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General information

 Summary:Omphalia (Fr.) Staude, Die Schwämme Mitteldeutschlands, in besondere des Herzogthums: xxviii, 177 (1857) [MB#18148] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Omphalia Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 9, 162 (1821) [MB#700049]
=Phalomia Nieuwl., The American Midland Naturalist 4: 381 (1916) [MB#18244]
 MycoBank #:18148 
 Authors:(Fries) Staude 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Staude 
 Page #:xxviii, 177 
 Year of effective publication:1857 
 Name type:Combination 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
 Remarks:non Omphalea L. 1759 nec Omphalia (Pers) Gray 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Omphalia abhorrens, Omphalia abiegna, Omphalia acervata, Omphalia acuminata, Omphalia adusta, Omphalia adusta β elephantinus, Omphalia affricata, Omphalia alachuana, Omphalia alba, Omphalia alba, Omphalia albescens, Omphalia albidopallens, Omphalia albidula, Omphalia alboflava, Omphalia albula, Omphalia allenii, Omphalia alpina, Omphalia alutacea, Omphalia amabilis, Omphalia amara, Omphalia amethystea, Omphalia amethystea var. amethystea, Omphalia amethystea β incana, Omphalia amethysteus, Omphalia angustispora, Omphalia angustissima, Omphalia anthiceps, Omphalia anthidepas, Omphalia anthodia, Omphalia apiculata, Omphalia arechavaletae, Omphalia arenicola, Omphalia areolata, Omphalia arethusa, Omphalia arfakensis, Omphalia asterospora, Omphalia atripes, Omphalia atropuncta, Omphalia atrovelutina, Omphalia aulacomnii, Omphalia aurantiaca, Omphalia auricula, Omphalia austinii, Omphalia australis, Omphalia avellana, Omphalia bakeri, Omphalia barbata, Omphalia barbularum, Omphalia basirosea, Omphalia behringensis, Omphalia bella, Omphalia belliae, Omphalia belliarum, Omphalia bicolor, Omphalia bicolor, Omphalia bipindeensis, Omphalia bisphaerigera, Omphalia bisphaerigerella, Omphalia blumenaviensis, Omphalia brasiliensis, Omphalia bresadolae, Omphalia brownii, Omphalia bruchii, Omphalia brumalis, Omphalia brunneogrisea, Omphalia brunneola, Omphalia brunnescens, Omphalia brunneus, Omphalia buccinalis, Omphalia bulbosa, Omphalia bullula, Omphalia byssiseda, Omphalia cacabus, Omphalia caesioatra, Omphalia caespitosa, Omphalia californica, Omphalia californiensis, Omphalia calycinoides, Omphalia campanella, Omphalia campestris, Omphalia camptophylla, Omphalia candicans, Omphalia candida, Omphalia capillaris, Omphalia capreae, Omphalia carbonaria, Omphalia caricicola, Omphalia carneipes, Omphalia carneola, Omphalia carneorufula, Omphalia catina, Omphalia cejpi, Omphalia cejpii, Omphalia centenaria, Omphalia cephalotricha, Omphalia cerussata, Omphalia cerussata var. cerussata, Omphalia chilensis, Omphalia chlorocyanea, Omphalia chondripes, Omphalia chromacca, Omphalia chromacea, Omphalia chrysea, Omphalia chrysoleuca, Omphalia chrysophylla, Omphalia cincta, Omphalia cinerella, Omphalia cirrhocephala, Omphalia citricolor, Omphalia clavata, Omphalia clavipes, Omphalia clusiliformis, Omphalia clusilis, Omphalia coccinea, Omphalia cochleata, Omphalia