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General information

 Summary:Inocybe (Fr.) Fr., Monographia Hymenomycetum Sueciae 2: 346 (1863) [MB#17848] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Inocybe Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 11, 254 (1821) [MB#700042]
≡Inocybe sect. Inocybe (1863) [MB#548980]
≡Inocybe ser. Inocybe (1863) [MB#548981]
≡Inocybe stirps Inocybe (Fr.) Fr., Monographia Hymenomycetum Sueciae 2: 346 (1863) [MB#548982]
≡Inocybe subgen. Inocybe (1863) [MB#548983]
≡Inocybe subsect. Inocybe (1863) [MB#548984]
≡Inocybe subser. Inocybe (1863) [MB#548985]
=Agaricus subgen. Clypeus Britzelm., Berichte des Naturhistorischen Vereins Augsburg 26: 137 (1881) [MB#700019]
=Astrosporina J. Schröt., Kryptogamen-Flora von Schlesien 3-1(5): 576 (1889) [MB#17116]
=Agmocybe Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 439 (1909) [MB#17033]
=Inocibium Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 439 (1909) [MB#17847]
=Astrosporina S. Imai, Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hokkaido Imperial University 43: 222 (1938) [MB#505970]
=Inocybella Zerova, Novosti Sist. Nizsh. Rast.: 163 (1974) [MB#17849]
 MycoBank #:17848 
 Authors:(Fries) Fries 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Fr. 
 Page #:346 
 Year of effective publication:1863 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Inocybe aberrans, Inocybe abietis, Inocybe abietis, Inocybe abjecta, Inocybe abnormispora, Inocybe abruptibulbosa, Inocybe absistens, Inocybe abundans, Inocybe acaciae, Inocybe acanthosperma, Inocybe acriolens, Inocybe acuta, Inocybe acutata, Inocybe acutella, Inocybe acutoides, Inocybe acutopapillata, Inocybe acystidiata, Inocybe acystidiosa, Inocybe adaequata, Inocybe adunans, Inocybe aemula, Inocybe aequalis, Inocybe aequalis, Inocybe aerea, Inocybe aeruginascens, Inocybe aestiva, Inocybe affinis, Inocybe agardhii, Inocybe agglutinata, Inocybe agordina, Inocybe ahmadii, Inocybe alabamensis, Inocybe alachuana, Inocybe albicans, Inocybe albidipes, Inocybe albido-ochracea, Inocybe albidodisca, Inocybe albidoincarnata, Inocybe albidolamellata, Inocybe albidula, Inocybe albipes, Inocybe albodisca, Inocybe albofibrillosa, Inocybe alboflavella, Inocybe albofloccosa, Inocybe albomarginata, Inocybe albonitens, Inocybe alboperonata, Inocybe albopruinata, Inocybe albovelata, Inocybe albovelutipes, Inocybe albovestita, Inocybe alboviscida, Inocybe alienella, Inocybe alienospora, Inocybe alloumbrina, Inocybe alluvionis, Inocybe alnea, Inocybe alpigenes, Inocybe alpinomarginata, Inocybe althoffiae, Inocybe amarescens, Inocybe amazoniensis, Inocybe ambigua, Inocybe amblyospora, Inocybe amblyospora, Inocybe amblyspora, Inocybe amblyspora, Inocybe amelandica, Inocybe amethystina, Inocybe amicta, Inocybe ammophila, Inocybe ammophila, Inocybe amoenolens, Inocybe ampullaceocystidiata, Inocybe amygdalina, Inocybe amygdalispora, Inocybe amygdalospora, Inocybe analogica, Inocybe angulatosquamulosa, Inocybe angustifolia, Inocybe angustispora, Inocybe annulata, Inocybe antillana, Inocybe antoniniana, Inocybe apicrea, Inocybe apicreus, Inocybe apiosmota, Inocybe appendiculata, Inocybe araneosa, Inocybe arenacolens, Inocybe arenaria, Inocybe arenicola, Inocybe areolatodiffracta, Inocybe argentea, Inocybe argenteolutea, Inocybe argentina, Inocybe argillacea, Inocybe armeniaca, Inocybe armeniacofibrillosa, Inocybe armoricana, Inocybe arthrocystis, Inocybe asinia, Inocybe asinina, Inocybe assimilata, Inocybe asterospora, Inocybe astoriana, Inocybe astraiana, Inocybe athenana, Inocybe atripes, Inocybe atrisquamosa, Inocybe atrorubripes, Inocybe atroumbonata, Inocybe attenuatipes, Inocybe aurantiifolia, Inocybe aurantiobrunnea, Inocybe aurantiocystidiata, Inocybe aurantioumbonata, Inocybe aurea, Inocybe aureocitrina, Inocybe aureoglabra, Inocybe aureolamellata, Inocybe aureoplumosa, Inocybe aureorimosa, Inocybe aureostipes, Inocybe auricoma, Inocybe auricomella, Inocybe auritelloides, Inocybe aurivenia, Inocybe aurora, Inocybe australiensis, Inocybe austrofibrillosa, Inocybe