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General information

 Summary:Patellaria Fr., Systema Mycologicum 2: 158 (1822) [MB#3765] 
 Synonymy:≡Lecanidion Endl., Fl. Poson.: 46 (1830) [MB#2680]
≡Peziza sect. Patellaria (Fr.) P. Karst.: 105 (1869) [MB#569895]
≡Megalaria subintermixta (Müll. Arg.) Kantvilas, Herzogia 29 (2/1): 429 (2016) [MB#817379]
 MycoBank #:3765 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:158 
 Year of effective publication:1822 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM2:38 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Patellaria abbotiana, Patellaria aberrans, Patellaria abessinica, Patellaria abietina, Patellaria abietina, Patellaria abietina, Patellaria abietina, Patellaria abstrusa, Patellaria acclinis, Patellaria acharii, Patellaria aeruginascens, Patellaria aeruginosa, Patellaria aeruginosa, Patellaria aeruginosula, Patellaria aggregata, Patellaria aipospila, Patellaria alba, Patellaria albescens, Patellaria albescens, Patellaria albicerata, Patellaria albidolutea, Patellaria albidoplumbea, Patellaria albiziae, Patellaria albizziae, Patellaria albocaerulescens, Patellaria albocoerulescens, Patellaria alboflavicans, Patellaria albopulverulenta, Patellaria albozonaria, Patellaria alismatis, Patellaria allotropa, Patellaria alutacea, Patellaria ambigua, Patellaria americana, Patellaria anaglyptica, Patellaria anceps, Patellaria andina, Patellaria angulosa, Patellaria angusturae, Patellaria anisospora, Patellaria anomala, Patellaria anthracina, Patellaria apiahica, Patellaria apiculatae, Patellaria applanata, Patellaria aquatica, Patellaria arbuscula, Patellaria arceutinoides, Patellaria arenaria, Patellaria argyrioides, Patellaria argyrotricha, Patellaria armeniaca, Patellaria arnoldiana, Patellaria aromatica, Patellaria artemisioides, Patellaria arthonioides, Patellaria artocarpi, Patellaria artytoides, Patellaria asperella, Patellaria aspiciliae, Patellaria aterula, Patellaria athroocarpa, Patellaria atlantica, Patellaria atra, Patellaria atrata, Patellaria atrata, Patellaria atratula, Patellaria atro-vinosa, Patellaria atroalba, Patellaria atroalba, Patellaria atrobrunnea, Patellaria atrocinerea, Patellaria atrofusca, Patellaria atrogrisea, Patellaria atropurpurea, Patellaria atrorubricans, Patellaria atrorufa, Patellaria atrosulphurea, Patellaria atrovinosa, Patellaria atrovirens, Patellaria atroviridis, Patellaria aurantia, Patellaria aurantiaca, Patellaria aurella, Patellaria aureococcinea, Patellaria australiensis, Patellaria bacillifera, Patellaria bacilligera, Patellaria badia, Patellaria baliola, Patellaria banksiae, Patellaria basaltica, Patellaria beckhausii, Patellaria benacensis, Patellaria berberidis, Patellaria biclipea, Patellaria bicolor, Patellaria bicolor, Patellaria biformis, Patellaria biformis, Patellaria bistorta, Patellaria bloxami, Patellaria bloxamii, Patellaria botryosa, Patellaria brachyspora, Patellaria brasiliensis, Patellaria bruniana, Patellaria brunnea, Patellaria bryophila, Patellaria buchananii, Patellaria buellioides, Patellaria caecula, Patellaria caelata, Patellaria caerulescens, Patellaria caesalpiniae, Patellaria caesia, Patellaria caesia, Patellaria caesiella, Patellaria caesioalba, Patellaria caesiopallens, Patellaria caesiorubella, Patellaria caesiorufa, Patellaria calcarea, Patellaria californica, Patellaria callispora, Patellaria campbelliae, Patellaria candelaris, Patellaria candicans, Patellaria candida, Patellaria canescens, Patellaria carestiae, Patellaria carnea, Patellaria carneoalbida, Patellaria carneola, Patellaria carneolutea, Patellaria carneopallida, Patellaria carolinensis, Patellaria carphinea, Patellaria carpinea, Patellaria carteri, Patellaria cartilaginea, Patellaria cateilea, Patellaria cateleia, Patellaria cenisia, Patellaria ceratina, Patellaria cerebrina, Patellaria