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General information

 Summary:Inonotus P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 5: 39 (1879) [MB#17854] 
 Synonymy:=Inoderma P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 5: 39 (1879) [MB#17850]
=Inodermus Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 173 (1886) [MB#17851]
=Phaeoporus J. Schröt., Kryptogamen-Flora von Schlesien 3-1(4): 489 (1888) [MB#18236]
=Flaviporellus Murrill, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 32 (9): 485 (1905) [MB#17602]
=Xanthoporia Murrill, Mycologia 8 (1): 56 (1916) [MB#18754]
=Polystictoides Lázaro Ibiza, Los poliporáceos de la flora española. Estudio crítico y descriptivo de los hongos de esta familia: 140 (1917) [MB#18336]
=Inonotopsis Parmasto, Folia Cryptogamica Estonica 2: 12 (1973) [MB#17853]
 MycoBank #:17854 
 Authors:P. Karsten 
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Karst. 
 Page #:39 
 Year of effective publication:1879 
 Remarks:Type selected by Murrill (1903: 99). Donk later proposed Boletus hispidus Bull., but his reasoning (Karsten actually raised a subgeneric name to the genus level) does not hold as Karsten nowhere hinted that he did so. Thus Inonotus has to be attributed to Karsten alone. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
244 Associated records (click to hide):
Inonotus abietis, Inonotus acutus, Inonotus adnatus, Inonotus adversus, Inonotus afromontanus, Inonotus agathidis, Inonotus albertinii, Inonotus albomarginatus, Inonotus alpinus, Inonotus amazonicus, Inonotus amplectans, Inonotus amplectens, Inonotus andersonii, Inonotus andersonii, Inonotus arizonicus, Inonotus australensis, Inonotus australiensis, Inonotus austropusillus, Inonotus baumii, Inonotus boninensis, Inonotus brevisporus, Inonotus calcitratus, Inonotus calcuttensis, Inonotus canaricola, Inonotus canariicola, Inonotus capucinus, Inonotus carnosus, Inonotus casuarinae, Inonotus chihshanyenus, Inonotus chilanshanus, Inonotus chinensis, Inonotus chondromyelus, Inonotus chrysomarginatus, Inonotus cichoriaceus, Inonotus circinatus, Inonotus clemensiae, Inonotus compositus, Inonotus corrosus, Inonotus corruscans, Inonotus costaricensis, Inonotus cremeicinctus, Inonotus croceus, Inonotus crocitinctus, Inonotus crustosus, Inonotus cubensis, Inonotus cubensis, Inonotus cuticularis, Inonotus demidoffii, Inonotus dentatus, Inonotus dentiporus, Inonotus dependens, Inonotus discipes, Inonotus diverticuloseta, Inonotus dryadeus, Inonotus dryophilus, Inonotus duostratosus, Inonotus elmerianus, Inonotus euphorbiae, Inonotus euphoriae, Inonotus exilisporus, Inonotus farlowii, Inonotus fibrillosus, Inonotus fibrosus, Inonotus fimbriatus, Inonotus flammans, Inonotus flavidus, Inonotus formosanus, Inonotus fruticum, Inonotus fulvomelleus, Inonotus fuscus, Inonotus fushanianus, Inonotus fushanus, Inonotus galapagosensis, Inonotus gilvoides, Inonotus globosporus, Inonotus glomeratus, Inonotus gracilis, Inonotus griseus, Inonotus hainanensis, Inonotus hamusetulus, Inonotus hastifer, Inonotus heinrichii, Inonotus hemmesii, Inonotus henanensis, Inonotus herbergii, Inonotus hirsutus, Inonotus hisingeri, Inonotus hispidans, Inonotus hispidus, Inonotus hymenonitens, Inonotus