austrofibrillosipes, Inocybe austrolilacina, Inocybe austrosquarrosa, Inocybe autumnalis, Inocybe avellana, Inocybe avellanea, Inocybe avellaneifolia, Inocybe avellaneocephala, Inocybe avenacea, Inocybe ayangannae, Inocybe ayeri, Inocybe bakeri, Inocybe baltica, Inocybe barrasae, Inocybe basicitrata, Inocybe basicitrata, Inocybe bella, Inocybe belleri, Inocybe bicolor, Inocybe bicolorata, Inocybe bicornis, Inocybe bipindiensis, Inocybe bispora, Inocybe bivela, Inocybe bivela, Inocybe bolbitioides, Inocybe boltonii, Inocybe bombina, Inocybe bongardii, Inocybe borealis, Inocybe boreoaustralis, Inocybe boreocarelica, Inocybe botaurina, Inocybe bresadolae, Inocybe bresadolana, Inocybe bresadoliana, Inocybe brevicula, Inocybe brevicystis, Inocybe brevicystis, Inocybe brevipes, Inocybe brevispora, Inocybe brevisquamulosa, Inocybe breviterincarnata, Inocybe bridgesiana, Inocybe brunnea, Inocybe brunnea, Inocybe brunneidisca, Inocybe brunneoatra, Inocybe brunneolipes, Inocybe brunneolutea, Inocybe brunneorufa, Inocybe brunneotomentosa, Inocybe brunneovillosa, Inocybe brunnescens, Inocybe brunnescens, Inocybe brunnescentipes, Inocybe bubaci, Inocybe bubakii, Inocybe bucknalli, Inocybe bucknallii, Inocybe bufonia, Inocybe bulbinella, Inocybe bulbosa, Inocybe bulbosissima, Inocybe caballeroi, Inocybe cacaocolor, Inocybe caerulata, Inocybe caesariata, Inocybe caespitosa, Inocybe caespitosella, Inocybe calamistrata, Inocybe calamistratoides, Inocybe calcaris, Inocybe calida, Inocybe californica, Inocybe callichroa, Inocybe calocephala, Inocybe calopedes, Inocybe calospora, Inocybe calosporoides, Inocybe calosporoides, Inocybe camelicolor, Inocybe campestris, Inocybe candidipes, Inocybe canescens, Inocybe capucina, Inocybe carbonaria, Inocybe carbonaria, Inocybe carelica, Inocybe carneicaulis, Inocybe carnosibulbosa, Inocybe carolinensis, Inocybe caroticolor, Inocybe carpinacea, Inocybe carpta, Inocybe casimiri, Inocybe castanea, Inocybe castanea, Inocybe castaneoides, Inocybe castaneolamellata, Inocybe castanopsis, Inocybe castorina, Inocybe casuarinae, Inocybe catalaunica, Inocybe caucasica, Inocybe caulis-aurorae, Inocybe cavalcantiae, Inocybe cavipes, Inocybe cavipes, Inocybe cerasphora, Inocybe cercocarpi, Inocybe cerea, Inocybe cerina, Inocybe cervicolor, Inocybe ceskae, Inocybe chalcoceps, Inocybe chalcodoxantha, Inocybe changbaiensis, Inocybe chelanensis, Inocybe chilensis, Inocybe chlorochroa, Inocybe chondroderma, Inocybe chondrospora, Inocybe chrysocephala, Inocybe chrysochroa, Inocybe cicatricata, Inocybe cinchonensis, Inocybe cincinnata, Inocybe cincinnatula, Inocybe cinerascentipes, Inocybe cingulata, Inocybe cingulatipes, Inocybe cinnabarina, Inocybe cinnamomea, Inocybe cinnamomea, Inocybe cinnamomeiceps, Inocybe cinnamomicolor, Inocybe cistobulbipes, Inocybe citrinofolia, Inocybe clarkii, Inocybe clavata, Inocybe claviceps, Inocybe claviger, Inocybe clypeata, Inocybe coelestium, Inocybe coerulescens, Inocybe collivaga, Inocybe coloradensis, Inocybe coloradoensis, Inocybe comatella, Inocybe commixta, Inocybe commutabilis, Inocybe concinnula, Inocybe conformata, Inocybe confusa, Inocybe confusula, Inocybe congregata, Inocybe conica, Inocybe conicoalba, Inocybe conissans, Inocybe connexa, Inocybe connexifolia, Inocybe conspersa, Inocybe conspicuispora, Inocybe conspicuospora, Inocybe conveniens, Inocybe cookei, Inocybe copriniformis, Inocybe coprinoides, Inocybe corcontica, Inocybe cordae, Inocybe cordalina, Inocybe corneri, Inocybe corrubescens, Inocybe cortinata, Inocybe corydalina, Inocybe costinitii, Inocybe cotoneovelata, Inocybe crassicystidiata, Inocybe crassipes, Inocybe cristata, Inocybe croceifolia, Inocybe crocifolia, Inocybe cryptocystis, Inocybe cucullata, Inocybe cuniculina, Inocybe curcumina, Inocybe curreyi, Inocybe curtispora, Inocybe curvipes, Inocybe cutifracta, Inocybe cyaneovirescens, Inocybe cyanotrichia, Inocybe cylindrispora, Inocybe cylindrocystis, Inocybe cystidiocatenata, Inocybe cystidiosa, Inocybe davisiana, Inocybe debilipes, Inocybe deborae, Inocybe decemgibbosa, Inocybe