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General information

 Summary:Lactarius Pers., Tentamen dispositionis methodicae Fungorum: 63 (1797) [MB#17895] 
 Synonymy:≡Lactaria Pers. (1797) [MB#17892]
=Agaricus subdivF. Galorrheus Fr., Observationes mycologicae 2: 188 (1818) [MB#700015]
=Lactariella J. Schröt., Kryptogamen-Flora von Schlesien 3-1(5): 544 (1889) [MB#17893]
=Gloeocybe Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 409 (1909) [MB#17662]
=Hypophyllum Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 399, 408 (1909) [MB#17841]
 MycoBank #:17895 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers. 
 Page #:63 
 Year of effective publication:1797 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:as Lactaria, but orthograph Lactarius conserved (Taxon 37: 456, 1988) 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Lactarius * Albati, Lactarius [unranked] Colorati, Lactarius abbotanus, Lactarius aberrans, Lactarius abieticola, Lactarius acatlanensis, Lactarius acer, Lactarius acerrimus, Lactarius acerrimus f. acerrimus, Lactarius acicularis, Lactarius acris, Lactarius acrissimus, Lactarius acutus, Lactarius adhaerens, Lactarius adscitus, Lactarius adustus, Lactarius aerugineus, Lactarius aestivus, Lactarius affinis, Lactarius afroscrobiculatus, Lactarius agglutinatus, Lactarius akahatsu, Lactarius akanensis, Lactarius alachuanus, Lactarius albellus, Lactarius albidigalus, Lactarius albidocinereus, Lactarius albidopallens, Lactarius albidus, Lactarius albivellus, Lactarius albocarneus, Lactarius albocinctus, Lactarius albocremeus, Lactarius albolutescens, Lactarius alboscrobiculatus, Lactarius albus, Lactarius albus, Lactarius albus, Lactarius allardii, Lactarius allochrous, Lactarius alni, Lactarius alnicola, Lactarius alpicola, Lactarius alpigenes, Lactarius alpinihirtipes, Lactarius alpinus, Lactarius amarissimus, Lactarius amarus, Lactarius amazonensis, Lactarius ambiguus, Lactarius angiocarpus, Lactarius angustifolius, Lactarius angustissimus, Lactarius angustizonatus, Lactarius angustus, Lactarius annulatoangustifolius, Lactarius annulifer, Lactarius annulocystidiatus, Lactarius aquifluus, Lactarius aquizonatus, Lactarius aquosus, Lactarius arachnisporus, Lactarius aranyi, Lactarius arcuatus, Lactarius areolatus, Lactarius argematus, Lactarius argillaceifolius, Lactarius argillascens, Lactarius argillascens, Lactarius aroostookensis, Lactarius arsenei, Lactarius arsenii, Lactarius asiae-orientalis, Lactarius aspideoides, Lactarius aspideoides, Lactarius aspideus, Lactarius atlanticus, Lactarius atrii, Lactarius atro-olivinus, Lactarius atrobadius, Lactarius atrobrunneus, Lactarius atromarginatus, Lactarius atroolivaceus, Lactarius atroolivaceus, Lactarius atroolivaceus, Lactarius atroolivinus, Lactarius atrosquamulosus, Lactarius atrotomentosus, Lactarius atrovelutinus, Lactarius atroviolaceus, Lactarius atroviridis, Lactarius aurantiacoochraceus, Lactarius aurantiacoochraceus, Lactarius aurantiacus, Lactarius aurantiifolius, Lactarius aurantiobrunneus, Lactarius aurantiofulvus, Lactarius aurantiofulvus, Lactarius aurantionitidus, Lactarius aurantiosordidus, Lactarius aureifolius, Lactarius auriolla, Lactarius ausablensis, Lactarius australis, Lactarius austrorostratus, Lactarius austroscrobiculatus, Lactarius austrotabidus, Lactarius austrotorminosus, Lactarius austrovolemus, Lactarius austrozonarius, Lactarius avellaneus, Lactarius avellaneus, Lactarius azonites, Lactarius azonus, Lactarius badioalbus, Lactarius badiopallescens, Lactarius badiosanguineus, Lactarius badius, Lactarius baliophaeus, Lactarius barbatus, Lactarius barrowsii, Lactarius beardsleei, Lactarius