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General information

 Summary:Lichen L., Species Plantarum: 1140 (1753) [MB#2846] 
 MycoBank #:2846 
 Authors (abbreviated):L. 
 Page #:1140 
 Year of effective publication:1753 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Lichen abietinus, Lichen abietinus, Lichen abietinus, Lichen absynthifolius, Lichen absynthiofolius, Lichen acetabulum, Lichen acharii, Lichen acicularis, Lichen acicularis, Lichen acrochordon, Lichen acrotellus, Lichen aculeatus, Lichen aculeatus, Lichen aeruginosus, Lichen aeruginosus, Lichen aeruginosus, Lichen affinis, Lichen agariciformis, Lichen agelaeus, Lichen ageleus, Lichen aggregatus, Lichen aidaelus, Lichen aipolius, Lichen aipospilus, Lichen albellus, Lichen albescens, Lichen albescens, Lichen albidocaesius, Lichen albidus, Lichen albineus, Lichen albo-cærulescens, Lichen alboater, Lichen albocaerulescens, Lichen albocoerulescens, Lichen albocoerulescens, Lichen alboflavescens, Lichen alboincarnatus, Lichen alboniger, Lichen albozonaria, Lichen albus, Lichen alcicornis, Lichen aleurites, Lichen alneus, Lichen alphoplacus, Lichen alutus, Lichen alveolatus, Lichen ambavillarius, Lichen ambiguus, Lichen ambiguus, Lichen amilaceus, Lichen ammiospilus, Lichen amphibius, Lichen amphibolus, Lichen amplissimus, Lichen ampullaceus, Lichen amylaceus, Lichen amylaceus, Lichen analeptus, Lichen analeptus, Lichen analeptus var. analeptus, Lichen analeptus var. minor, Lichen anceps, Lichen androgynus, Lichen angulosus, Lichen angustatus, Lichen antarcticus, Lichen anthelinus, Lichen anthracinus, Lichen antiquitatis, Lichen aphaneus, Lichen aphthosus, Lichen aquaticus, Lichen aquaticus, Lichen aquilus, Lichen arcticus, Lichen arcumatus, Lichen arecarius, Lichen arenarius, Lichen arenarius, Lichen areolatus, Lichen argenus, Lichen argenus, Lichen argillaceus, Lichen argopholis, Lichen argyraceus, Lichen arietinus, Lichen armeniacus, Lichen aromaticus, Lichen articulatus, Lichen asperellus, Lichen aspergillus, Lichen astroites, Lichen ater, Lichen athroocarpus, Lichen athroocarpus, Lichen atlanticus, Lichen atomarius, Lichen atratus, Lichen atratus, Lichen atroalbus, Lichen atrobrunneus, Lichen atrocinereus, Lichen atrocinereus, Lichen atroflavus, Lichen atroprasinus, Lichen atrorufus, Lichen atrostriatus, Lichen atrosulphureus, Lichen atrovirens, Lichen atrovirens, Lichen aurantiacoater, Lichen aurantiacus, Lichen aurantius, Lichen auratus, Lichen aurelianensis, Lichen aureus, Lichen auriculatus, Lichen azaleae, Lichen azureus, Lichen badius, Lichen badius, Lichen badius, Lichen baeomyces, Lichen balaninus, Lichen barbatus, Lichen bellidiflorus, Lichen berberinus, Lichen berberinus, Lichen betulignus, Lichen betulinus, Lichen bibulus, Lichen bicolor, Lichen biformis, Lichen borreri, Lichen botryoides, Lichen botryosus, Lichen botrytes, Lichen bracteatus, Lichen brunneus, Lichen brunneus, Lichen bryophilus, Lichen bullatus, Lichen bullatus, Lichen burgesii, Lichen burgessii, Lichen byssinus, Lichen byssoides, Lichen caelatus, Lichen caesariensis, Lichen