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General information

 Summary:Flammula (Fr.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 22, 80 (1871) [MB#17599] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Flammula Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 11, 250 (1821) [MB#700038]
=Agaricus ser. Derminus Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 10, 240 (1821) [MB#700013]
=Agaricus tr. Pholiota Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 240 (1821) [MB#700051]
=Gymnocybe P. Karst., Bidrag till Kännedom av Finlands Natur och Folk 32: 22, 412 (1879) [MB#22177]
=Dryophila Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 66 (1886) [MB#17531]
=Flammopsis Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 7, 9: 356 (1889) [MB#17598]
=Ryssospora Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 7, 9: 361 (1889) [MB#18499]
=Hypodendrum Paulet ex Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 445 (1909) [MB#17835]
=Visculus Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 437 (1909) [MB#18734]
=Nemecomyces Pilát, Annales Mycologici 31 (1-2): 54 (1933) [MB#18119]
 MycoBank #:17599 
 Authors:(Fries) P. Kummer 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) P. Kumm. 
 Page #:22, 80 
 Year of effective publication:1871 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Illegitimate 
 Comment on name status:homonym 
 Remarks:non Flammula (Webb ex Spach) Fourreau (Ranunculaceae) 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Flammula abramsii, Flammula abrupta, Flammula acuminatospora, Flammula agardhii, Flammula alabamensis, Flammula aldridgei, Flammula aliena, Flammula alnicola, Flammula alutiphylla, Flammula amarissima, Flammula anepesia, Flammula anepsia, Flammula angulatispora, Flammula angulatospora, Flammula anomala, Flammula apicrea, Flammula arenariobulbosa, Flammula arenariobulbosa, Flammula areolata, Flammula argentina, Flammula armillata, Flammula aromatica, Flammula astragalina, Flammula aureobrunnea, Flammula aureoviridis, Flammula austera, Flammula avellanea, Flammula azyma, Flammula baileyi, Flammula baylei, Flammula bayleyi, Flammula bella, Flammula bellula, Flammula betulina, Flammula bicolor, Flammula braendlei, Flammula brasiliensis, Flammula bresadolae, Flammula brevipes, Flammula brunnea, Flammula brunneodisca, Flammula bryophila, Flammula californica, Flammula carbonaria, Flammula carbonaria, Flammula carbonaria, Flammula carnosa, Flammula castanea, Flammula chrysimyces, Flammula chrysomyces, Flammula chrysopella, Flammula chrysotricha, Flammula chrysotrichoides, Flammula cincta, Flammula cinnamomea, Flammula clitopila, Flammula compernis, Flammula condensa, Flammula conissans, Flammula cortinata, Flammula cortinella, Flammula croceolamellata, Flammula crocias, Flammula crociphylla, Flammula crocophylla, Flammula croesus, Flammula dactylicola, Flammula dactylicola, Flammula dactylidicola, Flammula decipiens, Flammula decorata, Flammula decurrens, Flammula decussata, Flammula delimis, Flammula deludens, Flammula depressa, Flammula devonica, Flammula dilepis, Flammula dryophila, Flammula duroides, Flammula ealaensis, Flammula ealeansis, Flammula earlei, Flammula eccentrica, Flammula echinata, Flammula echinospora, Flammula echinulispora, Flammula edulis, Flammula elegantula, Flammula eucalyptorum, Flammula eucalyptorum, Flammula evagabunda, Flammula excentrica, Flammula excentrica, Flammula expansa, Flammula fagicola, Flammula farinacea, Flammula farinacea, Flammula ferruginascens, Flammula fibrillosipes, Flammula filia, Flammula filicea, Flammula filipendula, Flammula flava, Flammula flavida, Flammula flavidella, Flammula flavifolia, Flammula flavipunctata, Flammula flavipunctata, Flammula floccifera, Flammula freindlingiae, Flammula frowardii, Flammula fulgens, Flammula fulvella, Flammula fulvicolor, Flammula