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General information

 Summary:Stemphylium Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 300 (1833) [MB#10081] 
 Synonymy:=Scutisporium Preuss, Linnaea 24: 112 (1851) [MB#9858]
=Epochniella Sacc., Michelia 2 (6): 659 (127) (1880) [MB#8195]
=Thyrodochium Werderm., Annales Mycologici 22: 188 (1924) [MB#10222]
=Soreymatosporium Sousa da Câmara, Proposta Stemphylium: 18 (1930) [MB#9957]
 MycoBank #:10081 
 Authors (abbreviated):Wallr. 
 Page #:300 
 Year of effective publication:1833 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Stemphylium alboatrum, Stemphylium alfalfae, Stemphylium allii, Stemphylium allii-cepae, Stemphylium alternariae, Stemphylium amaranthi, Stemphylium amoenum, Stemphylium amyi, Stemphylium anomalum, Stemphylium armeriae, Stemphylium arnii, Stemphylium arnyi, Stemphylium asperosporum, Stemphylium asperulum, Stemphylium astragali, Stemphylium atrum, Stemphylium berlesii, Stemphylium beticola, Stemphylium bizarrum, Stemphylium bolickii, Stemphylium botryoideum, Stemphylium botryosum, Stemphylium botryosum subsp. botryosum, Stemphylium brassicicola, Stemphylium bresadolae, Stemphylium bubakii, Stemphylium bulbotrichum, Stemphylium butyri, Stemphylium callistephi, Stemphylium canadense, Stemphylium cannabinum, Stemphylium capsici, Stemphylium celosiae, Stemphylium chisha, Stemphylium chlamydosporum, Stemphylium chrysanthemicola, Stemphylium cirsii, Stemphylium citri, Stemphylium codii, Stemphylium commune, Stemphylium congestum, Stemphylium consortiale, Stemphylium copallinum, Stemphylium crataegi, Stemphylium cremanthodii, Stemphylium cucumis, Stemphylium cucurbitacearum, Stemphylium dendriticum, Stemphylium descurainiae, Stemphylium dianthi, Stemphylium dichroum, Stemphylium domesticum, Stemphylium drummondii, Stemphylium dubium, Stemphylium elasticae, Stemphylium elegans, Stemphylium ericoctonum, Stemphylium eturmiunum, Stemphylium eugeniae, Stemphylium flavicans, Stemphylium floridanum, Stemphylium fuligo, Stemphylium fuscescens, Stemphylium fuscum, Stemphylium glaucum, Stemphylium globuliferum, Stemphylium gossypicola, Stemphylium gossypii, Stemphylium gossypiicola, Stemphylium gracilariae, Stemphylium graminis, Stemphylium halophilum, Stemphylium herbarum, Stemphylium herteri, Stemphylium heterosporum, Stemphylium heterosporum, Stemphylium hydrangeae, Stemphylium ilicis, Stemphylium incarvilleae, Stemphylium inflatum, Stemphylium insidens, Stemphylium iranicum, Stemphylium ixeridis, Stemphylium juniperinum, Stemphylium kriegerianum, Stemphylium lactucae, Stemphylium lancipes, Stemphylium lanuginosum, Stemphylium laxum, Stemphylium leguminum, Stemphylium loti, Stemphylium lucomagnoense, Stemphylium luffae, Stemphylium lycii, Stemphylium lycopersici, Stemphylium macropodium, Stemphylium macrosporoideum, Stemphylium maculans, Stemphylium magnusianum, Stemphylium majusculum, Stemphylium mali, Stemphylium maritimum, Stemphylium melanopus, Stemphylium microsporum, Stemphylium momordi, Stemphylium momordicae, Stemphylium muriculatum, Stemphylium nabarii, Stemphylium nemopanthes, Stemphylium nigricans, Stemphylium nigricatum, Stemphylium novae-zelandiae, Stemphylium oblongum, Stemphylium opacum, Stemphylium paludiscirpi, Stemphylium paradoxum, Stemphylium paraguayense, Stemphylium parasiticum, Stemphylium paxianum, Stemphylium petroselini, Stemphylium phaeosporum, Stemphylium phaseolina, Stemphylium phyllogenum, Stemphylium piriforme, Stemphylium pisi, Stemphylium plantaginis, Stemphylium platycodontis, Stemphylium polymorphum, Stemphylium pruni, Stemphylium pulchrum, Stemphylium punctiforme, Stemphylium pyriforme, Stemphylium pyrina, Stemphylium pyrinum, Stemphylium quadratum, Stemphylium quercinum, Stemphylium radicinum, Stemphylium ramulosum, Stemphylium rhizospermum, Stemphylium rombundicum, Stemphylium rosarium, Stemphylium sarcinaeforme, Stemphylium sarciniforme, Stemphylium sedicola, Stemphylium simmonsii, Stemphylium solani, Stemphylium sophorae, Stemphylium soredosporum, Stemphylium sphaericum, Stemphylium sphaeropodium, Stemphylium sphaerospermum, Stemphylium spinaciae, Stemphylium subcongestum, Stemphylium subgen. Pseudostemphylium, Stemphylium subgen. Stemphylium, Stemphylium subgen. Thyrococcum, Stemphylium subglobuliferum, Stemphylium subradians, Stemphylium subsphaericum, Stemphylium subtile, Stemphylium symphyti, Stemphylium symplocarpi, Stemphylium tabaci, Stemphylium tetraedricoglobosum, Stemphylium tomatonis, Stemphylium trichellum, Stemphylium trifolii, Stemphylium triglochinicola, Stemphylium trisectum, Stemphylium tritici, Stemphylium tritici, Stemphylium truncatulae, Stemphylium turriforme, Stemphylium uredinis, Stemphylium variabilis, Stemphylium verruculosum, Stemphylium vesicarium, Stemphylium vinosum, Stemphylium viticola, Stemphylium waikerieanum, Stemphylium xanthosomae, Stemphylium xanthosomatis
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 Type of organism:? 



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