caesiorufus, Lichen caesiorufus, Lichen caesius, Lichen caesius, Lichen caesius, Lichen caesius, Lichen caespitosus, Lichen caespitosus, Lichen calcareus, Lichen calcareus, Lichen calicaris, Lichen calvus, Lichen cancellatus, Lichen candelabrum, Lichen candelarius, Lichen candelarius, Lichen candelarius, Lichen candellarius, Lichen candicans, Lichen candidus, Lichen candidus, Lichen canescens, Lichen caninus, Lichen cantherellus, Lichen canus, Lichen capensis, Lichen caperatus, Lichen capillaceus, Lichen capitatus, Lichen capitatus, Lichen capitatus, Lichen carbonarius, Lichen cariosus, Lichen carneoluteus, Lichen carneus, Lichen carnosus, Lichen carpineus, Lichen cartilagineum, Lichen cartilagineus, Lichen cartilagineus, Lichen cascarillae, Lichen castanearius, Lichen castaneus, Lichen castaneus, Lichen castaneus, Lichen castenarius, Lichen cavernosus, Lichen cechumenus, Lichen cellulosus, Lichen centrifugus, Lichen centrifugus, Lichen ceranoides, Lichen cerasi, Lichen ceratinus, Lichen ceratophyllus, Lichen cerebrinus, Lichen cereolus, Lichen cerinus, Lichen cerinus, Lichen cerotophyllus, Lichen cervicornis, Lichen cervinus, Lichen ceuthocarpus, Lichen chalybeiformis, Lichen cheileus, Lichen chinensis, Lichen chlorinus, Lichen chloroleucus, Lichen chloromelos, Lichen chloromelus, Lichen chloromelus, Lichen chlorophanus, Lichen chlorophyllus, Lichen chrsophthalmoides, Lichen chrysocephalus, Lichen chrysoleucus, Lichen chrysophtalmos, Lichen chrysophthalmus, Lichen ciliaris, Lichen ciliatus, Lichen cinchonae, Lichen cincinnatus, Lichen cinerascens, Lichen cinerascens, Lichen cinereoater, Lichen cinereocaesius, Lichen cinereofuscus, Lichen cinereoruber, Lichen cinereorufus, Lichen cinereus, Lichen cinereus, Lichen cinereus, Lichen cinnabarinus, Lichen cinnabarinus, Lichen cinnabarinus, Lichen circinatus, Lichen circumscriptus, Lichen cirrhosus, Lichen citricolorus, Lichen citrinellus, Lichen citrinus, Lichen citrinus, Lichen citrinus, Lichen clausus, Lichen clavellus, Lichen clavus, Lichen clementei, Lichen coarctatus, Lichen cobaltigineus, Lichen coccifer, Lichen cocciferus, Lichen coccineus, Lichen coccodes, Lichen cochleatus, Lichen cocoës, Lichen coeruleobadius, Lichen coeruleonigricans, Lichen coerulescens, Lichen coerulescens, Lichen coerulescens, Lichen coeruleus, Lichen colliculosus, Lichen collinus, Lichen colpodes, Lichen comosus, Lichen complanatus, Lichen complicatus, Lichen compositus, Lichen compunctus, Lichen concentricus, Lichen conchylioides, Lichen concolor, Lichen condensatus, Lichen confinis, Lichen confluens, Lichen congestus, Lichen conopleus, Lichen conspersus, Lichen conspurcatus, Lichen contiguus, Lichen contortus, Lichen contractus, Lichen convolutus, Lichen coracinus, Lichen corallinus, Lichen coralloides, Lichen coriiformis, Lichen corneus, Lichen corneus, Lichen corneus, Lichen corniculatus, Lichen corniculatus, Lichen cornigerus, Lichen cornucopioides, Lichen cornutus, Lichen coronatus, Lichen corrugatus, Lichen corrugatus, Lichen corticalis, Lichen corticola, Lichen corynellus, Lichen craspedius, Lichen