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General information

 Summary:Omphalina Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 42 (1886) [MB#18150] 
 Synonymy:=Phaeotellus Kühner & Lamoure, Le Botaniste 55: 24 (1972) [MB#18241] 
 MycoBank #:18150 
 Authors (abbreviated):Quél. 
 Page #:42 
 Year of effective publication:1886 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
290 Associated records (click to hide):
Omphalina abhorrens, Omphalina abiegna, Omphalina acerosa, Omphalina acuminata, Omphalina affricata, Omphalina alachuana, Omphalina alba, Omphalina albida, Omphalina albida, Omphalina albo-rosea, Omphalina albominutella, Omphalina alborosea, Omphalina albula, Omphalina allenii, Omphalina alpina, Omphalina angustifolia, Omphalina angustifolium, Omphalina antarctica, Omphalina arctica, Omphalina arenicola, Omphalina asterospora, Omphalina atripes, Omphalina atropuncta, Omphalina aurantiaca, Omphalina australis, Omphalina baeospora, Omphalina ballesteri, Omphalina barbularum, Omphalina bibula, Omphalina bicolor, Omphalina brevibasidiata, Omphalina brownii, Omphalina brunneo-grisea, Omphalina brunneogrisea, Omphalina brunneola, Omphalina brunneolilacina, Omphalina brunnescens, Omphalina buccinalis, Omphalina campanella, Omphalina carneorufula, Omphalina cervina, Omphalina cheilocystidiata, Omphalina chilensis, Omphalina chionophila, Omphalina chlorocyanea, Omphalina chondripes, Omphalina chromacea, Omphalina chrysoleuca, Omphalina chrysophylla, Omphalina clavuligera, Omphalina coccinea, Omphalina collybiiformis, Omphalina columbiana, Omphalina coriscium, Omphalina cornui, Omphalina cotopatae, Omphalina cremea, Omphalina cremea, Omphalina cremeus, Omphalina crispula, Omphalina cupulata, Omphalina cupulatoides, Omphalina cuspidata, Omphalina cuspidatella, Omphalina cyanobrunnescens, Omphalina cyanophilla, Omphalina cyanophylla, Omphalina cyanophylla, Omphalina cyathella, Omphalina cyathella, Omphalina cyathella, Omphalina cyathiformis, Omphalina cylindrospora, Omphalina dawsonii, Omphalina defibulata, Omphalina demissa, Omphalina demissella, Omphalina depauperata, Omphalina detrusa, Omphalina discorosea, Omphalina dovrefjeldensis, Omphalina earlei, Omphalina ectypoides, Omphalina elastica, Omphalina epichysium, Omphalina epichysium var. epichysium, Omphalina ericetorum, Omphalina euomphalos, Omphalina eximia, Omphalina farinolens, Omphalina favrei, Omphalina fibula, Omphalina flava, Omphalina flavella, Omphalina floridana, Omphalina foetida, Omphalina foliacea, Omphalina fuliginea, Omphalina fuliginosa, Omphalina fulvopallens, Omphalina fumosa, Omphalina fuscella, Omphalina fusconigra, Omphalina galericolor, Omphalina gerardiana, Omphalina glaucophylla, Omphalina globispora, Omphalina gracilis, Omphalina gracillima, Omphalina graveolens, Omphalina grisea, Omphalina grisella, Omphalina griseola, Omphalina griseopallida, Omphalina grossula, Omphalina hepatica, Omphalina hirsuta, Omphalina hoffmanii, Omphalina hoffmannii, Omphalina hohensis, Omphalina hudsoniana, Omphalina hydrogramma, Omphalina hypobrunnea, Omphalina hypoleparga, Omphalina icterina, Omphalina incarnata, Omphalina infumata, Omphalina integrella, Omphalina isabellina, Omphalina jalapensis, Omphalina josserandii, Omphalina kuehneri, Omphalina kuhneri, Omphalina largispora, Omphalina lenta, Omphalina leucophylla, Omphalina lilaceorosea, Omphalina lilacifolia, Omphalina lilacinicolor, Omphalina lobata, Omphalina lobulata, Omphalina lundellii, Omphalina