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General information

 Summary:Poria Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 10 (1763) [MB#39255] 
 Synonymy:≡Rhodonia rancida (Bres.) B.K. Cui, L.L. Shen & Y.C. Dai, Persoonia 42: 122 (2018) [MB#819291] 
 MycoBank #:39255 
 Authors (abbreviated):Adans. 
 Page #:10 
 Year of effective publication:1763 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Poria adiposa, Poria adpressa, Poria aestivale, Poria aestivalis, Poria agaricicola, Poria ahmadii, Poria alabamae, Poria alachuana, Poria albida, Poria albidofusca, Poria albipellucida, Poria albirosea, Poria albo-carnea-gilvidus, Poria albo-carneo-gilva, Poria alboatra, Poria albobrunnea, Poria albobrunnea, Poria albocarneogilva, Poria albocincta, Poria albocitrina, Poria albofulva, Poria albogrisea, Poria alboincarnata, Poria albolilacina, Poria albolutea, Poria albolutescens, Poria albopallescens, Poria alborosea, Poria albostygia, Poria alpina, Poria altocedronensis, Poria alutacea, Poria amaniensis, Poria ambigua, Poria amesii, Poria amesis, Poria amylohypha, Poria anaectopora, Poria andersonii, Poria andersonii, Poria aneirina, Poria anoectopora, Poria apacheriensis, Poria apposita, Poria aprica, Poria aquosa, Poria arachnoidea, Poria archeri, Poria arenaria, Poria argentea, Poria argillacea, Poria aroha, Poria asiatica, Poria atropunctata, Poria atropunctata, Poria atrorubens, Poria atrosporia, Poria atrovinosa, Poria attenuata, Poria aurantiaca, Poria auranticarnescens, Poria aurantiocarnescens, Poria aurantiopallens, Poria aurantiotingens, Poria aurea, Poria aureotomentosa, Poria auricoma, Poria auriculiformis, Poria avellanea, Poria azurea, Poria baboquivariensis, Poria bambusarum, Poria barbaeformis, Poria barbata, Poria bathypora, Poria beaumontii, Poria benetosta, Poria bergii, Poria berkeleyi, Poria betulina, Poria bicolor, Poria bicolor, Poria bicolor, Poria biguttulata, Poria blepharistoma, Poria blytii, Poria blytii, Poria bombycina, Poria bombycinoides, Poria bombycinus, Poria borbonica, Poria bourdotii, Poria bracei, Poria bresadolae, Poria brevipora, Poria brunneoadhaerens, Poria buettneri, Poria buettneri f. buettneri, Poria buettneri f. cinerea, Poria bulbosa, Poria bullosa, Poria buxi, Poria byssina, Poria byssina, Poria byssina, Poria byssogena, Poria byssopora, Poria byssospora, Poria caesioalba, Poria calcea, Poria calcea, Poria calcea, Poria calcea, Poria calcicolor, Poria calkinsii, Poria callosa, Poria camaresiana, Poria candidissima, Poria canescens, Poria carbonacea, Poria carbonaria, Poria carbonica, Poria carbonicola, Poria carnegiae, Poria carnegieae, Poria carneo-lutea, Poria carneola, Poria carneolilacea, Poria carneolutea, Poria carneopallens, Poria carnicolor, Poria carnosa, Poria carteri, Poria caryae, Poria castletonensis, Poria cavernulosa, Poria ceciliae, Poria cephalotes, Poria ceracea, Poria cerea, Poria cerea, Poria cerea, Poria cereo, Poria cerussata, Poria cesatii, Poria chakasskensis, Poria chlorina, Poria chromatica, Poria chromatica, Poria chrysea, Poria chrysella, Poria chrysobapha, Poria chrysoloma, Poria cinchonensis, Poria cincinnati, Poria cincta, Poria cinerascens, Poria cinerea, Poria cinereicolor, Poria cinereoumbrina, Poria cinerescens, Poria cinerescens, Poria cinnabarina, Poria cinnamomea, Poria citrina, Poria clathrata, Poria clelandii, Poria coccinea, Poria cocos, Poria cocos, Poria cognata, Poria cokeri, Poria collabefacta, Poria collabens, Poria colorea, Poria compacta, Poria conferta, Poria confluens, Poria confusa, Poria coniferarum, Poria consimilis, Poria consobrina, Poria consobrinoides, Poria contigua, Poria contigua, Poria contraria, Poria conwayana, Poria coprosmae, Poria