crassus, Lichen crenatus, Lichen crenularis, Lichen crenularius, Lichen crenularius, Lichen crenulatus, Lichen crenulatus, Lichen cretaceus, Lichen cribellum, Lichen crinitus, Lichen crinitus, Lichen crispatellus, Lichen crispus, Lichen cristatus, Lichen cristatus, Lichen crocatus, Lichen croceus, Lichen croceus, Lichen cruciformis, Lichen cruentus, Lichen crustaceus, Lichen crypheus, Lichen cucullatus, Lichen cumatilis, Lichen cupularis, Lichen cupularis, Lichen cyanescens, Lichen cyathoides, Lichen cycloselis, Lichen cylindricus, Lichen cyrtellus, Lichen dactyliferus, Lichen dactylinus, Lichen daedaleus, Lichen damaecornis, Lichen damicornis, Lichen dealbatus, Lichen debilis, Lichen decipiens, Lichen decolorans, Lichen decolorans, Lichen decoloratus, Lichen decorus, Lichen decumbens, Lichen decussatus, Lichen deformis, Lichen defraudans, Lichen delicatus, Lichen demissus, Lichen dendriticus, Lichen dendriticus, Lichen dendritiferus, Lichen denigratus, Lichen denticulatus, Lichen denudatus, Lichen descissus, Lichen detritus, Lichen deustus, Lichen deustus, Lichen deustus, Lichen diacaspis, Lichen diaphanus, Lichen diaphorus, Lichen diasporus, Lichen diatrypus, Lichen dichotomus, Lichen dicksonii, Lichen didactylos, Lichen didactylus, Lichen didactylus, Lichen diffissus, Lichen difformis, Lichen diffractus, Lichen diffusus, Lichen digitatus, Lichen dillenianus, Lichen dillenii, Lichen discoideus, Lichen discolor, Lichen dispermus, Lichen dispersus, Lichen dissectus, Lichen distans, Lichen distortus, Lichen divaricatus, Lichen divergens, Lichen domingensis, Lichen dryinus, Lichen dubius, Lichen dubius, Lichen dufresnii, Lichen duplicatus, Lichen efflorescens, Lichen effusus, Lichen effusus, Lichen ehrharti, Lichen ehrhartianus, Lichen ehrhartii, Lichen elaeinus, Lichen elaeinus, Lichen elatinus, Lichen elatior, Lichen electrinus, Lichen elegans, Lichen elegans, Lichen ellipticus, Lichen elongatus, Lichen elveloides, Lichen elveloides, Lichen encaustus, Lichen endiviifolius, Lichen endocarpon, Lichen epanorus, Lichen epibryon, Lichen epidermidis, Lichen epidermis, Lichen epigaeus, Lichen epipastus, Lichen epiphegus, Lichen epipolius, Lichen ericetorum, Lichen ericetorum, Lichen ericetorum, Lichen erinaceus, Lichen erosus, Lichen eryngiifolius, Lichen erysibe, Lichen erythrellus, Lichen erythrocarpius, Lichen escharoides, Lichen esculentus, Lichen euplocus, Lichen eutypus, Lichen evanidus, Lichen exanthematicus, Lichen exanthemicus, Lichen exasperatus, Lichen excavatus, Lichen excavatus, Lichen excavatus, Lichen exiguus, Lichen exilis, Lichen fagineus, Lichen fahlunensis, Lichen fallax, Lichen farinaceus, Lichen farinaceus, Lichen farinosus, Lichen fascicularis, Lichen fascicularis, Lichen fastigiatus, Lichen ferrugineus, Lichen ferruginosus, Lichen fibrosus, Lichen fibula, Lichen filaris, Lichen filix, Lichen fimbriatus, Lichen fistulosus, Lichen flaccidus, Lichen flammeus, Lichen flaveolus, Lichen flavescens, Lichen flavescens, Lichen flavescens, Lichen flavescens, Lichen flavescens, Lichen flavicans, Lichen flavicans, Lichen