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General information

 Summary:Valsaria Ces. & De Not., Commentario della Società Crittogamologica Italiana 1 (4): 205 (1863) [MB#5704] 
 Synonymy:=Pseudothyridaria Petr., Annales Mycologici 23 (1-2): 36 (1925) [MB#4495] 
 MycoBank #:5704 
 Authors:Cesati & De Notaris 
 Authors (abbreviated):Ces. & De Not. 
 Page #:205 
 Year of effective publication:1863 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
142 Associated records (click to hide):
Valsaria acericola, Valsaria actidia, Valsaria aethiops, Valsaria akebiae, Valsaria allantospora, Valsaria ampelina, Valsaria angularis, Valsaria anserina, Valsaria anthostomoides, Valsaria apatosa, Valsaria apiculata, Valsaria atrata, Valsaria atrofusca, Valsaria bambusae, Valsaria batesii, Valsaria beaumontii, Valsaria bignoniae, Valsaria capronii, Valsaria cariei, Valsaria celtidis, Valsaria ceratoniae, Valsaria chilensis, Valsaria cincta, Valsaria cinnamomi, Valsaria citri, Valsaria clavatiasca, Valsaria clethraecola, Valsaria clethricola, Valsaria collematoides, Valsaria colludens, Valsaria coloradensis, Valsaria complexa, Valsaria consors, Valsaria cornicola, Valsaria crataegi, Valsaria cryptomeriae, Valsaria decorticans, Valsaria decorticans, Valsaria diospyri, Valsaria discoidea, Valsaria dolosa, Valsaria donacicola, Valsaria donacina, Valsaria durissima, Valsaria eucalypti, Valsaria exasperans, Valsaria farlowiana, Valsaria fennica, Valsaria ficophila, Valsaria foedans, Valsaria fulvopruinata, Valsaria gemmata, Valsaria gleditschiae, Valsaria grandinea, Valsaria gregalis, Valsaria haraeana, Valsaria hookeri, Valsaria hurae, Valsaria hypoxyloides, Valsaria hypoxyloides, Valsaria hysterioides, Valsaria indica, Valsaria insitiva, Valsaria kriegeriana, Valsaria kunzeana, Valsaria latitans, Valsaria leonensis, Valsaria lignicola, Valsaria lopadostomoides, Valsaria lophiostoma, Valsaria magnoliae, Valsaria majuscula, Valsaria manihotis, Valsaria massarioides, Valsaria mata, Valsaria megalospora, Valsaria melastroma, Valsaria microspora, Valsaria milletiae, Valsaria millettiae, Valsaria moroides, Valsaria mundkurina, Valsaria natalensis, Valsaria neotropica, Valsaria neurospora, Valsaria niesslii, Valsaria nigrifacta, Valsaria nigrificata, Valsaria nigrofacta, Valsaria nigrospora, Valsaria notarisii, Valsaria nudicollis, Valsaria oleifera, Valsaria ostryae, Valsaria parmularia, Valsaria peckii, Valsaria periplocae, Valsaria petrakii, Valsaria phlyctaenodes, Valsaria phoradendri, Valsaria pseudohypoxylon, Valsaria purpurascens, Valsaria purpurea, Valsaria pustulans, Valsaria pustulans, Valsaria quadrata, Valsaria rehmiana, Valsaria rehmii, Valsaria reticulata, Valsaria ribicola, Valsaria robiniae, Valsaria rubricosa, Valsaria rudis, Valsaria saccardiana, Valsaria saccardoana, Valsaria salicina, Valsaria salvadorae, Valsaria salvadorina, Valsaria sarothamni, Valsaria sarraziniana, Valsaria spartii, Valsaria sphaerophora, Valsaria spurca, Valsaria squarrosa, Valsaria staphylina, Valsaria stellulata, Valsaria strebli, Valsaria striispora, Valsaria subcoccodes, Valsaria subgen. Phaeosperma, Valsaria subgen. Valsaria, Valsaria subtropica, Valsaria syconophila, Valsaria symphoricarpi, Valsaria tamaricis, Valsaria theissenii, Valsaria tiliae, Valsaria toxici, Valsaria tubaraoensis, Valsaria viticola, Valsaria xanthoxyli, Valsaria zanthoxyli
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