decipiens, Inocybe decipientoides, Inocybe deducta, Inocybe deflectens, Inocybe deglubens, Inocybe deianae, Inocybe delecta, Inocybe demitrata, Inocybe densipruinosa, Inocybe dentifera, Inocybe derbschii, Inocybe descissa, Inocybe desquamans, Inocybe destricta, Inocybe destruens, Inocybe devoniensis, Inocybe devulgata, Inocybe dewrangia, Inocybe diabolica, Inocybe digitula, Inocybe dilutecinnamomea, Inocybe diminuta, Inocybe discissa, Inocybe dissimilis, Inocybe dissocystis, Inocybe distantifolia, Inocybe diversa, Inocybe dolichospora, Inocybe duella, Inocybe dulcamara, Inocybe dulcamara, Inocybe dulcamaroides, Inocybe dulciolens, Inocybe dunensis, Inocybe duploparvula, Inocybe duriuscula, Inocybe earleana, Inocybe eburnea, Inocybe echinata, Inocybe echinocarpa, Inocybe echinosimilis, Inocybe echinospora, Inocybe egenula, Inocybe elata, Inocybe elegans, Inocybe ellipsoidispora, Inocybe elliptica, Inocybe emergens, Inocybe enigmatica, Inocybe enthelella, Inocybe entolomatospora, Inocybe epidendron, Inocybe ericetorum, Inocybe erinaceomorpha, Inocybe eriocaulis, Inocybe eriocephala, Inocybe errata, Inocybe erubescens, Inocybe erythospilota, Inocybe erythrobasis, Inocybe erythroxa, Inocybe euganea, Inocybe eurycystis, Inocybe euthelella, Inocybe eutheles, Inocybe eutheloides, Inocybe euviolacea, Inocybe excoriata, Inocybe exigens, Inocybe exigua, Inocybe exiguispora, Inocybe exilis, Inocybe explanata, Inocybe faeculenta, Inocybe fallaciosa, Inocybe fallax, Inocybe farcta, Inocybe farinosipes, Inocybe fasciata, Inocybe fastigiata, Inocybe fastigiella, Inocybe fastuosa, Inocybe favorabilis, Inocybe favrei, Inocybe favrei, Inocybe favrei-cavipes, Inocybe fechtneri, Inocybe felipponei, Inocybe ferruginea, Inocybe ferruginosa, Inocybe fibrillosa, Inocybe fibrillosa, Inocybe fibrillosibrunnea, Inocybe fibrillosipes, Inocybe fibrillosipes, Inocybe fibrosa, Inocybe fibrosa, Inocybe fibrosoides, Inocybe fibrosolacerata, Inocybe firma, Inocybe fissurata, Inocybe fissuratula, Inocybe flagellata, Inocybe flava, Inocybe flavella, Inocybe flavidolilacina, Inocybe flavoalbida, Inocybe flavobrunnea, Inocybe flavobrunnescens, Inocybe flavofusca, Inocybe flavosquamulosa, Inocybe floccosibrunnea, Inocybe flocculosa, Inocybe floridana, Inocybe fragilis, Inocybe fragilissima, Inocybe fragrans, Inocybe fraudans, Inocybe friabilis, Inocybe friesii, Inocybe frigidula, Inocybe froudistii, Inocybe frumentacea, Inocybe fuegiana, Inocybe fuligineo-atra, Inocybe fuligineoalba, Inocybe fuligineoatra, Inocybe fulvella, Inocybe fulvelliceps, Inocybe fulvi-umbonata, Inocybe fulviceps, Inocybe fulvida, Inocybe fulvidula, Inocybe fulvilubrica, Inocybe fulvipes, Inocybe fulvo-olivacea, Inocybe fulvotomentosa, Inocybe fulvoumbonata, Inocybe fulvoumbrina, Inocybe fumosifolia, Inocybe furcata, Inocybe furfurea, Inocybe fuscata, Inocybe fuscescentipes, Inocybe fuscicothurnata, Inocybe fuscidula, Inocybe fuscidula, Inocybe fuscocinnamomea, Inocybe fuscodisca, Inocybe fuscomarginata, Inocybe fuscoperonata, Inocybe fuscospinulosa, Inocybe fuscosquarrosa, Inocybe fuscovinacea, Inocybe fusipes, Inocybe fusus, Inocybe gaillardi, Inocybe gaillardii, Inocybe gamphodes, Inocybe gausapata, Inocybe gbadjii, Inocybe gemina, Inocybe geniculata, Inocybe geoaustralis, Inocybe geophylla, Inocybe geophyllomorpha, Inocybe georgii, Inocybe geraniodora, Inocybe geraniolens, Inocybe ghanaensis, Inocybe giacomi, Inocybe giacomi, Inocybe gibbosula, Inocybe gigacystis, Inocybe gigantea, Inocybe gigantispora, Inocybe gigaspora, Inocybe gilviceps, Inocybe gintliana, Inocybe glaber, Inocybe glabra, Inocybe glabrescens, Inocybe glabripes, Inocybe glabrodisca, Inocybe glandicolor, Inocybe glareophila, Inocybe glaucescens, Inocybe glaucodisca, Inocybe globocystis, Inocybe globulina, Inocybe glutinosa, Inocybe glutinosifibrillosa, Inocybe glutinosonigricans, Inocybe godeyi, Inocybe godfrinioides, Inocybe gomphocephala, Inocybe gomphodes, Inocybe goniopusio, Inocybe goniopusio, Inocybe gracilenta, Inocybe gracilior, Inocybe gracilissima, Inocybe gracillima, Inocybe graminicola, Inocybe