beardslei, Lactarius beatonii, Lactarius benghalensis, Lactarius bensleyae, Lactarius bertillonii, Lactarius betulae, Lactarius bicolor, Lactarius bisporus, Lactarius blennius, Lactarius blumii, Lactarius borzianus, Lactarius boughtonii, Lactarius brachycystidiatus, Lactarius brachystegiae, Lactarius brasiliensis, Lactarius braunii, Lactarius bresadolanus, Lactarius bresadolianus, Lactarius brevipes, Lactarius brevis, Lactarius britannicus, Lactarius brunellus, Lactarius brunneocinnamomeus, Lactarius brunneohepaticus, Lactarius brunneoviolaceus, Lactarius brunneoviolascens, Lactarius brunnescens, Lactarius brunnescens, Lactarius bryophilus, Lactarius bubalinus, Lactarius buckleyanus, Lactarius burkei, Lactarius byssaceus, Lactarius caeruleitinctus, Lactarius caerulescens, Lactarius caespitosus, Lactarius calceolus, Lactarius californiensis, Lactarius camphoratus, Lactarius campinensis, Lactarius canadensis, Lactarius canadensis, Lactarius candiculus, Lactarius caperatus, Lactarius capitatus, Lactarius capsicoides, Lactarius capsicum, Lactarius carbonicola, Lactarius caribaeus, Lactarius carminascens, Lactarius carmineus, Lactarius carneoisabellinus, Lactarius carnosus, Lactarius carolinensis, Lactarius cascadensis, Lactarius castaneibadius, Lactarius castaneus, Lactarius castanopsidis, Lactarius castanopsis, Lactarius castanopus, Lactarius caucae, Lactarius caulocystidiatus, Lactarius cavinae, Lactarius chamaeleontinus, Lactarius changbaiensis, Lactarius changbainensis, Lactarius chelidonioides, Lactarius chelidonium, Lactarius chiangmaiensis, Lactarius chiapanensis, Lactarius chichuensis, Lactarius chloroides, Lactarius chromospermus, Lactarius chrysophyllus, Lactarius chrysorheus, Lactarius chrysorrheus, Lactarius cilicioides, Lactarius cimicarius, Lactarius cinereobrunneus, Lactarius cinereus, Lactarius cinnamomeus, Lactarius cinnamomeus, Lactarius circellatus, Lactarius cistophilus, Lactarius citriolens, Lactarius claricolor, Lactarius clarkeae, Lactarius clarkei, Lactarius clarolactus, Lactarius clelandii, Lactarius clethrophilus, Lactarius clitocybiformis, Lactarius coccolobae, Lactarius cocosiolens, Lactarius cocosmus, Lactarius cognoscibilis, Lactarius cokeri, Lactarius coleopteris, Lactarius collybioides, Lactarius colorascens, Lactarius compactus, Lactarius conchatulus, Lactarius condimentus, Lactarius conditus, Lactarius confusus, Lactarius conglutinatus, Lactarius congolensis, Lactarius coniculus, Lactarius constans, Lactarius controversus, Lactarius cookei, Lactarius cookei, Lactarius corbula, Lactarius cordovaensis, Lactarius corrugatus, Lactarius corrugis, Lactarius coryli, Lactarius costaricensis, Lactarius crampylus, Lactarius crassiusculus, Lactarius crassus, Lactarius craterelloides, Lactarius cremor, Lactarius crenulatulus, Lactarius crenulatus, Lactarius cretaceus, Lactarius crichtonii, Lactarius cristulatus, Lactarius crocatus, Lactarius croceigalus, Lactarius croceus, Lactarius cucurbitoides, Lactarius cupricolor, Lactarius cupularis, Lactarius cupularoides, Lactarius curtisii, Lactarius curtus, Lactarius cuspidoaurantiacus, Lactarius cyanescens, Lactarius cyanescens, Lactarius cyanopus, Lactarius cyanovirescens, Lactarius cyathula, Lactarius cyathuliformis, Lactarius cystidiosus, Lactarius dafianus, Lactarius deceptivus, Lactarius decipiens, Lactarius deflexus, Lactarius delicatus, Lactarius deliciosus, Lactarius denigricans, Lactarius dennisii, Lactarius densifolius, Lactarius densus, Lactarius denudatus, Lactarius depressus, Lactarius desideratus, Lactarius desjardinii, Lactarius desjardinii, Lactarius deterrimus, Lactarius dewevrei, Lactarius dhakurianus, Lactarius dilutisalmoneus, Lactarius