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General information

 Summary:Lachnea (Fr.) Gillet, Champignons de France. Les Discomycètes 3: 57 (1880) [MB#2614] 
 MycoBank #:2614 
 Authors:(Fries) Gillet
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Gillet
 Page #:57
 Year of effective publication:1880
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Illegitimate
 Comment on name status:homonym
 Remarks:non Lachnea L. 1753 (Thymeleaceae) 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
343 Associated records (click to hide):
Lachnea abundans, Lachnea acerina, Lachnea acutipila, Lachnea acutipila subsp. acutipila, Lachnea acutipila subsp. laetior, Lachnea affinis, Lachnea albicans, Lachnea albo-olivacea, Lachnea albobadia, Lachnea alboflava, Lachnea albogrisea, Lachnea albospadicea, Lachnea alboviridis, Lachnea alpina, Lachnea amorpha, Lachnea ampezzana, Lachnea amphidoxa, Lachnea ampullacea, Lachnea anemone, Lachnea antarctica, Lachnea appendiculata, Lachnea araneosa, Lachnea arctispora, Lachnea arenicola, Lachnea arenicola, Lachnea arenosa, Lachnea arenosa, Lachnea argillacea, Lachnea articulata, Lachnea ascoboloides, Lachnea ascophanoides, Lachnea aspera, Lachnea asperrima, Lachnea aurantia, Lachnea aurantia, Lachnea aurantiopsis, Lachnea aurea, Lachnea austriaca, Lachnea austriaca, Lachnea austrogeaster, Lachnea badio-berbis, Lachnea balansae, Lachnea balnei, Lachnea barbata, Lachnea barbata, Lachnea barbata, Lachnea bicuspis, Lachnea bicuspis, Lachnea blepharostoma, Lachnea blumenaviensis, Lachnea boudieri, Lachnea boudieri, Lachnea boudieri, Lachnea brasiliensis, Lachnea brunnea, Lachnea brunnea, Lachnea brunneola, Lachnea brunneola, Lachnea brunneola var. fagicola, Lachnea bryophila, Lachnea bulbocrinita, Lachnea bulbosa, Lachnea cadaverina, Lachnea caerulea, Lachnea caespitosa, Lachnea callimorpha, Lachnea calvescens, Lachnea capensis, Lachnea capituligena, Lachnea carneorufa, Lachnea carneosanguinea, Lachnea carneosanguinea, Lachnea carnosa, Lachnea caulicola, Lachnea cejpii, Lachnea cerina, Lachnea cervicolor, Lachnea cervorum, Lachnea chaetoloma, Lachnea chateri, Lachnea chelchowskiana, Lachnea chrysotricha, Lachnea ciliaris, Lachnea ciliata, Lachnea cinerella, Lachnea citrinella, Lachnea clandestina, Lachnea clementsi, Lachnea coccinea, Lachnea coccinea, Lachnea cocotina, Lachnea cocoës, Lachnea confusa, Lachnea contorta, Lachnea convexa, Lachnea cookei, Lachnea coprinaria, Lachnea coprinella, Lachnea coprogena, Lachnea corium, Lachnea cornubiensis, Lachnea corticalis, Lachnea cremea, Lachnea cretea, Lachnea crinita, Lachnea crinita, Lachnea crispata, Lachnea crucipila, Lachnea crucipila, Lachnea cubensis, Lachnea dalmeniensis, Lachnea dalmeniensis, Lachnea didymodontis, Lachnea diminuta, Lachnea diplotricha, Lachnea dispora, Lachnea ditricha, Lachnea diversispora, Lachnea doelloi, Lachnea echinus, Lachnea eichleri, Lachnea elegantula, Lachnea ephedrae, Lachnea episphaeria, Lachnea epixyla, Lachnea erecta, Lachnea erinaceus, Lachnea fimbriata, Lachnea fimetaria, Lachnea fissilis, Lachnea flava, Lachnea flavobrunnea, Lachnea fleischeriana, Lachnea foliincola, Lachnea folliculata, Lachnea fossulae, Lachnea fulva, Lachnea fulvescens, Lachnea furcata, Lachnea furcifera, Lachnea fuscidula, Lachnea fuscoatra, Lachnea fuscostriata, Lachnea fusicarpa, Lachnea fusispora, Lachnea geaster, Lachnea geaster, Lachnea geneospora, Lachnea gigantea, Lachnea gilva, Lachnea gintlii, Lachnea glandulosa, Lachnea glareosa, Lachnea gregaria, Lachnea grisea, Lachnea hainesii, Lachnea hazslinskya, Lachnea