grammata, Inocybe grammatoides, Inocybe grammocephala, Inocybe grammopodia, Inocybe granulosiceps, Inocybe granulosipes, Inocybe grata, Inocybe graveolens, Inocybe graveolens, Inocybe gregaria, Inocybe griseobrunnea, Inocybe griseola, Inocybe griseolilacina, Inocybe griseorubida, Inocybe griseoscabrosa, Inocybe griseotarda, Inocybe griseovelata, Inocybe guttulifer, Inocybe guttulifera, Inocybe gymnocarpa, Inocybe gymnopilus, Inocybe gypsea, Inocybe haemacta, Inocybe hainanensis, Inocybe halophila, Inocybe hebelomoides, Inocybe hebelomoides, Inocybe heidelbergensis, Inocybe heimiana, Inocybe heimii, Inocybe helianthemi, Inocybe helobia, Inocybe hemileuca, Inocybe henryi, Inocybe heterochrominea, Inocybe heterocystis, Inocybe heterogenea, Inocybe heterosemen, Inocybe hettematica, Inocybe himalayensis, Inocybe hinnulea, Inocybe hinoana, Inocybe hirculus, Inocybe hirsuta, Inocybe hirtella, Inocybe hirtelloides, Inocybe hiulca, Inocybe holophaea, Inocybe holophlebia, Inocybe holoxantha, Inocybe homomorpha, Inocybe horakii, Inocybe horakomyces, Inocybe hotsoniana, Inocybe huijsmanii, Inocybe humidicola, Inocybe humilis, Inocybe humilis, Inocybe hydrocybiformis, Inocybe hygrophana, Inocybe hygrophila, Inocybe hygrophoroides, Inocybe hygrophorus, Inocybe hygrophorus, Inocybe hymenocarpa, Inocybe hypervelata, Inocybe hyperythra, Inocybe hypophaea, Inocybe hypotheja, Inocybe hystrix, Inocybe ianthinofolia, Inocybe ignobilis, Inocybe ignobilis, Inocybe illudens, Inocybe imbecillis, Inocybe imbricata, Inocybe immaculipes, Inocybe immigrans, Inocybe impensibilis, Inocybe impexa, Inocybe inaensis, Inocybe incarnata, Inocybe incognita, Inocybe inconcinna, Inocybe indica, Inocybe indissimilis, Inocybe inedita, Inocybe inexpecta, Inocybe inexpectata, Inocybe infelix, Inocybe infida, Inocybe infirma, Inocybe infracta, Inocybe infumata, Inocybe ingae, Inocybe injuncta, Inocybe inodora, Inocybe inscripta, Inocybe insequens, Inocybe insignis, Inocybe insignissima, Inocybe insinuata, Inocybe insuavis, Inocybe insulana, Inocybe intermedia, Inocybe intricata, Inocybe invadens, Inocybe invenusta, Inocybe involuta, Inocybe ionides, Inocybe ionipes, Inocybe ionocaulis, Inocybe ionochlora, Inocybe iringolkavensis, Inocybe irregularinodulosa, Inocybe irregularis, Inocybe isabellina, Inocybe iseranensis, Inocybe iterata, Inocybe jacobi, Inocybe jacobi, Inocybe jalapensis, Inocybe jalopensis, Inocybe jamaicensis, Inocybe javorkae, Inocybe johannae, Inocybe johannis-stanglii, Inocybe juniperina, Inocybe jurana, Inocybe kalchbrenneri, Inocybe kasugayamensis, Inocybe kauffmani, Inocybe kauffmanii, Inocybe kittilensis, Inocybe kobayasii, Inocybe kohistanensis, Inocybe krieglsteineri, Inocybe krieglsteinerii, Inocybe kuehneri, Inocybe kuhneri, Inocybe kuruvensis, Inocybe kuthanii, Inocybe lacera, Inocybe laeta, Inocybe laetior, Inocybe laevigata, Inocybe laevigata, Inocybe laevispora, Inocybe lagenicystidiata, Inocybe lageniformis, Inocybe lanatodisca, Inocybe lanatopurpurea, Inocybe langei, Inocybe lanotodisca, Inocybe lanuginella, Inocybe lanuginosa, Inocybe lapponica, Inocybe lasseri, Inocybe lasseroides, Inocybe lateraria, Inocybe latericia, Inocybe latibulosa, Inocybe latifolia, Inocybe latispora, Inocybe laureata, Inocybe laurina, Inocybe lavandulochlora, Inocybe lechiana, Inocybe leiocephala, Inocybe leochroma, Inocybe leonina, Inocybe lepidocephala, Inocybe lepidotella, Inocybe lepiotoides, Inocybe leptoclada, Inocybe leptocystella, Inocybe leptocystis, Inocybe leptoderma, Inocybe leptophylla, Inocybe leptospermi, Inocybe leucoblema, Inocybe leucoblema, Inocybe leucocephala, Inocybe leucoloma, Inocybe leucopoda, Inocybe leucopus, Inocybe leucopus, Inocybe leucotaenia, Inocybe lilacina, Inocybe lilacinolamellata, Inocybe lilacinomaculata, Inocybe lilacinosquamosa, Inocybe lilofastigiata, Inocybe lindrothii, Inocybe lineata, Inocybe littoralis, Inocybe longicystis, Inocybe longicystis, Inocybe longipes, Inocybe longipes, Inocybe longispora, Inocybe lorillardiana, Inocybe lubrica, Inocybe lucifera, Inocybe lucifuga, Inocybe lutea, Inocybe