cordylina, Poria cordylines, Poria corioliformis, Poria corruscans, Poria corticola, Poria coruscans, Poria costaricensis, Poria crassa, Poria cremeicolor, Poria cremor, Poria crocata, Poria crocea, Poria croceus, Poria crocipora, Poria cruentata, Poria cruentus, Poria crustacea, Poria crustosa, Poria crustulina, Poria cryptacantha, Poria cryptarum, Poria cubensis, Poria cubitispora, Poria curreyana, Poria cylindrispora, Poria cylindrospora, Poria daedaleiformis, Poria daedaliformis, Poria decolorans, Poria decorticans, Poria deglubens, Poria delicatula, Poria demetrionis, Poria dentipora, Poria desertorum, Poria destruens, Poria detrita, Poria dichroa, Poria dictyopora, Poria diffissa, Poria difformis, Poria diffusa, Poria diffusa, Poria diospyri, Poria disciformis, Poria discolor, Poria distorta, Poria diversipora, Poria dodgei, Poria dryina, Poria dryophila, Poria dusenii, Poria dussii, Poria earleae, Poria earlei, Poria echinata, Poria echinospora, Poria eichelbaumii, Poria elachista, Poria ellipsospora, Poria ellisiana, Poria elongata, Poria emollita, Poria encephalum, Poria endotephra, Poria endoxantha, Poria entelea, Poria entelea, Poria epilintea, Poria epimiltina, Poria epiphylla, Poria epiptelea, Poria eupatorii, Poria eupora, Poria europa, Poria eutelea, Poria excelsa, Poria excurrens, Poria expallens, Poria expallescens, Poria expansa, Poria eyrei, Poria fagicola, Poria farinella, Poria fasciculata, Poria fatavensis, Poria fatiscens, Poria favescens, Poria favillacea, Poria fendzleri, Poria ferox, Poria ferrea, Poria ferreus, Poria ferruginea-fusca, Poria ferrugineocincta, Poria ferrugineofusca, Poria ferrugineovelutina, Poria ferruginicincta, Poria ferruginosa, Poria ferruginosus, Poria fimbriata, Poria fimbriatella, Poria fissiliformis, Poria fissiliformis, Poria flaccida, Poria flavicans, Poria flavida, Poria flavilutea, Poria flavipora, Poria flavolutea, Poria flavomarginata, Poria flavus, Poria floccosa, Poria floridae, Poria floridana, Poria fluctuosus, Poria foliacea, Poria fraxinea, Poria fraxinophila, Poria friesiana, Poria fugaceus, Poria fugax, Poria fulgens, Poria fuligo, Poria fulvella, Poria fulvescens, Poria fulvida, Poria fulviseda, Poria fulvobadia, Poria fumosa, Poria fuscocarnea, Poria fuscolutescens, Poria fuscomarginata, Poria fuscopurpurea, Poria gallogrisea, Poria gallogrisea, Poria gelatinosotubulosa, Poria geoderma, Poria geogena, Poria geopora, Poria gibbsiae, Poria gilvella, Poria gilvella, Poria gilvescens, Poria gilvoides, Poria glauca, Poria glaucescens, Poria glaucogilva, Poria glaucopora, Poria gomezii, Poria gordoniensis, Poria gossypina, Poria gossypium, Poria grandis, Poria graphica, Poria greschikii, Poria griseoalba, Poria hanoiensis, Poria healeyae, Poria healeyi, Poria herbicola, Poria heteromorpha, Poria hexagonoides, Poria hians, Poria hibernica, Poria hippophaës, Poria hirsuta, Poria holoseparans, Poria holoxantha, Poria homaema, Poria homaema, Poria hondurensis, Poria humilis, Poria hunua, Poria hyalina, Poria hybrida, Poria hydnophora, Poria hydnopora, Poria hymeniicola, Poria hymenocyrtis, Poria hymenocystis, Poria hyperborea, Poria hypobrunnea, Poria hypolateritia, Poria hyposclera, Poria illudens, Poria incarnata, Poria incarnata, Poria incerta, Poria inconstans, Poria incrassata, Poria incrustans, Poria inermis, Poria inflata, Poria inflexibilis, Poria interna, Poria interrupta, Poria irregularis, Poria isabellina, Poria isabellina, Poria isabellina, Poria jalapensis, Poria jamaicensis, Poria johnsoniana, Poria johnstonii, Poria juglandiana, Poria juglandina, Poria juniperina, Poria kazakstanica, Poria krawtzewii, Poria labyrinthica, Poria lacera, Poria lacerata, Poria laciniata, Poria