luteicolor, Omphalina luteolilacina, Omphalina luteopallida, Omphalina luteovitellina, Omphalina macrospora, Omphalina marchantiae, Omphalina marginella, Omphalina marginella, Omphalina maura, Omphalina melanomphax, Omphalina mellea, Omphalina mercantorica, Omphalina meridionalis, Omphalina microsperma, Omphalina miniata, Omphalina minutissima, Omphalina mortuosa, Omphalina mostnyae, Omphalina muralis, Omphalina mutila, Omphalina myochroa, Omphalina niveicolor, Omphalina nodulispora, Omphalina nodulisporus, Omphalina nothofaginea, Omphalina novoguineensis, Omphalina obatra, Omphalina oblongispora, Omphalina obscurata, Omphalina obscurata, Omphalina occidentalis, Omphalina oedipus, Omphalina offuciata, Omphalina olearis, Omphalina olivaria, Omphalina onisca, Omphalina oniscus, Omphalina oreades, Omphalina paludicola, Omphalina pararustica, Omphalina parvivelutina, Omphalina pauxilla, Omphalina peltigerina, Omphalina pervirginea, Omphalina philonotis, Omphalina philonotis var. philonotis, Omphalina pichinchensis, Omphalina picta, Omphalina polyadelpha, Omphalina postii, Omphalina praerimosa, Omphalina praticola, Omphalina psammophila, Omphalina pseudoandrosacea, Omphalina pseudofibula, Omphalina pseudogrisella, Omphalina pseudomuralis, Omphalina pyxidata, Omphalina radiatilis, Omphalina ranunculina, Omphalina reclinis, Omphalina retosta, Omphalina rickenii, Omphalina rigidipes, Omphalina rivulicola, Omphalina roblemaulicola, Omphalina rogersii, Omphalina rosella, Omphalina rosella, Omphalina roseola, Omphalina roseopallida, Omphalina rustica, Omphalina scandens, Omphalina sciopus, Omphalina scyphiformis, Omphalina scyphoides, Omphalina sect. Globisporae, Omphalina sect. Obscuratae, Omphalina sect. Omphalina, Omphalina sect. Pyxidatae, Omphalina sequoiarum, Omphalina setipes, Omphalina smaragdina, Omphalina sphaerospora, Omphalina sphagnicola, Omphalina sphagnophila, Omphalina stellata, Omphalina strombodes, Omphalina stuckertii, Omphalina subalbida, Omphalina subalpina, Omphalina subandina, Omphalina subcartilaginea, Omphalina subchrysophylla, Omphalina subclavata, Omphalina subfloridana, Omphalina subfulviceps, Omphalina subfumosa, Omphalina subgen. Omphalina, Omphalina subgen. Prasinomphalina, Omphalina subgen. Prasinomphalina, Omphalina subgen. Rhodomphalina, Omphalina subgen. Rhodomphalina, Omphalina subgen. Rickenella, Omphalina subgen. Romagnesia, Omphalina subglobispora, Omphalina subhepatica, Omphalina subobscura, Omphalina subolivacea, Omphalina subpallida, Omphalina subscandens, Omphalina subscyphoides, Omphalina subsphaerospora, Omphalina subumbratilis, Omphalina subumbratilis, Omphalina sulfurea, Omphalina swartzii, Omphalina tabaresiana, Omphalina telmatiaea, Omphalina tepeitensis, Omphalina tricolor, Omphalina trigonospora, Omphalina umbellifera, Omphalina umbilicata, Omphalina umbratilis, Omphalina umbrinocarnosa, Omphalina velutina, Omphalina velutipes, Omphalina ventosa, Omphalina ventosa var. ventosa, Omphalina venustissima, Omphalina versatilis, Omphalina vesuviana, Omphalina violaceoviridis, Omphalina virginalis, Omphalina viridifusca, Omphalina viridimammata, Omphalina viridis, Omphalina volkertii, Omphalina wallacei, Omphalina wasumii, Omphalina wellingtonensis, Omphalina wynneae, Omphalina wynniae, Omphalina xanthodictyon, Omphalina xanthophylla, Omphalina xylophila, Omphalina yalae
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 Type of organism:? 

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