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General information

 Summary:Dothidea Fr., Observationes mycologicae 2 (1818) [MB#1693] 
 Synonymy:=Phragmodothis Theiss. & Syd., Annales Mycologici 12 (2): 179 (1914) [MB#4029] 
 MycoBank #:1693 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Year of effective publication:1818 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:LII 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
478 Associated records (click to hide):
Dothidea abnormis, Dothidea abortiva, Dothidea acericola, Dothidea acerva, Dothidea acervulata, Dothidea acicola, Dothidea acrocomiae, Dothidea advena, Dothidea alchemillae, Dothidea alismatis, Dothidea alnea, Dothidea aloicola, Dothidea aloëtica, Dothidea alyxiae, Dothidea ambiens, Dothidea ambrosiae, Dothidea ambrosiae, Dothidea amorphae, Dothidea amphimelaena, Dothidea andromedae, Dothidea anemones, Dothidea anethi, Dothidea angelicae, Dothidea annulata, Dothidea anomala, Dothidea antarctica, Dothidea anthurii, Dothidea appendiculata, Dothidea appendiculosa, Dothidea arduinae, Dothidea aroidarum, Dothidea artemisiae, Dothidea artemisiae, Dothidea arundinis, Dothidea asclepiadis, Dothidea aspera, Dothidea aspidea, Dothidea asteroma, Dothidea asteromorpha, Dothidea astragali, Dothidea astroidea, Dothidea atra, Dothidea atramentaria, Dothidea australis, Dothidea azmati, Dothidea baccharidis, Dothidea baccharidis, Dothidea barringtoniae, Dothidea basirufa, Dothidea berberidis, Dothidea betulina, Dothidea bigeloviae, Dothidea bignoniae, Dothidea borealis, Dothidea brachystemonis, Dothidea brassicae, Dothidea bullata, Dothidea bullata, Dothidea bullulata, Dothidea bumeliae, Dothidea caespitosa, Dothidea calamigena, Dothidea calophylli, Dothidea calystegiae, Dothidea campanulae, Dothidea canaliculata, Dothidea capreolata, Dothidea caricis, Dothidea castagnei, Dothidea castaneae, Dothidea catervaria, Dothidea cayennensis, Dothidea cellulosa, Dothidea centrolobii, Dothidea cepae, Dothidea ceramioides, Dothidea cerasi, Dothidea cercidis, Dothidea cercocarpi, Dothidea cereidis, Dothidea ceromioides, Dothidea cespitosa, Dothidea chaetomium, Dothidea chalybaea, Dothidea chalybea, Dothidea chamaeropis, Dothidea chamaeropsidis, Dothidea chenopodii, Dothidea cinerascens, Dothidea circinans, Dothidea circinata, Dothidea circumscripta, Dothidea circumvaga, Dothidea cladonema, Dothidea clavispora, Dothidea clavuligera, Dothidea clavuligera, Dothidea coccodes, Dothidea colensoi, Dothidea collecta, Dothidea colliculosa, Dothidea colutea, Dothidea coluteae, Dothidea concaviuscula, Dothidea conferta, Dothidea conorum, Dothidea conspicua, Dothidea conspurcata, Dothidea controversa, Dothidea corallina, Dothidea coriariae, Dothidea corylina, Dothidea crotonis, Dothidea crustacea, Dothidea crystallophora, Dothidea cubensis, Dothidea culmicola, Dothidea curumamuel, Dothidea cypericola, Dothidea dalibardae, Dothidea daphnopsidis, Dothidea dasylirii, Dothidea decaisneana, Dothidea decolorans, Dothidea delicatula, Dothidea delilei, Dothidea demersa, Dothidea denigrans, Dothidea denudata, Dothidea depazeoides, Dothidea desmodii, Dothidea deusta, Dothidea dioscoreae, Dothidea diospyri, Dothidea dispersa, Dothidea dolichigena, Dothidea dolichogena, Dothidea drimydis, Dothidea dryadum, Dothidea drymidis, Dothidea durissima, Dothidea edax, Dothidea edgeworthiae, Dothidea effusa, Dothidea