hypococcineus, Inonotus hypococcinus, Inonotus iliensis, Inonotus indicus, Inonotus indurescens, Inonotus insolens, Inonotus iodinus, Inonotus irpicoides, Inonotus jamaicensis, Inonotus japonicus, Inonotus juniperinus, Inonotus kanehirae, Inonotus krawtzewii, Inonotus kusanoi, Inonotus latemarginatus, Inonotus leei, Inonotus leporinus, Inonotus leprosus, Inonotus levis, Inonotus linteus, Inonotus lloydii, Inonotus longisetulosus, Inonotus lonicericola, Inonotus lonicerinus, Inonotus lonicerus, Inonotus ludovicianus, Inonotus lurida, Inonotus luteocontextus, Inonotus luteoumbrinus, Inonotus macrosporus, Inonotus magnisetus, Inonotus magnus, Inonotus marginatus, Inonotus melanodermus, Inonotus melleomarginatus, Inonotus mexicanus, Inonotus micantissimus, Inonotus microsporus, Inonotus mikadoi, Inonotus minutiporus, Inonotus minutoporus, Inonotus multisetifer, Inonotus munzii, Inonotus navisporus, Inonotus neotropicus, Inonotus nidulans, Inonotus nidus-pici, Inonotus nidus-pici, Inonotus niveomarginatus, Inonotus nodulosus, Inonotus nothofagi, Inonotus novoguineensis, Inonotus novoguineensis, Inonotus novoguinensis, Inonotus obliquus, Inonotus ochroporus, Inonotus orientalis, Inonotus pachyphloeus, Inonotus pacificus, Inonotus palmicola, Inonotus papyrinus, Inonotus parvulus, Inonotus patouillardii, Inonotus pegleri, Inonotus perchocolatus, Inonotus peristrophidis, Inonotus permixtus, Inonotus perplexus, Inonotus pertenuis, Inonotus pini, Inonotus pirisporus, Inonotus plorans, Inonotus polymorphus, Inonotus poncei, Inonotus porrectus, Inonotus portoricensis, Inonotus pruinosus, Inonotus pseudo-obliquus, Inonotus pseudoglomeratus, Inonotus pseudohispidus, Inonotus pseudolinteus, Inonotus pseudoradiatus, Inonotus puerensis, Inonotus pusillosporus, Inonotus pusillus, Inonotus quercustris, Inonotus radiatus, Inonotus rheades, Inonotus ribis, Inonotus rickii, Inonotus rigidus, Inonotus rodwayi, Inonotus rutilans, Inonotus rwenzorianus, Inonotus ryvardenii, Inonotus sanghuang, Inonotus scaurus, Inonotus sciurinus, Inonotus separabilis, Inonotus serranus, Inonotus setiporus, Inonotus setuloso-croceus, Inonotus setulosocroceus, Inonotus shichiana, Inonotus shoreae, Inonotus shoreicola, Inonotus sideroides, Inonotus sideroxylicola, Inonotus sinensis, Inonotus sousae, Inonotus spiculosa, Inonotus spiculosus, Inonotus splitgerberi, Inonotus spongia, Inonotus subhispidus, Inonotus subiculosus, Inonotus sublevis, Inonotus substygius, Inonotus sulphurascens, Inonotus sulphureopulverulentus, Inonotus tabacinus, Inonotus taiwanensis, Inonotus tamaricis, Inonotus tenuicarnis, Inonotus tenuicontextus, Inonotus tenuissimus, Inonotus tenuissimus, Inonotus texanus, Inonotus tinctorius, Inonotus tomentosus, Inonotus tramisetifer, Inonotus tricolor, Inonotus triqueter, Inonotus triqueter, Inonotus tropicalis, Inonotus truncatisporus, Inonotus ufensis, Inonotus ulmicola, Inonotus ungulatus, Inonotus unicolor, Inonotus vallatus, Inonotus vaninii, Inonotus venezuelicus, Inonotus victoriensis, Inonotus vitis, Inonotus vulpinus, Inonotus weigelae, Inonotus weirianus, Inonotus weirii, Inonotus wilsonii, Inonotus xanthoporus, Inonotus xeranticus, Inonotus zimbabwensis, Inonotus zonatus
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