cerina, Patellaria ceroplasta, Patellaria chalybeia, Patellaria chloritis, Patellaria chloroplaca, Patellaria chromolaenae, Patellaria cinerascens, Patellaria cinerea, Patellaria cinerea, Patellaria cinereofusca, Patellaria cinereorufescens, Patellaria cinereovirens, Patellaria cinnabarina, Patellaria cinnamomea, Patellaria cinnamothrix, Patellaria cinnamotricha, Patellaria circinata, Patellaria cismonica, Patellaria citrella, Patellaria citrina, Patellaria citrina, Patellaria citrinella, Patellaria cladoniarum, Patellaria clausa, Patellaria clavata, Patellaria clavispora, Patellaria clavispora, Patellaria clavus, Patellaria coarctata, Patellaria coccinea, Patellaria coccinea a leptostelis, Patellaria combreti, Patellaria commutata, Patellaria compressa, Patellaria concinnior, Patellaria concolor, Patellaria concolor, Patellaria concreta, Patellaria conferta, Patellaria confluens, Patellaria confluens, Patellaria conjuncta, Patellaria connivens, Patellaria consanguinea, Patellaria constipata, Patellaria contigua, Patellaria contraria, Patellaria conuivens, Patellaria convallariae, Patellaria convexa, Patellaria convexula, Patellaria coorgica, Patellaria coracina, Patellaria corallinoides, Patellaria coriacea, Patellaria corroborans, Patellaria corticola, Patellaria craspedia, Patellaria crassa, Patellaria crataegi, Patellaria crenata, Patellaria crenulata, Patellaria cretacea, Patellaria crocea, Patellaria cupularis, Patellaria cyanea, Patellaria cyanea, Patellaria cylindrospora, Patellaria cyrtella, Patellaria decipiens, Patellaria decolorans, Patellaria decussata, Patellaria demissa, Patellaria denigrata, Patellaria densa, Patellaria deplanata, Patellaria deposita, Patellaria desertorum, Patellaria desertorum, Patellaria detrita, Patellaria deusta, Patellaria diaphana, Patellaria dicksonii, Patellaria diffluens, Patellaria difformis, Patellaria diplacia, Patellaria discolor, Patellaria dispersa, Patellaria dispersa, Patellaria doliocarpa, Patellaria dolosa, Patellaria domingensis, Patellaria dryina, Patellaria eckfeldtii, Patellaria effugiens, Patellaria effusa, Patellaria elacista, Patellaria elaeochroma, Patellaria elata, Patellaria elatina, Patellaria endocarpea, Patellaria endochroma, Patellaria endochrysa, Patellaria endodesmia, Patellaria endoleuca, Patellaria endoxantha, Patellaria enteroleuca, Patellaria epanora, Patellaria epiblastematica, Patellaria epiblastimatica, Patellaria epipolia, Patellaria epixantha, Patellaria erythrocarpa, Patellaria euganea, Patellaria euphorbiae, Patellaria excavata, Patellaria exigua, Patellaria eximia, Patellaria fabacea, Patellaria faginea, Patellaria fallaciosa, Patellaria farinosa, Patellaria farinosa α mesogonimica, Patellaria farinosa β arachnodes, Patellaria farinosa γ speirematica, Patellaria farinosa δ cymatophora, Patellaria farinulenta, Patellaria feeana, Patellaria fenestrata, Patellaria fergussonii, Patellaria ferruginea, Patellaria ferruginea, Patellaria filicina, Patellaria finkii, Patellaria flavicans, Patellaria flavidoatra, Patellaria flavovirescens, Patellaria flexella, Patellaria floccosa, Patellaria foliacea, Patellaria forstroemiana, Patellaria forströmiana, Patellaria fratruelis, Patellaria frenchiana, Patellaria friabilis, Patellaria friesii, Patellaria frondosa, Patellaria frustulosa, Patellaria fulgens, Patellaria fuliginea, Patellaria fulvula, Patellaria fumosa, Patellaria fumosonigricans, Patellaria fungicola, Patellaria fungiformis, Patellaria furfurella, Patellaria fusca, Patellaria fusca, Patellaria fusca c cymatophorus, Patellaria fuscatula, Patellaria fuscella, Patellaria fuscoater, Patellaria fuscoatra, Patellaria fuscolutea, Patellaria fusconigrescens, Patellaria fusiformis, Patellaria fusispora, Patellaria gabrielis, Patellaria galbinea, Patellaria garovaglii, Patellaria garovaglioi, Patellaria