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General information

 Summary:Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 22, 80 (1871) [MB#17723] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Hebeloma Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 10, 249 (1821) [MB#700040]
≡Hebeloma sect. Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 80 (1871) [MB#548931]
≡Hebeloma subsect. Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 80 (1871) [MB#548932]
=Roumeguerites P. Karst., Bidrag till Kännedom av Finlands Natur och Folk 32: 452, 571, XXIV (1879) [MB#18488]
=Hylophila Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 98 (1886) [MB#17813]
=Myxocybe Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 7, 9: 361 (1889) [MB#18108]
=Hebelomatis Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 430 (1909) [MB#17724]
=Picromyces Battarra ex Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 438 (1909) [MB#18285]
=Sarcoloma Locq., Flore mycologique 3: 146 (1979) [MB#18503]
 MycoBank #:17723 
 Authors:(Fries) P. Kummer 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) P. Kumm. 
 Page #:22, 80 
 Year of effective publication:1871 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Hebeloma aanenii, Hebeloma aberrans, Hebeloma aeruginosum, Hebeloma aestivale, Hebeloma aestivale, Hebeloma aestivalis, Hebeloma affine, Hebeloma agglutinatum, Hebeloma aggregatum, Hebeloma alabamense, Hebeloma alachuanum, Hebeloma albidocortinatum, Hebeloma albidulum, Hebeloma albipes, Hebeloma albocolossum, Hebeloma albocrenulatum, Hebeloma alboerumpens, Hebeloma albomarginatum, Hebeloma album, Hebeloma album, Hebeloma alpinicola, Hebeloma alpinum, Hebeloma alvarense, Hebeloma amarellum, Hebeloma aminophilum, Hebeloma ammophilum, Hebeloma ammophilum, Hebeloma angelesiense, Hebeloma angustifolium, Hebeloma angustifolium, Hebeloma angustifolium, Hebeloma angustilamellatum, Hebeloma angustispermum, Hebeloma angustisporium, Hebeloma anthracophilum, Hebeloma apolectum, Hebeloma appendiculatum, Hebeloma aprile, Hebeloma araneosa, Hebeloma arenicolor, Hebeloma arenosa, Hebeloma arenosum, Hebeloma argentinum, Hebeloma asperulatum, Hebeloma atrifulvifolium, Hebeloma atrobrunneum, Hebeloma atrosanguineum, Hebeloma aurantiellum, Hebeloma aurantioumbrinum, Hebeloma australe, Hebeloma austroamericanum, Hebeloma avellaneum, Hebeloma bakeri, Hebeloma barrowsii, Hebeloma bellotianum, Hebeloma bicoloratum, Hebeloma birrum, Hebeloma birrum var. odoratulum, Hebeloma birrus, Hebeloma birrus, Hebeloma birrus var. herrmanniae, Hebeloma boulderense, Hebeloma broadwayi, Hebeloma bruchetii, Hebeloma brunneifolium, Hebeloma brunneodiscum, Hebeloma brunneomaculatum, Hebeloma bryogenes, Hebeloma bryophilum, Hebeloma bulbaceum, Hebeloma bulbiferum, Hebeloma bulbosum, Hebeloma bulbosum, Hebeloma busporus, Hebeloma caespitosum, Hebeloma californicum, Hebeloma calvini, Hebeloma calvinii, Hebeloma calyptrosporum, Hebeloma candidipes, Hebeloma capniocephalus, Hebeloma catalaunicum, Hebeloma catervarium, Hebeloma caulocystidiosum, Hebeloma cavipes, Hebeloma celatum, Hebeloma chapmanae, Hebeloma chapmaniae, Hebeloma chlorophyllum, Hebeloma cinchonense, Hebeloma