dirkii, Lactarius dispersus, Lactarius distans, Lactarius distantifolius, Lactarius dolichocaulis, Lactarius dombangense, Lactarius dorneri, Lactarius dryadophilus, Lactarius dunfordii, Lactarius duplicatus, Lactarius dwaliensis, Lactarius eburneus, Lactarius eburneus, Lactarius echinatus, Lactarius echinellus, Lactarius echinosporus, Lactarius echinus, Lactarius edulis, Lactarius elaioviscidus, Lactarius emergens, Lactarius epitheliosus, Lactarius ermineus, Lactarius erubescens, Lactarius eucalypti, Lactarius evosmus, Lactarius exilis, Lactarius exsuccus, Lactarius fagicola, Lactarius falcatus, Lactarius fallax, Lactarius fascinans, Lactarius favrei, Lactarius fennoscandicus, Lactarius ferruginascens, Lactarius ferrugineifolius, Lactarius ferrugineus, Lactarius firmus, Lactarius flammans, Lactarius flammeolus, Lactarius flaviaquosus, Lactarius flavidulus, Lactarius flavidus, Lactarius flavigalactus, Lactarius flavoaspideus, Lactarius flavofuscus, Lactarius flavopalustris, Lactarius flavorosescens, Lactarius flexuosus, Lactarius flocculosiceps, Lactarius floridanus, Lactarius fluens, Lactarius foetens, Lactarius foetidus, Lactarius formosus, Lactarius fragilis, Lactarius fraxineus, Lactarius friabilis, Lactarius frustratus, Lactarius fulgens, Lactarius fuliginellus, Lactarius fuliginosus, Lactarius fulvihirtipes, Lactarius fulvissimus, Lactarius fulvus, Lactarius fumaecolor, Lactarius fumosibrunneus, Lactarius fumosoides, Lactarius fumosus, Lactarius furcatus, Lactarius furfuraceus, Lactarius fusco-olivaceus var. fusco-olivaceus, Lactarius fuscomaculatus, Lactarius fuscomarginatus, Lactarius fuscoolivaceus, Lactarius fuscoolivaceus, Lactarius fuscoolivaceus, Lactarius fuscoolivaceus var. graveolens, Lactarius fuscoolivaceus var. graveolens, Lactarius fuscus, Lactarius gardneri, Lactarius geminus, Lactarius genevievae, Lactarius genevieveae, Lactarius gerardii, Lactarius giennensis, Lactarius gigasporus, Lactarius glabrigracilis, Lactarius glabripes, Lactarius glaucescens, Lactarius glutigriseus, Lactarius glutininitens, Lactarius glutinopallens, Lactarius glutinosus, Lactarius glyciosmus, Lactarius goossensiae, Lactarius gossypinus, Lactarius gracilentus, Lactarius gracilis, Lactarius grammoloma, Lactarius grandisporus, Lactarius griseogalus, Lactarius griseus, Lactarius groenlandicus, Lactarius guanacastensis, Lactarius guangdongensis, Lactarius guttisporus, Lactarius gymnocarpoides, Lactarius gymnocarpus, Lactarius gymnocarpus, Lactarius gymnocarpus, Lactarius haemorrheus, Lactarius hatsudake, Lactarius haugiae, Lactarius heimii, Lactarius helodes, Lactarius helvinus, Lactarius helvus, Lactarius hemicyaneus, Lactarius hengduanensis, Lactarius hepaticus, Lactarius herrerae, Lactarius hibbardae, Lactarius hibbardiae, Lactarius highlandensis, Lactarius himalayana, Lactarius himalayanus, Lactarius hirtipes, Lactarius hispanicus, Lactarius hispidulus, Lactarius homaemus, Lactarius hometii, Lactarius hora, Lactarius horakii, Lactarius hortensis, Lactarius hradecensis, Lactarius hrdovensis, Lactarius hygrophoroides, Lactarius hyphoinflatus, Lactarius hysginoides, Lactarius hysginus, Lactarius ichoratus, Lactarius igapoensis, Lactarius ignifluus, Lactarius ilicis, Lactarius illachrymans, Lactarius illyricus, Lactarius imaianus, Lactarius imbricatus, Lactarius imbricatus, Lactarius imperceptus, Lactarius impolitus, Lactarius inamyloideus, Lactarius incarnatozonatus, Lactarius inconspicuus, Lactarius incrustatus, Lactarius indigo, Lactarius indoaquosus, Lactarius indochrysorrheus, Lactarius indusiatus, Lactarius iners, Lactarius insulsus, Lactarius intonsus, Lactarius inversus, Lactarius involutus, Lactarius