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General information

 Summary:Xylodon (Pers.) Fr., Observationes mycologicae 2: 267 (1818) [MB#18771] 
 Synonymy:≡Sistotrema sect. Xylodon Pers., Synopsis methodica fungorum: 552 (1801) [MB#39623] 
 MycoBank #:18771 
 Authors:(Persoon) Fries 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Pers.) Fr. 
 Page #:267 
 Year of effective publication:1818 
 Name type:Combination 

Classification and associated taxa

196 Associated records (click to hide):
Xylodon adhaerisporus, Xylodon ambiguus, Xylodon anmashanensis, Xylodon apacheriensis, Xylodon archeri, Xylodon asper, Xylodon asperus, Xylodon astrocystidiatus, Xylodon atropurpureus, Xylodon attenuatus, Xylodon australis, Xylodon barba-jovis, Xylodon bisporus, Xylodon borealis, Xylodon bresadolae, Xylodon bresinskyi, Xylodon brevidens, Xylodon brevis, Xylodon brevisetus, Xylodon bubalinus, Xylodon bugellensis, Xylodon candidissimus, Xylodon candidus, Xylodon canescens, Xylodon capitatus, Xylodon carneoalbus, Xylodon carneum, Xylodon carneus, Xylodon cartilagineus, Xylodon cerasi, Xylodon chinensis, Xylodon colliculosus, Xylodon consors, Xylodon coriaceus, Xylodon crassihyphus, Xylodon crassisporus, Xylodon crassus, Xylodon crispatus, Xylodon crustosoglobosus, Xylodon crustosum, Xylodon crustosus, Xylodon crystalliger, Xylodon cubensis, Xylodon cystidiatus, Xylodon decolorans, Xylodon decurrens, Xylodon deformis, Xylodon depauperatus, Xylodon detriticus, Xylodon detriticus, Xylodon digitatum, Xylodon digitatus, Xylodon dimiticus, Xylodon discolor, Xylodon durescens, Xylodon echinatus, Xylodon erastii, Xylodon erikssonii, Xylodon exilis, Xylodon fagineum, Xylodon fagineus, Xylodon farinaceus, Xylodon farinaceus, Xylodon ferrugineus, Xylodon ferruginosum, Xylodon ferruginosus, Xylodon filicinus, Xylodon fimbriatus, Xylodon fimbriatus, Xylodon fimbriiformis, Xylodon flaviporus, Xylodon flavus, Xylodon follis, Xylodon formosus, Xylodon fuscoviolaceus, Xylodon gamundiae, Xylodon glaberrimus, Xylodon gracilis, Xylodon griseofuscus, Xylodon grossus, Xylodon hallenbergii, Xylodon hastifer, Xylodon hellenbergii, Xylodon heterocystidiatus, Xylodon heterodon, Xylodon hexagonoides, Xylodon hirsutus, Xylodon hjortstamii, Xylodon hyphodontinus, Xylodon hypogaeus, Xylodon incrustans, Xylodon jacobaeus, Xylodon johnstonii, Xylodon juniperi, Xylodon juniperi, Xylodon knysnanus, Xylodon kunmingensis, Xylodon lacteus, Xylodon lamellosus, Xylodon lanatus, Xylodon laurentianus, Xylodon lenis, Xylodon lepidocarpus, Xylodon lutescens, Xylodon magnificus, Xylodon maximus, Xylodon membranaceum, Xylodon membranaceus, Xylodon mikhnoi, Xylodon millavensis, Xylodon modestus, Xylodon mollis, Xylodon mollissimus, Xylodon mussooriensis, Xylodon mussoriensis, Xylodon nespori, Xylodon nesporina, Xylodon niemelaei, Xylodon niveum, Xylodon niveus, Xylodon nodulosus, Xylodon nongravis, Xylodon nothofagi, Xylodon novozelandicus, Xylodon nudisetus, Xylodon obliquus, Xylodon ovisporus, Xylodon paleaceus, Xylodon pallescens, Xylodon papillosus, Xylodon paradoxus, Xylodon patagonicus, Xylodon pavichii, Xylodon pelliculae, Xylodon pendulus, Xylodon philadelphi, Xylodon pityreus, Xylodon poroideoefibulatus, Xylodon pruinosus, Xylodon pruni, Xylodon pruniaceus, Xylodon pseudoboletus, Xylodon pseudolanatus, Xylodon pseudotropicus, Xylodon pumilius, Xylodon quercinum, Xylodon quercinus, Xylodon quisquiliaris, Xylodon radicatus, Xylodon radula, Xylodon raduloides, Xylodon ramicida, Xylodon reticulatomarginatus, Xylodon reticulatus, Xylodon rhizomorphus, Xylodon rickii, Xylodon rimosissimus, Xylodon rimosissimus, Xylodon rimosus, Xylodon rudis, Xylodon sambuci, Xylodon schweinitzii, Xylodon scopinellus, Xylodon septocystidiatus, Xylodon serpentiformis, Xylodon sinuosus, Xylodon spathulatus, Xylodon sprucei, Xylodon stratosus, Xylodon subclavatus, Xylodon subflaviporus, Xylodon subflavus, Xylodon subglobosus, Xylodon submucronatus, Xylodon subscopinellus, Xylodon subtropicus, Xylodon syringae, Xylodon syringae, Xylodon tabacinum, Xylodon tabacinus, Xylodon taiwanianus, Xylodon tenellus, Xylodon tenuicystidius, Xylodon terrestris, Xylodon trametoides, Xylodon tuberculatus, Xylodon umbrinus, Xylodon ussuriensis, Xylodon vellereus, Xylodon verecundus, Xylodon verruculosus, Xylodon versiporus, Xylodon versiporus var. pseudoobducens, Xylodon vesiculosus, Xylodon viticola, Xylodon zonatus
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