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General information

 Summary:Pholiotina Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 7, 9: 359 (1889) [MB#18265] 
 MycoBank #:18265 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fayod 
 Page #:359 
 Year of effective publication:1889 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
125 Associated records (click to hide):
Pholiotina aberrans, Pholiotina aeruginosa, Pholiotina alba, Pholiotina alnicola, Pholiotina alpina, Pholiotina altaica, Pholiotina altoandina, Pholiotina aporos, Pholiotina appendiculata, Pholiotina arnoldsii, Pholiotina arrhenii, Pholiotina astragalina, Pholiotina atrocyanea, Pholiotina australis, Pholiotina austrofilaris, Pholiotina bicolor, Pholiotina blattaria, Pholiotina brunnea, Pholiotina caricicola, Pholiotina coprophila, Pholiotina cyanopus, Pholiotina dasypus, Pholiotina dentatomarginata, Pholiotina ealaensis, Pholiotina exannulata, Pholiotina filaris, Pholiotina filipes, Pholiotina fimicola, Pholiotina flava, Pholiotina flexipes, Pholiotina freindlingiae, Pholiotina friesii, Pholiotina funariophila, Pholiotina funariophila, Pholiotina galerinoides, Pholiotina glutinosa, Pholiotina gracilenta, Pholiotina gummosa, Pholiotina hadrocystis, Pholiotina indica, Pholiotina intermedia, Pholiotina keniensis, Pholiotina lapponica, Pholiotina lenta, Pholiotina longistipitata, Pholiotina lubrica, Pholiotina mairei, Pholiotina maireiaffinis, Pholiotina mediterranea, Pholiotina microspora, Pholiotina musae, Pholiotina mutabilis, Pholiotina mycenoides, Pholiotina nemoralis, Pholiotina novae-zelandiae, Pholiotina parvula, Pholiotina percincta, Pholiotina peronata, Pholiotina peronata, Pholiotina pilosa, Pholiotina pinguis, Pholiotina plumbeitincta, Pholiotina procera, Pholiotina pygmaeoaffinis, Pholiotina recedens, Pholiotina resinosocystidiata, Pholiotina rimosa, Pholiotina rostraticystidiata, Pholiotina rugosa, Pholiotina ruizlealii, Pholiotina sect. Cyanopodinae, Pholiotina sect. Pholiotina, Pholiotina sect. Pholiotina, Pholiotina sect. Piliferae, Pholiotina sect. Verrucisporae, Pholiotina sect. Vesiculosae, Pholiotina sect. Vestitae, Pholiotina septentrionalis, Pholiotina ser. Aeruginosa, Pholiotina ser. Aporos, Pholiotina ser. Appendiculata, Pholiotina ser. Brunnea, Pholiotina ser. Coprophila, Pholiotina ser. Filipes, Pholiotina ser. Keniensis, Pholiotina ser. Mairei, Pholiotina ser. Pholiotina, Pholiotina ser. Pholiotina, Pholiotina ser. Pygmaeoaffinis, Pholiotina ser. Resinosocystidiata, Pholiotina ser. Sulcata, Pholiotina ser. Teneroides, Pholiotina ser. Utriformis, Pholiotina ser. Vexans, Pholiotina smithii, Pholiotina smithii, Pholiotina spumosa, Pholiotina stercoraria, Pholiotina striaepes, Pholiotina striaepes, Pholiotina striipes, Pholiotina striipes, Pholiotina subnuda, Pholiotina subnuda, Pholiotina subnuda, Pholiotina subsect. Cyanopodae, Pholiotina subsect. Intermediae, Pholiotina subsect. Pholiotina, Pholiotina subsect. Pholiotina, Pholiotina subsect. Verrucisporae, Pholiotina subverrucispora, Pholiotina sulcata, Pholiotina sulcatipes, Pholiotina teneroides, Pholiotina togularis, Pholiotina tucumana, Pholiotina utricystidiata, Pholiotina utriformis, Pholiotina velata, Pholiotina veregregia, Pholiotina verrucispora, Pholiotina vesiculosa, Pholiotina vestita, Pholiotina vexans, Pholiotina viscidula
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