cochleata β cornucopioides, Omphalia cochleatus, Omphalia colensoi, Omphalia collybiiformis, Omphalia collybioides, Omphalia concava, Omphalia condiscipulata, Omphalia conspersa, Omphalia convexa, Omphalia corneipes, Omphalia cornui, Omphalia corticola, Omphalia cortiseda, Omphalia costatula, Omphalia cremea, Omphalia crispula, Omphalia crocea, Omphalia cuneifolia, Omphalia cupreovirens, Omphalia curvipes, Omphalia cuspidata, Omphalia cuspidatella, Omphalia cuticolor, Omphalia cyanophylla, Omphalia cyathelia, Omphalia cyathella, Omphalia cyathiformis, Omphalia cyathiformis var. cyathiformis, Omphalia cyathoides, Omphalia cylindraceocampanulata, Omphalia dawsonii, Omphalia dealbata, Omphalia decurrens, Omphalia deflexa, Omphalia delectabilis, Omphalia delicia, Omphalia demissa, Omphalia denigrata, Omphalia densa, Omphalia detrusa, Omphalia diatreta, Omphalia difformis, Omphalia directa, Omphalia discorosea, Omphalia disseminata, Omphalia distantifolia, Omphalia dryophila, Omphalia dryophilus, Omphalia dumosa, Omphalia ealaensis, Omphalia ealeansis, Omphalia earlei, Omphalia ectypa, Omphalia elastica, Omphalia elixa, Omphalia ephippium, Omphalia epichysium, Omphalia ericetorum, Omphalia euomphalos, Omphalia euspeirea, Omphalia eximia, Omphalia expallens, Omphalia fallax, Omphalia farinacea, Omphalia fasciata, Omphalia fenestralis, Omphalia festucarum, Omphalia fibula, Omphalia fibuloides, Omphalia filiformis, Omphalia flaccida, Omphalia flava, Omphalia flavella, Omphalia flavida, Omphalia flavocrocea, Omphalia flavolivens, Omphalia floridana, Omphalia fragilis, Omphalia fragrans, Omphalia fuligineonigrescens, Omphalia fuliginosa, Omphalia fumosa, Omphalia fusca, Omphalia fuscella, Omphalia fuscipes, Omphalia fuscoalba, Omphalia galericolor, Omphalia gallinacea, Omphalia geotropa, Omphalia gerardiana, Omphalia gibba, Omphalia gibba, Omphalia gilva, Omphalia giovanellae, Omphalia glaucescens, Omphalia glaucophylla, Omphalia gomphomorpha, Omphalia goossensiae, Omphalia gracilipes, Omphalia gracilis, Omphalia gracillima, Omphalia graveolens, Omphalia grisea, Omphalia grisella, Omphalia griseolilacina, Omphalia griseolutescens, Omphalia griseopallida, Omphalia grumata, Omphalia gymnopodia, Omphalia gyrans, Omphalia hectoris, Omphalia helvelloides, Omphalia hepatica, Omphalia hirneola, Omphalia hirsuta, Omphalia hirtipes, Omphalia hohensis, Omphalia holochlora, Omphalia hycmalis, Omphalia hydrogramma, Omphalia hymenorhiza, Omphalia hypobrunnea, Omphalia hypoleuca, Omphalia hypoxantha, Omphalia ianthinophaea, Omphalia ignobilis, Omphalia imperialis, Omphalia incarnata, Omphalia incerta, Omphalia incomta, Omphalia inconspicua, Omphalia infumata, Omphalia infundibuliformis, Omphalia infundibuliformis var. infundibuliformis, Omphalia inornata, Omphalia integrella, Omphalia inversa, Omphalia invita, Omphalia involuta, Omphalia involuta β truncigena, Omphalia irregularis, Omphalia isabella, Omphalia jalapensis, Omphalia joannis, Omphalia kalchbrenneri, Omphalia ke-soensis, Omphalia kermesina, Omphalia kewensis, Omphalia laccata, Omphalia laccata var. laccata, Omphalia laestadii, Omphalia