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General information

 Summary:Daedalea Pers., Synopsis methodica fungorum: 499 (1801) [MB#17465] 
 Synonymy:≡Dedalea Pers. (1815) [MB#17470] 
 MycoBank #:17465 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers. 
 Page #:499 
 Year of effective publication:1801 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:6,331 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
303 Associated records (click to hide):
Daedalea abietina, Daedalea abietina, Daedalea abortiva, Daedalea acanthoides, Daedalea aesculi, Daedalea aethalodes, Daedalea africana, Daedalea alba, Daedalea alba, Daedalea albida, Daedalea albida, Daedalea albida, Daedalea albida, Daedalea allantoidea, Daedalea amanitoides, Daedalea ambigua, Daedalea americana, Daedalea andamani, Daedalea angustata, Daedalea applanata, Daedalea aquosa, Daedalea aspera, Daedalea asserculorum, Daedalea aulacophylla, Daedalea aulaxina, Daedalea aurea, Daedalea aurea, Daedalea aurora, Daedalea beckleri, Daedalea berkeleyi, Daedalea betulina, Daedalea biennis, Daedalea boganidensis, Daedalea bonariensis, Daedalea borealis, Daedalea bosei, Daedalea bowmanii, Daedalea brasiliensis, Daedalea broussonetiae, Daedalea bulliardii, Daedalea burserae, Daedalea candicans, Daedalea capitata, Daedalea carbonaria, Daedalea cerasi, Daedalea chrysoloma, Daedalea cinerea, Daedalea cinerea, Daedalea cinnabarina, Daedalea cinnabarina, Daedalea cinnamomea, Daedalea circularis, Daedalea citrina, Daedalea commune, Daedalea conchata, Daedalea confragosa, Daedalea confragosa, Daedalea coriacea, Daedalea corrugata, Daedalea cubensis, Daedalea delicatissima, Daedalea dentifera, Daedalea deplanata, Daedalea diabolica, Daedalea dickinsii, Daedalea discolor, Daedalea discolor, Daedalea distorta, Daedalea dochmia, Daedalea dregeana, Daedalea ealaensis, Daedalea ealeansis, Daedalea eatonii, Daedalea effusa, Daedalea elegans, Daedalea emodensis, Daedalea epidryphloeus, Daedalea epigaea, Daedalea erubescens, Daedalea extensa, Daedalea farinacea, Daedalea favoloides, Daedalea fennica, Daedalea ferox, Daedalea ferruginea, Daedalea fimbriata, Daedalea flabellum, Daedalea flaccida, Daedalea flavescens, Daedalea flavida, Daedalea fuliginosa, Daedalea fulvirubida, Daedalea furcata, Daedalea fusca, Daedalea fusca, Daedalea fuscospora, Daedalea fuscostratosa, Daedalea fuscoviolacea, Daedalea gibbosa, Daedalea gibbosa, Daedalea gibbosa, Daedalea gilvidula, Daedalea glaberrima, Daedalea glabra, Daedalea glabrescens, Daedalea gollanii, Daedalea grisea, Daedalea grisea, Daedalea heteromorpha, Daedalea heteropora, Daedalea hispida, Daedalea hobbsii, Daedalea hobsonii, Daedalea hoehnelii, Daedalea huensis, Daedalea hydnoides, Daedalea hymenopus, Daedalea illudens, Daedalea illudens, Daedalea imberbis, Daedalea imbricata, Daedalea imponens, Daedalea inaequabilis, Daedalea incana, Daedalea incana, Daedalea incarnatoalbida, Daedalea incompta, Daedalea inconcinna, Daedalea indica, Daedalea indurata, Daedalea indurata, Daedalea intermedia, Daedalea interrupta, Daedalea inzengae, Daedalea iocephala, Daedalea irpicoides, Daedalea isabellina, Daedalea jamaicensis, Daedalea jezoënsis, Daedalea juniperina, Daedalea kusanoi, Daedalea kusanoi, Daedalea