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General information

 Summary:Cyphella Fr., Systema Mycologicum 2: 201 (1822) [MB#17434] 
 Synonymy:=Cypharium Clem., Univ. Stud. Nebraska: 72 (1902) [MB#39095]
=Phaeocoryne Clem., Univ. Stud. Nebraska: 72 (1902) [MB#39771]
 MycoBank #:17434 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:201
 Year of effective publication:1822
 Remarks:nomen rejiciendum against Aleurodiscus 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM2:201 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

305 Associated records (click to hide):
Cyphella abieticola, Cyphella abieticola, Cyphella aeruginascens, Cyphella agariciformis, Cyphella albissima, Cyphella albocarnea, Cyphella alboflavida, Cyphella albomarginata, Cyphella alboviolascens, Cyphella amorpha, Cyphella ampla, Cyphella anomala, Cyphella applanata, Cyphella arachnoidea, Cyphella araneosa, Cyphella auricularioides, Cyphella australiensis, Cyphella australis, Cyphella bakeriana, Cyphella bananae, Cyphella berkeleyi, Cyphella bloxamii, Cyphella bourdotii, Cyphella brayerae, Cyphella bresadolae, Cyphella brunnea, Cyphella byssacea, Cyphella calostoma, Cyphella candida, Cyphella candida, Cyphella candida, Cyphella capula, Cyphella caricina, Cyphella carnea, Cyphella catilla, Cyphella cejpii, Cyphella cernua, Cyphella ceypi, Cyphella cheesmanii, Cyphella chromospora, Cyphella chusqueae, Cyphella ciliata, Cyphella cinereofusca, Cyphella cirratopilosa, Cyphella cirsii, Cyphella citrispora, Cyphella cochlearis, Cyphella confusa, Cyphella conglobata, Cyphella congregatissima, Cyphella convoluta, Cyphella cookei, Cyphella coralloderma, Cyphella crateriformis, Cyphella crouani, Cyphella crouanii, Cyphella crucibuliformis, Cyphella culmicola, Cyphella cupressi, Cyphella cupuliformis, Cyphella curreyi, Cyphella cuticulosa, Cyphella cyatheae, Cyphella cyathus, Cyphella cyclas, Cyphella densa, Cyphella densa, Cyphella digitalis, Cyphella disciformis, Cyphella disciformis, Cyphella discoidea, Cyphella disseminata, Cyphella dochmiospora, Cyphella dumetorum, Cyphella elegans, Cyphella endophila, Cyphella epileuca, Cyphella epileuca, Cyphella epileucina, Cyphella episphaeria, Cyphella erica, Cyphella erosa, Cyphella eruciformis, Cyphella eumorpha, Cyphella euphorbiaecola, Cyphella euphorbiicola, Cyphella faginea, Cyphella farinacea, Cyphella farinosa, Cyphella fasciculata, Cyphella ferruginea, Cyphella filicicola, Cyphella filicicola, Cyphella filicina, Cyphella filicina var. filicina, Cyphella filicina var. mairei, Cyphella filicola, Cyphella fissilis, Cyphella flagellata, Cyphella floccosa, Cyphella flocculenta, Cyphella flos-albus, Cyphella foliicola, Cyphella fraxinicola, Cyphella friesii, Cyphella friesii, Cyphella fulva, Cyphella fulva, Cyphella fulvescens, Cyphella fulvodisca, Cyphella fulvofusca, Cyphella fumosa, Cyphella furcata, Cyphella fuscospora, Cyphella galeata, Cyphella gayana, Cyphella gibbosa, Cyphella gigas, Cyphella gilletii, Cyphella globosa, Cyphella globosa, Cyphella goldbachii, Cyphella grandis, Cyphella granulosa, Cyphella gregaria, Cyphella grisea, Cyphella grisea, Cyphella grisella, Cyphella griseopallida, Cyphella griseoviolacea, Cyphella hebe, Cyphella hebes, Cyphella heveae, Cyphella hibisci, Cyphella hyperici, Cyphella inaequilatera, Cyphella inconspicua, Cyphella infundibuliformis, Cyphella involuta, Cyphella involuta, Cyphella