Corticium bullatum, Corticium bupleuri, Corticium byssinellum, Corticium byssinum, Corticium byssinum, Corticium byssogenum, Corticium byssoides, Corticium byssoideum, Corticium cacao, Corticium cacaoicolor, Corticium caerulescens, Corticium caeruleum, Corticium caesalpiniae, Corticium caesioalbum, Corticium caesiocinereum, Corticium caesium, Corticium caesium, Corticium calceum, Corticium calothrix, Corticium calotrichum, Corticium camelinum, Corticium canadense, Corticium canfieldii, Corticium canum, Corticium carbonaceum, Corticium carbonicola, Corticium carlylei, Corticium carneum, Corticium catonii, Corticium caulium, Corticium cebennense, Corticium cellare, Corticium centrifugum, Corticium centrifugum, Corticium ceraceum, Corticium cerebrinum, Corticium cerinum, Corticium cerussatum, Corticium cervicolor, Corticium chalibaeum, Corticium chalybaeum, Corticium chalybeum, Corticium chartaceum, Corticium chelidonium, Corticium chlamydosporum, Corticium chlamydosporum, Corticium chlorascens, Corticium chlorinum, Corticium chrysanthemi, Corticium chrysocreas, Corticium chusqueae, Corticium ciliatum, Corticium cinctulum, Corticium cinerascens, Corticium cinereocarneum, Corticium cinereum, Corticium cinnabarinum, Corticium cinnamomeum, Corticium cinnamomeum, Corticium circinatum, Corticium citrinellum, Corticium citrinum, Corticium clavuligerum, Corticium coeruleum, Corticium colliculosum, Corticium comabense, Corticium comedens, Corticium commixtum, Corticium compactum, Corticium confine, Corticium confluens, Corticium confusum, Corticium conigenum, Corticium consimile, Corticium contiguum, Corticium contractum, Corticium convolvens, Corticium coprophilum, Corticium coprosmae, Corticium cordylines, Corticium corneum, Corticium corni, Corticium corniculatum, Corticium cornigerum, Corticium coronatum, Corticium coroniferum, Corticium coronilla, Corticium corrosum, Corticium corrugatum, Corticium corruge, Corticium corticale, Corticium corymbatum, Corticium costratum, Corticium cremeoalbidum, Corticium cremeoalbum, Corticium cremeoisabellinum, Corticium cremeoochraceum, Corticium cremeoochraceum, Corticium cremeoochraceum, Corticium cremeum, Corticium cremonicolor, Corticium cremor, Corticium cremoricolor, Corticium cremorinum, Corticium cretaceum, Corticium cretaceum, Corticium crinitum, Corticium crispatum, Corticium cristatum, Corticium croceum, Corticium croceum, Corticium crocicreas, Corticium cruentata, Corticium cruentum, Corticium crustaceum, Corticium crustaceum, Corticium crustulinum, Corticium crustulinum, Corticium cryptacanthum, Corticium crystalliferum, Corticium crystalliferum, Corticium crystallitectum, Corticium cultum, Corticium cyatheae, Corticium dealbans, Corticium debile, Corticium decipiens, Corticium decolorans, Corticium definitum, Corticium deflectens, Corticium deflectens, Corticium deflectens var. cremeoochraceum, Corticium deglubens, Corticium delectabile, Corticium delicatissimum, Corticium dendriticum, Corticium diademiferum, Corticium diaphanum, Corticium diminuens, Corticium dovrense, Corticium dregeanum, Corticium dryinum, Corticium dubium, Corticium durangense, Corticium echinosporum, Corticium effuscatum, Corticium effusum, Corticium efibulatum, Corticium eichelbaumii, Corticium eichlerianum, Corticium electum, Corticium elevatum, Corticium ellisii, Corticium emplastrum, Corticium endovirgatum, Corticium endoxylon, Corticium endoxylum, Corticium ephebium, Corticium epichlorum, Corticium