flavicans, Lichen flavidus, Lichen flavofuscus, Lichen flavorubescens, Lichen flavovirescens, Lichen flavovirescens, Lichen flavus, Lichen flavus, Lichen flexuosus, Lichen flocculosus, Lichen floridus, Lichen fluviaticus, Lichen fluviatilis, Lichen fluviatilis, Lichen foliaceus, Lichen foveolaris, Lichen fragilis, Lichen fragilis, Lichen fragrans, Lichen fraudulentus, Lichen fraxineus, Lichen friabilis, Lichen frigidus, Lichen frustulatus, Lichen frustulosus, Lichen fruticulosus, Lichen fuciformis, Lichen fucinus, Lichen fucoides, Lichen fucoides, Lichen fucoides, Lichen fucoides, Lichen fugax, Lichen fulgens, Lichen fuliginosus, Lichen fuliginosus, Lichen fuliginosus, Lichen fuliginosus, Lichen fulvus, Lichen fulvus, Lichen fulvus, Lichen fumosus, Lichen fumosus, Lichen fungiflorus, Lichen fungiformis, Lichen fungoides, Lichen fungosus, Lichen furcatus, Lichen furfuraceus, Lichen furvus, Lichen fuscatus, Lichen fuscatus, Lichen fuscellus, Lichen fuscoater, Lichen fuscoater, Lichen fuscoluteus, Lichen fuscorubens, Lichen fuscovirens, Lichen fuscus, Lichen gagates, Lichen gagei, Lichen galactinus, Lichen galbulus, Lichen gelasinatus, Lichen gelatinosus, Lichen gelatinosus, Lichen gelidiformis, Lichen gelidus, Lichen gemmatus, Lichen geographicus, Lichen geoicus, Lichen gibbosus, Lichen gibbosus, Lichen giganteus, Lichen gilvus, Lichen glandifer, Lichen glaucellus, Lichen glaucescens, Lichen glaucescens, Lichen glaucocarpus, Lichen glaucoma, Lichen glaucus, Lichen glebulosus, Lichen globiferus, Lichen globosus, Lichen globularis, Lichen globuliferus, Lichen glomeratus, Lichen glomerulosus, Lichen glomuliferus, Lichen glyphicus, Lichen gonatodes, Lichen gossypinus, Lichen gracilis, Lichen gramineus, Lichen grandis, Lichen graniformis, Lichen granosus, Lichen granulatus, Lichen granulatus, Lichen granulosus, Lichen granulosus, Lichen granulosus, Lichen griffithii, Lichen griseus, Lichen griseus, Lichen griseus, Lichen griseus, Lichen groenlandicus, Lichen grumosus, Lichen guianensis, Lichen gypsaceus, Lichen gypseus, Lichen gypsophilus, Lichen gyrosus, Lichen haematomma, Lichen hagenii, Lichen harrimanni, Lichen harrimannii, Lichen hebraicus, Lichen heclae, Lichen hedwigii, Lichen helicopis, Lichen helophorus, Lichen hemisphaericus, Lichen hepaticus, Lichen hepatizon, Lichen herbaceus, Lichen herpeticus, Lichen heteromallus, Lichen hippotrichodes, Lichen hippotrichoides, Lichen hirsutus, Lichen hirtus, Lichen hispidus, Lichen hispidus, Lichen hoffmannii, Lichen holocarpus, Lichen homaliza, Lichen hookeri, Lichen horizontalis, Lichen horophthalmus, Lichen hottentottus, Lichen humilis, Lichen humosus, Lichen hydaterpus, Lichen hydrocharus, Lichen hyloicus, Lichen hymenius, Lichen hyperboreus, Lichen hyperellus, Lichen hypnorum, Lichen hypnorum, Lichen hysginus, Lichen icelandicus, Lichen icmadophila, Lichen illimatus, Lichen imbricatus, Lichen immersus, Lichen immersus, Lichen implexus, Lichen impolitus, Lichen incanus, Lichen incanus, Lichen incanus, Lichen incarnatus, Lichen inclusus, Lichen incurvus, Lichen infundibuliformis, Lichen