luteifolia, Inocybe luteifolia, Inocybe luteipes, Inocybe luteo-olivacea, Inocybe luteobrunnea, Inocybe luteobulbosa, Inocybe luteola, Inocybe lutescens, Inocybe lutescens, Inocybe macrocystis, Inocybe macrosperma, Inocybe macrospora, Inocybe macrospora, Inocybe maculata, Inocybe maculipes, Inocybe magnibulbosa, Inocybe magnicarpa, Inocybe magnifica, Inocybe magnifolia, Inocybe malenconiana, Inocybe malenconii, Inocybe malençoniana, Inocybe mallocyboides, Inocybe mallocyboides, Inocybe mallopoda, Inocybe mammifera, Inocybe mammillaris, Inocybe mammosa, Inocybe manuelae, Inocybe manukanea, Inocybe marangania, Inocybe margaritispora, Inocybe marginata, Inocybe mariluanensis, Inocybe maritima, Inocybe maritima, Inocybe maritimoides, Inocybe marmaripes, Inocybe marmoripes, Inocybe martinica, Inocybe mascardi, Inocybe masoviensis, Inocybe matrisdei, Inocybe mediocris, Inocybe megalospora, Inocybe melampyri, Inocybe melanopoda, Inocybe melanopus, Inocybe melissolens, Inocybe melleiconica, Inocybe melliolens, Inocybe mellita, Inocybe memorialis, Inocybe mendica, Inocybe menthi-gustans, Inocybe meridionalis, Inocybe merletii, Inocybe mesophaea, Inocybe metrodiana, Inocybe metrodii, Inocybe microcephala, Inocybe microfastigiata, Inocybe micropyramis, Inocybe microsperma, Inocybe microspora, Inocybe microteroxantha, Inocybe mimeana, Inocybe mimica, Inocybe minima, Inocybe minima, Inocybe minimispora, Inocybe minuta, Inocybe minutispora, Inocybe minutissima, Inocybe mirabilis, Inocybe miranda, Inocybe misakaensis, Inocybe misera, Inocybe mitracea, Inocybe mitrata, Inocybe mixtiliformis, Inocybe mixtilioides, Inocybe mixtilis, Inocybe miyiensis, Inocybe moelleri, Inocybe monochroa, Inocybe montana, Inocybe monticola, Inocybe moravica, Inocybe mucidiolens, Inocybe mucronata, Inocybe mullicolore, Inocybe multicingulata, Inocybe multicolor, Inocybe multicoronata, Inocybe multifolia, Inocybe multispora, Inocybe mundula, Inocybe muricellata, Inocybe murina, Inocybe murinolilacina, Inocybe murrayana, Inocybe mussiva, Inocybe mussooriensis, Inocybe mutata, Inocybe mutatoria, Inocybe muthangensis, Inocybe mutica, Inocybe mycenoides, Inocybe myriadophylla, Inocybe mystica, Inocybe mytiliodora, Inocybe nana, Inocybe nana, Inocybe napiformis, Inocybe napipes, Inocybe naucoriaeformis, Inocybe naucoriiformis, Inocybe nebularis, Inocybe neglecta, Inocybe nematoloma, Inocybe nematoloma, Inocybe nemorosa, Inocybe neobrunnescens, Inocybe neoflocculosa, Inocybe neomicrospora, Inocybe neorufula, Inocybe neotropicalis, Inocybe neoumbrina, Inocybe neoumbrinella, Inocybe nespiakii, Inocybe neuhoffii, Inocybe neuquenensis, Inocybe nigrescens, Inocybe nigrescentipes, Inocybe nigricans, Inocybe nigridisca, Inocybe nigrodisca, Inocybe niigatensis, Inocybe nikkoensis, Inocybe nitida, Inocybe nitidiuscula, Inocybe niveavelata, Inocybe niveivelata, Inocybe nobilis, Inocybe nobilissima, Inocybe nodulosa, Inocybe nodulosospora, Inocybe nodulospora, Inocybe nothomixtilis, Inocybe nothopus, Inocybe notodryina, Inocybe nucleata, Inocybe nuda, Inocybe nudiuscula, Inocybe numerosigibba, Inocybe oblectabilis, Inocybe oblonga, Inocybe oblongispora, Inocybe obscura, Inocybe obscurella, Inocybe obscurobadia, Inocybe obscuroides, Inocybe obscuromellea, Inocybe observabilis, Inocybe obsoleta, Inocybe obsoleta, Inocybe obsoleta, Inocybe obtusiuscula, Inocybe occidentalis, Inocybe occulta, Inocybe ochracea, Inocybe ochraceomarginata, Inocybe ochraceoscabra, Inocybe ochraceoviolascens, Inocybe ochroalba, Inocybe ochrofulva, Inocybe ochroleuca, Inocybe ochrorufa, Inocybe odora, Inocybe oehrensii, Inocybe ohenojae, Inocybe olgae, Inocybe olida, Inocybe olidissima, Inocybe olivaceobrunnea, Inocybe olivaceobrunnea, Inocybe olivaceohinnulea, Inocybe olivaceonigra, Inocybe olivaceoviridis, Inocybe olorinata, Inocybe olpidiocystis, Inocybe olympiana, Inocybe orbata, Inocybe oreadoides, Inocybe oreina, Inocybe ornata, Inocybe ornatipes, Inocybe ortegae, Inocybe ovalispora, Inocybe ovatocystis, Inocybe ovispora, Inocybe ovoidea, Inocybe ovoideicystis, Inocybe