epigaeum, Corticium epimyces, Corticium epiphyllum, Corticium eriksonii, Corticium erikssonii, Corticium ermineum, Corticium evolvens, Corticium exile, Corticium eximum, Corticium expallens, Corticium fagineum, Corticium fallax, Corticium farctum, Corticium farinellum, Corticium fastidiosum, Corticium fenestratum, Corticium ferax, Corticium ferrugineum, Corticium fibrillosum, Corticium filamentosum, Corticium filicinum, Corticium filium, Corticium fistulatum, Corticium flagellatum, Corticium flammans, Corticium flaveolum, Corticium flavescens, Corticium flavescens, Corticium flavicans, Corticium flavidum, Corticium flavissimum, Corticium flavocarneum, Corticium flavocroceum, Corticium flavorubens, Corticium flavovirens, Corticium flocculentum, Corticium floridense, Corticium foetidum, Corticium foetidum, Corticium fraxineum, Corticium friesii, Corticium frustulosum, Corticium fuciforme, Corticium fugax, Corticium fumigatum, Corticium fumosum, Corticium furfuraceum, Corticium fuscostratum, Corticium fuscum, Corticium fusisporum, Corticium fusisporum, Corticium galactinum, Corticium galzinii, Corticium gemmiferum, Corticium geochroum, Corticium geogenium, Corticium geophilum, Corticium giganteum, Corticium gilvescens, Corticium gilvidum, Corticium glabrum, Corticium glaucinum, Corticium glaucocanum, Corticium glebulosum, Corticium globososporum, Corticium globosum, Corticium gloeosporum, Corticium gramineum, Corticium graminicola, Corticium grammicum, Corticium granulare, Corticium granulatum, Corticium granulatum, Corticium granulosum, Corticium greschikii, Corticium griseliniae, Corticium grisellum, Corticium griseo-effusum, Corticium griseocanum, Corticium griseoeffusum, Corticium griseoflavescens, Corticium guttuliferum, Corticium habgallae, Corticium hakgallae, Corticium haloxyli, Corticium hapalum, Corticium hariotii, Corticium helianthi, Corticium helvelloides, Corticium helveticum, Corticium helvolum, Corticium henningsii, Corticium hepaticum, Corticium heterosporum, Corticium hiemale, Corticium hinnuleum, Corticium hirschii, Corticium hydnans, Corticium hydnatinum, Corticium hydnoideum, Corticium hypnophilum, Corticium hypochnoideum, Corticium hypochroum, Corticium hypophyllum, Corticium hypopyrrhinum, Corticium iaganicum, Corticium ianthinum, Corticium illaqueatum, Corticium improvisum, Corticium inaequale, Corticium incanum, Corticium incarnatum, Corticium incarnatum, Corticium incarnatum, Corticium incarnatum, Corticium incarnatum f. incarnatum, Corticium inconspicuum, Corticium incrustans, Corticium incrustans, Corticium inopinatum, Corticium insidiosum, Corticium insinuans, Corticium insperatum, Corticium interruptum, Corticium introversum, Corticium investiens, Corticium invisitatum, Corticium invisum, Corticium involucrum, Corticium ionides, Corticium irrigatum, Corticium isabellinum, Corticium isabellinum, Corticium jacksonii, Corticium jaganicum, Corticium jamaicense, Corticium jamaicensis, Corticium janthinum, Corticium javanicum, Corticium javanicum, Corticium jonides, Corticium jose-ferreirae, Corticium juncicola, Corticium juniperi, Corticium juniperinum, Corticium juniperophilum, Corticium kalchbrenneri, Corticium kalchbrenneri, Corticium kalmiae, Corticium karstenii, Corticium kauri, Corticium koleroga, Corticium komabense, Corticium laceratum, Corticium lacteolum, Corticium lactescens, Corticium lacteum, Corticium lacteum, Corticium lacunosum, Corticium laeticolor, Corticium laetum, Corticium laeve, Corticium