gelatinoides, Patellaria gelatinosa, Patellaria gelida, Patellaria geographica, Patellaria glabella, Patellaria glacialis, Patellaria glaucoma, Patellaria glauconigrans, Patellaria glebulosa, Patellaria globifera, Patellaria globulosa, Patellaria glomerulosa, Patellaria glycosmidis, Patellaria gnaphaliana, Patellaria gompholoma, Patellaria granularis, Patellaria granulifera, Patellaria granulosa, Patellaria granulosa, Patellaria gregaria, Patellaria grimselana, Patellaria griseoatra, Patellaria griseonigella, Patellaria grossa, Patellaria grossulina, Patellaria grumosa, Patellaria gyalectoides, Patellaria gypsacea, Patellaria haematomma, Patellaria hakonensis, Patellaria hamamelidis, Patellaria hemitropa, Patellaria henningsii, Patellaria heterochroa, Patellaria heterodoxa, Patellaria heterotoxa, Patellaria hirneola, Patellaria holocarpa, Patellaria holomelaena, Patellaria hostheleoides, Patellaria humistrata, Patellaria humosa, Patellaria hyalinella, Patellaria hyperici, Patellaria hypnorum, Patellaria hysgina, Patellaria icmadophila, Patellaria ilicicola, Patellaria immersa, Patellaria immersa, Patellaria imperfecta, Patellaria incana, Patellaria inclusa, Patellaria incompta, Patellaria inconspicua, Patellaria incrustans, Patellaria indica, Patellaria indigotica, Patellaria inflata, Patellaria infuscata, Patellaria intercedens, Patellaria intermedia, Patellaria intermiscens, Patellaria intermixta, Patellaria interponens, Patellaria intertexta, Patellaria intricata, Patellaria intumescens, Patellaria inundata, Patellaria ipomoeae, Patellaria irrubata, Patellaria ischnospora, Patellaria jamaicensis, Patellaria joshuana, Patellaria koerberiana, Patellaria laetior, Patellaria laminularis, Patellaria lamprocheila, Patellaria lantanae, Patellaria lapicida, Patellaria lasiosiphonis, Patellaria lata, Patellaria lateritia, Patellaria lathyri, Patellaria laurocerasi, Patellaria lecidealis, Patellaria lecideola, Patellaria leioplacella, Patellaria lenticularis, Patellaria lentigera, Patellaria lepidora, Patellaria leprolyta, Patellaria leptocheila, Patellaria leptocheiloides, Patellaria leptoderma, Patellaria leptoloma, Patellaria leptoplacella, Patellaria leptosperma, Patellaria leptosporella, Patellaria leucaspis, Patellaria leucoblephara, Patellaria leucocarpa, Patellaria leucochaete, Patellaria leucoloma, Patellaria leucoplaca, Patellaria leucoplacoides, Patellaria leucothalamia, Patellaria leucoxantha, Patellaria lightfootii, Patellaria lignaria, Patellaria ligni, Patellaria lignyota, Patellaria littoralis, Patellaria livida, Patellaria lividocincta, Patellaria lividonigrans, Patellaria lividonigricans, Patellaria lonicerae, Patellaria loranthi, Patellaria lucida, Patellaria lundensis, Patellaria lurida, Patellaria luteoalba, Patellaria luteola, Patellaria lutescens, Patellaria lutosa, Patellaria lutosa, Patellaria macrocarpa, Patellaria macrospora, Patellaria maculosa, Patellaria magellanica, Patellaria maingayana, Patellaria mangayana, Patellaria margaritacea, Patellaria marginiflexa, Patellaria marmorea, Patellaria massaeae, Patellaria massalongiana, Patellaria massalongoana, Patellaria masseea, Patellaria maura, Patellaria maura, Patellaria medialis, Patellaria megacarpa, Patellaria megaspora, Patellaria melaclina, Patellaria melaclinoides, Patellaria melaena, Patellaria melaenella, Patellaria melaleuca, Patellaria melanobatrys, Patellaria melanobotrys, Patellaria melanocarpa, Patellaria melanochlora, Patellaria melanodermia, Patellaria melanophaea, Patellaria melanotropa, Patellaria melasema, Patellaria melastegia, Patellaria melaxantha, Patellaria mesospora, Patellaria metabolica, Patellaria metabolica, Patellaria meyeri, Patellaria microphylla, Patellaria microsticta, Patellaria miculata, Patellaria millegrana, Patellaria milliaria, Patellaria minima, Patellaria minor, Patellaria