laciniata, Daedalea laevis, Daedalea langkawiensis, Daedalea lassbergii, Daedalea latemarginata, Daedalea latissima, Daedalea lenzitiformis, Daedalea levis, Daedalea ligneotexta, Daedalea lirellosa, Daedalea lobata, Daedalea lurida, Daedalea lusor, Daedalea macowanii, Daedalea maculata, Daedalea malicola, Daedalea maxima, Daedalea medullaris, Daedalea membranacea, Daedalea merulioides, Daedalea microsinulosa, Daedalea microsticta, Daedalea microzona, Daedalea milliaui, Daedalea modesta, Daedalea moesta, Daedalea mollicula, Daedalea mollis, Daedalea mollis, Daedalea mollis, Daedalea muelleri, Daedalea mutabilis, Daedalea neotropica, Daedalea nervicola, Daedalea newtonii, Daedalea nigricans, Daedalea nigrozonata, Daedalea novo-guineensis, Daedalea novoguineensis, Daedalea obtusa, Daedalea ochracea, Daedalea ochracea, Daedalea ochracea, Daedalea orbicularis, Daedalea ostreiformis, Daedalea oudemansii, Daedalea palisotii, Daedalea pallidofulva, Daedalea pampeana, Daedalea papyracea, Daedalea parasitica, Daedalea pavonia, Daedalea pendula, Daedalea perpyracea, Daedalea philippinensis, Daedalea pinacea, Daedalea pini, Daedalea pinicola, Daedalea pleuropus, Daedalea plumbea, Daedalea poetschii, Daedalea polita, Daedalea polymorpha, Daedalea polyzona, Daedalea proserpens, Daedalea pruinata, Daedalea pruinosa, Daedalea pseudodochmia, Daedalea puberula, Daedalea queletii, Daedalea quercina, Daedalea quercina β dura, Daedalea radiata, Daedalea ramentacea, Daedalea ravenelii, Daedalea reflexa, Daedalea reisneri, Daedalea repanda, Daedalea repanda, Daedalea resupinatus, Daedalea rhabarbarina, Daedalea rhabarbarina, Daedalea rhodesica, Daedalea ridleyi, Daedalea roseola, Daedalea roseola, Daedalea rubescens, Daedalea rubicunda, Daedalea rufescens, Daedalea rufescens, Daedalea rugosa, Daedalea ryvardeniana, Daedalea ryvardenica, Daedalea salicina, Daedalea saligna, Daedalea sanguinea, Daedalea sanguinolenta, Daedalea scalaris, Daedalea schomburgkii, Daedalea schulzeri, Daedalea sepiaria, Daedalea sepium, Daedalea sepium, Daedalea serialis, Daedalea sericella, Daedalea serpens, Daedalea sesia, Daedalea shichiana, Daedalea sinensis, Daedalea sinulosa, Daedalea sinuosa, Daedalea sistotremoides, Daedalea sistotremoides, Daedalea solubilis, Daedalea spadicea, Daedalea splendens, Daedalea sprucei, Daedalea stereoides, Daedalea stevensonii, Daedalea stratosa, Daedalea striata, Daedalea styracina, Daedalea suaveolens, Daedalea subconfragosa, Daedalea subcongener, Daedalea subcoriacea, Daedalea suberosa, Daedalea subferruginea, Daedalea subsulcata, Daedalea subtomentosa, Daedalea sulcata, Daedalea sulphurea, Daedalea sulphurella, Daedalea tanakae, Daedalea tasmanica, Daedalea tenuis, Daedalea thunbergii, Daedalea tortuosa, Daedalea trabea, Daedalea trametea, Daedalea trametes, Daedalea tricolor, Daedalea umbrina, Daedalea ungulata, Daedalea unicolor, Daedalea variabilis, Daedalea variegata, Daedalea variegata, Daedalea variiformis, Daedalea velutina, Daedalea velutina, Daedalea vermicularis, Daedalea versicolor, Daedalea violacea, Daedalea virescens, Daedalea volhynica, Daedalea volhynica, Daedalea vorax, Daedalea westii, Daedalea xantha, Daedalea zonata
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