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General information

 Summary:Venturia Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 1: 586 (1882) [MB#5717] 
 Synonymy:=Asterina sect. Asterula Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 1: 25, 47 (1882) [MB#700083]
=Endostigme Syd., Annales Mycologici 21 (3-4): 173 (1923) [MB#1809]
=Actinodothidopsis F. Stevens, Bulletin of the Bernice Bishop Museum 19: 19 (1925) [MB#61]
=Phasya Syd., Annales Mycologici 32 (3-4): 293 (1934) [MB#3982]
=Endocoleroa Petr., Sydowia 22 (5-6): 388 (1969) [MB#1792]
 MycoBank #:5717 
 Authors (abbreviated):Sacc. 
 Page #:586 
 Year of effective publication:1882 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum 
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Venturia acerina, Venturia acerina, Venturia aceris, Venturia achilleae, Venturia adusta, Venturia aesculi, Venturia aggregata, Venturia alaskensis, Venturia alchemillae, Venturia allii, Venturia alnea, Venturia alpina, Venturia alpina, Venturia andicola, Venturia anemones, Venturia antarctica, Venturia antherici, Venturia anthophila, Venturia applanata, Venturia arctostaphyli, Venturia asperata, Venturia asterinoides, Venturia asteromorpha, Venturia atramentaria, Venturia atriseda, Venturia aucupariae, Venturia austrogermanica, Venturia balansae, Venturia barbula, Venturia barriae, Venturia bellotae, Venturia betulina, Venturia bistortae, Venturia bonariensis, Venturia borealis, Venturia borgiana, Venturia braunii, Venturia bryophila, Venturia canadensis, Venturia carpophila, Venturia cassandrae, Venturia castaneae, Venturia catenospora, Venturia caulicola, Venturia centaureae, Venturia cephalariae, Venturia cerasi, Venturia chaetomium, Venturia chamaemori, Venturia chamaepeuces, Venturia chartae, Venturia chlorospora, Venturia chrysanthemi, Venturia cincinata, Venturia cincinata, Venturia cincinnata, Venturia cinereofusca, Venturia circinans, Venturia clintonii, Venturia comari, Venturia compacta, Venturia concinna, Venturia confertissima, Venturia conoplea, Venturia convolvularum, Venturia convolvulorum, Venturia coprosmae, Venturia corni, Venturia corralensis, Venturia crataegi, Venturia cucumerina, Venturia cupressina, Venturia cupulata, Venturia curviseta, Venturia deutziae, Venturia dianthi, Venturia dickiei, Venturia ditricha, Venturia echinata, Venturia effusa, Venturia elaeidis, Venturia elastica, Venturia elasticae, Venturia elegantula, Venturia emergens, Venturia enteleae, Venturia ephedrae, Venturia epilobiana, Venturia epilobii, Venturia eres, Venturia erysipheoides, Venturia erysiphoides, Venturia euchaeta, Venturia exosporioides, Venturia fagi, Venturia fimbriata, Venturia fimiseda, Venturia formosa, Venturia frangulae, Venturia fraxini, Venturia fraxinina, Venturia fuegiana, Venturia fuliginosa, Venturia furcata, Venturia gaultheriae, Venturia genistae, Venturia geranii, Venturia glacialis, Venturia glomerata, Venturia graminicola, Venturia grossulariae, Venturia haglundi, Venturia haglundii, Venturia hanliniana, Venturia hariotiana, Venturia helvetica, Venturia himalayensis, Venturia hystrioides, Venturia ilicifolia, Venturia inaequalis, Venturia inaequalis var. inaequalis, Venturia inopina, Venturia integra, Venturia iridicola, Venturia iridis, Venturia islandica, Venturia johnstoni, Venturia johnstonii, Venturia juncaginearum, Venturia kalmiae, Venturia kunzei, Venturia lanea, Venturia laneae, Venturia liriodendri, Venturia litseae, Venturia longiseta, Venturia longisetosa, Venturia lonicerae, Venturia lycopodii, Venturia macrospora, Venturia maculaeformis, Venturia maculans, Venturia macularis, Venturia maculicola, Venturia maculiformis, Venturia maculosa, Venturia maculosa, Venturia major, Venturia mandshuria, Venturia mandshurica, Venturia martianoffiana, Venturia massalongii, Venturia massalongoi, Venturia microchaeta, Venturia microseta, Venturia microspora, Venturia microspora, Venturia minuta, Venturia minutissima, Venturia missionum, Venturia montellica, Venturia moreletii, Venturia muelleri, Venturia musae, Venturia myrtilli, Venturia nashicola, Venturia naumoviella, Venturia nebulosa, Venturia nervincola, Venturia niesslii, Venturia nigella, Venturia nitida, Venturia nivalis, Venturia nobilis, Venturia nubigena, Venturia occidentalis, Venturia oleaginea, Venturia orbicula, Venturia orbicularis, Venturia orbiculata, Venturia oreophila, Venturia orni, Venturia oxydendri, Venturia oxyriae, Venturia palustris, Venturia parasitica, Venturia pellita, Venturia petasitidis, Venturia petasitis, Venturia pezizoidea, Venturia phaeosepta, Venturia phillyreae, Venturia pirina, Venturia polygoni-vivipari, Venturia populi-albae, Venturia populina, Venturia potentillae, Venturia potentillae, Venturia pruni, Venturia pruni-cerasi, Venturia pulchella, Venturia pusilla, Venturia puyae, Venturia pyrina, Venturia radiosa, Venturia rhamni, Venturia rhododendri, Venturia rhododendri, Venturia rhois, Venturia ribis, Venturia riparia, Venturia rosae, Venturia rubicola, Venturia rumicis, Venturia sabalicola, Venturia saccardioides, Venturia sacchari, Venturia saliciperda, Venturia secedens, Venturia sequoiae, Venturia sequojae, Venturia socia, Venturia spegazziniana, Venturia speschnewii, Venturia sphaerelloidea, Venturia spiraeicola, Venturia sporoboli, Venturia sterilis, Venturia stevensii, Venturia straussii, Venturia subcutanea, Venturia subtilis, Venturia syringae, Venturia syringina, Venturia systema-solare, Venturia thwaitesii, Venturia tirolensis, Venturia tomentosae, Venturia tremulae, Venturia trichella, Venturia tucumanensis, Venturia turfosorum, Venturia uliginosi, Venturia ulmi, Venturia usteriana, Venturia vaccinii, Venturia variisetosa, Venturia vermiculariaeformis, Venturia vermiculariiformis, Venturia viennotii, Venturia weiriana
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 Type of organism:? 



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