involutus, Lactarius irregularis, Lactarius isabellinus, Lactarius japonicus, Lactarius javanicus, Lactarius jecorinus, Lactarius josserandii, Lactarius juniperi, Lactarius kabansus, Lactarius kalospermus, Lactarius kauffmanii, Lactarius keralensis, Lactarius kesiyae, Lactarius kivuensis, Lactarius kuehneri, Lactarius kuehnerianus, Lactarius kumaonensis, Lactarius laccarioides, Lactarius lachungensis, Lactarius lactarioides, Lactarius lacteolutescens, Lactarius lacteovirescens, Lactarius lactifluus, Lactarius lacunarum, Lactarius lacunarum, Lactarius laeticolor, Lactarius laevigatus, Lactarius lamprocystidiatus, Lactarius lanceolatus, Lactarius lanuginosus, Lactarius lapponicus, Lactarius laricinus, Lactarius lateripes, Lactarius lateritioroseus, Lactarius lateritius, Lactarius latifolius, Lactarius lavandulus, Lactarius lavendulaceus, Lactarius lazulinus, Lactarius leae, Lactarius lentus, Lactarius leonardii, Lactarius leoninus, Lactarius leonis, Lactarius lepidotus, Lactarius leucophaeus, Lactarius lignicola, Lactarius lignyotellus, Lactarius lignyotus, Lactarius lilacinus, Lactarius liliputianus, Lactarius limacina, Lactarius limacinus, Lactarius limacium, Lactarius limbatus, Lactarius listeri, Lactarius livescens, Lactarius lividatus, Lactarius lividorubescens, Lactarius lividus, Lactarius longipes, Lactarius longipilus, Lactarius longisporus, Lactarius longivelutinus, Lactarius louisii, Lactarius luculenta, Lactarius luculentus, Lactarius luridus, Lactarius luteocanus, Lactarius luteolus, Lactarius luteopus, Lactarius luteus, Lactarius mackinawensis, Lactarius maculatipes, Lactarius maculatus, Lactarius maculosus, Lactarius madagascariensis, Lactarius mairei, Lactarius maitlyensis, Lactarius maliodorus, Lactarius mammosus, Lactarius mamorensis, Lactarius manzanitae, Lactarius marasmioides, Lactarius marcipanis, Lactarius maruiaensis, Lactarius marylandicus, Lactarius mayawatianus, Lactarius mea, Lactarius mediterraneensis, Lactarius medius, Lactarius medusae, Lactarius megalopterus, Lactarius melanodermus, Lactarius melanogalus, Lactarius melanogalus, Lactarius mendocinensis, Lactarius mexicanus, Lactarius microsporus, Lactarius midlandensis, Lactarius miniatescens, Lactarius miniatosporus, Lactarius minimus, Lactarius minusculus, Lactarius mirabilis, Lactarius mitificus, Lactarius mitissimus, Lactarius mititicus, Lactarius mollis, Lactarius montanus, Lactarius montoyae, Lactarius moravicus, Lactarius mordax, Lactarius moschatus, Lactarius moseri, Lactarius mucidus, Lactarius mukteswaricus, Lactarius multiceps, Lactarius murinipes, Lactarius murrillianus, Lactarius muscicola, Lactarius muscosus, Lactarius musteus, Lactarius mutabilis, Lactarius nancyae, Lactarius nanus, Lactarius nebulosus, Lactarius necans, Lactarius necator, Lactarius neglectus, Lactarius neotabidus, Lactarius neotropicus, Lactarius neuhoffii, Lactarius nigricans, Lactarius nigroviolascens, Lactarius nimkeae, Lactarius nitidus, Lactarius nodosicystidiosus, Lactarius nominabilis, Lactarius noncamphoratus, Lactarius nonlactifluus, Lactarius nonpiscis, Lactarius nordmanensis, Lactarius normandensis, Lactarius nothofagi, Lactarius novae-zelandiae, Lactarius novo-guineensis, Lactarius novoguineensis, Lactarius nudus, Lactarius obliquus, Lactarius obnubiloides, Lactarius obnubilus, Lactarius obscuratus, Lactarius obscuratus, Lactarius occidentalis, Lactarius ocellata, Lactarius ochrogalactus, Lactarius ochrogalactus, Lactarius ochrogalactus, Lactarius oculatus, Lactarius odoratus, Lactarius oedematopus, Lactarius oedohyphosus, Lactarius ogasawarashimensis, Lactarius olivaceobrunneus, Lactarius olivaceoglutinus, Lactarius olivaceopallidus, Lactarius