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General information

 Summary:Tympanis Tode, Fungi Mecklenburgenses Selecti 1: 24 (1790) [MB#5650] 
 MycoBank #:5650 
 Authors (abbreviated):Tode 
 Page #:24 
 Year of effective publication:1790 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM2:39 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Tympanis abietina, Tympanis abietis, Tympanis acericola, Tympanis acerina, Tympanis acerina, Tympanis acicola, Tympanis alnea, Tympanis alpina, Tympanis amelanchieris, Tympanis amphibola, Tympanis amphiboloides, Tympanis antarctica, Tympanis aparines, Tympanis ariae, Tympanis aterrima, Tympanis atrovirens, Tympanis aucupariae, Tympanis bacillifera, Tympanis bicolor, Tympanis buchsii, Tympanis bupleuri, Tympanis cephalanthi, Tympanis cerasi, Tympanis cinerescens, Tympanis columnaria, Tympanis columnaris, Tympanis confusa, Tympanis conspersa, Tympanis conspersa var. nitida, Tympanis corylina, Tympanis crataegi, Tympanis cupularis, Tympanis diospyri, Tympanis farinacea, Tympanis farinacea, Tympanis fasciculata, Tympanis forsythiae, Tympanis frangulae, Tympanis fraxini, Tympanis fraxini, Tympanis fuliginosa, Tympanis grovesii, Tympanis gyrosa, Tympanis hainanensis, Tympanis hansbroughiana, Tympanis heteromorpha, Tympanis hippophaës, Tympanis hydrangeae, Tympanis hypopodia, Tympanis hysterioides, Tympanis inconstans, Tympanis inflata, Tympanis juniperina, Tympanis kmetiana, Tympanis laricina, Tympanis laricina, Tympanis ligustri, Tympanis lonicerae, Tympanis macrospora, Tympanis magnoliae, Tympanis malicola, Tympanis microtheca, Tympanis montanensis, Tympanis mutata, Tympanis myricariae, Tympanis myricariae, Tympanis nemopanthi, Tympanis nemopanthis, Tympanis neopithya, Tympanis obtexta, Tympanis obtexta var. pezizaeformis, Tympanis oleastri, Tympanis olivacea, Tympanis oxydendri, Tympanis padi, Tympanis patella, Tympanis pezizoides, Tympanis picastra, Tympanis piceae, Tympanis piceina, Tympanis pinastri, Tympanis pinastri, Tympanis pinastri f. pinastri, Tympanis pithya, Tympanis pithya, Tympanis pithya subsp. juniperina, Tympanis pithya subsp. pithya, Tympanis pitya, Tympanis pitya, Tympanis plicatocrenata, Tympanis polygonia, Tympanis populina, Tympanis prunastri, Tympanis prunastri, Tympanis prunastri, Tympanis prunicola, Tympanis pseudoalnea, Tympanis pseudotsugae, Tympanis pulchella, Tympanis punctoidea, Tympanis pyri, Tympanis ravenelii, Tympanis rehmiana, Tympanis rhabdospora, Tympanis rhoina, Tympanis ribis, Tympanis rosae, Tympanis rubi, Tympanis salicina, Tympanis saligna, Tympanis sambuci, Tympanis sepiaria, Tympanis seriata, Tympanis seriota, Tympanis sorbi, Tympanis sorbi, Tympanis spermatiospora, Tympanis spermatiosporum, Tympanis stictica, Tympanis syringae, Tympanis tautziana, Tympanis toomansis, Tympanis truncatula, Tympanis tsugae, Tympanis turbinata, Tympanis turgida, Tympanis urceolus, Tympanis vagabunda, Tympanis vermicularis, Tympanis viticola, Tympanis xylophila
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