inquinans, Lichen insulatus, Lichen intermedius, Lichen intestinalis, Lichen intestiniformis, Lichen intricatus, Lichen intricatus, Lichen intricatus, Lichen irrubatus, Lichen irrubatus, Lichen islandicus, Lichen islandicus, Lichen islandicus var. tenuissimus, Lichen jacobaeifolius, Lichen jacobeaefolius, Lichen jacquinii, Lichen jamaicensis, Lichen japonicus, Lichen jintestiniformis, Lichen jolithus, Lichen jubatus, Lichen jungermanniae, Lichen juniperinus, Lichen jussuffii, Lichen jussufii, Lichen koenigii, Lichen lacer, Lichen lacerus, Lichen lacerus, Lichen lacerus, Lichen lachneus, Lichen laciniatus, Lichen laciniatus, Lichen laciniosus, Lichen lacteus, Lichen lacteus, Lichen lactuca, Lichen lactucaefolius, Lichen lactucifolius, Lichen lacunosus, Lichen lacustris, Lichen laetevirens, Lichen laevigatus, Lichen lagascae, Lichen lanatus, Lichen lanatus, Lichen laneus, Lichen lanuginosus, Lichen lanuginosus, Lichen lapicida, Lichen laqueatas, Lichen laqueatus, Lichen latebrarum, Lichen lentiformis, Lichen lentigerus, Lichen lepadinus, Lichen leprosus, Lichen leptaleus, Lichen leptophyllus, Lichen leucolemos, Lichen leucolepis, Lichen leucomelas, Lichen leucomelos, Lichen leucophaeus, Lichen leucoplacus, Lichen leucostigma, Lichen lichenoides, Lichen lightfootii, Lichen limbatus, Lichen limitatus, Lichen limosus, Lichen linckii, Lichen linearis, Lichen literellus, Lichen lobatus, Lichen lucidus, Lichen ludwigii, Lichen luridus, Lichen luridus, Lichen luteoalbus, Lichen luteolus, Lichen lutereus, Lichen lutescens, Lichen luteus, Lichen luteus, Lichen luteus, Lichen lygodes, Lichen lynceus, Lichen macrocarpus, Lichen macrocarpus, Lichen maculans, Lichen macularis, Lichen madreporiformis, Lichen madreporiformis, Lichen madræporiformis, Lichen major, Lichen mammilaris, Lichen mammillaris, Lichen marginalis, Lichen marginatus, Lichen marginellus, Lichen marmoratus, Lichen marmoreus, Lichen marmoreus, Lichen marmoreus, Lichen mastrucatus, Lichen maurus, Lichen mazarinus, Lichen medusinus, Lichen melaenus, Lichen melaleucus, Lichen melaleucus, Lichen melanaspis, Lichen melanocarpus, Lichen melanochlorus, Lichen melanoleucos, Lichen melanoleucos, Lichen melanoleucus, Lichen melanophthalmus, Lichen melanostictos, Lichen membranaceus, Lichen menziesii, Lichen mesentericus, Lichen mesenteriformis, Lichen metabolicus, Lichen michelii, Lichen microcephalus, Lichen microphyllus, Lichen microscopicus, Lichen microsticticus, Lichen microsticus, Lichen milvinus, Lichen miniatus, Lichen miniatus, Lichen minutissimus, Lichen miscellus, Lichen mollis, Lichen molybdinus, Lichen monocarpus, Lichen montanus, Lichen morio, Lichen mucoriformis, Lichen mucorifornis, Lichen multifidus, Lichen multifidus, Lichen multipunctatus, Lichen multipunctus, Lichen multipunctus, Lichen muralis, Lichen muricatus, Lichen murinus, Lichen murorum, Lichen murorum, Lichen muscicola, Lichen muscigenus, Lichen muscorum, Lichen muscorum, Lichen muscorum, Lichen muscorum, Lichen mycoporoides, Lichen myochrous, Lichen myriocarpus, Lichen myriococcus, Lichen myriophyllus, Lichen