olivaceorimosellus, Lactarius olivaceoumbrinus, Lactarius olivescens, Lactarius olivinus, Lactarius olympianus, Lactarius omeiensis, Lactarius omphaliformis, Lactarius omphaliiformis, Lactarius oomisiensis, Lactarius oomsisiensis, Lactarius opacus, Lactarius orientaliquietus, Lactarius orientalis, Lactarius paleus, Lactarius pallescens, Lactarius pallidilamellatus, Lactarius pallidiolivaceus, Lactarius pallidior, Lactarius pallidipes, Lactarius pallidizonatus, Lactarius pallido-ochraceus, Lactarius pallidomarginatus, Lactarius pallidus, Lactarius pallidus, Lactarius pallidus f. rubellus, Lactarius pallidus β rubellus, Lactarius paludestris, Lactarius paludinellus, Lactarius pandani, Lactarius pannucius, Lactarius panuoides, Lactarius papillatus, Lactarius paradoxiformis, Lactarius paradoxus, Lactarius pargamenus, Lactarius parvulus, Lactarius parvus, Lactarius pasohensis, Lactarius paucifluus, Lactarius paulensis, Lactarius paulus, Lactarius pauper, Lactarius payettensis, Lactarius pearsonii, Lactarius peckii, Lactarius pegleri, Lactarius pellicularis, Lactarius pelliculatus, Lactarius pellucidus, Lactarius pennulatus, Lactarius perconicus, Lactarius pergamenus, Lactarius perparvus, Lactarius pervelutinus, Lactarius petersenii, Lactarius phlebonemus, Lactarius phlebophyllus, Lactarius picinus, Lactarius picinus, Lactarius pilatii, Lactarius pilosus, Lactarius pinastri, Lactarius pinckneyensis, Lactarius pinguis, Lactarius pinicola, Lactarius piniolens, Lactarius piperatus, Lactarius piperatus var. exsuccus, Lactarius pisci, Lactarius pisciodorus, Lactarius planus, Lactarius platicus, Lactarius platyphyllus, Lactarius plinthogalus, Lactarius plumbeus, Lactarius politus, Lactarius polyzonus, Lactarius pomiolens, Lactarius populicola, Lactarius populinus, Lactarius porninae, Lactarius porninsis, Lactarius praegnantissimus, Lactarius praeseriflua, Lactarius praeserifluus, Lactarius praeviscidus, Lactarius praezonatus, Lactarius princeps, Lactarius proportionalis, Lactarius proximellus, Lactarius pruinatus, Lactarius psammicola, Lactarius pseudoaffinis, Lactarius pseudoaspideus, Lactarius pseudodeceptivus, Lactarius pseudodelicatus, Lactarius pseudodeliciosus, Lactarius pseudofallax, Lactarius pseudoflexuosus, Lactarius pseudofragilis, Lactarius pseudofuliginosus, Lactarius pseudogerardii, Lactarius pseudogymnocarpus, Lactarius pseudohatsudake, Lactarius pseudohysginus, Lactarius pseudolignyotus, Lactarius pseudoluteopus, Lactarius pseudomaculatus, Lactarius pseudomucidus, Lactarius pseudoplinthogalus, Lactarius pseudoscrobiculatus, Lactarius pseudotorminosus, Lactarius pseudouvidus, Lactarius pseudovolemus, Lactarius pterosporus, Lactarius puberulus, Lactarius pubescens, Lactarius pudibundus, Lactarius pudorinus, Lactarius pulchrispermus, Lactarius pumilus, Lactarius pungens, Lactarius purgatorii, Lactarius purpureobadius, Lactarius purpureocastaneus, Lactarius purpureoechinatus, Lactarius purpureus, Lactarius purpureus, Lactarius pusillisporus, Lactarius pusillus, Lactarius putidus, Lactarius pyriodorus, Lactarius pyrogalus, Lactarius qinlingensis, Lactarius quercuum, Lactarius quieticolor, Lactarius quietus, Lactarius radiatus, Lactarius rajmahalensis, Lactarius regalis, Lactarius repraesentaneus, Lactarius repraesentaneus f. repraesentaneus, Lactarius resimus, Lactarius resinosus, Lactarius reticulatovenosus, Lactarius reticulatus, Lactarius retisporus, Lactarius rigens, Lactarius rimosellus, Lactarius riparius, Lactarius robertianus, Lactarius romagnesi, Lactarius romagnesii, Lactarius roseoligalus, Lactarius roseolus, Lactarius roseophyllus, Lactarius roseophyllus, Lactarius roseoviolascens, Lactarius roseozonatus, Lactarius