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General information

 Summary:Ovularia Sacc., Michelia 2 (6): 17 (1880) [MB#9181] 
 MycoBank #:9181 
 Authors (abbreviated):Sacc. 
 Page #:17 
 Year of effective publication:1880 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:type fide Clements & Shear 1931 
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Ovularia abscondita, Ovularia acutata, Ovularia alismatis, Ovularia alnicola, Ovularia alpina, Ovularia anaphalidis, Ovularia aplospora, Ovularia aricola, Ovularia ariicola, Ovularia armoraciae, Ovularia asperifolii, Ovularia asperifolii subsp. asperifolii, Ovularia asteris, Ovularia astragali, Ovularia atraphaxidis, Ovularia atraphaxis, Ovularia aurantii, Ovularia avicularis, Ovularia babajaniae, Ovularia babajanii, Ovularia baldingerae, Ovularia bartsiae, Ovularia berberidis, Ovularia betonicae, Ovularia bistortae, Ovularia bistortae, Ovularia bixae, Ovularia bonaerensis, Ovularia bornmuelleriana, Ovularia bornmulleriana, Ovularia brassicae, Ovularia bulbigera, Ovularia bullata, Ovularia buxi, Ovularia caduca, Ovularia canadensis, Ovularia canaegricola, Ovularia cardui, Ovularia carletonii, Ovularia carneola, Ovularia carthami, Ovularia castaneae, Ovularia catonii, Ovularia cerasi, Ovularia cercidis, Ovularia chamaedryos, Ovularia chesneyae, Ovularia circumscissa, Ovularia citri, Ovularia citri, Ovularia clematidis, Ovularia cochleariae, Ovularia compacta, Ovularia conspicua, Ovularia corcellensis, Ovularia corsica, Ovularia cortusae, Ovularia coryni, Ovularia cotini, Ovularia cousiniae, Ovularia coyni, Ovularia cucurbitae, Ovularia cynoglossi, Ovularia decipiens, Ovularia delphinii, Ovularia densa, Ovularia destructiva, Ovularia deusta, Ovularia doronici, Ovularia duplex, Ovularia elliptica, Ovularia epilobiana, Ovularia epilobii, Ovularia esfandiarii, Ovularia exigua, Ovularia fallax, Ovularia farinacea, Ovularia farinaecola, Ovularia farinicola, Ovularia farinosa, Ovularia gei, Ovularia geranii, Ovularia globifera, Ovularia globosa, Ovularia glyceriae, Ovularia gnaphalii, Ovularia gunnerae, Ovularia haplospora, Ovularia hayachinensis, Ovularia holci-lanati, Ovularia hordei, Ovularia hughesiana, Ovularia hyderabadense, Ovularia hyderabadensis, Ovularia indica, Ovularia interstitialis, Ovularia inulae, Ovularia iranica, Ovularia irregularis, Ovularia isarioides, Ovularia jaczevskii, Ovularia jubatskana, Ovularia karelii, Ovularia lactea, Ovularia lactucae, Ovularia lamii, Ovularia lamii, Ovularia lampsanae, Ovularia lanosa, Ovularia lapsanae, Ovularia levistici, Ovularia lichnicola, Ovularia lolii, Ovularia lotophaga, Ovularia lupini, Ovularia lupinicola, Ovularia lychnicola, Ovularia lychnidicola, Ovularia maclurae, Ovularia malorum, Ovularia marathwadensis, Ovularia medicaginis, Ovularia melittis, Ovularia microsticta, Ovularia minutissima, Ovularia monilioides, Ovularia monosporia, Ovularia monosporia, Ovularia mulgedii, Ovularia myriacae, Ovularia necans, Ovularia nivea, Ovularia nymphaeae, Ovularia nymphaearum, Ovularia obliqua, Ovularia obovata, Ovularia occulta, Ovularia ovata, Ovularia oxalidis, Ovularia oxytropidis, Ovularia oxytropis, Ovularia paeoniae, Ovularia palmicola, Ovularia peltigerae, Ovularia phaseoli, Ovularia phlomidis, Ovularia phyllactidis, Ovularia pini, Ovularia pirolae, Ovularia pluriseptata, Ovularia polliniae, Ovularia polygoni-alpini, Ovularia primulana, Ovularia puerariae, Ovularia pulchella, Ovularia pulchella, Ovularia pusilla, Ovularia pusilla, Ovularia pyrolae, Ovularia ranunculi, Ovularia rhamnigena, Ovularia rigidula, Ovularia robiciana, Ovularia rosea, Ovularia rubella, Ovularia rubi, Ovularia rufibasis, Ovularia rumicis, Ovularia salicina, Ovularia saxifragae, Ovularia scabiosae, Ovularia scelerata, Ovularia schroeteri, Ovularia schwarziana, Ovularia senecionis, Ovularia serratulae, Ovularia simplex, Ovularia sommeri, Ovularia sphaeroidea, Ovularia stachydis, Ovularia stachydis-ciliatae, Ovularia stellariae, Ovularia symphyti-cordati, Ovularia syringae, Ovularia syringaecola, Ovularia syringicola, Ovularia tovarae, Ovularia tricherae, Ovularia tuberculiformis, Ovularia tuberculiniformis, Ovularia vancouveriae, Ovularia variabilis, Ovularia veronicae, Ovularia veronicae, Ovularia viciae, Ovularia villiana, Ovularia virgaureae, Ovularia viridis, Ovularia vitis, Ovularia vogeliana, Ovularia vossiana
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