cinereostipes, Hebeloma cinereum, Hebeloma circinans, Hebeloma cistophilum, Hebeloma claviceps, Hebeloma clavuligera, Hebeloma clavuligerum, Hebeloma clavulipes, Hebeloma coarctatum, Hebeloma collariatum, Hebeloma colossus, Hebeloma colvini, Hebeloma colvinii, Hebeloma commune, Hebeloma coniferarum, Hebeloma coprophilum, Hebeloma corrugatum, Hebeloma cortinarioides, Hebeloma crassipes, Hebeloma cremeopallidum, Hebeloma cremeum, Hebeloma crustuliniforme, Hebeloma cubense, Hebeloma cylindrosporum, Hebeloma danicum, Hebeloma dasypus, Hebeloma deflectens, Hebeloma diffractum, Hebeloma discomorbidum, Hebeloma dissiliens, Hebeloma domardianum, Hebeloma dryophilum, Hebeloma dunense, Hebeloma duracinoides, Hebeloma earlei, Hebeloma eburneum, Hebeloma echinosporum, Hebeloma edurum, Hebeloma edurum, Hebeloma elatellum, Hebeloma elatum, Hebeloma ellipsoideosporium, Hebeloma erebium, Hebeloma erumpens, Hebeloma erumpens, Hebeloma erysibodes, Hebeloma evensoniae, Hebeloma exalbidium, Hebeloma exalbidum, Hebeloma excedens, Hebeloma exiguifolium, Hebeloma farinaceum, Hebeloma fastibile, Hebeloma fastibilis, Hebeloma favrei, Hebeloma felipponei, Hebeloma felleum, Hebeloma fimicola, Hebeloma fimicolum, Hebeloma firmum, Hebeloma flaccidum, Hebeloma flammuloides, Hebeloma flavescens, Hebeloma flavum, Hebeloma flexuosipes, Hebeloma floridanum, Hebeloma floridanum, Hebeloma foedatum, Hebeloma fragilipes, Hebeloma fragilius, Hebeloma fragrans, Hebeloma fragrantissimum, Hebeloma frenchii, Hebeloma funariophilum, Hebeloma funariophyllum, Hebeloma fuscatum, Hebeloma fuscodiscum, Hebeloma fuscostipes, Hebeloma fusiformiradicatum, Hebeloma fusipes, Hebeloma fusisporum, Hebeloma geminatum, Hebeloma gigaspermum, Hebeloma gigasporum, Hebeloma glabrescens, Hebeloma glutinosum, Hebeloma gomezii, Hebeloma grandisporum, Hebeloma gregariiforme, Hebeloma gregarium, Hebeloma griseocanescens, Hebeloma griseocanum, Hebeloma griseopruinatum, Hebeloma griseoscabrosum, Hebeloma griseovelatum, Hebeloma griseum, Hebeloma griseum, Hebeloma groegeri, Hebeloma harperi, Hebeloma helodes, Hebeloma helvolescens, Hebeloma hemisphaericum, Hebeloma herrmanniae, Hebeloma hesleri, Hebeloma hetieri, Hebeloma hiemale, Hebeloma hortense, Hebeloma horticola, Hebeloma humile, Hebeloma humosum, Hebeloma hydrocybeoides, Hebeloma hygrophilum, Hebeloma idahoense, Hebeloma ifeleletorum, Hebeloma igneum, Hebeloma ignobile, Hebeloma illicitum, Hebeloma immutabile, Hebeloma incarnatulum, Hebeloma indecisum, Hebeloma indicum, Hebeloma ingratum, Hebeloma insigne, Hebeloma ischnostylum, Hebeloma islandicum, Hebeloma juneauense, Hebeloma kalmicola, Hebeloma kammala, Hebeloma kanouseae, Hebeloma kanousiae, Hebeloma kauffmanii, Hebeloma kelloggense, Hebeloma kemptonae, Hebeloma kemptoniae, Hebeloma khogianum, Hebeloma kirtonii, Hebeloma kuehneri, Hebeloma kuhneri, Hebeloma lactariolens, Hebeloma lacteocoffeatum, Hebeloma laetitiae, Hebeloma laevatum, Hebeloma lamelliconfertum, Hebeloma lamelliconfertum, Hebeloma latericolor, Hebeloma laterinum, Hebeloma lateritium, Hebeloma latifolium, Hebeloma latifolium, Hebeloma latisporum, Hebeloma leucosarx, Hebeloma levyanum, Hebeloma lignicola, Hebeloma