nanus, Lichen niger, Lichen nigrescens, Lichen nigricans, Lichen nigropertusus, Lichen nigrum, Lichen nigrum, Lichen nitidus, Lichen nivalis, Lichen nivalis, Lichen niveoater, Lichen normoericus, Lichen nothus, Lichen obliteratus, Lichen oblitteratus, Lichen obscurus, Lichen obscurus, Lichen obscurus, Lichen obscurus, Lichen obscurus, Lichen obtusatus, Lichen obvolutus, Lichen ocellatus, Lichen ocellatus, Lichen ocellatus, Lichen ocellus, Lichen ochrochlorus, Lichen ochroides, Lichen ochroleucus, Lichen ochroleucus, Lichen ochroleucus, Lichen ochroleucus, Lichen oculatus, Lichen odontellus, Lichen odoratus, Lichen oederi, Lichen oederi, Lichen olivaceus, Lichen omphalodes, Lichen opegraphis * verrucosa, Lichen opegraphus, Lichen opuntioides, Lichen orbicularis, Lichen orbicularis, Lichen orbicularis, Lichen orbiculatus, Lichen orbiculatus, Lichen ornatus, Lichen orostheus, Lichen pallescens, Lichen pallescens, Lichen pallescens, Lichen pallescens, Lichen pallescens, Lichen pallescens, Lichen pallidoniger, Lichen pallidus, Lichen pallidus, Lichen palmatus, Lichen palmatus, Lichen pannosus, Lichen pantospermus, Lichen panyrgus, Lichen papillarius, Lichen papiraceus, Lichen papyraceus, Lichen papyraceus, Lichen paradoxus, Lichen parallelus, Lichen parasemus, Lichen parasiticus, Lichen parasiticus, Lichen parellus, Lichen parietinus, Lichen parilis, Lichen paschalis, Lichen patellatus, Lichen pellitus, Lichen pelobotryon, Lichen pelobotryus, Lichen peltatus, Lichen peltifera, Lichen peltiphyllos, Lichen pennsylvanicus, Lichen perforatus, Lichen perforatus, Lichen perforatus, Lichen pericleus, Lichen perlatus, Lichen perlatus, Lichen peronellus, Lichen perpusillus, Lichen persoonii, Lichen pertusus, Lichen pertusus, Lichen pertusus, Lichen petraeus, Lichen petrosus, Lichen pezizaeformis, Lichen peziziformis, Lichen pezizoides, Lichen phaeocephalus, Lichen phycopsis, Lichen physodes, Lichen piceus, Lichen picinus, Lichen pictus, Lichen pilularis, Lichen pinastri, Lichen pineti, Lichen pinicola, Lichen pinicola, Lichen pinnatus, Lichen pityreus, Lichen placophyllus, Lichen placothallus, Lichen plicatilis, Lichen plicatus, Lichen plumbeus, Lichen plumbeus, Lichen plumbosus, Lichen polaris, Lichen poliophaeus, Lichen pollinarius, Lichen pollinarius, Lichen polyanthes, Lichen polyanthes, Lichen polycarpus, Lichen polydactylon, Lichen polydactylus, Lichen polydactylus, Lichen polygonius, Lichen polymorphus, Lichen polymorphus, Lichen polyphyllus, Lichen polyphyllus, Lichen polyrhizos, Lichen polyrrhizos, Lichen polyschides, Lichen polytropus, Lichen populicola, Lichen populneus, Lichen porriginosus, Lichen praecinctus, Lichen proboscideus, Lichen proboscideus, Lichen protuberans, Lichen pruinatus, Lichen pruinatus, Lichen pruinosus, Lichen pruinosus, Lichen prunastri, Lichen pseudocorallinus, Lichen psora, Lichen pubescens, Lichen pubescens, Lichen pulchellus, Lichen pulchellus, Lichen pulcher, Lichen pulicaris, Lichen pullus, Lichen pullus, Lichen pullus, Lichen pulmonarioides, Lichen pulmonarius, Lichen pulposus, Lichen pulposus, Lichen