laevigatum, Corticium laevissimum, Corticium latitans, Corticium latum, Corticium laxum, Corticium lembosporum, Corticium lentum, Corticium lepidum, Corticium lepra, Corticium leprieurii, Corticium leprosum, Corticium leptaleum, Corticium leptospermi, Corticium letendrei, Corticium leucothrix, Corticium leucotrichum, Corticium leucoxanthum, Corticium leve, Corticium leveilleanum, Corticium levissimum, Corticium lianacola, Corticium lianacolum, Corticium lianicola, Corticium lignigenum, Corticium lilaceum, Corticium lilacinofuscum, Corticium lilacinoroseum, Corticium lilacinum, Corticium lilacinum, Corticium lilascens, Corticium limitatum, Corticium lindavianum, Corticium liquidambaris, Corticium litschaueri, Corticium lividocaeruleum, Corticium lividocoeruleum, Corticium lividum, Corticium lloydii, Corticium lloydii, Corticium lombardiae, Corticium lundellii, Corticium lundellii, Corticium luridum, Corticium luteoaurantiacum, Corticium luteocinctum, Corticium luteocystidiatum, Corticium luteum, Corticium lycii, Corticium macounii, Corticium macrosporopsis, Corticium macrosporum, Corticium macrosporum, Corticium maculaeforme, Corticium maculare, Corticium maculatum, Corticium maculiforme, Corticium majusculum, Corticium malagasoroseum, Corticium malagasoroseum, Corticium marchandii, Corticium marescalchianum, Corticium marianum, Corticium martellianum, Corticium martianum, Corticium masculi, Corticium medioroseum, Corticium mellinum, Corticium meridioroseum, Corticium mexicanum, Corticium michelianum, Corticium microsclerotia, Corticium microsclerotia, Corticium microsclerotium, Corticium microsclerotium, Corticium microscopicum, Corticium microsporum, Corticium microsporum, Corticium miniatum, Corticium miniatum, Corticium miniatum, Corticium miniatum, Corticium minnsiae, Corticium minutissimum, Corticium mississippiense, Corticium modestum, Corticium moellerianum, Corticium molle, Corticium molle, Corticium mollerianum, Corticium molluginis, Corticium moniliforme, Corticium mougeotii, Corticium mucidum, Corticium murinum, Corticium murinum, Corticium murrayi, Corticium murrillii, Corticium muscicola, Corticium muscigenum, Corticium mussooriense, Corticium mussooriensis, Corticium mustialaense, Corticium mustialaensis, Corticium mutabile, Corticium mutabile, Corticium mutatum, Corticium myxosporum, Corticium nespori, Corticium nespori, Corticium nesporii, Corticium nesporii, Corticium neuhoffii, Corticium nigrescens, Corticium niphodes, Corticium nitidulum, Corticium niveocremeum, Corticium niveum, Corticium notabile, Corticium nudum, Corticium nyssae, Corticium oakesii, Corticium obscurum, Corticium obsoletum, Corticium ochraceofulvum, Corticium ochraceolividum, Corticium ochraceum, Corticium ochraceum var. cremeoochraceum, Corticium ochraceum var. cremeoochraceum, Corticium ochrofarctum, Corticium ochroleucum, Corticium ochroleucum, Corticium ochroleucum, Corticium ochthodes, Corticium octosporum, Corticium odoratum, Corticium oleosum, Corticium olivaceoalbum, Corticium olivaceum, Corticium olivascens, Corticium omnivorum, Corticium oosporum, Corticium orbiculare, Corticium oryzicola, Corticium otagense, Corticium overholtsii, Corticium pactolinum, Corticium pallens, Corticium pallescens, Corticium pallidocremeum, Corticium pallidoincarnatum, Corticium pallidolivens, Corticium pallidovirens, Corticium pallidovirens, Corticium pallidum, Corticium pampeanum, Corticium paniculatum, Corticium pannosum, Corticium