lignicolum, Hebeloma limacinum, Hebeloma limbatum, Hebeloma lindae, Hebeloma lindrothii, Hebeloma litoreum, Hebeloma littenii, Hebeloma longicaudum, Hebeloma longisporum, Hebeloma louiseae, Hebeloma lubriciceps, Hebeloma luchuense, Hebeloma lucidum, Hebeloma lugens, Hebeloma lundqvistii, Hebeloma luteicystidiatum, Hebeloma lutense, Hebeloma luteobrunneum, Hebeloma lutescentipes, Hebeloma luteum, Hebeloma mackinawense, Hebeloma macrosporum, Hebeloma magnimamma, Hebeloma majale, Hebeloma malenconii, Hebeloma mammilatum, Hebeloma mammillatum, Hebeloma mammosum, Hebeloma marginatulum, Hebeloma maritinum, Hebeloma matritense, Hebeloma medianum, Hebeloma mediorufum, Hebeloma mediterraneum, Hebeloma megacarpum, Hebeloma melleum, Hebeloma mentiens, Hebeloma mesophaeum, Hebeloma micropyramis, Hebeloma microspora, Hebeloma microsporum, Hebeloma minus, Hebeloma miserum, Hebeloma mitratum, Hebeloma montanum, Hebeloma monticola, Hebeloma moseri, Hebeloma musivum, Hebeloma mussivum, Hebeloma mutatum, Hebeloma nanum, Hebeloma naucorioides, Hebeloma naucorioides, Hebeloma naufragum, Hebeloma nauseosum, Hebeloma naviculosporum, Hebeloma neurophyllum, Hebeloma nigellum, Hebeloma nigricans, Hebeloma nigromaculatum, Hebeloma nitidum, Hebeloma nothofagetorum, Hebeloma nudipes, Hebeloma obscurum, Hebeloma occidentale, Hebeloma ochraceum, Hebeloma ochroalbidum, Hebeloma octavii, Hebeloma oculatum, Hebeloma odini, Hebeloma odoratissimum, Hebeloma odoratum, Hebeloma olidum, Hebeloma ollaliense, Hebeloma olympianum, Hebeloma oregonense, Hebeloma oreophilum, Hebeloma pallescens, Hebeloma pallidifolium, Hebeloma pallidoargillaceum, Hebeloma pallidolabiatum, Hebeloma pallidoluctuosum, Hebeloma pallidomarginatum, Hebeloma pallidum, Hebeloma pallidum, Hebeloma paludicola, Hebeloma palustre, Hebeloma pamphiliense, Hebeloma parcivelum, Hebeloma parvicystidiatum, Hebeloma parvifructum, Hebeloma parvisporum, Hebeloma pascuense, Hebeloma peckii, Hebeloma perangustisporium, Hebeloma perexiguum, Hebeloma perfarinaceum, Hebeloma perigoense, Hebeloma perpallidum, Hebeloma perplexum, Hebeloma petiginosum, Hebeloma petrakii, Hebeloma piceicola, Hebeloma pinetorum, Hebeloma pitkinense, Hebeloma platense, Hebeloma plesiocistum, Hebeloma polare, Hebeloma politum, Hebeloma populinum, Hebeloma porphyrosporum, Hebeloma praecaespitosum, Hebeloma praecox, Hebeloma praefarinaceum, Hebeloma praefelleum, Hebeloma praefinitum, Hebeloma praelatifolium, Hebeloma praeolidum, Hebeloma praeviscidum, Hebeloma proletaria, Hebeloma proximum, Hebeloma psammicola, Hebeloma psammicolum, Hebeloma psamminum, Hebeloma psammocolum, Hebeloma psammophila, Hebeloma psammophilum, Hebeloma psammophilum, Hebeloma pseudoamarescens, Hebeloma pseudofastabile, Hebeloma pseudofastabile var. distans, Hebeloma pseudofastabile var. pseudofastabile, Hebeloma pseudofastibile, Hebeloma pseudofragilipes, Hebeloma pseudomesophaeum, Hebeloma pseudostrophosum, Hebeloma pubescens, Hebeloma pudica, Hebeloma pumiloides, Hebeloma pumilum, Hebeloma pumilum, Hebeloma punctatiforme, Hebeloma punctatum, Hebeloma punctatum, Hebeloma pungens, Hebeloma pusillum, Hebeloma pusillum, Hebeloma pyrophilum, Hebeloma pyrrholepidum, Hebeloma