minuta, Patellaria minutissima, Patellaria mixta, Patellaria modestula, Patellaria montagnei, Patellaria morio, Patellaria mougeotiana, Patellaria multilocularis, Patellaria multipuncta, Patellaria multiseptata, Patellaria muralis, Patellaria murina, Patellaria muscicola, Patellaria muscorum, Patellaria muscorum, Patellaria muscorum, Patellaria muscorum, Patellaria mutabilis, Patellaria mycophila, Patellaria myriocarpa, Patellaria myrticola, Patellaria naegelii, Patellaria nebulosa, Patellaria nidulans, Patellaria nigerrima, Patellaria nigra, Patellaria nigrata, Patellaria nigrescens, Patellaria nigro-cyanea, Patellaria nigrocincta, Patellaria nigrocinnabarina, Patellaria nigrocyanea, Patellaria nigrofusca, Patellaria nigromarginata, Patellaria nigrovirens, Patellaria nitens, Patellaria nitida, Patellaria nubilior, Patellaria obfuscata, Patellaria obliterata, Patellaria oblitterata, Patellaria obludens, Patellaria obscurata, Patellaria obtegens, Patellaria ochracea, Patellaria ochrostoma, Patellaria ocrinaeta, Patellaria odora, Patellaria oederi, Patellaria olivacea, Patellaria olivacea, Patellaria olivaceorufa, Patellaria olivaceovirens, Patellaria orosthea, Patellaria ostreata, Patellaria otagensis, Patellaria ovulispora, Patellaria pachycarpa, Patellaria pachycheila, Patellaria pachyloma, Patellaria pacifica, Patellaria pallescens, Patellaria pallida, Patellaria pallida, Patellaria pallida, Patellaria pallidocarnea, Patellaria pallidonigrans, Patellaria pallidula, Patellaria palmicola, Patellaria palmularis, Patellaria paludosa, Patellaria palustris, Patellaria pantherina, Patellaria pantosticta, Patellaria parasema, Patellaria parella, Patellaria parvula, Patellaria paschalis, Patellaria patinelloides, Patellaria peckii, Patellaria pellicula, Patellaria peltiformis, Patellaria perminima, Patellaria permutata, Patellaria petraea, Patellaria phaeolomoides, Patellaria phaeomela, Patellaria phaeomelana, Patellaria pileata, Patellaria pinicola, Patellaria pithya, Patellaria placophylla, Patellaria platycarpa, Patellaria plumbea, Patellaria plumbea, Patellaria polycarpa, Patellaria polychroma, Patellaria polygonia, Patellaria polysporella, Patellaria polytropa, Patellaria populicola, Patellaria populina, Patellaria populnea, Patellaria portoricensis, Patellaria praelucida, Patellaria praepallida, Patellaria prasinorubella, Patellaria premnea, Patellaria premneella, Patellaria proposita, Patellaria prostii, Patellaria protuberans, Patellaria proxima, Patellaria pruinata, Patellaria pruinata, Patellaria pruinosa, Patellaria prunastri, Patellaria psychotriae, Patellaria pudica, Patellaria pulicaris, Patellaria pulla, Patellaria pulverea, Patellaria pulverulenta, Patellaria pumilio, Patellaria punctata, Patellaria punctata α leucoplaca, Patellaria punctata β tephroplaca, Patellaria punctata γ ochroplaca, Patellaria punctata δ gonioplaca, Patellaria punctiformis, Patellaria purpurascens, Patellaria purpurea, Patellaria pusilla, Patellaria pyrophthalma, Patellaria quercina, Patellaria quercus, Patellaria quernea, Patellaria rabenhorstii, Patellaria radiosa, Patellaria ramalinae, Patellaria rebelliosa, Patellaria recisa, Patellaria reducta, Patellaria repanda, Patellaria reuteri, Patellaria rhabarbarina, Patellaria rhabarberina, Patellaria rhizogena, Patellaria rhodocardia, Patellaria rhododendri, Patellaria rhyparobola, Patellaria rimosa, Patellaria rimosa, Patellaria riparia, Patellaria rivularis, Patellaria rivulosa, Patellaria rosea, Patellaria rosella, Patellaria rosellina, Patellaria rosellocarnea, Patellaria rosellopallida, Patellaria rotuliformis, Patellaria rubella, Patellaria rubellula, Patellaria rubi, Patellaria rubicunda, Patellaria rubida, Patellaria rubina, Patellaria rubra, Patellaria rubricosa, Patellaria rubrotingens, Patellaria rudis, Patellaria rudiuscula, Patellaria