lapidescens, Omphalia laschii, Omphalia lenta, Omphalia lentiformis, Omphalia lentiginosa, Omphalia leonina, Omphalia lepista, Omphalia lepista var. lepista, Omphalia leucophylla, Omphalia leucophylla, Omphalia lignatilis, Omphalia lilacifolia, Omphalia lilacina, Omphalia liliputiiana, Omphalia linopoda, Omphalia linopus, Omphalia lituus, Omphalia lobata, Omphalia luffii, Omphalia lundellii, Omphalia luscina, Omphalia lutea, Omphalia luteicolor, Omphalia luteoatra, Omphalia luteoaurantiaca, Omphalia luteola, Omphalia luteolilacina, Omphalia luteovitellina, Omphalia lychnodes, Omphalia macmurphyi, Omphalia mairei, Omphalia marginella, Omphalia martensii, Omphalia maura, Omphalia mauretanica, Omphalia mauretanicum, Omphalia mcmurphyi, Omphalia mellea, Omphalia mellea, Omphalia mellina, Omphalia metachroa, Omphalia micromeles, Omphalia microscopica, Omphalia microspora, Omphalia microspora, Omphalia miniata, Omphalia minima, Omphalia minutissima, Omphalia mori, Omphalia mortuosa, Omphalia muapensis, Omphalia muelleriana, Omphalia muralis, Omphalia mutila, Omphalia myceniformis, Omphalia myochroa, Omphalia myrmecophila, Omphalia n'dianensis, Omphalia nauseabunda, Omphalia ndianensis, Omphalia nebularis, Omphalia nemoricola, Omphalia nevillae, Omphalia nigripes, Omphalia nigroconspersa, Omphalia nimbata, Omphalia nitrosa, Omphalia nivea, Omphalia niveicolor, Omphalia noctilucens, Omphalia notabilis, Omphalia novembrina, Omphalia novissima, Omphalia obatra, Omphalia obbata, Omphalia obolus, Omphalia obscurata, Omphalia obsoleta, Omphalia occidentalis, Omphalia oculus, Omphalia oedipus, Omphalia offuciata, Omphalia olearis, Omphalia olivaria, Omphalia onisca, Omphalia oniscoides, Omphalia oniscus, Omphalia opipara, Omphalia orbiformis, Omphalia oreophila, Omphalia orickiana, Omphalia osmophora, Omphalia oucimae, Omphalia ousimae, Omphalia pachyphylla, Omphalia pachyphylla var. pachyphylla, Omphalia pallescens, Omphalia pallida, Omphalia paludicola, Omphalia paludosa, Omphalia papillata, Omphalia paraguariensis, Omphalia parilis, Omphalia parvibulbosa, Omphalia paucifolia, Omphalia paurophylla, Omphalia pectinata, Omphalia peculiaris, Omphalia pergracilis, Omphalia peri, Omphalia pernivea, Omphalia pervirginea, Omphalia petasiformis, Omphalia philonotis, Omphalia phyllophila, Omphalia phyllophila var. phyllophila, Omphalia pichinchensis, Omphalia picta, Omphalia pigmentata, Omphalia pithya, Omphalia pleurotoides, Omphalia ploettneri, Omphalia plumbaria, Omphalia poetii, Omphalia polyadelpha, Omphalia polypus, Omphalia porphyromyces, Omphalia postii, Omphalia praedecurrens, Omphalia praerimosa, Omphalia pruniodora, Omphalia pseudoandrosacea, Omphalia pseudodirecta, Omphalia pseudogrisea, Omphalia pseudopicta, Omphalia psilocyboides, Omphalia ptychophylla, Omphalia pubescentipes, Omphalia pulcherrima, Omphalia pumilio, Omphalia purpureorosea, Omphalia pusillima, Omphalia pusillissima, Omphalia pyxidata, Omphalia pyxidatoides, Omphalia quercicola, Omphalia quisquiliaris, Omphalia radians, Omphalia radiatilis, Omphalia radicans, Omphalia ralumensis, Omphalia ranunculina, Omphalia reclinis, Omphalia