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General information

 Summary:Valsa Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 410 (1849) [MB#5702] 
 Synonymy:=Circinostoma Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 520 (1821) [MB#1064]
=Engizostoma Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 519 (1821) [MB#1816]
 MycoBank #:5702 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:410 
 Year of effective publication:1849 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Valsa abietis, Valsa abnormis, Valsa abrupta, Valsa accedens, Valsa acclinis, Valsa acclinis, Valsa acericola, Valsa acerina, Valsa aceris, Valsa acervata, Valsa acrocystis, Valsa aculeans, Valsa aequilinearis, Valsa aesculi, Valsa aesculicola, Valsa affinis, Valsa aglaeostoma, Valsa agnostica, Valsa ailanthi, Valsa albocincta, Valsa albofusca, Valsa albopruinosa, Valsa albopuncta, Valsa albovelata, Valsa aleurina, Valsa allostoma, Valsa alni, Valsa alnicola, Valsa alnifraga, Valsa alnifraga, Valsa alsophila, Valsa ambiens, Valsa ambiens, Valsa americana, Valsa amorphae, Valsa ampelina, Valsa ampelopsidis, Valsa ampelopsis, Valsa amphibola, Valsa amphoraria, Valsa amygdalina, Valsa aneirina, Valsa angulata, Valsa angulosa, Valsa angustata, Valsa anomia, Valsa apatela, Valsa apatosa, Valsa aperta, Valsa apocrypta, Valsa aquifolii, Valsa aractina, Valsa arcuata, Valsa aristata, Valsa aspera, Valsa assimilis, Valsa atomospora, Valsa atomospora, Valsa atropae, Valsa auerswaldii, Valsa auerswaldii, Valsa aurea, Valsa beckhausii, Valsa berchemiae, Valsa betulaecola, Valsa betulicola, Valsa betulina, Valsa bicincta, Valsa biconica, Valsa bignoniae, Valsa binoculata, Valsa bipapillata, Valsa bitorulosa, Valsa bloxamii, Valsa boreella, Valsa bovei, Valsa brevis, Valsa brevispora, Valsa briardii, Valsa burchellii, Valsa calosphaerioides, Valsa campsospora, Valsa canariensis, Valsa canodisca, Valsa capillata, Valsa capistraria, Valsa carpini, Valsa caryigena, Valsa caryogena, Valsa castanea, Valsa castaneicola, Valsa castanicola, Valsa cathartocarpi, Valsa ceanothi, Valsa ceanothi, Valsa cejpii, Valsa celtidis, Valsa celtidis, Valsa cenisia, Valsa cenisia, Valsa centripeta, Valsa cephalotaxi, Valsa cerasi, Valsa ceratophora, Valsa ceratosperma, Valsa cercophora, Valsa cerviculata, Valsa cerviculata, Valsa ceuthospora, Valsa chionanthi, Valsa chlorina, Valsa chlorodisca, Valsa chrysoides, Valsa chrysostroma, Valsa ciliata, Valsa ciliatula, Valsa ciliatula, Valsa cincta, Valsa cincta, Valsa cinctula, Valsa cinereostroma, Valsa circumscripta, Valsa clausa, Valsa clavata, Valsa clavigera, Valsa clavulata, Valsa clethraecola, Valsa clopima, Valsa clypeata, Valsa coacta, Valsa cocoes, Valsa cocoës, Valsa coenobitica, Valsa colliculus, Valsa complexa, Valsa compta, Valsa concamerata, Valsa condensata, Valsa confluens, Valsa congesta, Valsa conjuncta, Valsa conjuncta, Valsa conoidea, Valsa conostoma, Valsa conscripta, Valsa conseptata, Valsa conspurcata, Valsa constellata, Valsa controversa, Valsa convergens, Valsa convergens, Valsa cooperta, Valsa corchori, Valsa corchorii, Valsa cornicola, Valsa corniculata, Valsa cornina, Valsa coronata, Valsa corticalis, Valsa corticis, Valsa corylina, Valsa corymbosa, Valsa coryneoides, Valsa corynostoma, Valsa crataegi, Valsa cristata, Valsa crocina, Valsa crustata, Valsa cryptomeriae, Valsa curreyi, Valsa cyclospora, Valsa cypri, Valsa darjeelingensis, Valsa decidua, Valsa decorticans, Valsa decumbens, Valsa deformis, Valsa delicatula, Valsa demissa, Valsa deplanata, Valsa deusta, Valsa diatrypa, Valsa diatrypa, Valsa diatrypoides, Valsa didymospora, Valsa digitata, Valsa diospyri, Valsa dissepta, Valsa divergens, Valsa dolosa, Valsa dolosella, Valsa