irenes, Cyphella jancheni, Cyphella jucundissima, Cyphella junci, Cyphella juniperi, Cyphella juraensis, Cyphella juruensis, Cyphella kavinae, Cyphella lacera, Cyphella lachneoides, Cyphella lactea, Cyphella laeta, Cyphella laevipila, Cyphella laevis, Cyphella langloisii, Cyphella lateritia, Cyphella ledermannii, Cyphella leochroma, Cyphella leonina, Cyphella levipila, Cyphella libertiana, Cyphella lilacina, Cyphella lloydiana, Cyphella longipes, Cyphella lutescens, Cyphella mairei, Cyphella malbranchei, Cyphella marginata, Cyphella mauritiae, Cyphella maxima, Cyphella mellea, Cyphella microthele, Cyphella minutissima, Cyphella monacha, Cyphella musae, Cyphella musae, Cyphella musaecola, Cyphella muscicola, Cyphella muscicola, Cyphella muscicola var. neckerae, Cyphella muscigena, Cyphella musicola, Cyphella nabambissoënsis, Cyphella neckerae, Cyphella nivea, Cyphella nivea, Cyphella nivea, Cyphella niveola, Cyphella obscura, Cyphella ochroleuca, Cyphella ochropilosa, Cyphella ochrospora, Cyphella orthospora, Cyphella oudemansii, Cyphella pallida, Cyphella palmarum, Cyphella pandani, Cyphella paraensis, Cyphella paraguayensis, Cyphella paraguayensis, Cyphella parasitica, Cyphella paraënsis, Cyphella patens, Cyphella peckii, Cyphella pelargonii, Cyphella pendula, Cyphella perexigua, Cyphella perpusilla, Cyphella pezizoidea, Cyphella pezizoides, Cyphella pimii, Cyphella polycephala, Cyphella poriaeformis, Cyphella poriformis, Cyphella poriiformis, Cyphella porioides, Cyphella porrigens, Cyphella pruinosa, Cyphella pseudopanax, Cyphella pseudovillosa, Cyphella pteridophila, Cyphella pteridophila, Cyphella pteridophyta, Cyphella puiggarii, Cyphella pulchra, Cyphella punctiformis, Cyphella punctiformis f. stenospora, Cyphella punctoidea, Cyphella pusilla, Cyphella pyriformis, Cyphella quercina, Cyphella ravenelii, Cyphella ravenelii, Cyphella reineckeana, Cyphella reniformis, Cyphella reticulata, Cyphella roseocinerea, Cyphella rosicola, Cyphella rubi, Cyphella rufobrunnea, Cyphella rugulosa, Cyphella saccardoi, Cyphella sarothamni, Cyphella scariosa, Cyphella schneideri, Cyphella sessilis, Cyphella soleniiformis, Cyphella solenioides, Cyphella spermoides, Cyphella spiralis, Cyphella stepposa, Cyphella stictoidea, Cyphella stilboidea, Cyphella straminea, Cyphella struthiopteridis, Cyphella stupea, Cyphella stuppea, Cyphella subceracea, Cyphella subcyanea, Cyphella subcyanea, Cyphella subgelatinosa, Cyphella subgen. Crustotricha, Cyphella subgen. Cyphella, Cyphella subgen. Glabrotricha, Cyphella subgen. Hydrocyphella, Cyphella subgen. Maireiella, Cyphella subgen. Maireina, Cyphella subgrisella, Cyphella subvillosa, Cyphella sulphurea, Cyphella sydowii, Cyphella tabacina, Cyphella taxi, Cyphella tela, Cyphella tenerrima, Cyphella tephroleuca, Cyphella terrigena, Cyphella texensis, Cyphella thaxteri, Cyphella theiacantha, Cyphella tijucensis, Cyphella tiliae, Cyphella tongariro, Cyphella totara, Cyphella trachychaeta, Cyphella trachychaete, Cyphella tsugae, Cyphella tuba, Cyphella tuba, Cyphella turbinata, Cyphella urbanii, Cyphella usambarensis, Cyphella uvicola, Cyphella variolosa, Cyphella velenovskyi, Cyphella venustula, Cyphella vernalis, Cyphella versicolor, Cyphella villosa, Cyphella vitellina, Cyphella vitis, Cyphella zealandica, Cyphella zealandica, Cyphella zeuneri, Cyphella zeylandica
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