helvelloides, Lachnea hemisphaerica, Lachnea hemisphaerioides, Lachnea heterospora, Lachnea heterothrix, Lachnea hinnulea, Lachnea hirta, Lachnea hirtella, Lachnea hirtococcinea, Lachnea hispida, Lachnea hrabanovi, Lachnea humana, Lachnea humarioides, Lachnea hybrida, Lachnea hystrix, Lachnea ignea, Lachnea insignis, Lachnea insignis, Lachnea intermixta, Lachnea irregularis, Lachnea iuliana, Lachnea jaczewskiana, Lachnea jaluitensis, Lachnea jungneri, Lachnea kerguelensis, Lachnea laeticolor, Lachnea lanuginosa, Lachnea lapidaria, Lachnea lapidaria, Lachnea laricina, Lachnea laxmanni, Lachnea lecothecioides, Lachnea lentiformis, Lachnea leporina, Lachnea leucothecioides, Lachnea leucotricha, Lachnea leucotricha, Lachnea livida, Lachnea livida, Lachnea livida, Lachnea loennbohmii, Lachnea lojkaeana, Lachnea longesetosa, Lachnea longii, Lachnea longiseta, Lachnea longisetosa, Lachnea lurida, Lachnea lusatiae, Lachnea lutea, Lachnea lysimachiae, Lachnea macrochaeta, Lachnea macropus, Lachnea macrospora, Lachnea macrothelis, Lachnea maculosa, Lachnea maranguensis, Lachnea margaritacea, Lachnea mariae, Lachnea martii, Lachnea melaloma, Lachnea melastoma, Lachnea menieri, Lachnea micacea, Lachnea miniata, Lachnea miniata, Lachnea minima, Lachnea minuta, Lachnea mirabilis, Lachnea misella, Lachnea moravica, Lachnea mougeotii, Lachnea nemorea, Lachnea nicaeensis, Lachnea nidulus, Lachnea nidulus, Lachnea nigra, Lachnea nigrella, Lachnea nivalis, Lachnea nivea, Lachnea nuda, Lachnea nympharum, Lachnea ochroleuca, Lachnea oligochaeta, Lachnea oligotricha, Lachnea olivascens, Lachnea palearum, Lachnea pallida, Lachnea paludosa, Lachnea palustris, Lachnea patens, Lachnea pediseta, Lachnea pellita, Lachnea phaeoloma, Lachnea pilatii, Lachnea piliseta, Lachnea pilosa, Lachnea pineti, Lachnea pinguis, Lachnea plumieri, Lachnea poiraultii, Lachnea praecox, Lachnea prasina, Lachnea pseudoampezzana, Lachnea pseudocrenulata, Lachnea pseudogregaria, Lachnea pseudotrechispora, Lachnea pulcherrima, Lachnea pulverulenta, Lachnea punicea, Lachnea pygmaea, Lachnea radiculata, Lachnea ramosa, Lachnea regalis, Lachnea rehmii, Lachnea ricciae, Lachnea rosea, Lachnea rosella, Lachnea roseola, Lachnea rubicunda, Lachnea rubra, Lachnea rubropurpurea, Lachnea rufo-olivacea, Lachnea rufobrunnea, Lachnea salicina, Lachnea samoensis, Lachnea scheremetjeffi, Lachnea scheremetjeffii, Lachnea schieferdeckeri, Lachnea schistarenaria, Lachnea scubalonta, Lachnea scutellata, Lachnea sepulta, Lachnea sequoiae, Lachnea sequojae, Lachnea setosa, Lachnea solisequia, Lachnea solisequiia, Lachnea solitaria, Lachnea solsequia, Lachnea solsequiia, Lachnea speciosa, Lachnea spelaea, Lachnea speluncarum, Lachnea spenceri, Lachnea spencerii, Lachnea stercorea, Lachnea stercorea var. gemella, Lachnea stictica, Lachnea subatra, Lachnea subcrinita, Lachnea sublivida, Lachnea sumneri, Lachnea sumneriana, Lachnea sumneriana, Lachnea superans, Lachnea superba, Lachnea tenuis, Lachnea terrestris, Lachnea texensis, Lachnea theleboloides, Lachnea tomentosa, Lachnea tomentosa, Lachnea torrentis, Lachnea trechispora, Lachnea trib. Dasyscyphae, Lachnea tricholoma, Lachnea ulmicola, Lachnea umbrarum, Lachnea umbrata, Lachnea umbrorum, Lachnea umbrorum, Lachnea umbrosa, Lachnea variecolor, Lachnea velenovskyi, Lachnea venustula, Lachnea vernalis, Lachnea villosa, Lachnea vinosobrunnea, Lachnea violacea, Lachnea vitellina, Lachnea vitellina, Lachnea votrubae, Lachnea warnstorfiana, Lachnea werthiana, Lachnea wimpfeniana, Lachnea woolhopeia
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