ozeensis, Inocybe pachycaulis, Inocybe pachycreas, Inocybe pachydermica, Inocybe pachypleura, Inocybe pahangi, Inocybe pakistanensis, Inocybe palaeotropica, Inocybe pallescens, Inocybe pallida, Inocybe pallidicremea, Inocybe pallidiflavipes, Inocybe pallidipes, Inocybe pallidobrunnea, Inocybe pallidospora, Inocybe pallidotomentosa, Inocybe paludicola, Inocybe paludinella, Inocybe paludosa, Inocybe paludosella, Inocybe papilionacea, Inocybe papillata, Inocybe papilliformis, Inocybe paracerasphora, Inocybe paradoxa, Inocybe paragiacomi, Inocybe paralanuginosa, Inocybe pararubens, Inocybe parcecoacta, Inocybe parcesquamulosa, Inocybe pargasensis, Inocybe parvibulbosa, Inocybe parvicystis, Inocybe parvifulva, Inocybe parvipileus, Inocybe parvispora, Inocybe parvispora, Inocybe parvisquamulosa, Inocybe patibilis, Inocybe patouillardii, Inocybe paucicolor, Inocybe paucicystidiosa, Inocybe paucigibba, Inocybe pedemontana, Inocybe pedicellata, Inocybe pedunculata, Inocybe pegleri, Inocybe pelargoniodora, Inocybe pelargonium, Inocybe perbrevis, Inocybe perchtana, Inocybe perlata, Inocybe perlucida, Inocybe permucida, Inocybe pernivosa, Inocybe peronatella, Inocybe perpusilla, Inocybe persicinipes, Inocybe personata, Inocybe pertomentosa, Inocybe petchii, Inocybe petiginosa, Inocybe petroselinolens, Inocybe phaeocephala, Inocybe phaeocomis, Inocybe phaeocystidiosa, Inocybe phaeodisca, Inocybe phaeodiscoides, Inocybe phaeoleuca, Inocybe phaeosquarrosa, Inocybe phaeosticta, Inocybe phajocephalus, Inocybe pholiotinoides, Inocybe piceae, Inocybe picetorum, Inocybe picrosma, Inocybe pileosulcata, Inocybe pintureaui, Inocybe piricystis, Inocybe pisciodora, Inocybe platensis, Inocybe plocamophora, Inocybe plumosa, Inocybe plumosa, Inocybe pluppiana, Inocybe pluteoides, Inocybe pluvialis, Inocybe pluviorum, Inocybe pluviosilvestris, Inocybe poculata, Inocybe pollicaris, Inocybe polycystidiata, Inocybe polytrichi-norvegici, Inocybe populea, Inocybe porcorum, Inocybe posterula, Inocybe poujolii, Inocybe prae-echinulata, Inocybe praecox, Inocybe praefarinacea, Inocybe praenodulosa, Inocybe praenucleata, Inocybe praepostera, Inocybe praetermissa, Inocybe praetervisa, Inocybe praevillosa, Inocybe procera, Inocybe prominens, Inocybe proxima, Inocybe proximella, Inocybe pruinosa, Inocybe psammina, Inocybe psammobrunnea, Inocybe psammophila, Inocybe pseudo-orbata, Inocybe pseudoabjecta, Inocybe pseudoasterospora, Inocybe pseudobrunnea, Inocybe pseudoconfusa, Inocybe pseudocookei, Inocybe pseudocookei, Inocybe pseudodestricta, Inocybe pseudodulcamara, Inocybe pseudofastigiata, Inocybe pseudoflocculosa, Inocybe pseudofuscidula, Inocybe pseudograta, Inocybe pseudogriseolilacina, Inocybe pseudohaemacta, Inocybe pseudohiulca, Inocybe pseudomixtilis, Inocybe pseudonobilis, Inocybe pseudonobilis, Inocybe pseudoorbata, Inocybe pseudoreducta, Inocybe pseudorhacodes, Inocybe pseudorubens, Inocybe pseudoscabella, Inocybe pseudotarda, Inocybe pseudoteraturgus, Inocybe pseudoumbrina, Inocybe pseudoumbrinella, Inocybe pudica, Inocybe pulchella, Inocybe pullata, Inocybe punctata, Inocybe punctatosquamosa, Inocybe purpureobadia, Inocybe purpureoflavida, Inocybe pusilla, Inocybe pusilla, Inocybe pusillima, Inocybe pusina, Inocybe pusio, Inocybe putilla, Inocybe pygmaea, Inocybe pygmaeformis, Inocybe pygmaeiformis, Inocybe pyriformis, Inocybe pyriodora, Inocybe pyrotricha, Inocybe pyrrhopoda, Inocybe queleti, Inocybe queletii, Inocybe quercetorum, Inocybe quercina, Inocybe quietiodor, Inocybe radiata, Inocybe rainierensis, Inocybe rasiana, Inocybe ravaensis, Inocybe ravenelii, Inocybe redolens, Inocybe reducta, Inocybe reflexa, Inocybe reisneri, Inocybe relicina, Inocybe renispora, Inocybe rennyi, Inocybe repanda, Inocybe reticulata, Inocybe retipes, Inocybe retipes, Inocybe rhacodes, Inocybe rhodella, Inocybe rhodiola, Inocybe rhombispora, Inocybe rickenii, Inocybe rickenii, Inocybe rickenii, Inocybe rigidipes, Inocybe rimosa, Inocybe rimosobispora, Inocybe rimosoides, Inocybe rimulosa, Inocybe rivularis, Inocybe robertii, Inocybe robiginosa, Inocybe