papillosum, Corticium papyraceum, Corticium paradoxum, Corticium paraphysatum, Corticium passerinii, Corticium patricium, Corticium pauperculum, Corticium pausiacum, Corticium pauxillum, Corticium pearsonii, Corticium pectinatum, Corticium pellicula, Corticium pelliculare, Corticium pellucidum, Corticium pendulum, Corticium penetrans, Corticium penicillatum, Corticium peradeniae, Corticium perenne, Corticium permodicum, Corticium peroxydatum, Corticium pertenue, Corticium pervagum, Corticium petersii, Corticium petrophilum, Corticium peziziforme, Corticium pezizoides, Corticium pezizoideum, Corticium pezizoideum, Corticium pilatii, Corticium pilosum, Corticium pini, Corticium pini-canadensis, Corticium pinicola, Corticium pinicola f. pinicola, Corticium platani, Corticium plumbeum, Corticium poincianae, Corticium poinciniae, Corticium polygonioides, Corticium polygonium, Corticium polyporoideum, Corticium populinum, Corticium porosum, Corticium portentosum, Corticium praestans, Corticium praeteritum, Corticium praetermissum, Corticium praetervisum, Corticium prasinum, Corticium praticola, Corticium probatum, Corticium propinquum, Corticium protrusum, Corticium proximum, Corticium pruina, Corticium pruinatum, Corticium pruinosum, Corticium pruni, Corticium pseudotsugae, Corticium pteridophilum, Corticium puberum, Corticium pubescens, Corticium pulchellum, Corticium pulchrum, Corticium pulverulentum, Corticium pulverulentum, Corticium punctulatum, Corticium puniceum, Corticium puteanum, Corticium quaesitum, Corticium queletii, Corticium quercicola, Corticium quercinum, Corticium quintasianum, Corticium racemosum, Corticium radicale, Corticium radicatum, Corticium radiosum, Corticium rallum, Corticium ramosissimum, Corticium ravum, Corticium reconditum, Corticium reidii, Corticium reisneri, Corticium repens, Corticium resupinatum, Corticium reticulatum, Corticium reticulatum, Corticium reticulatum, Corticium reticulatum, Corticium rhabarbarinum, Corticium rhabarbarinum, Corticium rhizophorum, Corticium rhodellum, Corticium rhodoleucum, Corticium ribesium, Corticium rickii, Corticium rigescens, Corticium rimicola, Corticium rimicolum, Corticium rimosissimum, Corticium rimosissimum, Corticium rivulosum, Corticium rolfsii, Corticium romellii, Corticium roridum, Corticium rosae, Corticium rosellum, Corticium roseocarneum, Corticium roseocremeum, Corticium roseolum, Corticium roseolum, Corticium roseopallens, Corticium roseum, Corticium roumeguerei, Corticium roumeguerii, Corticium rubellum, Corticium rubi, Corticium rubicundum, Corticium rubrocanum, Corticium rubrocinctum, Corticium rubropallens, Corticium rubropunctatum, Corticium rude, Corticium rude, Corticium rufoflavum, Corticium rufofulvum, Corticium rufofulvum, Corticium rufofulvum, Corticium rufum, Corticium rugulosum, Corticium rutilans, Corticium rutilans, Corticium rutilans, Corticium saccharinum, Corticium salicicola, Corticium salicinum, Corticium salmoneum, Corticium salmonicolor, Corticium sambuci, Corticium sanguineum, Corticium sarcoides, Corticium sasakii, Corticium scariosum, Corticium scariosum, Corticium scirpinum, Corticium scutellare, Corticium sebaceum, Corticium sebacinaeforme, Corticium sebaciniforme, Corticium secedens, Corticium sect. Corticium, Corticium sect. Lomatia, Corticium separatum, Corticium septentrionale, Corticium seriale, Corticium serum, Corticium setigerum, Corticium silviae, Corticium simile, Corticium simulans, Corticium singulare, Corticium