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General information

 Summary:Irpex Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 81 (1825) [MB#17858] 
 MycoBank #:17858 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:81 
 Year of effective publication:1825 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioning ref.:EF1:142 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
222 Associated records (click to hide):
Irpex africanus, Irpex alaskensis, Irpex albofuscus, Irpex alboluteus, Irpex ambiguus, Irpex ambiguus, Irpex anomalus, Irpex arborescens, Irpex archeri, Irpex aridus, Irpex atropurpureus, Irpex basi-badius, Irpex basibadius, Irpex bourdotii, Irpex bresadolae, Irpex brevidens, Irpex brevis, Irpex brownei, Irpex brownii, Irpex calcareus, Irpex candidus, Irpex canescens, Irpex canescens, Irpex carneoalbus, Irpex carneus, Irpex cartilagineus, Irpex castaneus, Irpex cerasi, Irpex cervicolor, Irpex cervinus, Irpex ciliolatus, Irpex cinerascens, Irpex cingulatus, Irpex cinnamomeus, Irpex citrinus, Irpex citrinus, Irpex collabens, Irpex colliculosus, Irpex conchiformis, Irpex concrescens, Irpex confluens, Irpex confragosus, Irpex conjunctus, Irpex consors, Irpex coriaceus, Irpex corticioides, Irpex crassitatus, Irpex crassus, Irpex crassus, Irpex cremicolor, Irpex crispatus, Irpex crispus, Irpex crustaceus, Irpex cubensis, Irpex daedaleaeformis, Irpex decolorans, Irpex decumbens, Irpex decurrens, Irpex deformis, Irpex depauperatus, Irpex depauperatus, Irpex destruens, Irpex diabolicus, Irpex discolor, Irpex dregeanus, Irpex durescens, Irpex effusus, Irpex elongatus, Irpex epiphyllus, Irpex epitephrus, Irpex ethiopicus, Irpex farinaceous, Irpex farinaceus, Irpex fimbriaeformis, Irpex fimbriatellus, Irpex fimbriatus, Irpex fimbriiformis, Irpex flavus, Irpex flavus, Irpex flavus, Irpex foliaceodentatus, Irpex fomentarius, Irpex formosus, Irpex furfuraceovelutinus, Irpex fuscescens, Irpex fuscoviolaceus, Irpex galeritus, Irpex galzinii, Irpex gausapatus, Irpex gilvus, Irpex glaberrimus, Irpex gracillimus, Irpex griseofuscescens, Irpex griseofuscescens, Irpex griseofuscus, Irpex grossus, Irpex hacksungii, Irpex heterodon, Irpex hexagonoides, Irpex hirsutus, Irpex holoporus, Irpex hydneus, Irpex hydniformis, Irpex hydnoides, Irpex hypogaeus, Irpex hypogeus, Irpex incrustans, Irpex irpicinus, Irpex iyoensis, Irpex japonicus, Irpex japonicus, Irpex japonicus, Irpex javensis, Irpex johnstonii, Irpex kusanoi, Irpex labeosus, Irpex lacer, Irpex lacteus, Irpex laeticolor, Irpex lamelliformis, Irpex lamelliformis, Irpex lamellosus, Irpex lanestris, Irpex lepidocarpus, Irpex litschaueri, Irpex longisporus, Irpex longus, Irpex luteoalbus, Irpex maximus, Irpex merulioides, Irpex microdon, Irpex mikhnoi, Irpex miyabei, Irpex modestus, Irpex mollis, Irpex mukhinii, Irpex murashkinskyi, Irpex narymicus, Irpex nitidus, Irpex niveus, Irpex nodulosus, Irpex nodusus, Irpex noharae, Irpex obliquus, Irpex ochraceus, Irpex ochraceus, Irpex ochrosimilis, Irpex oreophilus, Irpex owensii, Irpex pachyodon, Irpex paleaceus, Irpex pallescens, Irpex pallidus, Irpex palmatus, Irpex paradoxus, Irpex parvulus, Irpex pavichii, Irpex peckii, Irpex pellicula, Irpex pendulus, Irpex peruvianus, Irpex pityreus, Irpex platensis, Irpex plumosum, Irpex poria, Irpex porosolamellatus, Irpex pseudozilingianus, Irpex purpureus, Irpex quisquiliaris, Irpex radicatus, Irpex raduloides, Irpex rawakensis, Irpex regularissimus, Irpex reniformis, Irpex resupinatus, Irpex rhois, Irpex rickii, Irpex rimosus, Irpex robustior, Irpex roseotingens, Irpex russus, Irpex saepiarius, Irpex scalaris, Irpex schweinitzii, Irpex scruposus, Irpex semisupiniformis, Irpex sepiarius, Irpex sinuosus, Irpex spathulatus, Irpex spiculifer, Irpex sprucei, Irpex subcoriaceus, Irpex subcrinalis, Irpex subflavus, Irpex subhypogaeus, Irpex subochraceus, Irpex subrawakensis, Irpex subvinosus, Irpex tabacinoides, Irpex tabacinoides, Irpex tabacinus, Irpex tabacinus, Irpex tanakae, Irpex tanakae, Irpex tasmanicus, Irpex tenuis, Irpex tiliaceus, Irpex tomentosocinctus, Irpex trachyodon, Irpex tulipiferae, Irpex umbrinus, Irpex unicolor, Irpex vagus, Irpex vellereus, Irpex versatilis, Irpex violaceus, Irpex viticola, Irpex willisii, Irpex woronowii, Irpex zeylanicus, Irpex zonatus, Irpex zonatus
 Type name:
 Type of organism:? 



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