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General information

 Summary:Terana Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 5 (1763) [MB#18635] 
 Synonymy:=Pulcherricium Parmasto, Conspectus Systematis Corticiacearum: 132 (1968) [MB#18427] 
 MycoBank #:18635 
 Authors (abbreviated):Adans.
 Page #:5
 Year of effective publication:1763
 Remarks:older name for Pulcherricium 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
196 Associated records (click to hide):
Terana adiposa, Terana albidocarnea, Terana alliacea, Terana alopecina, Terana alutaria, Terana ambiens, Terana amorpha, Terana antarctica, Terana apala, Terana arachnoidea, Terana archeri, Terana arctica, Terana armeniaca, Terana atrovirens, Terana auberiana, Terana aurantia, Terana auriformis, Terana aurora, Terana berkeleyana, Terana beyrichii, Terana bicolor, Terana boltonii, Terana byssina, Terana caerulea, Terana caerulescens, Terana calcea, Terana calotricha, Terana carbonicola, Terana caulium, Terana cervicolor, Terana chlorascens, Terana chlorina, Terana chrysocreas, Terana ciliata, Terana cinctula, Terana cinnamomea, Terana citrinella, Terana coerulea, Terana colliculosa, Terana comedens, Terana confluens, Terana contracta, Terana convolvens, Terana cremicolor, Terana cremoricolor, Terana crinita, Terana crispata, Terana crocicreas, Terana decolorans, Terana deglubens, Terana diaphana, Terana dida, Terana diminuens, Terana dregeana, Terana dryina, Terana echinospora, Terana effuscata, Terana emplastrum, Terana ephebia, Terana epigaea, Terana evolvens, Terana farinella, Terana filamentosa, Terana flammans, Terana flavida, Terana flavorubens, Terana flocculenta, Terana fumosa, Terana geophila, Terana gigantea, Terana glabra, Terana helvola, Terana hepatica, Terana hydnatina, Terana hypochnoidea, Terana hypopyrrhina, Terana iaganica, Terana ianthina, Terana incarnata, Terana inconspicua, Terana insidiosa, Terana interrupta, Terana irrigata, Terana janthina, Terana juniperi, Terana juniperina, Terana kalchbrenneri, Terana lactea, Terana lactescens, Terana laeticolor, Terana laevigata, Terana laevis, Terana laevis, Terana laevissima, Terana latitans, Terana leprieurii, Terana lilacea, Terana lilacina, Terana lilacinofusca, Terana livida, Terana lividocaerulea, Terana lividocoerulea, Terana maculaeformis, Terana maculiformis, Terana majuscula, Terana marchandii, Terana marescalchiana, Terana martiana, Terana microscopica, Terana miniata, Terana modesta, Terana murina, Terana muscigena, Terana myxospora, Terana nigrescens, Terana nitidula, Terana nuda, Terana nyssae, Terana oakesii, Terana obscura, Terana ochracea, Terana ochthodes, Terana olivascens, Terana orbicularis, Terana pactolina, Terana pannosa, Terana passerinii, Terana pellicula, Terana peradeniae, Terana peroxydata, Terana petersii, Terana pinicola, Terana platani, Terana plumbea, Terana polygonia, Terana polygonioides, Terana polyporoidea, Terana populina, Terana porosa, Terana portentosa, Terana prasina, Terana pulchella, Terana punctulata, Terana radicalis, Terana radiosa, Terana rhabarbarina, Terana rimosissima, Terana rorida, Terana rosea, Terana rosella, Terana rubrocana, Terana rudis, Terana rufofulva, Terana rutilans, Terana saccharina, Terana salicina, Terana salmonicolor, Terana sanguinea, Terana sarcoides, Terana scariosa, Terana scirpina, Terana scutellaris, Terana secedens, Terana serialis, Terana similis, Terana simulans, Terana siparia, Terana sordida, Terana subalutacea, Terana subcontinua, Terana subgigantea, Terana subrepanda, Terana subsulphurea, Terana subzonata, Terana suffocata, Terana suffulta, Terana sulphurea, Terana tabacina, Terana tenuis, Terana tenuissima, Terana terrea, Terana tessulata, Terana thelephoroides, Terana tremellina, Terana tristicula, Terana trivialis, Terana typhae, Terana ulmi, Terana uvida, Terana vaga, Terana vellerea, Terana venosa, Terana versiformis, Terana violaceolivida, Terana viridis, Terana viticola
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 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:



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