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General information

 Summary:Entyloma de Bary, Botanische Zeitung 32: 101 (1874) [MB#16122] 
 MycoBank #:16122 
 Authors:de Bary 
 Authors (abbreviated):de Bary 
 Page #:101 
 Year of effective publication:1874 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Entyloma acanthocephali, Entyloma achilleae, Entyloma aeschynomenis, Entyloma ageratinae, Entyloma agoseridis, Entyloma aldamae, Entyloma alismacearum, Entyloma alopecuri, Entyloma alopecurivorum, Entyloma alsines, Entyloma amaranthi, Entyloma ambiens, Entyloma ambrosiae-maritimae, Entyloma ameghinoi, Entyloma anadelphiae, Entyloma anceps, Entyloma antennariae, Entyloma anzianum, Entyloma aposeridis, Entyloma aquaticum, Entyloma arctostaphyli, Entyloma arctotheca, Entyloma arctothecae, Entyloma arctotis, Entyloma argentinense, Entyloma aristolochiae, Entyloma armoraciae, Entyloma arnaudianum, Entyloma arnicae, Entyloma arnicale, Entyloma arnoseridis, Entyloma aschersonii, Entyloma aspidii, Entyloma aster-sericeanum, Entyloma asteris-alpini, Entyloma asteris-sericei, Entyloma asterisci, Entyloma asterisci-maritimi, Entyloma astor-sericeanum, Entyloma atlanticum, Entyloma australe, Entyloma bavaricum, Entyloma belangeri, Entyloma bellidiastri, Entyloma bellidis, Entyloma bergeniae, Entyloma besseyi, Entyloma betiphilum, Entyloma bicolor, Entyloma bidentis, Entyloma bidentis, Entyloma bizzozerianum, Entyloma blumeae, Entyloma boltoniae, Entyloma boraginis, Entyloma borraginis, Entyloma bracteanthae, Entyloma brefeldii, Entyloma brizae, Entyloma browalliae, Entyloma bullulum, Entyloma bupleuri, Entyloma calceolariae, Entyloma calendulae, Entyloma calendulae f.sp. calendulae, Entyloma callitriches, Entyloma callitrichis, Entyloma camusianum, Entyloma canescens, Entyloma caricinum, Entyloma carmeli, Entyloma castaliae, Entyloma castillejae, Entyloma catabrosae, Entyloma catananches, Entyloma catananchis, Entyloma catenulatum, Entyloma ceratocephali, Entyloma chaenorrhini, Entyloma chelidonii, Entyloma chilense, Entyloma chloridis, Entyloma chrysosplenii, Entyloma chrysosplenii, Entyloma cichorii, Entyloma circaeae, Entyloma cissigena, Entyloma cissigenum, Entyloma clintonianum, Entyloma collinsiae, Entyloma comaclinii, Entyloma commelinae, Entyloma compositarum, Entyloma convolvuli, Entyloma coreopsis, Entyloma corydalis, Entyloma corydalis-luteae, Entyloma cosmi, Entyloma costaricense, Entyloma crastophilum, Entyloma crastophylli, Entyloma crepidicola, Entyloma crepidis, Entyloma crepidis, Entyloma crepidis-rubrae, Entyloma crepidis-tectori, Entyloma crepinianum, Entyloma cynoglossi, Entyloma cynosuri, Entyloma cyperi, Entyloma dactylidis, Entyloma dahliae, Entyloma dahliae, Entyloma davenportii, Entyloma davisii, Entyloma debeauxii, Entyloma debonianum, Entyloma deliliae, Entyloma deschampsiae, Entyloma diastateae, Entyloma dietelianum, Entyloma doebbeleri, Entyloma dubium, Entyloma echinaceae, Entyloma echinopis, Entyloma ecuadorense, Entyloma eleocharidis, Entyloma eleocharidis, Entyloma ellisii, Entyloma elstari, Entyloma endogenum, Entyloma eremuri, Entyloma erigerontis, Entyloma erigerontis, Entyloma erodianum, Entyloma erodii, Entyloma eryngii, Entyloma eryngii-alpini, Entyloma eryngii-cretici, Entyloma eryngii-dichotomi, Entyloma eryngii-maritimi, Entyloma eryngii-plani, Entyloma eryngii-tricuspidati, Entyloma eschscholziae, Entyloma espinosae, Entyloma eugeniarum, Entyloma eupatorii, Entyloma farisii, Entyloma fergussonii, Entyloma feurichii, Entyloma ficariae, Entyloma fimbriatum, Entyloma fischeri, Entyloma flavum, Entyloma floerkeae, Entyloma fluitans, Entyloma fluitans, Entyloma fragosoi, Entyloma frondosa, Entyloma fumariae, Entyloma fuscellum, Entyloma fuscum, Entyloma gaillardiae, Entyloma gaillardianum, Entyloma galinsogae, Entyloma garcilassae, Entyloma garhadioli, Entyloma garhadioli, Entyloma gaudinae, Entyloma gaudiniae, Entyloma geranii, Entyloma geranti, Entyloma gibbum, Entyloma glacii, Entyloma glaucii, Entyloma globigena, Entyloma globigenum, Entyloma glyceriae, Entyloma glyceriae, Entyloma grampiansis, Entyloma