fulviconica, Flammula fusa, Flammula fusus, Flammula gigantea, Flammula goniospora, Flammula graminis, Flammula granulosa, Flammula granulosa, Flammula graveolens, Flammula gummosa, Flammula gymnopodia, Flammula halliana, Flammula hanoiensis, Flammula harmoge, Flammula helomorpha, Flammula helvoliceps, Flammula henningsii, Flammula highlandensis, Flammula hillii, Flammula hispida, Flammula hispidella, Flammula holocirrha, Flammula holocrocina, Flammula hybrida, Flammula hyperion, Flammula hypholomoides, Flammula immutabilis, Flammula inaurata, Flammula inconspicua, Flammula inopus, Flammula inopus, Flammula inopus, Flammula insularis, Flammula jalapensis, Flammula janseana, Flammula janus, Flammula javanica, Flammula juncina, Flammula lacticolor, Flammula laetilamellata, Flammula lapponica, Flammula lata, Flammula lateritia, Flammula lenta, Flammula lenticeps, Flammula leptonioides, Flammula limonia, Flammula limonia, Flammula limulata, Flammula liquiritiae, Flammula longispora, Flammula lubrica, Flammula ludoviciana, Flammula ludoviciana, Flammula lupina, Flammula lutaria, Flammula luxurians, Flammula maackiae, Flammula macrophala, Flammula magna, Flammula malayana, Flammula malicola, Flammula micromegala, Flammula mixta, Flammula multifolia, Flammula muricella, Flammula myosotis, Flammula nashii, Flammula nasuta, Flammula nigripes, Flammula nitens, Flammula ochraceotristis, Flammula ochrochlora, Flammula ochroleuca, Flammula olivacea, Flammula oregonensis, Flammula oregonensis, Flammula ornata, Flammula ornatula, Flammula oxylepis, Flammula pallida, Flammula palmarum, Flammula palmicola, Flammula paludosa, Flammula paludosa, Flammula paludosa, Flammula pampeana, Flammula papillata, Flammula papillosispora, Flammula papuensis, Flammula paradoxa, Flammula parvula, Flammula paupercula, Flammula paxiana, Flammula penetrans, Flammula peregrina, Flammula permollis, Flammula phlegmatica, Flammula phlyctophora, Flammula pholiotiformis, Flammula pholiotoides, Flammula phosphorea, Flammula picea, Flammula piceina, Flammula picrea, Flammula pinicola, Flammula polychroa, Flammula praecox, Flammula praefloccosa, Flammula praelaeticolor, Flammula prasina, Flammula puiggarii, Flammula pulchrifolia, Flammula punctata, Flammula punctifolius, Flammula purpurata, Flammula purpurea, Flammula purpureonitens, Flammula pusilla, Flammula radicata, Flammula rhodoxanthus, Flammula ricensis, Flammula rigida, Flammula rotundifolia, Flammula rubicundula, Flammula rubra, Flammula rufipunctata, Flammula salicicola, Flammula saligna, Flammula saltensis, Flammula saniosa, Flammula sapinea, Flammula sarrazini, Flammula sarrazinii, Flammula satura, Flammula scamba, Flammula schinziana, Flammula schweinfurthii, Flammula scorpioides, Flammula seducta, Flammula semiimbricata, Flammula semiimbricata, Flammula sordida, Flammula sordida, Flammula spectabilis, Flammula sphagnicola, Flammula sphagnophila, Flammula spinulifera, Flammula spumosa, Flammula squalida, Flammula squamulosa, Flammula squamulosa, Flammula stabilis, Flammula statuum, Flammula strigiceps, Flammula strigoceps, Flammula studeriana, Flammula subcarbonaria, Flammula subdryophila, Flammula subflavida, Flammula subfulva, Flammula subgen. Phaeonematoloma, Flammula subinodora, Flammula subpenetrans, Flammula subsapinea, Flammula subviridus, Flammula sulphurea, Flammula sulphurea, Flammula tammii, Flammula taraxaci, Flammula tenuis, Flammula tilopoda, Flammula tilopus, Flammula tjibodensis, Flammula tricholoma, Flammula underwoodii, Flammula unicolor, Flammula unicolor, Flammula vacini, Flammula velata, Flammula veluticeps, Flammula veluticeps, Flammula vialis, Flammula vinicolor, Flammula vinosa, Flammula viridans, Flammula viscida, Flammula viscidissima, Flammula weberi, Flammula xanthophylla, Flammula zenkeri
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