elegans, Dothidea elettariae, Dothidea elliptica, Dothidea emmoti, Dothidea encoelium, Dothidea endocrypta, Dothidea epilobii, Dothidea episphaeria, Dothidea epitypha, Dothidea epityphae, Dothidea etrusca, Dothidea eucalypti, Dothidea eugeniae, Dothidea euglypta, Dothidea eupatorii, Dothidea examinans, Dothidea exanthematica, Dothidea exasperans, Dothidea excavata, Dothidea explanata, Dothidea exsculpta, Dothidea fatiscens, Dothidea filicina, Dothidea filicum, Dothidea fimbriata, Dothidea fimbristylidis, Dothidea forniculata, Dothidea frangulae, Dothidea fraxini, Dothidea frigoris, Dothidea fructigena, Dothidea fulva, Dothidea funesta, Dothidea gangraena, Dothidea genistae, Dothidea genistalis, Dothidea gentianae, Dothidea geographica, Dothidea geranii, Dothidea gibberulosa, Dothidea globulosa, Dothidea glycineos, Dothidea glycines, Dothidea goudotii, Dothidea gougetiana, Dothidea graminis, Dothidea graminis β poarum, Dothidea gramma, Dothidea grammodes, Dothidea granulosa, Dothidea granulosa, Dothidea granulosa, Dothidea granulosa, Dothidea grevilleae, Dothidea guatteriae, Dothidea halepensis, Dothidea haplopappi, Dothidea haraeana, Dothidea haydenii, Dothidea hederae, Dothidea heliopsidis, Dothidea hemisphaerica, Dothidea heraclei, Dothidea hibiscicola, Dothidea himantia, Dothidea hippophaës, Dothidea horsfieldii, Dothidea hymenicola, Dothidea hymeniicola, Dothidea hypophyla, Dothidea hypophylla, Dothidea hyssopi, Dothidea hysteriiformis, Dothidea hysterioides, Dothidea ilicis, Dothidea impatientis, Dothidea impressa, Dothidea incarcerata, Dothidea inclusa, Dothidea indica, Dothidea indistincta, Dothidea inelegans, Dothidea inexplicata, Dothidea insculpta, Dothidea inserta, Dothidea interstitialis, Dothidea iridis, Dothidea irregularis, Dothidea johnstonii, Dothidea juglandicola, Dothidea juglandis, Dothidea juglandis, Dothidea juncaginearum, Dothidea junci, Dothidea junci, Dothidea juniperi, Dothidea juruana, Dothidea kalmiae, Dothidea kniphofiae, Dothidea lathyri, Dothidea latitans, Dothidea lauri-borboniae, Dothidea lauricola, Dothidea lecidea, Dothidea lentisci, Dothidea lespedezae, Dothidea lichenicola, Dothidea lichenum, Dothidea limitata, Dothidea linderae, Dothidea lineola, Dothidea lonicerae, Dothidea lonicerae, Dothidea lorentziana, Dothidea lucens, Dothidea lycii, Dothidea machaeriophila, Dothidea maculaeformis, Dothidea maculaeformis, Dothidea maculans, Dothidea maculicola, Dothidea maculiformis, Dothidea maculiformis, Dothidea magnoliae, Dothidea marginata, Dothidea martianoffiana, Dothidea mauaensis, Dothidea mauensis, Dothidea melaena, Dothidea melanoplaca, Dothidea melanops, Dothidea melastomatis, Dothidea melastomatum, Dothidea melianthi, Dothidea membranacea, Dothidea mezerei, Dothidea microcenta, Dothidea millepunctata, Dothidea millepunctata, Dothidea missouriensis, Dothidea monspeliensis, Dothidea moricola, Dothidea moriformis, Dothidea morthieri, Dothidea muehlenbergiae, Dothidea muelleri, Dothidea muhlenbergiae, Dothidea munkii, Dothidea musae, Dothidea myrciae, Dothidea myricicola, Dothidea myriococca, Dothidea napelli, Dothidea natans, Dothidea neivae, Dothidea nervisequia, Dothidea nigrescens, Dothidea nitidissima, Dothidea nitidula, Dothidea nivea, Dothidea nodicola, Dothidea noxia, Dothidea oceanica, Dothidea ochracea, Dothidea oleafoliae, Dothidea oleandrina, Dothidea oleifolia, Dothidea orbiculata, Dothidea