rostratus, Lactarius ruber, Lactarius rubescens, Lactarius rubescens, Lactarius rubidus, Lactarius rubidus, Lactarius rubiginosus, Lactarius rubrifluus, Lactarius rubrifulvus, Lactarius rubrilacteus, Lactarius rubriviridis, Lactarius rubrobrunnescens, Lactarius rubrobrunneus, Lactarius rubrocinctus, Lactarius rubrocorrugatus, Lactarius rubrofuscus, Lactarius rubroviolascens, Lactarius rubrozonatus, Lactarius rufescens, Lactarius rufomarginatus, Lactarius rufulus, Lactarius rufus, Lactarius rugatus, Lactarius ruginosus, Lactarius rugosus, Lactarius rumongensis, Lactarius rupestris, Lactarius russula, Lactarius russulaeformis, Lactarius russuliformis, Lactarius russuloides, Lactarius rusticanus, Lactarius rutaceus, Lactarius ruvubuensis, Lactarius saccharinus, Lactarius saccharium, Lactarius sakamotoi, Lactarius salicis-herbaceae, Lactarius salicis-reticulatae, Lactarius salis-herbaceae, Lactarius salmoneus, Lactarius salmoneus, Lactarius salmonicolor, Lactarius sanguifluus, Lactarius sanguinalis, Lactarius sanguineovirescens, Lactarius sanguineus, Lactarius sanjappae, Lactarius sanmiguelensis, Lactarius saponaceous, Lactarius saponaceus, Lactarius saturnisporus, Lactarius saylorii, Lactarius scandicus, Lactarius sciaphyllus, Lactarius sciaphyllus, Lactarius scoticus, Lactarius scrobianulatus, Lactarius scrobiculatus, Lactarius scrobipes, Lactarius sect. Afrobarbati, Lactarius sect. Albati, Lactarius sect. Allardii, Lactarius sect. Amari, Lactarius sect. Aspidei, Lactarius sect. Atroviridi, Lactarius sect. Aurantiifolii, Lactarius sect. Caperati, Lactarius sect. Chamaeleontini, Lactarius sect. Chromospermi, Lactarius sect. Colorati, Lactarius sect. Compacti, Lactarius sect. Crocei, Lactarius sect. Dapetes, Lactarius sect. Deliciosi, Lactarius sect. Dulces, Lactarius sect. Edules, Lactarius sect. Eulactarius, Lactarius sect. Floccosi, Lactarius sect. Fumosi, Lactarius sect. Genuini, Lactarius sect. Glutinosi, Lactarius sect. Gymnocarpi, Lactarius sect. Ichorati, Lactarius sect. Lactariopsidei, Lactarius sect. Lactariopsis, Lactarius sect. Lactarius, Lactarius sect. Lactarius, Lactarius sect. Lactiflui, Lactarius sect. Limacini, Lactarius sect. Luteoli, Lactarius sect. Nigrescentes, Lactarius sect. Obscurati, Lactarius sect. Olentes, Lactarius sect. Panuoidei, Lactarius sect. Pelliculares, Lactarius sect. Phlebonemi, Lactarius sect. Piperati, Lactarius sect. Piperites, Lactarius sect. Plinthogali, Lactarius sect. Polysphaerophori, Lactarius sect. Pruinosi, Lactarius sect. Pseudoaurantiaci, Lactarius sect. Pseudofuliginosi, Lactarius sect. Pseudogymnocarpi, Lactarius sect. Pseudomyxacium, Lactarius sect. Pterospori, Lactarius sect. Pulchrispermi, Lactarius sect. Rhysocybe, Lactarius sect. Rhysocybella, Lactarius sect. Rubroviolascentes, Lactarius sect. Rubroviolascentini, Lactarius sect. Rugati, Lactarius sect. Ruginosi, Lactarius sect. Russularia, Lactarius sect. Russuliformes, Lactarius sect. Russulopsidei, Lactarius sect. Scrobiculus, Lactarius sect. Sublimacina, Lactarius sect. Subsquamulosi, Lactarius sect. Tabidi, Lactarius sect. Theiogali, Lactarius sect. Tomentosi, Lactarius sect. Torminosi, Lactarius sect. Tristes, Lactarius sect. Triviales, Lactarius sect. Uvidi, Lactarius sect. Vellus, Lactarius sect. Velutini, Lactarius sect. Venolactarius, Lactarius sect. Violaceomaculati, Lactarius sect. Violaceomaculati, Lactarius sect. Volemi, Lactarius sect. Zonarii, Lactarius semisanguifluus, Lactarius sepiaceus, Lactarius ser. Acres, Lactarius ser. Gerardii, Lactarius ser. Lactarius, Lactarius ser. Lactarius, Lactarius ser. Nigroviolascentes, Lactarius ser. Plinthogali, Lactarius serifluus, Lactarius