lacrymans, Poria lacteimicans, Poria lacticolor, Poria laestadii, Poria laetifica, Poria laevigata, Poria laevigata, Poria laevigata, Poria laevigata, Poria laevis, Poria lamellosa, Poria laminata, Poria langloisiana, Poria langloisii, Poria latemarginata, Poria lateritia, Poria latitans, Poria ledermannii, Poria leei, Poria lenis, Poria lenta, Poria leonildis, Poria leptoderma, Poria leucolomea, Poria leucoplaca, Poria lignea, Poria lignicola, Poria limitata, Poria lindbladii, Poria linearis, Poria litschaueri, Poria livida, Poria lloydii, Poria locellata, Poria loennbohmii, Poria lucens, Poria luctuosa, Poria ludoviciana, Poria lunata, Poria lunulispora, Poria lurida, Poria luteo-fulvus, Poria luteoalba, Poria luteofibrata, Poria luteofulva, Poria luteogrisea, Poria luteopora, Poria lutescens, Poria macer, Poria macounii, Poria macraula, Poria macraula, Poria macrospora, Poria magnahypha, Poria makraulos, Poria makraulos, Poria manuka, Poria mappa, Poria marginella, Poria martia, Poria martius, Poria maxonii, Poria medulla-panis, Poria medullaris, Poria megalopora, Poria melanoleuca, Poria mellea, Poria melleopora, Poria mellinus, Poria mellita, Poria membranacea, Poria membranicincta, Poria mentschulensis, Poria mentschulensis, Poria merulina, Poria mesoleuca, Poria metamorphosa, Poria mexicana, Poria micans, Poria micantiformis, Poria micantissima, Poria microspora, Poria microspora, Poria millavensis, Poria minima, Poria minutipora, Poria minutula, Poria mollicula, Poria mollusca, Poria montana, Poria monticola, Poria moricola, Poria mucida, Poria mundula, Poria mutans, Poria myceliosa, Poria mycorrhiza, Poria nathorst-windahlii, Poria nebulosa, Poria nicaraguensis, Poria nigra, Poria nigrescens, Poria nigropurpurea, Poria niphodes, Poria niskiensis, Poria nitida, Poria nitida, Poria niveicolor, Poria nordmannii, Poria notata, Poria nothofagi, Poria novae-zelandiae, Poria novaezelandiae, Poria obducens, Poria obliqua, Poria obliquiformis, Poria obliquua, Poria ochracea, Poria ochraceolateritia, Poria ochroleuca, Poria odora, Poria ohiensis, Poria ohiensis, Poria oleaginea, Poria oleaginea, Poria oleracea, Poria omaema, Poria onusta, Poria orbicularis, Poria orchidaceae, Poria ornata, Poria ossea, Poria ostrea, Poria otakou, Poria overholtsii, Poria oviforma, Poria oviformis, Poria oxydata, Poria pachyus, Poria palmicola, Poria pannocincta, Poria papyracea, Poria papyraceus, Poria parilis, Poria parksii, Poria partoricensis, Poria pavonina, Poria pearsonii, Poria pellicula, Poria peltata, Poria pepinensis, Poria percandida, Poria pereffusa, Poria perextensa, Poria perparadoxa, Poria perspicillum, Poria pertusus, Poria phellinoides, Poria phlebiaeformis, Poria phlebiiformis, Poria phloiophila, Poria phytoderma, Poria pilatii, Poria pinea, Poria pinguedinea, Poria pinguedinea, Poria pirongia, Poria placenta, Poria platensis, Poria plicata, Poria polycystidiata, Poria polycystidifera, Poria polyporicola, Poria polyspora, Poria porothelioides, Poria porothelioides, Poria porphyrophaea, Poria porriginosa, Poria portoricensis, Poria proxima, Poria prunicola, Poria pseudogilvescens, Poria pseudoobducens, Poria pseudoobducens, Poria pseudoobducens, Poria pseudoobducens, Poria pseudosinuosa, Poria pulchella, Poria pulvinascens, Poria pulvinascens, Poria pulvinata, Poria pulvinata, Poria punctata, Poria punctatiformis, Poria purpurea, Poria purpurea, Poria purpureogilva, Poria purpureus, Poria pyrrhopora, Poria quercuum, Poria racodioides, Poria radiculosa, Poria radula, Poria radula, Poria ramentacea, Poria rancida, Poria rata, Poria ravenalae, Poria regularis, Poria rennyi, Poria rensii, Poria resinascens, Poria resupinata, Poria reticulata, Poria