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General information

 Summary:Dacrymyces Nees, System der Pilze und Schwämme: 89 (1817) [MB#17455] 
 Synonymy:≡Dacryomyces Nees (1817) [MB#25532]
=Hydromycus Raf., Medical Repository 5: 356 (1808) [MB#17801]
 MycoBank #:17455 
 Authors (abbreviated):Nees
 Page #:89
 Year of effective publication:1817
 Remarks:as 'Dacryomyces', corrected by Fries 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:LV 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
172 Associated records (click to hide):
Dacrymyces abietinus, Dacrymyces acuum, Dacrymyces adpressus, Dacrymyces adpressus, Dacrymyces albidus, Dacrymyces albus, Dacrymyces ancoratus, Dacrymyces ancyleus, Dacrymyces applanatus, Dacrymyces aquaticus, Dacrymyces aurantiacus, Dacrymyces aureosporus, Dacrymyces australis, Dacrymyces azaleae, Dacrymyces bambusae, Dacrymyces caesius, Dacrymyces candidus, Dacrymyces capitatus, Dacrymyces castaneus, Dacrymyces cenangioides, Dacrymyces ceraceoides, Dacrymyces cerasi, Dacrymyces cerebriformis, Dacrymyces chiangraiensis, Dacrymyces chrysocomus, Dacrymyces chrysospermus, Dacrymyces cinnabarinus, Dacrymyces cinnabarinus, Dacrymyces citrinus, Dacrymyces cokeri, Dacrymyces concavus, Dacrymyces confluens, Dacrymyces conformis, Dacrymyces conglobatus, Dacrymyces conigena, Dacrymyces contortus, Dacrymyces corticioides, Dacrymyces coryneoides, Dacrymyces cupularis, Dacrymyces cylindricus, Dacrymyces cyrtosporus, Dacrymyces dacryomitriformis, Dacrymyces deliquescens, Dacrymyces dendrocalami, Dacrymyces destructor, Dacrymyces dictyosporus, Dacrymyces difformis, Dacrymyces digressus, Dacrymyces dubius, Dacrymyces ellisii, Dacrymyces enatus, Dacrymyces epiphyllus, Dacrymyces estonicus, Dacrymyces euphorbiae, Dacrymyces falcatus, Dacrymyces fennicus, Dacrymyces flabelliformis, Dacrymyces flabellum, Dacrymyces flavus, Dacrymyces fragiformis, Dacrymyces furcifer, Dacrymyces fuscominus, Dacrymyces gallaica, Dacrymyces gangliformis, Dacrymyces guepiniaeformis, Dacrymyces guepiniformis, Dacrymyces guepiniiformis, Dacrymyces harperi, Dacrymyces hyalinus, Dacrymyces hyalinus, Dacrymyces incarnatus, Dacrymyces intermedius, Dacrymyces invisibilis, Dacrymyces involutus, Dacrymyces kobayasii, Dacrymyces kohyasanus, Dacrymyces lacrymalis, Dacrymyces levis, Dacrymyces longisporus, Dacrymyces longistipitatus, Dacrymyces luridus, Dacrymyces lutescens, Dacrymyces luteus, Dacrymyces lythri, Dacrymyces macnabbi, Dacrymyces macnabbii, Dacrymyces macrosporus, Dacrymyces marginatus, Dacrymyces mesentericus, Dacrymyces microsporus, Dacrymyces miltinus, Dacrymyces minor, Dacrymyces minutus, Dacrymyces moriformis, Dacrymyces multiseptatus, Dacrymyces nigrescens, Dacrymyces nigricans, Dacrymyces nikkomontanus, Dacrymyces novae-zelandiae, Dacrymyces odoratus, Dacrymyces olivaceus, Dacrymyces olivei, Dacrymyces ovisporus, Dacrymyces pachysporus, Dacrymyces pallens, Dacrymyces pallidus, Dacrymyces pallidus, Dacrymyces palmatus, Dacrymyces palmatus, Dacrymyces papaveris, Dacrymyces paradoxus, Dacrymyces paraphysatus, Dacrymyces parastenosporus, Dacrymyces pedunculatus, Dacrymyces pellucidus, Dacrymyces pennsylvanica, Dacrymyces pennsylvanicus, Dacrymyces pezizoides, Dacrymyces phragmitis, Dacrymyces pinacearum, Dacrymyces poae, Dacrymyces propoloides, Dacrymyces pulcher, Dacrymyces punctiformis, Dacrymyces puniceus, Dacrymyces puroalba, Dacrymyces purpureus, Dacrymyces pusilla, Dacrymyces quercicola, Dacrymyces radicatus, Dacrymyces radicellatus, Dacrymyces romellii, Dacrymyces roseotinctus, Dacrymyces roseus, Dacrymyces rubidus, Dacrymyces rubiformis, Dacrymyces rubro-fuscus, Dacrymyces rubrofuscus, Dacrymyces sacchari, Dacrymyces saccharinus, Dacrymyces san-augustinii, Dacrymyces sclerotioides, Dacrymyces sebaceus, Dacrymyces seriatus, Dacrymyces sichuanensis, Dacrymyces stenosporus, Dacrymyces stillatus, Dacrymyces stipitatus, Dacrymyces subalpinus, Dacrymyces subantarcticensis, Dacrymyces subarcticus, Dacrymyces subochraceus, Dacrymyces subtristis, Dacrymyces succineus, Dacrymyces succineus, Dacrymyces suecicus, Dacrymyces syringae, Dacrymyces syringicola, Dacrymyces tortus, Dacrymyces tremelloides, Dacrymyces tremellosus, Dacrymyces tristis, Dacrymyces tulasnei, Dacrymyces unisporus, Dacrymyces urticae, Dacrymyces variisporus, Dacrymyces varius, Dacrymyces vermiformis, Dacrymyces violacea, Dacrymyces virescens, Dacrymyces viticola, Dacrymyces yunnanensis
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