siparium, Corticium sociatum, Corticium solani, Corticium sordidum, Corticium sordulentum, Corticium sparsum, Corticium sphaerosporum, Corticium spinulosum, Corticium spretum, Corticium spumeum, Corticium spurium, Corticium stabulare, Corticium stelligerum, Corticium stellulatum, Corticium sterigmaticum, Corticium stevensii, Corticium stevensonii, Corticium straminellum, Corticium stramineum, Corticium straminicola, Corticium straminicola, Corticium stratosum, Corticium strigosum, Corticium subacerinum, Corticium subalbum, Corticium subalutaceum, Corticium subapiculatum, Corticium subasperisporum, Corticium subaurantiacum, Corticium subceraceum, Corticium subcinereum, Corticium subcontinuum, Corticium subcoronatum, Corticium subcostatum, Corticium subcretaceum, Corticium subdealbatum, Corticium subflavidogriseum, Corticium subgiganteum, Corticium subillaqueatum, Corticium subincarnatum, Corticium subinconspicuum, Corticium subinvisibile, Corticium sublactescens, Corticium sublaeve, Corticium sublilascens, Corticium submembranaceum, Corticium submicrosporum, Corticium submutabile, Corticium subnitens, Corticium subnullum, Corticium subochraceum, Corticium subodoratum, Corticium subpallidulum, Corticium subrepandum, Corticium subroseum, Corticium subseriale, Corticium subsp. albo-ochraceum, Corticium subsphaerosporum, Corticium subsulphureum, Corticium subterraneum, Corticium subterraneum, Corticium subtestaceum, Corticium subzonatum, Corticium suecicum, Corticium suffocatum, Corticium suffocatum, Corticium suffultum, Corticium sulcatum, Corticium sulfureoisabellinum, Corticium sulphurellum, Corticium sulphurellum, Corticium sulphureoisabellinum, Corticium sulphureomarginatum, Corticium sulphureum, Corticium sulphureum var. ochroideum, Corticium sulphurinum, Corticium sulphurosum, Corticium syringae, Corticium tabacinum, Corticium tenerrimum, Corticium tenue, Corticium tenuiculum, Corticium tenuissimum, Corticium tephroleucum, Corticium tephrum, Corticium terrestre, Corticium terreum, Corticium terrigenum, Corticium tessulatum, Corticium testatum, Corticium teutoburgense, Corticium theae, Corticium thelephoroides, Corticium tomentelloides, Corticium tomentosomarginatum, Corticium torquatum, Corticium torrendii, Corticium trabutii, Corticium tremellinum, Corticium tremellinum, Corticium trigonospermum, Corticium tristiculum, Corticium triviale, Corticium tsugae, Corticium tuberculatum, Corticium tuberculosum, Corticium tuberculosum, Corticium tulasnelloideum, Corticium tumulosum, Corticium typhae, Corticium udicola, Corticium ulmi, Corticium umbonatum, Corticium umbratum, Corticium umbrinum, Corticium usambarense, Corticium utriculicum, Corticium uvidum, Corticium vagum, Corticium vallum, Corticium varians, Corticium variegatum, Corticium variicolor, Corticium vellereum, Corticium velutinum, Corticium velutinum, Corticium venosum, Corticium versatum, Corticium versicolor, Corticium versiforme, Corticium vescum, Corticium vesiculosum, Corticium villosum, Corticium vinaceum, Corticium vinososcabens, Corticium vinosum, Corticium violaceolividum, Corticium violaceum, Corticium violascens, Corticium violeum, Corticium viride, Corticium viride, Corticium viride, Corticium viride, Corticium viscosum, Corticium vitellinum, Corticium viticola, Corticium wakefieldiae, Corticium weisseanum, Corticium wettsteinii, Corticium xanthellum, Corticium zimmermannii, Corticium zurhausenii
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