queletii, Hebeloma quercetorum, Hebeloma quéletii, Hebeloma radicatum, Hebeloma radicosoides, Hebeloma radicosum, Hebeloma remyi, Hebeloma repandum, Hebeloma repandum, Hebeloma riparium, Hebeloma rivulosum, Hebeloma rostratum, Hebeloma rubrofuscum, Hebeloma rubrum, Hebeloma sacchariolens, Hebeloma salicicola, Hebeloma salmonense, Hebeloma sanjuanense, Hebeloma sarcophyllum, Hebeloma scabellum, Hebeloma sect. Denudata, Hebeloma sect. Duracinus, Hebeloma sect. Hebeloma, Hebeloma sect. Myxocybe, Hebeloma sect. Naviculospora, Hebeloma sect. Porphyrospora, Hebeloma sect. Pseudoamarescens, Hebeloma sect. Sacchariolentia, Hebeloma sect. Scabrispora, Hebeloma sect. Sinapizantia, Hebeloma sect. Syrjense, Hebeloma sect. Theobromina, Hebeloma sect. Velutipes, Hebeloma senescens, Hebeloma sericipes, Hebeloma serratum, Hebeloma siennaecolor, Hebeloma simile, Hebeloma sinapizans, Hebeloma sinuosum, Hebeloma smithii, Hebeloma sociale, Hebeloma solheimii, Hebeloma sordescens, Hebeloma sordidulum, Hebeloma sordidum, Hebeloma spetsbergense, Hebeloma spoliatum, Hebeloma sporadicum, Hebeloma sporadicum, Hebeloma squamulosum, Hebeloma squamulosum, Hebeloma stanleyense, Hebeloma stenocystis, Hebeloma sterile, Hebeloma sterlingii, Hebeloma stocseki, Hebeloma strophosum, Hebeloma suaveolens, Hebeloma subannulatum, Hebeloma subargillaceum, Hebeloma subaustrale, Hebeloma subboreale, Hebeloma subcaespitosum, Hebeloma subcapitatum, Hebeloma subcollariatum, Hebeloma subconcolor, Hebeloma subfastibile, Hebeloma subfastigiatum, Hebeloma subhepaticum, Hebeloma subincarnatum, Hebeloma sublamellatum, Hebeloma submelinoides, Hebeloma subplatense, Hebeloma subplatense, Hebeloma subrimosum, Hebeloma subrubescens, Hebeloma subsacchariolens, Hebeloma subsaponaceum, Hebeloma subscambum, Hebeloma subsect. Aestivale, Hebeloma subsect. Crustuliniformia, Hebeloma subsect. Hebeloma, Hebeloma subsect. Hebelomina, Hebeloma subsect. Hiemalia, Hebeloma subsect. Sacchariolens, Hebeloma subsect. Scabrispora, Hebeloma subsect. Sinapizantia, Hebeloma substrophosum, Hebeloma subtestaceum, Hebeloma subtestaceum, Hebeloma subtestaceum, Hebeloma subtortum, Hebeloma subumbrinum, Hebeloma subvatricosoides, Hebeloma subvictoriense, Hebeloma subviolaceum, Hebeloma subzonatum, Hebeloma syrjense, Hebeloma tenuifolium, Hebeloma termitaria, Hebeloma testaceum, Hebeloma theobrominum, Hebeloma thomasianum, Hebeloma tomentosum, Hebeloma tomoeae, Hebeloma tortuosum, Hebeloma tottenii, Hebeloma trachysporum, Hebeloma trinidadense, Hebeloma truncatum, Hebeloma tumidulum, Hebeloma urbanicola, Hebeloma utahense, Hebeloma vaccinum, Hebeloma vatricosoides, Hebeloma vatricosum, Hebeloma vejlense, Hebeloma velatum, Hebeloma velatum, Hebeloma velutipes, Hebeloma veniferum, Hebeloma vernale, Hebeloma verruculosum, Hebeloma versipelle, Hebeloma vesterholtii, Hebeloma victoriae, Hebeloma victoriense, Hebeloma vinaceogriseum, Hebeloma vinaceoumbrinum, Hebeloma vinosophyllum, Hebeloma violascens, Hebeloma virgatum, Hebeloma weberi, Hebeloma wells-kemptonae, Hebeloma wells-kemptoniae, Hebeloma wellsiae, Hebeloma westraliense, Hebeloma xerophilum, Hebeloma youngii
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