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General information

 Summary:Hexagonia Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 496 (1838) [MB#17755] 
 Synonymy:≡Hexagona Fr. (1836) [MB#17756] 
 MycoBank #:17755 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:496 
 Year of effective publication:1838 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
 Remarks:originally as Hexagona, but conserved as Hexagonia 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

215 Associated records (click to hide):
Hexagonia aculeata, Hexagonia adnata, Hexagonia aequalis, Hexagonia albida, Hexagonia albida, Hexagonia alveolaris, Hexagonia amplexans, Hexagonia amplexens, Hexagonia angulata, Hexagonia annamitica, Hexagonia apiaria, Hexagonia applanata, Hexagonia arata, Hexagonia aspera, Hexagonia assaortina, Hexagonia atra, Hexagonia atrosanguinea, Hexagonia badia, Hexagonia bartlettii, Hexagonia bicolor, Hexagonia bipindiensis, Hexagonia bivalvis, Hexagonia blumei, Hexagonia boueana, Hexagonia brevis, Hexagonia brunneola, Hexagonia burchellii, Hexagonia caliginosa, Hexagonia caperata, Hexagonia caperata, Hexagonia capillacea, Hexagonia carbonaria, Hexagonia casuarinae, Hexagonia cervinoplumbea, Hexagonia cesatii, Hexagonia chartacea, Hexagonia ciliata, Hexagonia cingulata, Hexagonia cladophora, Hexagonia cognata, Hexagonia concinna, Hexagonia cookei, Hexagonia coriacea, Hexagonia crassipora, Hexagonia crinigera, Hexagonia cruenta, Hexagonia cucullata, Hexagonia culmicola, Hexagonia cuprea, Hexagonia cyclophora, Hexagonia daedalea, Hexagonia daedaleiformis, Hexagonia decipiens, Hexagonia dermatiphora, Hexagonia deschampsii, Hexagonia discolor, Hexagonia discopoda, Hexagonia dorcadidea, Hexagonia dregeana, Hexagonia dubiosa, Hexagonia durissima, Hexagonia dybowskii, Hexagonia elegans, Hexagonia elegans, Hexagonia erubescens, Hexagonia expallida, Hexagonia fasciata, Hexagonia favoloides, Hexagonia favoloides, Hexagonia favus, Hexagonia ferruginosa, Hexagonia fioriana, Hexagonia flabelliformis, Hexagonia flavofusca, Hexagonia floridana, Hexagonia fragilis, Hexagonia friesiana, Hexagonia fuscoglabra, Hexagonia gallica, Hexagonia glaber, Hexagonia glabra, Hexagonia glabra, Hexagonia gracilis, Hexagonia gunnii, Hexagonia gunnii, Hexagonia henschallii, Hexagonia heteropora, Hexagonia heteropora, Hexagonia heteropora, Hexagonia hexagonoides, Hexagonia hirta, Hexagonia hispidula, Hexagonia hondurensis, Hexagonia hydnoides, Hexagonia indurata, Hexagonia klotzschii, Hexagonia koenigii, Hexagonia kurzii, Hexagonia lachnochaeta, Hexagonia laevis, Hexagonia lenzitea, Hexagonia leprosa, Hexagonia levis, Hexagonia lignosa, Hexagonia lineata, Hexagonia luzonensis, Hexagonia macrotrema, Hexagonia marcucciana, Hexagonia maxoni, Hexagonia maxonii, Hexagonia megalopora, Hexagonia micropora, Hexagonia mimetes, Hexagonia minor, Hexagonia miquelii, Hexagonia mirabilis, Hexagonia molkenboeri, Hexagonia mori, Hexagonia mori, Hexagonia motzorongensis, Hexagonia muelleri, Hexagonia murina, Hexagonia niam-niamensis, Hexagonia nigrocincta, Hexagonia nitida, Hexagonia obversa, Hexagonia ochroleuca, Hexagonia olivacea, Hexagonia orbiculata, Hexagonia pallens, Hexagonia pallida, Hexagonia papyracea, Hexagonia papyraceoresupinata, Hexagonia patouillardii, Hexagonia pectinata, Hexagonia peltata, Hexagonia pergamenea, Hexagonia pertenuis, Hexagonia phaeopora, Hexagonia picta, Hexagonia pobeguinii, Hexagonia polygramma, Hexagonia polygramma, Hexagonia polyzona, Hexagonia portoricensis, Hexagonia princeps, Hexagonia pruinosa, Hexagonia pseudoprinceps, Hexagonia pulchella, Hexagonia purpurascens, Hexagonia reniformis, Hexagonia resinosa, Hexagonia retropicta, Hexagonia reyesii, Hexagonia rhodopora, Hexagonia rhombipora, Hexagonia rigida, Hexagonia ruficeps, Hexagonia sacleuxii, Hexagonia scabra, Hexagonia sclerodermea, Hexagonia scruposa, Hexagonia scutellata, Hexagonia scutigera, Hexagonia sericata, Hexagonia sericea, Hexagonia sericeohirsuta, Hexagonia seuratii, Hexagonia similis, Hexagonia sinensis, Hexagonia smallii, Hexagonia speciosa, Hexagonia striatula, Hexagonia strigosa, Hexagonia stuhlmannii, Hexagonia subaculeata, Hexagonia subcaperata, Hexagonia subpurpurascens, Hexagonia subrigida, Hexagonia subtenuis, Hexagonia subtenuis, Hexagonia subvelutina, Hexagonia sulcata, Hexagonia sulfurea, Hexagonia sulphurea, Hexagonia tabacina, Hexagonia tabuna, Hexagonia taxodii, Hexagonia tenuiformis, Hexagonia tenuis, Hexagonia tenuis var. discopoda, Hexagonia tessellatula, Hexagonia thollonis, Hexagonia thwaitesii, Hexagonia tricolor, Hexagonia umbrina, Hexagonia umbrinella, Hexagonia umbrosa, Hexagonia unicolor, Hexagonia variegata, Hexagonia velutina, Hexagonia velutinoglabra, Hexagonia vespacea, Hexagonia vesparia, Hexagonia vibecinoides, Hexagonia vitellina, Hexagonia vittata, Hexagonia warburgiana, Hexagonia welwitschii, Hexagonia wightii, Hexagonia wightii, Hexagonia wildemanii, Hexagonia wilsonii, Hexagonia zambesiana, Hexagonia zambeziana
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 Type of organism:? 



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