dryina, Valsa dubyi, Valsa duriuscula, Valsa echidna, Valsa ehrenbergii, Valsa enteroleuca, Valsa erinacea, Valsa etherialis, Valsa eucalypti, Valsa eucalypticola, Valsa eugeniae, Valsa eunomia, Valsa euryala, Valsa eutypa, Valsa exanthemoides, Valsa excipienda, Valsa excorians, Valsa exigua, Valsa expers, Valsa extensa, Valsa extensa, Valsa exudans, Valsa fabianae, Valsa fabreana, Valsa fagicola, Valsa faginea, Valsa fallax, Valsa farinosa, Valsa farinosa, Valsa fasciculata, Valsa femoralis, Valsa fenestrata, Valsa fertilis, Valsa flacourtiae, Valsa flavovirens, Valsa flavovirescens, Valsa floriformis, Valsa fortunea, Valsa fragiformis, Valsa frangulae, Valsa fraxini, Valsa fraxinicola, Valsa fraxinina, Valsa friesii, Valsa frustrum-coni, Valsa fuckelii, Valsa fulvella, Valsa fulvopruinata, Valsa furfuracea, Valsa furva, Valsa fusani, Valsa fuscidula, Valsa galericulata, Valsa gales, Valsa gastrinoides, Valsa gemmata, Valsa germanica, Valsa glandulosa, Valsa glyptica, Valsa goniostoma, Valsa goniostoma, Valsa gossypina, Valsa grandis, Valsa gregaria, Valsa grisea, Valsa guarapiensis, Valsa guayavae, Valsa halimodendri, Valsa halseyana, Valsa hapalocystis, Valsa haustellata, Valsa heteracantha, Valsa hippocastani, Valsa hoffmanni, Valsa hoffmannii, Valsa holodiscina, Valsa hormospora, Valsa horrida, Valsa humboldtiana, Valsa hylodes, Valsa hypodermia, Valsa implicata, Valsa impulsa, Valsa inclinis, Valsa inconspicua, Valsa incrustata, Valsa indistincta, Valsa infinitissima, Valsa innata, Valsa innesii, Valsa innumerabilis, Valsa insidiosa, Valsa insignis, Valsa intermedia, Valsa intexta, Valsa iranica, Valsa jaapiana, Valsa jaczewskii, Valsa japonica, Valsa juglandicola, Valsa juglandicola, Valsa juglandina, Valsa juglandis, Valsa juniperina, Valsa kickxii, Valsa kitajimana, Valsa kunzei, Valsa laevata, Valsa lageniformis, Valsa laschii, Valsa lasiostoma, Valsa lata, Valsa laurina, Valsa laurocerasi, Valsa lavaterae, Valsa leaiana, Valsa leioplaca, Valsa leiphaemia, Valsa leiphaemioides, Valsa lejoplaca, Valsa lepargyraeae, Valsa leprosa, Valsa leptasca, Valsa leucopis, Valsa leucopsis, Valsa leucostoma, Valsa leucostomoides, Valsa leucostroma, Valsa ligustri, Valsa ligustrina, Valsa limminghii, Valsa lindavii, Valsa linderae, Valsa liquidambaris, Valsa lixivia, Valsa longirostrata, Valsa longirostris, Valsa ludibunda, Valsa lunulaespora, Valsa lunulispora, Valsa lupini, Valsa lutescens, Valsa maclurae, Valsa maclurae, Valsa macrocarpa, Valsa macrospora, Valsa macrospora, Valsa macrostoma, Valsa madhucae, Valsa magnispora, Valsa mahaleb, Valsa mali, Valsa malicola, Valsa massariana, Valsa maura, Valsa mauroides, Valsa mediterranea, Valsa melanodiscus, Valsa melastoma, Valsa mendax, Valsa menispermi, Valsa meschuttii, Valsa mesoleuca, Valsa microcarpa, Valsa microcarpa, Valsa microspora, Valsa microspora, Valsa microstoma, Valsa microstoma, Valsa millepunctata, Valsa milliaria, Valsa miniata, Valsa minutella, Valsa minutula, Valsa modesta, Valsa monadelpha, Valsa monticulosa, Valsa mori, Valsa mori, Valsa morigena, Valsa mucronata, Valsa muelleriana, Valsa mulleriana, Valsa multiplex, Valsa munda, Valsa myinda, Valsa myricae, Valsa myricae, Valsa myricariae, Valsa myricina, Valsa myriocarpa, Valsa myriotheca, Valsa myrtagena, Valsa neglecta, Valsa nepalensis, Valsa nigrifacta, Valsa nigrofacta, Valsa niphoclina, Valsa nitida, Valsa nitschkei, Valsa nivea, Valsa nivea, Valsa nobilis, Valsa notarisii, Valsa nyssae, Valsa nyssae, Valsa obscura, Valsa obtecta, Valsa occulta, Valsa octospora, Valsa ocularia, Valsa oleifera, Valsa olivacea, Valsa olivaestroma, Valsa oncostoma, Valsa operculata, Valsa operta, Valsa opulifolia, Valsa opulifoliae, Valsa opulina, Valsa orbicula, Valsa orni, Valsa