sesemotani, Lactarius shoreae, Lactarius siccus, Lactarius sikkimensis, Lactarius silviae, Lactarius similis, Lactarius similissimus, Lactarius sinozonarius, Lactarius smithii, Lactarius soehneri, Lactarius sordidus, Lactarius sordidus, Lactarius southworthiae, Lactarius speciosus, Lactarius speciosus, Lactarius sphagneti, Lactarius sphagneti, Lactarius sphagneti, Lactarius spinosporus, Lactarius spinosulus, Lactarius spinulosus, Lactarius spinulosus, Lactarius splendens, Lactarius spurius, Lactarius squalidus, Lactarius squamulosus, Lactarius steffenii, Lactarius stenophyllus, Lactarius stephensii, Lactarius stramineus, Lactarius striatus, Lactarius strigosipes, Lactarius strigosus, Lactarius stubbei, Lactarius subalpinus, Lactarius subalpinus, Lactarius subamarus, Lactarius subatlanticus, Lactarius subaustralis, Lactarius subbaliophaeus, Lactarius subborealis, Lactarius subbrevipes, Lactarius subcircellatus, Lactarius subclarkeae, Lactarius subdulcis, Lactarius subdulcis var. sphagneti, Lactarius subflammeus, Lactarius subgen. Colorati, Lactarius subgen. Gerardii, Lactarius subgen. Lactariopsis, Lactarius subgen. Lactarius, Lactarius subgen. Lactarius, Lactarius subgen. Lactiflui, Lactarius subgen. Piperites, Lactarius subgen. Plinthogali, Lactarius subgen. Rhysocybe, Lactarius subgen. Rhysocybella, Lactarius subgen. Russularia, Lactarius subgen. Russulopsis, Lactarius subgen. Tristes, Lactarius subgen. Venolactarius, Lactarius subgerardii, Lactarius subgiennensis, Lactarius subgracilis, Lactarius subhirtipes, Lactarius subindigo, Lactarius subinsulsus, Lactarius subisabellinus, Lactarius sublaccarioides, Lactarius sublacustris, Lactarius sublatus, Lactarius sublignyotus, Lactarius subolivaceus, Lactarius subpallidipes, Lactarius subpaludosus, Lactarius subpalustris, Lactarius subpiperatus, Lactarius subplinthogalus, Lactarius subpurpureus, Lactarius subresimus, Lactarius subreticulatus, Lactarius subrubescens, Lactarius subruginosus, Lactarius subruginosus, Lactarius subsalmoneus, Lactarius subsect. Albati, Lactarius subsect. Aspidei, Lactarius subsect. Barbati, Lactarius subsect. Caerulei, Lactarius subsect. Camphoratini, Lactarius subsect. Claricolorini, Lactarius subsect. Clarkeini, Lactarius subsect. Colorati, Lactarius subsect. Crocei, Lactarius subsect. Deliciosini, Lactarius subsect. Dictyosporini, Lactarius subsect. Dulces, Lactarius subsect. Epitheliosi, Lactarius subsect. Fulgentes, Lactarius subsect. Fuliginosi, Lactarius subsect. Glabrati, Lactarius subsect. Glutinosi, Lactarius subsect. Grisei, Lactarius subsect. Helvini, Lactarius subsect. Heterosporini, Lactarius subsect. Insulsi, Lactarius subsect. Lactarii, Lactarius subsect. Lactarius, Lactarius subsect. Lactarius, Lactarius subsect. Lactiflui, Lactarius subsect. Lacunari, Lactarius subsect. Laevini, Lactarius subsect. Luteoli, Lactarius subsect. Luteoli, Lactarius subsect. Luteoli, Lactarius subsect. Mitissimi, Lactarius subsect. Obscuratini, Lactarius subsect. Olentes, Lactarius subsect. Pallidini, Lactarius subsect. Piperati, Lactarius subsect. Polysphaerophorini, Lactarius subsect. Protogriseini, Lactarius subsect. Pseudoaurantiaci, Lactarius subsect. Pseudotorminosi, Lactarius subsect. Pyrogalini, Lactarius subsect. Rubroviolascentini, Lactarius subsect. Rufini, Lactarius subsect. Rugati, Lactarius subsect. Ruginosi, Lactarius subsect. Russulares, Lactarius subsect. Sanguifluini, Lactarius subsect. Scrobiculati, Lactarius subsect. Scrobiculi, Lactarius subsect. Serifluini, Lactarius subsect. Striatini, Lactarius subsect. Subdulces, Lactarius subsect. Subumbonatini, Lactarius subsect. Triviales, Lactarius subsect. Trivialini, Lactarius