reclinis f. minor, Omphalia reflexa, Omphalia reticulosa, Omphalia retosta, Omphalia reversa, Omphalia rhagadiosa, Omphalia rhododendri, Omphalia rhyssaspora, Omphalia rhyssospora, Omphalia rickii, Omphalia rivulosa, Omphalia rogersi, Omphalia roriduliformis, Omphalia rosarum, Omphalia rosella, Omphalia rosella, Omphalia roseotincta, Omphalia rubescens, Omphalia rubicola, Omphalia ruficeps, Omphalia russulaeformis, Omphalia russuliformis, Omphalia rustica, Omphalia rusticus, Omphalia saccharophila, Omphalia salmonicolor, Omphalia sandicina, Omphalia sanguinea, Omphalia scabriceps, Omphalia schizoxyla, Omphalia schizoxylon, Omphalia sciopoda, Omphalia sciopus, Omphalia scyphiformis, Omphalia scyphoides, Omphalia scyphophora, Omphalia semivestipes, Omphalia sequoiarum, Omphalia sericea, Omphalia serotina, Omphalia serotina, Omphalia setipes, Omphalia sinopica, Omphalia socialis, Omphalia spadicea, Omphalia speirea, Omphalia speireus, Omphalia sphaerospora, Omphalia sphagnicola, Omphalia sphagnophila, Omphalia sphagnorum, Omphalia splendens, Omphalia spodoides, Omphalia squalidofusca, Omphalia staudtii, Omphalia stella, Omphalia stellata, Omphalia straminea, Omphalia striaepilea, Omphalia striatula, Omphalia striipilea, Omphalia strombodes, Omphalia struthiopteris, Omphalia stuckertii, Omphalia suaveolens, Omphalia subalutacea, Omphalia subavellana, Omphalia subavellanea, Omphalia subcartilaginea, Omphalia subchrysophylla, Omphalia subclavata, Omphalia subfibula, Omphalia subfloridana, Omphalia subfulviceps, Omphalia subgrisea, Omphalia subgrisea, Omphalia subimaculata, Omphalia subimmaculata, Omphalia subintegrella, Omphalia subpellucida, Omphalia subreclinis, Omphalia subscyphoides, Omphalia subsericella, Omphalia subtricolor, Omphalia subumbratilis, Omphalia succinea, Omphalia swanetica, Omphalia swartzii, Omphalia syndesmia, Omphalia tagetes, Omphalia tarda, Omphalia tehuelches, Omphalia telmatiaea, Omphalia tenera, Omphalia tenuispora, Omphalia tenuistipes, Omphalia tepeitensis, Omphalia terrestris, Omphalia terrestris, Omphalia thessala, Omphalia tigrina, Omphalia tortilis, Omphalia tralucida, Omphalia translucens, Omphalia translucentipes, Omphalia tricolor, Omphalia trulliformis, Omphalia tuba, Omphalia tubaeformis, Omphalia tubaeformis, Omphalia tubarioides, Omphalia tuberosa, Omphalia turbinata, Omphalia typhae, Omphalia tyrianthina, Omphalia ulmariae, Omphalia umbellifera, Omphalia umbilicata, Omphalia umbratilis, Omphalia undulata, Omphalia unicolor, Omphalia ussuriensis, Omphalia usta, Omphalia velutina, Omphalia ventosa, Omphalia ventricosa, Omphalia venustissima, Omphalia vermicularis, Omphalia verna, Omphalia vernicosa, Omphalia versatilis, Omphalia vestita, Omphalia vesuviana, Omphalia vibecina, Omphalia virescens, Omphalia virginalis, Omphalia virginea, Omphalia viridicaerulea, Omphalia viridicarnea, Omphalia viridilutea, Omphalia viridimammata, Omphalia viridis, Omphalia viridis, Omphalia vitellina, Omphalia viteluna, Omphalia volkertii, Omphalia wynneae, Omphalia wynniae, Omphalia xanthophylla, Omphalia xanthophylla
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