gratiolae, Entyloma guaraniticum, Entyloma guizotiae, Entyloma helenii, Entyloma helianthi, Entyloma helosciadi, Entyloma helosciadii, Entyloma hemisphaericum, Entyloma henningsiana, Entyloma henningsianum, Entyloma heterothecae, Entyloma hieracii, Entyloma hieroense, Entyloma hieronense, Entyloma ho-chunkii, Entyloma holci, Entyloma holwayi, Entyloma hottoniae, Entyloma hydrocotyles, Entyloma hydrocotylis, Entyloma hydrophilum, Entyloma hypecoi, Entyloma hypochaeridis, Entyloma incertum, Entyloma irregulare, Entyloma jaegeriae, Entyloma kazachstanicum, Entyloma khandalense, Entyloma khandalensis, Entyloma korshinskyi, Entyloma kundmanniae, Entyloma lagerheimianum, Entyloma lagerheimii, Entyloma lagoeciae, Entyloma lapponicum, Entyloma lavrovianum, Entyloma leontices, Entyloma leontodontis, Entyloma lepachydis, Entyloma leproides, Entyloma leproideum, Entyloma leucanthemi, Entyloma leucomaculans, Entyloma limosellae, Entyloma linariae, Entyloma lineatum, Entyloma lini, Entyloma lithophragmae, Entyloma lithophragmatis, Entyloma lobeliae, Entyloma ludwigianum, Entyloma luteomaculans, Entyloma madiae, Entyloma magnusii, Entyloma magocsyanum, Entyloma maireanum, Entyloma majus, Entyloma maroccanum, Entyloma martindalei, Entyloma matricariae, Entyloma matricariae, Entyloma meconopsidis, Entyloma medicaginis, Entyloma mediterraneum, Entyloma mediterraneum, Entyloma meliloti, Entyloma menispermi, Entyloma microsporum, Entyloma moniliferum, Entyloma montis-rainieri, Entyloma mundkurii, Entyloma muscari, Entyloma myosuri, Entyloma mysorense, Entyloma nectrioides, Entyloma nephrolepidis, Entyloma nierenbergiae, Entyloma nigellae, Entyloma nigricans, Entyloma novae-zelandiae, Entyloma nubilum, Entyloma nubilum, Entyloma nymphaeae, Entyloma obesum, Entyloma obionum, Entyloma occultum, Entyloma oenanthes, Entyloma oenotherae, Entyloma oleandrae, Entyloma oreochloae, Entyloma oryzae, Entyloma ossifragi, Entyloma pachydermum, Entyloma pammelii, Entyloma paradoxum, Entyloma parietariae, Entyloma parthenii, Entyloma parvum, Entyloma pastinacae, Entyloma pastinacea, Entyloma pavlovii, Entyloma peninsulae, Entyloma peregrinum, Entyloma petuniae, Entyloma peullense, Entyloma phalaridis, Entyloma physalidis, Entyloma picridis, Entyloma plantaginis, Entyloma poae, Entyloma podospermi, Entyloma polygoni-amphibii, Entyloma polygoni-punctati, Entyloma polypogonis, Entyloma polysporum, Entyloma primulae, Entyloma pustulosum, Entyloma pygmaeum, Entyloma randwijkense, Entyloma ranunculacearum, Entyloma ranunculi, Entyloma ranunculi, Entyloma ranunculi-repentis, Entyloma ranunculi-scelerati, Entyloma ranunculorum, Entyloma rhagadioli, Entyloma saccardianum, Entyloma saccardianum, Entyloma saccardoanum, Entyloma saccardoanum, Entyloma sacintha, Entyloma salicis, Entyloma saniculae, Entyloma scalianum, Entyloma scandicis, Entyloma schinzianum, Entyloma schweinfurthii, Entyloma scirpicola, Entyloma semenoviana, Entyloma senecionis, Entyloma serotinum, Entyloma sidae-rhombifoliae, Entyloma siegesbeckiae, Entyloma sonchi, Entyloma sparganii, Entyloma speciosum, Entyloma spectabile, Entyloma spegazzinii, Entyloma spilanthis, Entyloma spinosum, Entyloma sporoboli, Entyloma spragueanum, Entyloma subgen. Entyloma, Entyloma subgen. Melanotaenium, Entyloma sydowianum, Entyloma tagetesium, Entyloma tanaceti, Entyloma taraxaci, Entyloma terrieri, Entyloma thalictri, Entyloma thirumalacharii, Entyloma thrinciae, Entyloma tichomirovii, Entyloma tolpidis, Entyloma tomilinii, Entyloma tozziae, Entyloma tragopogi, Entyloma tragopogonis, Entyloma tragopogonis, Entyloma trailii, Entyloma trigonellae, Entyloma trisetariae, Entyloma ulei, Entyloma uliginis, Entyloma unamunoi, Entyloma ungerianum, Entyloma urocystoides, Entyloma variabile, Entyloma veronicae, Entyloma veronicicola, Entyloma verruculosum, Entyloma verruculosum, Entyloma vignae, Entyloma violae, Entyloma vulpiae, Entyloma winteri, Entyloma wisconsiniense, Entyloma wroblewskii, Entyloma wyomingense, Entyloma xanthii, Entyloma xauense, Entyloma zacintha, Entyloma zinniae, Entyloma zsakii
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