oxyspora, Valsa oxystoma, Valsa padi, Valsa padina, Valsa pallida, Valsa papyriferae, Valsa parallela, Valsa parapersoonii, Valsa parasitica, Valsa parmularia, Valsa paucispora, Valsa paulowniae, Valsa paulula, Valsa pauperata, Valsa peckii, Valsa pennsylvanica, Valsa pensylvanica, Valsa perfodiens, Valsa periplocae, Valsa personata, Valsa persoonii, Valsa phillyreae, Valsa phlyctaenodes, Valsa phomospora, Valsa pini, Valsa pini, Valsa platani, Valsa platanigera, Valsa platanoides, Valsa platanoidis, Valsa platanoidis, Valsa polycocca, Valsa polymorpha, Valsa polyspora, Valsa populicola, Valsa populina, Valsa praeclara, Valsa praestans, Valsa prorumpens, Valsa protracta, Valsa proximella, Valsa pruinosa, Valsa prunastri, Valsa prunicola, Valsa pseudoplatani, Valsa pugillus, Valsa pulchella, Valsa pulchelloidea, Valsa pulchra, Valsa pullula, Valsa pulviniceps, Valsa punctata, Valsa punctostoma, Valsa punica, Valsa purpurascens, Valsa pusilla, Valsa pusio, Valsa pustulata, Valsa pustulata, Valsa quadrifida, Valsa quaternata, Valsa querna, Valsa quernea, Valsa rabenhorstii, Valsa radicum, Valsa radula, Valsa ramulicola, Valsa referciens, Valsa rehmii, Valsa rhabdospora, Valsa rhamnicola, Valsa rhizina, Valsa rhizomatincola, Valsa rhizophila, Valsa rhodi, Valsa rhododendrophila, Valsa rhododendrophiloides, Valsa rhodophila, Valsa rhodospora, Valsa rhois, Valsa rhoophila, Valsa rhuiphila, Valsa ribesia, Valsa ribicola, Valsa rimicola, Valsa robergeana, Valsa rosae, Valsa rosarum, Valsa roseola, Valsa rostrupiana, Valsa rubi, Valsa rubi, Valsa rubicola, Valsa rubicola, Valsa rubincola, Valsa rubincola, Valsa rubricosa, Valsa rugiella, Valsa rutila, Valsa ryckholtii, Valsa sabalina, Valsa sacchari, Valsa saccharina, Valsa saffianoffiana, Valsa salicicola, Valsa salicina, Valsa sallei, Valsa sambucina, Valsa sardoa, Valsa sartwelli, Valsa sartwellii, Valsa scabrosa, Valsa schweinitzii, Valsa scoparia, Valsa secedens, Valsa sepincola, Valsa sepulta, Valsa sibirica, Valsa similis, Valsa similis, Valsa socialis, Valsa sociata, Valsa sorbi, Valsa sorbicola, Valsa sordida, Valsa sordida, Valsa spegazziniana, Valsa sphaerostoma, Valsa spinosa, Valsa stellulata, Valsa stenopora, Valsa stenospora, Valsa stephania, Valsa stilbostoma, Valsa stilbostoma, Valsa strobi, Valsa strobiligena, Valsa strumella, Valsa subclypeata, Valsa subcondita, Valsa subcongrua, Valsa subcuticularis, Valsa subgen. Cryptosphaeria, Valsa subgen. Eutypa, Valsa subgen. Eutypella, Valsa subgen. Euvalsa, Valsa subgen. Leucostoma, Valsa subgen. Valsa, Valsa subscripta, Valsa subseriata, Valsa subtecta, Valsa suffulta, Valsa suffusa, Valsa superficialis, Valsa sycina, Valsa symphoricarpi, Valsa syngenesia, Valsa syringae, Valsa syringae, Valsa taleola, Valsa taxi, Valsa tecta, Valsa tenebricosa, Valsa tenella, Valsa terebinthi, Valsa tessella, Valsa tetraploa, Valsa tetratrupha, Valsa theae, Valsa thujae, Valsa thujae, Valsa tilaginea, Valsa tiliaginea, Valsa tomentella, Valsa tortuosa, Valsa tosquinetii, Valsa toxici, Valsa translucens, Valsa tribulosa, Valsa trichispora, Valsa trichospora, Valsa tristicha, Valsa truncata, Valsa truncata, Valsa tuberculosa, Valsa tuberosa, Valsa tubulosa, Valsa tumidula, Valsa turgida, Valsa uralensis, Valsa variolaria, Valsa velutina, Valsa ventricosa, Valsa ventriosa, Valsa venusta, Valsa venustula, Valsa verrucula, Valsa vestita, Valsa viburni, Valsa virescens, Valsa viridistroma, Valsa vitigera, Valsa vitis, Valsa vitis, Valsa weiriana, Valsa welwitschii, Valsa wistariae, Valsa woolworthii, Valsa xanthostroma, Valsa xanthoxyli, Valsa yerbae, Valsa zanthoxyli
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 Type of organism:? 



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