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General information

 Summary:Oidium Link, Magazin der Gesellschaft Naturforschenden Freunde Berlin 3 (1): 18 (1809) [MB#9144] 
 Synonymy:≡Oideum Ehrenb., Sylvae mycologicae Berolinenses: 10 (1818) [MB#9140]
≡Oospora Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 182 (1833) [MB#9158]
 MycoBank #:9144 
 Authors (abbreviated):Link 
 Page #:18 
 Year of effective publication:1809 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Unavailable 
 Comment on name status:nomen rejiciendum 
 Remarks:nomen rejiciendum; Link indicated the type with O. aureum (Trichoderma aureum P.) 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:XLV 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

425 Associated records (click to hide):
Oidium abelmoschi, Oidium abortifaciens, Oidium abortifaciens, Oidium abri, Oidium abri, Oidium abrusii, Oidium abutili, Oidium acanthospermi, Oidium aceris, Oidium acrocladum, Oidium acutatum, Oidium aequivocum, Oidium agatidis, Oidium agerati, Oidium agrimoniae, Oidium ailanthi, Oidium ailanthi, Oidium ailanthii, Oidium albicans, Oidium albipes, Oidium album, Oidium aloysiae, Oidium alphitodes, Oidium alphitoides, Oidium alysicarpi, Oidium amaranthi, Oidium amaranthi, Oidium ambrosiae, Oidium anacardii, Oidium anguineum, Oidium anthemidis, Oidium antigononii, Oidium antigononis, Oidium arachidis, Oidium araliacearum, Oidium armeniacum, Oidium asperifolii, Oidium astaci, Oidium astericola, Oidium astericolum, Oidium asteris-punicei, Oidium asteroides, Oidium aurantiacum, Oidium aurantium, Oidium aureofulvum, Oidium aureum, Oidium azadirachtae, Oidium baccharidis, Oidium balakrishnanii, Oidium balanitidis, Oidium balsamii, Oidium balsaminae, Oidium bauhiniae, Oidium bauhiniicola, Oidium begoniae, Oidium berberidis, Oidium betulacearum, Oidium biforme, Oidium bignoniae, Oidium bixae, Oidium blainvilleae, Oidium bloxamii, Oidium boerhaaviae, Oidium boerhaviae, Oidium bonariense, Oidium bonplandiani, Oidium boroniae, Oidium botryoides, Oidium brasiliense, Oidium braunii, Oidium buddlejae, Oidium bulbigerum, Oidium bullatum, Oidium caesalpiniacearum, Oidium calanchoeae, Oidium calanchoeae, Oidium camemberti, Oidium candicans, Oidium candidum, Oidium candidum, Oidium capitatum, Oidium caribense, Oidium caricae, Oidium caricae-papayae, Oidium caricicola, Oidium carneum, Oidium carnis, Oidium carpini, Oidium carthami, Oidium cassiae-hirsutae, Oidium cassiae-leschenaultianae, Oidium cassiae-siameae, Oidium cassiae-torae, Oidium celosiae, Oidium cephalanthi, Oidium cerasi, Oidium ceratoniae, Oidium chartarum, Oidium chilense, Oidium chrysanthemi, Oidium cinnamomi, Oidium cinnamomi-japonici, Oidium citri, Oidium citri-aurantii, Oidium citrulli, Oidium clematidis, Oidium clitoriae, Oidium cococarpum, Oidium coeruleum-cuticulare, Oidium colutae, Oidium compactum, Oidium concentricum, Oidium conspersum, Oidium coriandri, Oidium corticale, Oidium crataegi, Oidium croceum, Oidium crotalariae, Oidium crotalariae, Oidium cryptolepidis, Oidium crystallinum, Oidium curtisii, Oidium cutaneum, Oidium cutaneum, Oidium cyanescens, Oidium cyclaminis, Oidium cydoniae, Oidium cylindricum, Oidium cynarae, Oidium cyparissiae, Oidium dendrophthoae, Oidium dendrophthoë, Oidium dermatitidis, Oidium destruens, Oidium dianthi, Oidium doidgeae, Oidium doidgei, Oidium dombeyae, Oidium drummondii, Oidium dubiosum, Oidium effusum, Oidium ellipsosporum, Oidium ellipticum, Oidium elongatum, Oidium emiliae-sonchifoliae, Oidium epilobii, Oidium ericinum, Oidium erumpens, Oidium erysiphoides, Oidium erythrinae, Oidium erythrinii, Oidium eucalypti, Oidium euonymi-japonici, Oidium euonymi-japonici, Oidium euphorbiae-hirtae, Oidium fabacearum, Oidium farinosum, Oidium farinosum, Oidium fasciculatum, Oidium favorum, Oidium forsithiae, Oidium forsythiae, Oidium fragariae, Oidium fructigenum, Oidium fructigenum, Oidium fuegianum, Oidium fulvum, Oidium furfur, Oidium fusisporioides, Oidium fusisporioides, Oidium gentianae, Oidium gigasporum, Oidium gilvum, Oidium gonostegiae, Oidium goosii, Oidium gossypii, Oidium gracile, Oidium gracile, Oidium grewiae, Oidium grewiicola, Oidium griseum, Oidium gummigenum, Oidium gypsophilae, Oidium haplophylli, Oidium hardenbergiae, Oidium helichrysi, Oidium heliotropii-indici, Oidium heliotropii-strigosi, Oidium hemidesmi, Oidium hesperidicum, Oidium heveae, Oidium hiratae, Oidium