pulverulentus, Lichen pulverulentus, Lichen punctatus, Lichen punctatus, Lichen punctiformis, Lichen punctiformis, Lichen pungens, Lichen puniceus, Lichen purpurascens, Lichen pustulatus, Lichen pustulosus, Lichen pyrinus, Lichen pyxidatus, Lichen quadricolor, Lichen quercifolius, Lichen quercinus, Lichen querneus, Lichen quisquiliaris, Lichen radians, Lichen radiatus, Lichen radiatus, Lichen radiatus, Lichen radicatus, Lichen radiciformis, Lichen radiciformis, Lichen radiciformis, Lichen radiosus, Lichen ramulosus, Lichen ramulosus, Lichen rangiferinus, Lichen reniformis, Lichen resupinatus, Lichen reticulatus, Lichen reticulatus, Lichen reticulatus, Lichen reticulatus, Lichen reticulatus, Lichen reticulatus, Lichen retiger, Lichen rigidus, Lichen rimosus, Lichen rimosus, Lichen rimosus, Lichen rimosus, Lichen riviformis, Lichen rivularis, Lichen rivulosus, Lichen roccella, Lichen roridus, Lichen rosaceus, Lichen rosatus, Lichen rosellus, Lichen roseotinctus, Lichen roseus, Lichen roseus, Lichen rostratus, Lichen rubellus, Lichen rubellus, Lichen rubellus, Lichen rubens, Lichen ruber, Lichen rubicundus, Lichen rubiformis, Lichen rubiginosus, Lichen rubiginosus, Lichen rubinus, Lichen rubinus, Lichen rufescens, Lichen rufescens, Lichen rufescens, Lichen rufus, Lichen rufus, Lichen rugosum, Lichen rugosus, Lichen rugosus, Lichen rugosus, Lichen runcinatus, Lichen rupestris, Lichen rupestris, Lichen rupicola, Lichen rutilans, Lichen sabuletorum, Lichen saccatus, Lichen saepincola, Lichen salazinus, Lichen salicinus, Lichen salicis, Lichen salignus, Lichen sambuci, Lichen sanguinarius, Lichen sanguineoatra, Lichen sarcoides, Lichen sarcopis, Lichen sarmentosus, Lichen saturninus, Lichen saxatilis, Lichen saxicola, Lichen saxifragus, Lichen saxorum, Lichen saxosus, Lichen scaber, Lichen scabrosus, Lichen scalaris, Lichen schraderi, Lichen schraderi, Lichen schraderi, Lichen scopulas-referens, Lichen scopulorum, Lichen scopulorum, Lichen scorteus, Lichen scotinus, Lichen scotinus, Lichen scriptus, Lichen scrobiculatus, Lichen scrobiculatus, Lichen scruposus, Lichen scutatus, Lichen scutatus, Lichen scutelliferus, Lichen scytropus, Lichen sect. Cornicularia, Lichen sect. Imbricaria, Lichen sect. Lichen, Lichen sect. Lobaria, Lichen sect. Physcia, Lichen sect. Stereocaulon, Lichen sect. Sticta, Lichen sedifolius, Lichen segestria, Lichen semipinnatus, Lichen sepincola, Lichen serpentinus, Lichen serratus, Lichen sertularia, Lichen setosus, Lichen setosus, Lichen siderellus, Lichen signatus, Lichen silaceus, Lichen siliquosus, Lichen similaris, Lichen simplex, Lichen simplex, Lichen sinapispermus, Lichen sinopicus, Lichen sinuatus, Lichen sinuosus, Lichen smaragdulus, Lichen smithii, Lichen soloniensis, Lichen sophodes, Lichen sordidescens, Lichen sordidus, Lichen spadiceus, Lichen sparassus, Lichen speciosus, Lichen speireus, Lichen speireus, Lichen sphaerocephalus, Lichen sphaeroides, Lichen sphaerophorus, Lichen spiculatus, Lichen spinosus, Lichen spodochrous, Lichen spodophaeus, Lichen spongiosus, Lichen spongiosus, Lichen spongiosus, Lichen