subsect. Turpini, Lactarius subsect. Uvidini, Lactarius subsect. Velli, Lactarius subsect. Versicolores, Lactarius subsect. Vieti, Lactarius subsect. Violaceomaculati, Lactarius subsect. Volemi, Lactarius subsect. Xanthydrorheini, Lactarius subsect. Zonarii, Lactarius subser. Fuliginosi, Lactarius subser. Lactarius, Lactarius subser. Lactarius, Lactarius subser. Plinthogali, Lactarius subsericatus, Lactarius subsericatus, Lactarius subsericeus, Lactarius subserifluus, Lactarius substriatus, Lactarius subtestaceus, Lactarius subtomentosus, Lactarius subtomentosus, Lactarius subtorminosus, Lactarius subtorminosus, Lactarius subumbonatus, Lactarius subumbrinus, Lactarius subvellereus, Lactarius subvelutinus, Lactarius subvernalis, Lactarius subvernalis var. alboochraceus, Lactarius subvernalis var. alboochraceus, Lactarius subvillosus, Lactarius subviscidus, Lactarius subzonarius, Lactarius sulcatulus, Lactarius sulcatus, Lactarius sulphosmus, Lactarius sulphurescens, Lactarius sumstinei, Lactarius syringinus, Lactarius tabidus, Lactarius taedae, Lactarius tangerinus, Lactarius tanzanicus, Lactarius tatrorum, Lactarius tawae, Lactarius tawai, Lactarius telinolens, Lactarius tenellus, Lactarius tenuicystidiatus, Lactarius tephropeplis, Lactarius terenopus, Lactarius terrei, Lactarius terreyi, Lactarius terryi, Lactarius tesquorum, Lactarius testaceus, Lactarius testaceus, Lactarius testaceus, Lactarius testaceus, Lactarius texensis, Lactarius textus, Lactarius thakalorum, Lactarius theiogalus, Lactarius theiogalus, Lactarius theiogalus, Lactarius theissenii, Lactarius thejogalus, Lactarius thejogola, Lactarius thejogolus, Lactarius thiersii, Lactarius thyinos, Lactarius tithymalinus, Lactarius tomentosomarginatus, Lactarius tomentosus, Lactarius torminosulus, Lactarius torminosus, Lactarius tottoriensis, Lactarius tr. Dapetes, Lactarius tr. Lateripedes, Lactarius tr. Piperites, Lactarius tr. Russulares, Lactarius tr. Russularia, Lactarius trichodermoides, Lactarius tricolor, Lactarius tristis, Lactarius trivialis, Lactarius tuberculatus, Lactarius tuomikoskii, Lactarius turpis, Lactarius uapacae, Lactarius umbrinopapillatus, Lactarius umbrinus, Lactarius umerensis, Lactarius undulatus, Lactarius unicolor, Lactarius urens, Lactarius utilis, Lactarius uvidus, Lactarius uyedae, Lactarius variegatus, Lactarius varius, Lactarius vellereus, Lactarius vellereus β exsuccus, Lactarius velutinus, Lactarius velutinus, Lactarius velutissimus, Lactarius venezuelanus, Lactarius venosus, Lactarius venustus, Lactarius verae-crucis, Lactarius veraecrucis, Lactarius verbekenae, Lactarius verecundus, Lactarius verrucosporus, Lactarius vesterholtii, Lactarius vestipes, Lactarius vietus, Lactarius villosozonatus, Lactarius villosus, Lactarius vinaceopallidus, Lactarius vinaceorufescens, Lactarius vinaceosporus, Lactarius vinosus, Lactarius violaceocaeruleus, Lactarius violaceomarginatus, Lactarius violascens, Lactarius virgatisporus, Lactarius virgineus, Lactarius viridis, Lactarius viridis, Lactarius viridis, Lactarius viscosus, Lactarius vitellinus, Lactarius vividus, Lactarius volemoides, Lactarius volemus, Lactarius volkertii, Lactarius walleynii, Lactarius waltersii, Lactarius wangii, Lactarius wenquanensis, Lactarius westii, Lactarius wirrabara, Lactarius xanthogalactus, Lactarius xanthogalus, Lactarius xanthophyllus, Lactarius xanthydrorheus, Lactarius xerampelinus, Lactarius xylophilus, Lactarius yazooensis, Lactarius yumthangensis, Lactarius zebrisporus, Lactarius zenkeri, Lactarius zonarioides, Lactarius zonarius, Lactarius zonarius var. scrobipes, Lactarius zonatus, Lactarius zugazae
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