orbis, Dothidea orgaoensis, Dothidea ornans, Dothidea osbeckiae, Dothidea osmundae, Dothidea paliuri, Dothidea panici, Dothidea papilloideoseptata, Dothidea paradoxa, Dothidea paradoxa, Dothidea parryi, Dothidea parsimons, Dothidea penicillata, Dothidea pentanisiae, Dothidea periclymeni, Dothidea perisporioides, Dothidea perisporioides, Dothidea permeans, Dothidea petiolaris, Dothidea petiolicola, Dothidea pezizoides, Dothidea phlogis, Dothidea phlomidis, Dothidea phylloplaca, Dothidea phytolaccae, Dothidea picea, Dothidea piggotii, Dothidea piluliformis, Dothidea pinastri, Dothidea pistaciae, Dothidea pithya, Dothidea pitya, Dothidea platyplaca, Dothidea podagrariae, Dothidea polita, Dothidea polygalae, Dothidea polygonati, Dothidea polygoni, Dothidea polyspora, Dothidea pomigena, Dothidea populina, Dothidea porlieriae, Dothidea potentillae, Dothidea pringlei, Dothidea prostii, Dothidea pteridis, Dothidea pterocarpi, Dothidea puccinioides, Dothidea puccinioides, Dothidea pulchella, Dothidea pulverulenta, Dothidea puncta, Dothidea punctiformis, Dothidea pyrenophora, Dothidea quercigena, Dothidea quercina, Dothidea radicalis, Dothidea ramosa, Dothidea ranunculi, Dothidea repens, Dothidea repens, Dothidea repens var. aspidia, Dothidea reticulata, Dothidea rhamni, Dothidea rhoina, Dothidea rhois, Dothidea rhopalina, Dothidea rhuina, Dothidea rhytismoides, Dothidea rhytismoides, Dothidea rhytismoides, Dothidea ribesia, Dothidea rimincola, Dothidea rimosa, Dothidea rimosa var. depauperata, Dothidea robergei, Dothidea robergei, Dothidea robertiani, Dothidea robinae, Dothidea robiniae, Dothidea ropalina, Dothidea rosae, Dothidea rosae, Dothidea roupalina, Dothidea rubra, Dothidea rudis, Dothidea rugodisca, Dothidea rugulosa, Dothidea rutae, Dothidea saligna, Dothidea sambuci, Dothidea sassafras, Dothidea scabies, Dothidea scapincola, Dothidea schweinitzii, Dothidea scutula, Dothidea sedi, Dothidea seminata, Dothidea sequoiae, Dothidea sequojae, Dothidea silphii, Dothidea simillima, Dothidea smilacicola, Dothidea solidaginis, Dothidea sorbi, Dothidea sordidula, Dothidea sphaerioides, Dothidea sphaeroidea, Dothidea sphaeroides, Dothidea spilomea, Dothidea stellariae, Dothidea stellaris, Dothidea stenospora, Dothidea sterculiae, Dothidea stipata, Dothidea strelitziae, Dothidea striaeforme, Dothidea striiformis, Dothidea stryphnodendri, Dothidea subcuticularis, Dothidea subgen. Dothidea, Dothidea subgen. Hypopteris, Dothidea subgen. Placosphaeria, Dothidea syconophila, Dothidea sycophila, Dothidea tamaricis, Dothidea taxi, Dothidea tenuis, Dothidea terminaliae, Dothidea tessellata, Dothidea tetradeniae, Dothidea tetrantherae, Dothidea tetrasperma, Dothidea tetraspora, Dothidea thanatophora, Dothidea thwaitesii, Dothidea tinctoria, Dothidea tragacanthae, Dothidea tragiae, Dothidea trifolii, Dothidea tubaraoensis, Dothidea tuberculiformis, Dothidea tumefaciens, Dothidea typhina, Dothidea ulmariae, Dothidea ulmi, Dothidea umbilicata, Dothidea vaccini, Dothidea vacciniorum, Dothidea venenata, Dothidea ventricosa, Dothidea vernicosa, Dothidea veronicae, Dothidea viburni-dentati, Dothidea virgultorum, Dothidea viridispora, Dothidea visci, Dothidea viticola, Dothidea viventis, Dothidea vorax, Dothidea wittrockii, Dothidea xanthii, Dothidea xylostei, Dothidea yuccae, Dothidea zeae, Dothidea zollingeri
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