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General information

 Summary:Favolus P. Beauv., Flore Oware Benin: 1 (1805) [MB#17579] 
 Synonymy:≡Polyporus subgen. Favolus (P. Beauv.) Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 342 (1821) [MB#39416]
=Polyporus P. Micheli, Nova Plantarum Genera: 129, t. 70-71 (1729) [MB#39251]
=Polyporus P. Micheli ex Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 10 (1763) [MB#18334]
=Hexagonia Pollini, Giornale di Fisica Chimica Storia Naturale Medicina ed Arti 9: 184 (1816) [MB#25251]
=Melanopus Pat., Les Hyménomycètes d'Europe: 137 (1874) [MB#18036]
=Polyporellus P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 5: 37 (1879) [MB#18332]
=Bresadolia Speg., Anales de la Sociedad Científica Argentina 16 (6): 277 (1883) [MB#17195]
=Cerioporus Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 167 (1886) [MB#17266]
=Cladomeris Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 167 (1886) [MB#17307]
=Leucoporus Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 165 (1886) [MB#17972]
=Pseudofavolus Pat., Essai taxonomique sur les familles et les genres des Hyménomycètes: 80 (1900) [MB#18394]
=Lentus Lloyd ex Torrend, Brotéria Série Botânica 18: 121 (1920) [MB#17930]
=Atroporus Ryvarden, Norwegian Journal of Botany 20 (1): 2 (1973) [MB#17126]
 MycoBank #:17579 
 Authors:P. Beauvois 
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Beauv. 
 Page #:1 
 Journal or book:Beauvois, P. 1805, Flore Oware Benin 1: 1 
 Year of effective publication:1805 
 Name status:Unavailable 
 Comment on name status:unpriorable because of sanctioned name 
 Remarks:adopted by Fries (1821: 342) as subgenus, and in 1825 (Syst. Orb. veg.: 76) as a genus 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
196 Associated records (click to hide):
Favolus abnormis, Favolus africanus, Favolus agariceus, Favolus albidus, Favolus albus, Favolus albus, Favolus alutaceus, Favolus alutaceus, Favolus alveolaris, Favolus alveolaris, Favolus alveolarius, Favolus annamensis, Favolus apiahynus, Favolus arcularius, Favolus argentinensis, Favolus ater, Favolus auriculaeformis, Favolus auriculatus, Favolus balansae, Favolus balansae, Favolus beelii, Favolus bengala, Favolus bipindiensis, Favolus boletiformis, Favolus boucheanus, Favolus brasiliensis, Favolus bresadolanus, Favolus bresadolianus, Favolus brunneolus, Favolus cacao, Favolus caespitosa, Favolus caespitosus, Favolus caespitosus, Favolus campestris, Favolus canadensis, Favolus caperatus, Favolus ciliaris, Favolus ciliaris, Favolus congolensis, Favolus congolensis, Favolus cucullatus, Favolus curtipes, Favolus curtisii, Favolus cyathiformis, Favolus daedaleiformis, Favolus daedaleoides, Favolus daedaleus, Favolus decurrens, Favolus dermoporus, Favolus discolor, Favolus dussii, Favolus eberhardtii, Favolus elegantissimus, Favolus emerici, Favolus europaeus, Favolus extratropicus, Favolus favularis, Favolus fibrillosus, Favolus fimbriatus, Favolus fissus, Favolus flabellulum, Favolus flaccidus, Favolus floridanus, Favolus fragilis, Favolus friesii, Favolus fuegianus, Favolus fuscolineatus, Favolus giganteus, Favolus glaber, Favolus glandulosus, Favolus gracilisporus, Favolus grammocephalus, Favolus grammocephalus, Favolus granulosus, Favolus guadalupensis, Favolus guadelupensis, Favolus guarapiensis, Favolus hariotii, Favolus hepaticus, Favolus hirtus, Favolus hirtus, Favolus hispidulus, Favolus holtermannii, Favolus hondurensis, Favolus humboldtii, Favolus induratus, Favolus intermedius, Favolus intestinalis, Favolus jacobaeus, Favolus javanicus, Favolus javanicus, Favolus junghuhnii, Favolus kauffmanii, Favolus lacer, Favolus lacerus, Favolus laciniatus, Favolus lagunae, Favolus lauterbachii, Favolus leeuwenii, Favolus leprosus, Favolus lutescens, Favolus luzonensis, Favolus manipularis, Favolus maxonii, Favolus megaloporus, Favolus melanopus, Favolus microporus, Favolus microsporus, Favolus mikawai, Favolus minutus, Favolus mollis, Favolus moluccensis, Favolus mori, Favolus motzorongensis, Favolus multiplex, Favolus muricellus, Favolus natalensis, Favolus niger, Favolus novoguineensis, Favolus nummularius, Favolus ohioensis, Favolus papulosus, Favolus paraguayensis, Favolus parviporus, Favolus peltatus, Favolus peponinus, Favolus pertenuis, Favolus philippinensis, Favolus pinihalepensis, Favolus platyporus, Favolus portoricensis, Favolus preussii, Favolus princeps, Favolus pseudoprinceps, Favolus puiggarii, Favolus purpurascens, Favolus purpureus, Favolus purpureus, Favolus pusillus, Favolus pusillus, Favolus pustulosus, Favolus pygmaeus, Favolus reniformis, Favolus resinosus, Favolus reticulatus, Favolus rhipidium, Favolus roseoporus, Favolus roseus, Favolus ruficeps, Favolus russiceps, Favolus saccharinus, Favolus saltensis, Favolus samoensis, Favolus sarasinii, Favolus sarasinii, Favolus scaber, Favolus scabrolineatus, Favolus semipellucidus, Favolus setiporus, Favolus spathulatus, Favolus speciosus, Favolus sprucei, Favolus squalens, Favolus squamiger, Favolus squamosus, Favolus squamosus, Favolus striatulus, Favolus subcaperatus, Favolus subgelatinosus, Favolus subpulverulentus, Favolus subpurpurascens, Favolus subrigidus, Favolus subspathulatus, Favolus sulfureus, Favolus sundaicus, Favolus taxodii, Favolus tener, Favolus tenerrimus, Favolus tenuiculus, Favolus tenuiformis, Favolus tenuis, Favolus tenuissimus, Favolus tessellatulus, Favolus tessellatus, Favolus tessulatus, Favolus thwaitesii, Favolus trachypus, Favolus transiens, Favolus trigonus, Favolus twaitesii, Favolus vanderystii, Favolus variegatus, Favolus velutipes, Favolus viridulus, Favolus whetstonei, Favolus wilsonii
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