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General information

 Summary:Tapesia (Pers.) Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 300 (1870) [MB#5350] 
 Synonymy:≡Peziza tr. Tapesia Pers., Syst. Mycol.: 105 (1822) [MB#700380]
≡Peziza sect. Tapesia (Pers.) P. Karst.: 107 (1869) [MB#569899]
≡Tapezia (Pers.) Fuckel (1870) [MB#535894]
≡Tapesia subgen. Tapesia (Pers.) Fuckel: 300 (1870) [MB#549315]
 MycoBank #:5350 
 Authors:(Persoon) Fuckel 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Pers.) Fuckel 
 Page #:300 
 Year of effective publication:1870 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Unavailable 
 Comment on name status:nomen rejiciendum 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
208 Associated records (click to hide):
Tapesia acuformis, Tapesia adhaerens, Tapesia airae, Tapesia alba, Tapesia albo-olivacea, Tapesia albomaculans, Tapesia alboviridis, Tapesia alpina, Tapesia amoris, Tapesia angelicae, Tapesia annae, Tapesia anomala, Tapesia apocrypta, Tapesia arachnoidea, Tapesia aranea, Tapesia atriseda, Tapesia atrofusca, Tapesia atrosanguinea, Tapesia atrospora, Tapesia aurantiaca, Tapesia aurea, Tapesia aurelia, Tapesia aureliella, Tapesia avium, Tapesia badia, Tapesia balsamicola, Tapesia bipunctata, Tapesia bloxamii, Tapesia brachycarpa, Tapesia brevispora, Tapesia bromeliacearum, Tapesia byssina, Tapesia byssiseda, Tapesia caesia, Tapesia callunae, Tapesia candidofulva, Tapesia caricina, Tapesia caricis-firmae, Tapesia carnosa, Tapesia carpathica, Tapesia caulium, Tapesia cembricola, Tapesia centaureae, Tapesia chavetiae, Tapesia chlorotica, Tapesia cinerea, Tapesia cinerella, Tapesia citrinopigmentosa, Tapesia clinopodii, Tapesia coloradensis, Tapesia conglomerata, Tapesia conspersa, Tapesia corni, Tapesia corni, Tapesia corticola, Tapesia cruenta, Tapesia culcitella, Tapesia cytisi, Tapesia daedalea, Tapesia decipiens, Tapesia dematiicola, Tapesia derelicta, Tapesia dimorpha, Tapesia discincola, Tapesia domestica, Tapesia dryina, Tapesia earina, Tapesia epicladotricha, Tapesia epitephra, Tapesia epithelephora, Tapesia equiseti, Tapesia eriobasis, Tapesia eriophori, Tapesia erratica, Tapesia eryngii, Tapesia erysiphoides, Tapesia escharodes, Tapesia escharoides, Tapesia evilescens, Tapesia exigua, Tapesia fibrillosa, Tapesia firmula, Tapesia flavescens, Tapesia foetida, Tapesia frangulae, Tapesia fulgens, Tapesia fusca, Tapesia fusca f. myricariae, Tapesia fusca f. pruni, Tapesia fuscoatra, Tapesia fuscohyalina, Tapesia fuscoumbrina, Tapesia gaillardii, Tapesia globulifera, Tapesia gloeocapsae, Tapesia griseopulveracea, Tapesia griseovitellina, Tapesia haloxyli, Tapesia herpotricha, Tapesia hirta, Tapesia hydrophila, Tapesia hypoderma, Tapesia intermedia, Tapesia jaceae, Tapesia johnstonii, Tapesia kneiffii, Tapesia laburni, Tapesia ladae, Tapesia laricina, Tapesia lata, Tapesia lateritia, Tapesia legeriana, Tapesia lentiformis, Tapesia leucostoma, Tapesia libertiana, Tapesia lividofusca, Tapesia lividofusca var. fallax, Tapesia lividofusca var. lividofusca, Tapesia lonicerae, Tapesia lutamentorum, Tapesia luteola, Tapesia lutescens, Tapesia maculans, Tapesia megaloma, Tapesia melaleuca, Tapesia melaleucoides, Tapesia melina, Tapesia messerschmidii, Tapesia minima, Tapesia minutissima, Tapesia minutissima var. minutissima, Tapesia mollisioides, Tapesia moravica, Tapesia mortuaria, Tapesia mutabilis, Tapesia myosotidis, Tapesia nigrificans, Tapesia nivea, Tapesia nivea, Tapesia occulta, Tapesia ochroleuca, Tapesia omphalodes, Tapesia orbilioides, Tapesia parvula, Tapesia peruni, Tapesia pezizellaeformis, Tapesia phlegmacea, Tapesia phragmitis, Tapesia pileocrocata, Tapesia poriaeformis, Tapesia prismeta, Tapesia prolifica, Tapesia pruinata, Tapesia pruni-avium, Tapesia prunicola, Tapesia prunicola, Tapesia prunorum, Tapesia pseudosanguinea, Tapesia pseudotapesia, Tapesia quercina, Tapesia rehmiana, Tapesia retincola, Tapesia rhabdosperma, Tapesia rhois, Tapesia ribesia, Tapesia ribicola, Tapesia riccia, Tapesia rivularis, Tapesia rosae, Tapesia rubescens, Tapesia sambuci, Tapesia sanguinea, Tapesia sarothamni, Tapesia scariosa, Tapesia scutelliformis, Tapesia secamenti, Tapesia sesleriae, Tapesia stilbum, Tapesia stipata, Tapesia strobilicola, Tapesia subfusca, Tapesia subgen. Eriopezia, Tapesia subgen. Tapesia, Tapesia subiculata, Tapesia succinea, Tapesia tela, Tapesia tenebrosa, Tapesia thuemenii, Tapesia tormentillae, Tapesia torulae, Tapesia toruloides, Tapesia tumefaciens, Tapesia ulicis, Tapesia umbrosa, Tapesia undulata, Tapesia urnigera, Tapesia variabilispora, Tapesia variecolor f. fuscoglauca, Tapesia variicolor, Tapesia variicolor f. fuscoglauca, Tapesia variicolor f. variicolor, Tapesia versatilis, Tapesia villosa, Tapesia vinacea, Tapesia vincta, Tapesia viticola, Tapesia yallundae, Tapesia zarza
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 

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