holopteleae, Oidium holopteliae, Oidium hormini, Oidium hortensiae, Oidium humi, Oidium hyssopi, Oidium inaequale, Oidium indicum, Oidium indigoferae, Oidium inquinans, Oidium insolitum, Oidium ipomoeae, Oidium irregulare, Oidium ixodiae, Oidium jacarandigena, Oidium japonicum, Oidium jasmini, Oidium jatrophae, Oidium kydiae, Oidium laburni, Oidium lacertae, Oidium lactis, Oidium lactis, Oidium lactucae-debilis, Oidium ladaniferi, Oidium laevisporum, Oidium lagasceae, Oidium lamii, Oidium lanneae, Oidium lanosum, Oidium latisporum, Oidium lauracearum, Oidium laxum, Oidium leonuri-sibirici, Oidium leptadeniae, Oidium leucas-javanicae, Oidium leuckartii, Oidium leucoconium, Oidium limnanthis, Oidium lini, Oidium lini, Oidium lippiae, Oidium longipes, Oidium ludwigii, Oidium lupuli, Oidium lycopersici, Oidium lycopersicum, Oidium macrospermum, Oidium macrosporum, Oidium maculans, Oidium maculatae, Oidium magnisporum, Oidium malachrae, Oidium mangiferae, Oidium manihoticola, Oidium manihotis, Oidium maquii, Oidium matalense, Oidium matthiolae, Oidium medicagineum, Oidium medium, Oidium megalosporum, Oidium megalosporum, Oidium meliacearum, Oidium melongena, Oidium mespili, Oidium mespilinum, Oidium microspermum, Oidium microsphaerae-alni, Oidium microsporium, Oidium mirabilifolii, Oidium moluccanum, Oidium moniliforme, Oidium moniliiforme, Oidium monilioides, Oidium monosporium, Oidium monosporum, Oidium morgani, Oidium morganii, Oidium moringae, Oidium morrhuae, Oidium muehlenbeckiae, Oidium murrayae, Oidium murrilliae, Oidium mutisiae, Oidium myosotidis, Oidium myosotidis, Oidium neolycopersici, Oidium nephelii, Oidium nephelii, Oidium niveum, Oidium nubilum, Oidium nyctaginacearum, Oidium obductum, Oidium oblongisporum, Oidium obtusum, Oidium ochraceum, Oidium ochraceum, Oidium ocimi, Oidium opuntiaeforme, Oidium orbiculare, Oidium orobi, Oidium oxalidis, Oidium pactolinum, Oidium papaveracearum, Oidium papayae, Oidium papillatum, Oidium parksonite, Oidium parthenii, Oidium passerinii, Oidium passifloracearum, Oidium passiflorae, Oidium pavettae, Oidium pavoniae, Oidium pedaliacearum, Oidium pedilanthi, Oidium pedilanthi, Oidium peltophori, Oidium penicillioides, Oidium pentatropidis, Oidium perseae-americanae, Oidium petuniae, Oidium pharbitidis, Oidium pharbitis, Oidium phlomidis, Oidium photiniae, Oidium phyllanthi, Oidium phyllanthi, Oidium pileae, Oidium piperis, Oidium pirinum, Oidium porriginis, Oidium primulae-obconicae, Oidium prinsepiae, Oidium prinsepii, Oidium pseudolongipes, Oidium pulchrum, Oidium pullorum, Oidium pullulans, Oidium pulmoneum, Oidium pulmoneum, Oidium pulveraceum, Oidium pulvinatum, Oidium pulvinatum, Oidium pulvinatum, Oidium pyrinum, Oidium quercinum, Oidium quinckeanum, Oidium radiosum, Oidium ramakrishnanii, Oidium ramosissimum, Oidium ramosum, Oidium rauwolfiae, Oidium riveae, Oidium rivinae, Oidium riviniae, Oidium robustum, Oidium rosacearum, Oidium rosae-indicae, Oidium roseum, Oidium rotundatum, Oidium roylae, Oidium royleae, Oidium rubellum, Oidium rubens, Oidium rubiginosum, Oidium ruborum, Oidium saeforthiani, Oidium saintpaulia, Oidium saintpaulia, Oidium saintpauliae, Oidium saintpauliae, Oidium santalacearum, Oidium schmiedeknechtii, Oidium schoenleinii, Oidium scopariae, Oidium sesami, Oidium sesami, Oidium sesami, Oidium sesamicola, Oidium simile, Oidium siphonanthi, Oidium sonchi-arvensis, Oidium sphaerosporum, Oidium spirale, Oidium stachytarphetae, Oidium stapeliae, Oidium suaveolens, Oidium subgen. Microidium, Oidium subramosum, Oidium subtile, Oidium syringae, Oidium syringicola, Oidium tabaci, Oidium tamarindi, Oidium tenellum, Oidium tenerum, Oidium tenuis, Oidium thladianthae, Oidium thuigenum, Oidium tingitaninum, Oidium tirumalense, Oidium tirumalensis, Oidium tomentosum, Oidium tonsurans, Oidium tribuli, Oidium trichiliae, Oidium tritici, Oidium tropicale, Oidium tuckeri, Oidium udaiyanii, Oidium uredinis, Oidium urenae, Oidium valerianellae, Oidium vanderburgii, Oidium velutinum, Oidium ventricosum, Oidium verbenacea, Oidium verbenae, Oidium verbenae, Oidium vernoniae, Oidium vernoniicola, Oidium vesiculosum, Oidium viciae-fabae, Oidium vincae, Oidium violae, Oidium virescens, Oidium xanthii, Oidium yenii, Oidium zinniae, Oidium ziziphi, Oidium zizyphi, Oidium zymoticum
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 Type of organism:? 

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