rocabrunae, Inocybe rohlenae, Inocybe romana, Inocybe roseascens, Inocybe roseifolia, Inocybe roseipes, Inocybe rosella, Inocybe rosellicaularis, Inocybe roseola, Inocybe rostrata, Inocybe rubellipes, Inocybe rubens, Inocybe rubescens, Inocybe rubidofracta, Inocybe rubricosa, Inocybe rubrobrunnea, Inocybe rubroindica, Inocybe rubrolaesa, Inocybe rufa, Inocybe rufescens, Inocybe rufidula, Inocybe rufoalba, Inocybe rufobadia, Inocybe rufobrunnea, Inocybe rufoflavipes, Inocybe rufofusca, Inocybe rufolutea, Inocybe rufotacta, Inocybe rufula, Inocybe rufula, Inocybe rufuloides, Inocybe rupestris, Inocybe sabuletorum, Inocybe sabulicola, Inocybe sabulosa, Inocybe saliceticola, Inocybe salicis, Inocybe salicis-herbaceae, Inocybe sambucella, Inocybe sambucina, Inocybe sandrae, Inocybe sapinea, Inocybe saponacea, Inocybe scabella, Inocybe scabella, Inocybe scabelliformis, Inocybe scaber, Inocybe scabra, Inocybe scabriuscula, Inocybe scamba, Inocybe schista, Inocybe scissa, Inocybe sclerotiicola, Inocybe scobifera, Inocybe scoriae, Inocybe sect. Cute, Inocybe sect. Hinoanae, Inocybe sect. Inocybe, Inocybe sect. Parcecoactae, Inocybe sect. Tylospora, Inocybe sejuncta, Inocybe semifulva, Inocybe semilutescens, Inocybe senkawaensis, Inocybe ser. Aeruginascentes, Inocybe ser. Inocybe, Inocybe ser. Obscuromelleae, Inocybe ser. Subnudipedes, Inocybe sericella, Inocybe sericeopoda, Inocybe serotina, Inocybe serpentinocystis, Inocybe serrata, Inocybe serratoides, Inocybe servata, Inocybe shawarensis, Inocybe shoreae, Inocybe sibionipes, Inocybe siciliana, Inocybe sierraensis, Inocybe silvae-herbaceae, Inocybe similis, Inocybe similis, Inocybe sindonia, Inocybe sinuosa, Inocybe sinuospora, Inocybe siparia, Inocybe siskiyouensis, Inocybe siskyouensis, Inocybe solida, Inocybe solidipes, Inocybe solitaria, Inocybe soluta, Inocybe sordida, Inocybe sororia, Inocybe spadicea, Inocybe specialis, Inocybe sphaerospora, Inocybe spiniformis, Inocybe spinosae, Inocybe spinulifera, Inocybe splendens, Inocybe splendentoides, Inocybe splendidissima, Inocybe spuria, Inocybe squamata, Inocybe squamigera, Inocybe squamosa, Inocybe squamosoannulata, Inocybe squamosodisca, Inocybe squamulosa, Inocybe squarrosa, Inocybe squarrosoamethystina, Inocybe squarrosoannulata, Inocybe squarrosolutea, Inocybe squarrosula, Inocybe stangliana, Inocybe staurospora, Inocybe stellata, Inocybe stellatospora, Inocybe stenospora, Inocybe sterlingii, Inocybe stirps Griseovelata, Inocybe stirps Inocybe, Inocybe stirps Obscurobadia, Inocybe straminea, Inocybe straminipes, Inocybe striaepes, Inocybe striata, Inocybe striatiformis, Inocybe striatorimosa, Inocybe striatula, Inocybe strickeriana, Inocybe strigiceps, Inocybe strigiceps, Inocybe strigosa, Inocybe striipes, Inocybe strobilacea, Inocybe strobilomyces, Inocybe stuntzii, Inocybe suaveolens, Inocybe subaemula, Inocybe subalbidodisca, Inocybe subangustifolia, Inocybe subannulata, Inocybe subargentea, Inocybe subasterospora, Inocybe subbrunnea, Inocybe subcarpta, Inocybe subclavata, Inocybe subconnexa, Inocybe subdecipiens, Inocybe subdecipiens, Inocybe subdecurrens, Inocybe subdestricta, Inocybe subeutheloides, Inocybe subexilis, Inocybe subferruginea, Inocybe subfibrosoides, Inocybe subflavospora, Inocybe subfulva, Inocybe subfulviforims, Inocybe subfulviformis, Inocybe subfusca, Inocybe subfuscocinnamomea, Inocybe subgen. Inocybe, Inocybe subgen. Inosperma, Inocybe subgen. Leptocybe, Inocybe subgen. Mallocybe, Inocybe subgen. Pertenues, Inocybe subgen. Tenuicystidia, Inocybe subgeophylla, Inocybe subgeophyllomorpha, Inocybe subgiacomi, Inocybe subgigacystis, Inocybe subgranulosa, Inocybe subhirsuta, Inocybe subhirtella, Inocybe subhygrophana, Inocybe subignobilis, Inocybe subinsequens, Inocybe sublanuginosa, Inocybe sublongipes, Inocybe submaculipes, Inocybe submicrospora, Inocybe submuricellata, Inocybe subnodulosa, Inocybe subnudipes, Inocybe subnudipes, Inocybe subochracea, Inocybe suboreina, Inocybe subornata, Inocybe subpaleacea, Inocybe subpelargonium, Inocybe subporospora, Inocybe subpraetervisa, Inocybe