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General information

 Summary:Fusicladium Bonord., Handbuch der allgemeinen Mykologie: 80 (1851) [MB#8292] 
 Synonymy:=Fusicladiopsis Karak. & Vassiljevsky, Fungi imperfecti Parasitici. I. Hyphomycetes: 378 (1937) [MB#8290]
=Megacladosporium Vienn.-Bourg., Les champignons parasites des plantes cultivées 1: 489 (1949) [MB#8873]
=Ramalia Bat., Revista de Biologia (Lisboa) 1 (2): 110 (1957) [MB#9689]
 MycoBank #:8292 
 Authors (abbreviated):Bonord. 
 Page #:80 
 Year of effective publication:1851 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
177 Associated records (click to hide):
Fusicladium aconiti, Fusicladium africanum, Fusicladium ahmadii, Fusicladium alopecuri, Fusicladium alopecuri, Fusicladium amelanchieris, Fusicladium amoenum, Fusicladium amygdali, Fusicladium anethi, Fusicladium angelicae, Fusicladium aplectri, Fusicladium aromaticum, Fusicladium aronici, Fusicladium artemisiae, Fusicladium ascyrinum, Fusicladium asiaticum, Fusicladium asperatum, Fusicladium astericola, Fusicladium asteroma, Fusicladium baptisiae, Fusicladium betulae, Fusicladium betuligenum, Fusicladium bicolor, Fusicladium brevicatenatum, Fusicladium brevipes, Fusicladium brevipus, Fusicladium britannicum, Fusicladium butleri, Fusicladium butyrospermi, Fusicladium byrsonimatis, Fusicladium caducum, Fusicladium caesalpiniae, Fusicladium caricae, Fusicladium caricinum, Fusicladium carpineum, Fusicladium carpini, Fusicladium carpophilum, Fusicladium caruanianum, Fusicladium caryigenum, Fusicladium caryogenum, Fusicladium catenosporum, Fusicladium caulicola, Fusicladium cecropiae, Fusicladium cephalanthi, Fusicladium cerasi, Fusicladium cerasi, Fusicladium chanousii, Fusicladium consors, Fusicladium convolvularum, Fusicladium convolvulorum, Fusicladium cordae, Fusicladium coreopsidis, Fusicladium crataegi, Fusicladium cynanchi, Fusicladium dearnessianum, Fusicladium dendriticum, Fusicladium depressum, Fusicladium destruens, Fusicladium diedickeanum, Fusicladium diospyri, Fusicladium dubiosum, Fusicladium effusum, Fusicladium elasticae, Fusicladium elegans, Fusicladium ephedrae, Fusicladium eriobotryae, Fusicladium eucalypti, Fusicladium eucalypticola, Fusicladium eucalyptigenum, Fusicladium euphorbiae, Fusicladium fagi, Fusicladium fagopyri, Fusicladium fasciculatum, Fusicladium fautreyi, Fusicladium fici, Fusicladium fici, Fusicladium fraxini, Fusicladium fuliginosum, Fusicladium fuscescens, Fusicladium fuscescens, Fusicladium gardeniae, Fusicladium gnaphaliatum, Fusicladium grayianum, Fusicladium gynoxidicola, Fusicladium hariotianum, Fusicladium heterosporum, Fusicladium heveae, Fusicladium hippophaës, Fusicladium humile, Fusicladium intermedium, Fusicladium jacarandae, Fusicladium junci, Fusicladium junci, Fusicladium kaki, Fusicladium lageniforme, Fusicladium lalandi, Fusicladium lathyrinum, Fusicladium levieri, Fusicladium lini, Fusicladium livistonae, Fusicladium livistoniae, Fusicladium lonicerae, Fusicladium lysimachiae, Fusicladium macrosporium, Fusicladium macrosporum, Fusicladium maculicola, Fusicladium mandshuricum, Fusicladium martianoffianum, Fusicladium matsushimae, Fusicladium melanconioides, Fusicladium minutulum, Fusicladium miserum, Fusicladium monardae, Fusicladium myrticola, Fusicladium nashicola, Fusicladium nebulosum, Fusicladium obducens, Fusicladium oleagineum, Fusicladium orbiculatum, Fusicladium orchidis, Fusicladium paraamoenum, Fusicladium parasiticum, Fusicladium peltigericola, Fusicladium peucedani, Fusicladium peucedani, Fusicladium phillyreae, Fusicladium photinicola, Fusicladium photiniicola, Fusicladium pini, Fusicladium pirinum, Fusicladium pisicola, Fusicladium pomi, Fusicladium pongamiae, Fusicladium poricola, Fusicladium praecox, Fusicladium proteae, Fusicladium pruni, Fusicladium psammicola, Fusicladium psoraleae, Fusicladium punctiforme, Fusicladium pyracanthae, Fusicladium pyrinum, Fusicladium pyrorum, Fusicladium radiosa, Fusicladium radiosum, Fusicladium ramoconidii, Fusicladium ramulosum, Fusicladium ramulosum, Fusicladium rhodense, Fusicladium robiniae, Fusicladium romellianum, Fusicladium ruthenicum, Fusicladium saliciperdum, Fusicladium salicis, Fusicladium schnablianum, Fusicladium scillae, Fusicladium scribnerianum, Fusicladium sicilianum, Fusicladium sorghi, Fusicladium spiraeae, Fusicladium statices, Fusicladium stuckertii, Fusicladium subsessile, Fusicladium subsessile, Fusicladium tectonicola, Fusicladium tenue, Fusicladium theae, Fusicladium transversum, Fusicladium tremulae, Fusicladium tremulae, Fusicladium triostei, Fusicladium vanillae, Fusicladium variabile, Fusicladium veronicae, Fusicladium virescens, Fusicladium virgaureae, Fusicladium viticis
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