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General information

 Summary:Orbilia Fr., Corpus Florarum provincialium suecicae I. Floram Scanicam: 343 (1836) [MB#3626] 
 Synonymy:≡Peziza sect. Orbilia (Fr.) P. Karst.: 106 (1869) [MB#569894]
=Habrostictis Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 249 (1870) [MB#2194]
=Cheilodonta Boud., Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de France 1: 114 (1885) [MB#989]
=Hyalinia Boud., Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de France 1: 114 (1885) [MB#2381]
=Orbiliella Kirschst., Annales Mycologici 36 (5-6): 374 (1938) [MB#3628]
=Orbiliaster Dennis, Kew Bulletin 9 (2): 294 (1954) [MB#3627]
 MycoBank #:3626 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:343
 Year of effective publication:1836
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
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Classification and associated taxa

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Orbilia abietina, Orbilia abutilonis, Orbilia acicularis, Orbilia acuum, Orbilia adenocarpi, Orbilia agyrioides, Orbilia agyrioides, Orbilia alba, Orbilia albida, Orbilia albomarginata, Orbilia algiseda, Orbilia alnea, Orbilia amarilla, Orbilia andina, Orbilia antenorea, Orbilia aprilis, Orbilia aranea, Orbilia arcospora, Orbilia arctica, Orbilia aristata, Orbilia arundinacea, Orbilia asomatica, Orbilia assimilis, Orbilia atropurpurea, Orbilia aurantiorubra, Orbilia auricolor, Orbilia australiensis, Orbilia bannaensis, Orbilia beltraniae, Orbilia berberidis, Orbilia betulina, Orbilia blumenaviensis, Orbilia bomiensis, Orbilia botulispora, Orbilia boydii, Orbilia brasiliensis, Orbilia breviasca, Orbilia brevicauda, Orbilia caesia, Orbilia calamaria, Orbilia calochroa, Orbilia cardui, Orbilia carpathica, Orbilia carpoboloides, Orbilia caudata, Orbilia caulophylli, Orbilia cejpi, Orbilia cejpii, Orbilia chlorina, Orbilia chrysocoma, Orbilia circinella, Orbilia clavuliformis, Orbilia coccinella, Orbilia coccostigma, Orbilia coleosporioides, Orbilia comma, Orbilia connata, Orbilia corculispora, Orbilia corticalis, Orbilia cotoneastri, Orbilia crenatomarginata, Orbilia crenulatolobata, Orbilia crocina, Orbilia cruenta, Orbilia cryptocarpa, Orbilia crystallina, Orbilia crystallina, Orbilia cucurbitae, Orbilia cunninghamii, Orbilia curvatispora, Orbilia cyathea, Orbilia cyparissias, Orbilia daphnina, Orbilia decipiens, Orbilia delicatula, Orbilia diaphana, Orbilia diaphanula, Orbilia divisa, Orbilia dorsalia, Orbilia dorsalis, Orbilia drepanispora, Orbilia dryadum, Orbilia ebuli, Orbilia ektophysata, Orbilia emarginata, Orbilia epiblastematica, Orbilia epipora, Orbilia epipora, Orbilia erythrostigma, Orbilia erythrostigma, Orbilia eucalypti, Orbilia euonymi, Orbilia euphorbiae, Orbilia exigua, Orbilia f. coccinella, Orbilia faginea, Orbilia fairmanii, Orbilia falciformis, Orbilia fici, Orbilia fimicola, Orbilia fimicoloides, Orbilia fissilis, Orbilia flavida, Orbilia flavidorosella, Orbilia flavidorosella, Orbilia flavidoroseola, Orbilia flavoviridis, Orbilia flexispora, Orbilia flexuosa, Orbilia fugax, Orbilia fuscopallida, Orbilia fusispora, Orbilia gaillardi, Orbilia gaillardii, Orbilia