subprominens, Inocybe subpulverulenta, Inocybe subradiata, Inocybe subretipes, Inocybe subrimosa, Inocybe subroindica, Inocybe subrubens, Inocybe subrubescens, Inocybe subsect. Atripedes, Inocybe subsect. Brevisporinae, Inocybe subsect. Calosporae, Inocybe subsect. Cortinatae, Inocybe subsect. Geophyllinae, Inocybe subsect. Griseovelatae, Inocybe subsect. Halophilinae, Inocybe subsect. Inocybe, Inocybe subsect. Ionipedinae, Inocybe subsect. Lacerae, Inocybe subsect. Oblectabiles, Inocybe subsect. Petiginosae, Inocybe subsect. Phaeoleucinae, Inocybe subsect. Piriodorae, Inocybe subsect. Praetervisae, Inocybe subsect. Rubellae, Inocybe subsect. Splendentinae, Inocybe subsect. Subbrunneae, Inocybe subsect. Sulfovirescentes, Inocybe subsect. Tardinae, Inocybe subsect. Validinae, Inocybe subsect. Virgatulinae, Inocybe subser. Appendiculatae, Inocybe subser. Inocybe, Inocybe substellata, Inocybe substraminea, Inocybe substraminipes, Inocybe subtigrina, Inocybe subtilior, Inocybe subtilis, Inocybe subtomentosa, Inocybe subtrivialis, Inocybe subvatricosa, Inocybe subvatricosa, Inocybe subvirgata, Inocybe subvolvata, Inocybe suecica, Inocybe sulcata, Inocybe sulfovirescens, Inocybe sylvicola, Inocybe tabacina, Inocybe taedophila, Inocybe tahquamenonensis, Inocybe tarda, Inocybe tasmanica, Inocybe tatrae, Inocybe tauensis, Inocybe taxocystis, Inocybe taxocystis, Inocybe tenax, Inocybe tenbricoides, Inocybe tenebricoides, Inocybe tenebrosa, Inocybe tenerella, Inocybe tenerella, Inocybe tenerrima, Inocybe tenuicystidiata, Inocybe tenuimarginata, Inocybe tenuis, Inocybe tequendamae, Inocybe teraturgus, Inocybe terrifera, Inocybe terrifera, Inocybe terrigena, Inocybe terrigena, Inocybe tertia, Inocybe tetragonospora, Inocybe texensis, Inocybe thailandica, Inocybe tigrina, Inocybe tigrinella, Inocybe tiliae, Inocybe titibuensis, Inocybe tjallingiorum, Inocybe tomentella, Inocybe tomentipes, Inocybe tomentosa, Inocybe tomentosa, Inocybe tonalei, Inocybe torresiae, Inocybe trachysperma, Inocybe transiens, Inocybe transitoria, Inocybe trechispora, Inocybe treneri, Inocybe tricholoma, Inocybe tricolor, Inocybe trinii, Inocybe trinii, Inocybe tristis, Inocybe tristis, Inocybe trivialis, Inocybe trivialis, Inocybe tropicalis, Inocybe tubarioides, Inocybe tuberosa, Inocybe tulearensis, Inocybe tumidula, Inocybe tundrae, Inocybe turbata, Inocybe turfosa, Inocybe uliginosa, Inocybe umbonata, Inocybe umbonata, Inocybe umboninota, Inocybe umbratica, Inocybe umbrina, Inocybe umbrina, Inocybe umbrinella, Inocybe umbrinescens, Inocybe umbrinodisca, Inocybe umbrinofusca, Inocybe umbrinovirens, Inocybe umbrosa, Inocybe undinea, Inocybe undulatospora, Inocybe unicolor, Inocybe urbana, Inocybe urbana, Inocybe urceolicystis, Inocybe ursinella, Inocybe vaccina, Inocybe vagata, Inocybe valida, Inocybe var. albus, Inocybe var. ionipes, Inocybe variabilissima, Inocybe variabillima, Inocybe variispora, Inocybe vatricosa, Inocybe vatricosoides, Inocybe velata, Inocybe velenovskyi, Inocybe velenovskyi, Inocybe velicoronata, Inocybe velifera, Inocybe ventricosa, Inocybe venustissima, Inocybe verbanensis, Inocybe versipellis, Inocybe vestalis, Inocybe vestipedes, Inocybe vialis, Inocybe vicina, Inocybe victoriae, Inocybe villosa, Inocybe vinaceobrunnea, Inocybe vinosistipitata, Inocybe violacea, Inocybe violaceifolia, Inocybe violaceoalbipes, Inocybe violaceocaulis, Inocybe violaceofusca, Inocybe violaceolamellata, Inocybe violaceovelata, Inocybe violascens, Inocybe violeipes, Inocybe virgata, Inocybe virgatula, Inocybe viridipes, Inocybe viridiumbonata, Inocybe virosa, Inocybe virosa, Inocybe viscata, Inocybe viscidula, Inocybe viscosissima, Inocybe vittata, Inocybe volvata, Inocybe vulpina, Inocybe vulpinella, Inocybe wayanadensis, Inocybe weberi, Inocybe whitei, Inocybe xanthocephala, Inocybe xanthocystis, Inocybe xanthodisca, Inocybe xantholeuca, Inocybe xanthomelaena, Inocybe xanthomelas, Inocybe xanthophylla, Inocybe xerophytica, Inocybe yunnanensis, Inocybe zangherii, Inocybe zonatipes
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