reticulata, Poria reticulatomarginata, Poria rhizomorpha, Poria rhoadsii, Poria rhodella, Poria rhododendri, Poria richeriae, Poria rickii, Poria rimosa, Poria rivulosa, Poria rixosa, Poria robiniophila, Poria romellii, Poria roseitingens, Poria roseoalba, Poria roseoisabellina, Poria rosmarini, Poria rostafinskii, Poria rubella, Poria rubens, Poria rubescens, Poria rubrochorda, Poria rufa, Poria rufitincta, Poria rufolateritia, Poria salicina, Poria salleana, Poria salmonicolor, Poria saloisensis, Poria salviae, Poria sanguinolenta, Poria sarawacensis, Poria sartoryi, Poria sassafras, Poria saxonica, Poria scutata, Poria scutata, Poria sebaceus, Poria selecta, Poria selectus, Poria semitincta, Poria separabilis, Poria separans, Poria sequoiae, Poria serena, Poria sericeomollis, Poria setigera, Poria setulosa, Poria setuloso-crocea, Poria setulosocrocea, Poria shaferi, Poria silvestris, Poria simanii, Poria similis, Poria sinuascens, Poria sinuascens, Poria sinuosa, Poria sitchensis, Poria sorbicola, Poria sparassoides, Poria spiculosa, Poria spissa, Poria spongiosa, Poria squalens, Poria stalactites, Poria stellae, Poria stellae, Poria stenospora, Poria stillicidiorum, Poria straminea, Poria stratosa, Poria suaveolens, Poria subacida, Poria subambigua, Poria subargentea, Poria subaurantia, Poria subaurantiaca, Poria subavellanea, Poria subbadia, Poria subcanescens, Poria subcollapsa, Poria subcorticola, Poria subcrassa, Poria suberis, Poria subfuscoflavida, Poria subgelatinosa, Poria subgen. Poria, Poria subgen. Porogramme, Poria subhexagonoides, Poria subiculoides, Poria subiculosa, Poria subincarnata, Poria sublaevigata, Poria subliberata, Poria submollusca, Poria subobliqua, Poria subpileata, Poria subpudorina, Poria subpudorina, Poria subradiculosa, Poria subrufa, Poria subserpens, Poria subspadicea, Poria subsulphurea, Poria subtilis, Poria subtrametea, Poria subtrametea, Poria subumbrina, Poria subundata, Poria subvaporaria, Poria subvermispora, Poria subvincta, Poria subviolacea, Poria subviridis, Poria subvulgaris, Poria subweirii, Poria sulphurea, Poria sulphurella, Poria sumstinei, Poria superficialis, Poria sylvestris, Poria tacamahacae, Poria tarda, Poria tasmanica, Poria taxicola, Poria taxodium, Poria tegillaris, Poria tenella, Poria tenera, Poria tenerrima, Poria tenuipora, Poria tenuis, Poria tenuissima, Poria tenuisulphurea, Poria tephra, Poria tephropora, Poria terrestris, Poria terrestris, Poria terrestris, Poria tomentocincta, Poria torrendii, Poria totara, Poria tr. Merisma, Poria trachyspora, Poria trachyspora, Poria trametopora, Poria tricolor, Poria tropicalis, Poria truncata, Poria tschulymica, Poria tsugina, Poria tuberculosa, Poria tuberulosa, Poria tulipiferae, Poria turkestanica, Poria turrita, Poria umbrina, Poria umbrinella, Poria umbrinescens, Poria uncinata, Poria undata, Poria undata, Poria undulata, Poria unita, Poria usambarensis, Poria vaillantii, Poria vaporaria, Poria variecolor, Poria variegata, Poria variicolor, Poria variolosa, Poria velata, Poria versicolor, Poria versipora, Poria versipora, Poria versipora, Poria vesiculosa, Poria vestita, Poria vicina, Poria victoriae, Poria vinaceorosea, Poria vincta, Poria violacea, Poria viridans, Poria vitellina, Poria vitellinula, Poria viticola, Poria viticola, Poria vitrea, Poria voeltzkowii, Poria vulgaris, Poria vulgaris, Poria vulgaris, Poria wakefieldiae, Poria wasjuganica, Poria weirii, Poria weirii, Poria weraroensis, Poria westraliensis, Poria wirtgenii, Poria xantha, Poria xantholoma, Poria xanthospora, Poria xylina, Poria xylostromatis, Poria xylostromatoides, Poria xylostromeus, Poria zameriensis, Poria zonata
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