rufa, Patellaria rufella, Patellaria rufescens, Patellaria rufinula, Patellaria rufocarnea, Patellaria rufula, Patellaria rupestris, Patellaria rupicola, Patellaria russeola, Patellaria russula, Patellaria sabuletorum, Patellaria salevensis, Patellaria salicina, Patellaria sanguinaria, Patellaria sanguinea, Patellaria sanguinea, Patellaria sanguineoatra, Patellaria sanguineoatra, Patellaria schistidii, Patellaria schwarzmanniana, Patellaria scleroplaca, Patellaria scruposa, Patellaria scrupulosa, Patellaria scutellaris, Patellaria sect. Rehmiopsis, Patellaria segregata, Patellaria semipallida, Patellaria sigmoidea, Patellaria signata, Patellaria sikkimensis, Patellaria silacea, Patellaria similaris, Patellaria similis, Patellaria simplex, Patellaria sinapisperma, Patellaria socialis, Patellaria socialis, Patellaria socotrana, Patellaria sororcula, Patellaria sororia, Patellaria sororiella, Patellaria spadicea, Patellaria spectabilis, Patellaria speirea, Patellaria spermatiospora, Patellaria sphaeroides, Patellaria sphaerospora, Patellaria spodophana, Patellaria sprucei, Patellaria squalida, Patellaria stanhopeae, Patellaria stanhopiae, Patellaria stellaris, Patellaria stenoloma, Patellaria stenosporina, Patellaria stictioides, Patellaria stillata, Patellaria stirtonii, Patellaria strickeri, Patellaria stygia, Patellaria suaveolens, Patellaria suavevolens, Patellaria subacerina, Patellaria subatrata, Patellaria subbacillifera, Patellaria subcarnea, Patellaria subfusca, Patellaria subfuscata, Patellaria subintermixta, Patellaria sublivens, Patellaria submacrospora, Patellaria subpellucida, Patellaria subproposita, Patellaria subpulchra, Patellaria subrotuliformis, Patellaria subsidua, Patellaria subsimilis, Patellaria subspadicea, Patellaria subtecta, Patellaria subtilis, Patellaria subvelata, Patellaria subvernalis, Patellaria subvigilans, Patellaria sulphurata, Patellaria sulphurea, Patellaria superbula, Patellaria superflua, Patellaria superposita, Patellaria superula, Patellaria synothea, Patellaria taitensis, Patellaria tartarea, Patellaria tasmanica, Patellaria tasmanica, Patellaria teicholyta, Patellaria tenella, Patellaria tephromelas, Patellaria testacea, Patellaria testacea, Patellaria tetraspora, Patellaria theiotea, Patellaria thejotea, Patellaria thelotremoides, Patellaria theobromatis, Patellaria thysanota, Patellaria tigillaris, Patellaria tigrina, Patellaria tijucana, Patellaria togoensis, Patellaria togoënsis, Patellaria tomentosa, Patellaria torquata, Patellaria torulispora, Patellaria trachona, Patellaria trachonella, Patellaria translucens, Patellaria translucida, Patellaria tremelloidea, Patellaria tremelloides, Patellaria tremellula, Patellaria tricholoma, Patellaria trichophora, Patellaria trichosperma, Patellaria trichroa, Patellaria trisepta, Patellaria triseptata, Patellaria tristis, Patellaria tuberculosa, Patellaria tuberculosa, Patellaria tumidula, Patellaria tympanis, Patellaria uliginosa, Patellaria ulmi, Patellaria ulmicola, Patellaria umbrina, Patellaria upsaliensis, Patellaria urceolus, Patellaria urceolus, Patellaria varia, Patellaria variabilis, Patellaria variegata, Patellaria variella, Patellaria ventosa, Patellaria ventricosa, Patellaria verbasci, Patellaria vermifera, Patellaria vernalis, Patellaria verrucosa, Patellaria versicolor, Patellaria vesicularis, Patellaria vestita, Patellaria vibrisseoides, Patellaria vigilans, Patellaria vilis, Patellaria violacea, Patellaria violascens, Patellaria viridescens, Patellaria viridescens, Patellaria viridescens, Patellaria viridiatra, Patellaria viridirufa, Patellaria viridis, Patellaria vitellina, Patellaria viticola, Patellaria wahlenbergii, Patellaria wallrothii, Patellaria weymouthii, Patellaria wilsonii, Patellaria xanthoblephara, Patellaria xylographoides
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