gambelii, Orbilia gelatinosa, Orbilia georgiana, Orbilia geralensis, Orbilia glabrovirens, Orbilia glacialis, Orbilia granulosa, Orbilia griseocarnea, Orbilia haematites, Orbilia herbarum, Orbilia hesperidea, Orbilia hyalinula, Orbilia hypothallosa, Orbilia inconspicua, Orbilia infixa, Orbilia inflatula, Orbilia jugulospora, Orbilia juliae, Orbilia junci, Orbilia juniperi, Orbilia juruensis, Orbilia lacustris, Orbilia laevimarginata, Orbilia lancicula, Orbilia lasia, Orbilia leightonii, Orbilia lenta, Orbilia leporina, Orbilia leucostigma, Orbilia liliputiana, Orbilia limoniformis, Orbilia limpida, Orbilia linata, Orbilia loci-simiarum, Orbilia lori-simiarum, Orbilia lunata, Orbilia lupini, Orbilia luteola, Orbilia luteorubella, Orbilia luzularum, Orbilia macrospora, Orbilia marina, Orbilia medicaginis, Orbilia microclava, Orbilia microsoma, Orbilia microspora, Orbilia milinana, Orbilia millispora, Orbilia miniata, Orbilia minutispora, Orbilia minutissima, Orbilia mitracea, Orbilia mollisioides, Orbilia multiserpentina, Orbilia myrioaustraliensis, Orbilia myriospora, Orbilia myristicae, Orbilia neglecta, Orbilia nivea, Orbilia nostra, Orbilia obscura, Orbilia occulta, Orbilia oculifuga, Orbilia oreadum, Orbilia orientalis, Orbilia pannorum, Orbilia paradoxa, Orbilia paradoxa, Orbilia parvula, Orbilia patellarioides, Orbilia pellucida, Orbilia peltigerae, Orbilia phragmotricha, Orbilia phymatodes, Orbilia picea, Orbilia pilifera, Orbilia piloboloides, Orbilia pilosa, Orbilia pisciformis, Orbilia pleioaustraliensis, Orbilia pleioquaestiformis, Orbilia plesteuonymi, Orbilia polyporacea, Orbilia polypori, Orbilia polyspora, Orbilia primulae, Orbilia prunorum, Orbilia pseudobrevistipitata, Orbilia pseudorubella, Orbilia psychrophila, Orbilia pulcherrima, Orbilia pulviscula, Orbilia pusilla, Orbilia pyrifera, Orbilia querci, Orbilia quercus, Orbilia racheophila, Orbilia rectispora, Orbilia regalis, Orbilia renispora, Orbilia retrusa, Orbilia rosella, Orbilia roseofuscella, Orbilia roseohyalina, Orbilia roseorubra, Orbilia rozei, Orbilia rubella, Orbilia rubens, Orbilia rubicola, Orbilia rubicunda, Orbilia rubinella, Orbilia rubrococcinea, Orbilia rubrovacuolata, Orbilia salicina, Orbilia sambuci, Orbilia sarraziniana, Orbilia scolecospora, Orbilia scotica, Orbilia septispora, Orbilia sericea, Orbilia serpentina, Orbilia silvatica, Orbilia simiarum, Orbilia sinensis, Orbilia sinuosa, Orbilia spinosae, Orbilia stipitata, Orbilia subgen. Hemiorbilia, Orbilia subgen. Orbilia, Orbilia subgen. Orbiliopsis, Orbilia succinea, Orbilia succinea, Orbilia succinella, Orbilia succulenticola, Orbilia tenebricosa, Orbilia tenuissima, Orbilia tenuissima, Orbilia terrestris, Orbilia tianmushanensis, Orbilia tiliacea, Orbilia trapeziformis, Orbilia tremulae, Orbilia tricellularia, Orbilia tricuspis, Orbilia trinacriifera, Orbilia ulcerata, Orbilia ulicis, Orbilia umbilicata, Orbilia uvispora, Orbilia vacini, Orbilia veratri, Orbilia vermiformis, Orbilia verrucosa, Orbilia vestimenti, Orbilia vinosa, Orbilia vinosula, Orbilia vitalbae, Orbilia vitrea, Orbilia xanthoguttulata, Orbilia xanthostigma, Orbilia yuanensis
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