spurcatus, Lichen spurius, Lichen squamatus, Lichen squamatus, Lichen squamosus, Lichen squamosus, Lichen squamulosus, Lichen squarrosus, Lichen stellariformis, Lichen stellaris, Lichen stellatus, Lichen stercoreus, Lichen sterilis, Lichen sticticus, Lichen stictoceros, Lichen stigmatellus, Lichen stigmatellus, Lichen stillicidiorum, Lichen stramineus, Lichen stratus, Lichen stygius, Lichen subcarneus, Lichen subcarneus, Lichen subfuscus, Lichen subimbricatus, Lichen submarginalis, Lichen subsect. Isidium, Lichen subsect. Lichen, Lichen subterraneus, Lichen subtilis, Lichen subulatus, Lichen subuliformis, Lichen subvirescens, Lichen sulphureus, Lichen sulphureus, Lichen sulphureus, Lichen swartzii, Lichen sylvaticus, Lichen sympageus, Lichen symphoreus, Lichen synallizus, Lichen tabacinus, Lichen tabularis, Lichen taeniatus, Lichen tartareus, Lichen tauricus, Lichen tegularis, Lichen tenax, Lichen tenellus, Lichen tenuissimus, Lichen tephrodes, Lichen tephroides, Lichen terminalis, Lichen terrestris, Lichen terrestris, Lichen tessellatus, Lichen tessulatus, Lichen testaceus, Lichen thelostoma, Lichen thunbergii, Lichen tigillaris, Lichen tiliaceus, Lichen tinctorius, Lichen tinctorius, Lichen tomentosus, Lichen torrefactus, Lichen torulosus, Lichen trabinellus, Lichen trapeziformis, Lichen tremella, Lichen tremelloides, Lichen tremelloides, Lichen tricolor, Lichen tristis, Lichen truncigenus, Lichen tuberculosus, Lichen tuberculosus, Lichen tubulosus, Lichen tumidulus, Lichen tumidulus, Lichen tunaeformis, Lichen tuniforme, Lichen turbinatus, Lichen turfaceus, Lichen turneri, Lichen uliginosus, Lichen ulmi, Lichen ulothrix, Lichen umbilicatus, Lichen umbrinus, Lichen umbrinus, Lichen uncialis, Lichen unguigerus, Lichen unicolor, Lichen upsaliensis, Lichen urceolaris, Lichen usnea, Lichen vahlii, Lichen valesiacus, Lichen variabilis, Lichen variabilis, Lichen varians, Lichen variegatus, Lichen variolaria, Lichen varius, Lichen varugus, Lichen velatus, Lichen velleiformis, Lichen velleus, Lichen velutinus, Lichen venosus, Lichen venosus, Lichen ventosus, Lichen ventricosus, Lichen vermicellaris, Lichen vermicularis, Lichen vernalis, Lichen vernalis, Lichen verniciformis, Lichen verrucaria, Lichen verrucarius, Lichen verrucifer, Lichen verruciger, Lichen verrucosus, Lichen verrucosus, Lichen verrucosus, Lichen verrucosus, Lichen verrucosus, Lichen verruculosus, Lichen verruculosus, Lichen versicolor, Lichen versicolor, Lichen verticillatus, Lichen vesicarius, Lichen vesicularis, Lichen vesiculosus, Lichen vespertilio, Lichen villosus, Lichen virellus, Lichen virens, Lichen viridatus, Lichen viridescens, Lichen viridescens, Lichen viridescens, Lichen viridescens, Lichen viridiater, Lichen viridiflavescens, Lichen viridis, Lichen viridis, Lichen viridulus, Lichen viridulus, Lichen viridulus, Lichen vitellinus, Lichen vitellinus, Lichen volvatus, Lichen vulcani, Lichen vulgatus, Lichen vulpinus, Lichen vulvella, Lichen weberi, Lichen westringii, Lichen wulfenii, Lichen xanthostigmus
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